Posted: Adam Lambert Talks About His Inspiration For The Glam Nation Tour


Note: We just received the following transmission direct from Adam and wanted to pass along the scoop on his Glam Nation tour to you right away. Remember to follow Adam for the entire month of June on VH1 Posted. Take it away, Adam!

The stage has always been home to me since I was a child. With a background in musical theater, the prospect of making my debut album into a live show has always been so exciting. The time had finally come to create a tour!

The first thing I wanted to decide upon was a world where the show would take place. This whole process started shortly after the release of my first Remix EP. A previously unreleased track called “Voodoo” that I wrote with Sam Sparro gained a lot of praise. I was inspired to write it after my first trip to New Orleans. The city has such a rich history and an incredible energy. I was listening to the song on a plane ride and all of a sudden was hit with an epiphany: What if the entire concert was set there?

Images started coming to mind as I anxiously began jotting down notes. The common thread amongst most of my songs is relationship in some form or another. So now I had a world out of which I could weave an emotional story based on my music! The Glam Nation Tour was born!

The next step was to find someone to help me make these concepts a reality. I had the perfect woman in mind; Stephanie Roos. Stephanie is a former dancer who has helped direct tours with some of the biggest names in music (like Madonna!). I had worked w her previously on the American Music Awards production and we clicked right away. She and I think very much alike, and she too is willing to take risks. (And she’s a fellow Aquarius, like me.) She has worked with my guitar player Monte Pittman (through Madonna) for years and had a great rapport with my dancer Brooke Wendle during the AMAs and “For Your Entertainment” video. Monte had been made musical director for the tour and Brooke the choreographer. For costumes and styling, I brought in the insanely talented and beautiful Trish Summerville, who hails from New Orleans. Along with my amazing tour manager David Ellison, our creative team was complete!

When putting together the set list, the flow was a priority. From a technical angle, I knew I’d be performing in roughly 70 cities over the summer! Many of my songs are VERY vocally strenuous. So I worked w/a vocal coach to get the keys right and to make sure I’d be able to give the audience my best voice each night. Artistically, I wanted to tell a story with my songs. Certain songs are more classically band driven, and then there are songs that are theatrically staged with choreography. The show is 60 minutes long, so we also had to pick which songs to perform and which to leave on the shelf for another time. The theme in the beginning of the show is about seduction and venturing into uncharted, mystical and enlightening territory. The second half is a lighter celebration of friendship and love and liberation. In the middle is a mostly acoustic set that explores heartache and vulnerability. Something I wanted to avoid, particularly at the beginning, was allowing the set to feel like it was starting and stopping. The first section of the show is carefully crafted to transition seamlessly from song to song so that the action never stops. Coming from the theater, I’ve learned that this is one of the methods a great show uses to keep the audiences attention.

I have one of the most talented group of musicians working with me! I’ve written music with Monte (a tender Scorpio) for years. He’s the best guitar player I know. He has a huge heart and I’m so glad he’s with me on this journey. Not only can Tommy (beautiful Libra) kill on the bass, but also he and I believe so faithfully in the glam look and lifestyle. He is also willing to get controversial in the sake of great entertainment. Friend for life. Longineu (another Aquarius) is a powerhouse! He has amazing talent and his energy is intense and dominant. Perfect for my music! Our newest addition, Cam (earthy Capricorn) is the icing on our cake. She is so highly skilled on the keys, and she has a gorgeous voice. Her addition blew my mind. I knew we’d be lucky to have her. She’s grounded and smart and often a welcome voice of reason.

Dance is something that I’ve always been close to. I’ve danced in practically every musical I’ve been in. When putting together the album, I wanted songs with heavy dance beats to move to. It was vital to bring a small group of dancers with me on this tour because I felt they would help physicalize the emotion in these songs and help me tell the story.

All four of them have their own distinct personalities, look and style. Brooke and Terrence were actually in Wicked: The Musical with me for years all before Idol. We are like siblings. When we’re together, we laugh nonstop. (Brooke is another Aquarius and Terrence another Libra.) Taylor and Sasha have so much raw talent and represent the next generation. They are both relatively new to “the biz” and it’s a treat to give them this opportunity for growth. They are both fiery Leos. (I LOVE astrology. Can you tell?)

I’ve always been fond of the idea that you are the company you keep. My family of musicians and dancers are vital to this show. They are part of my vision to keep the audience fully entertained and inspired. But what happens when I need inspiration? Love? I will surely receive tons of positive energy from the audiences night after night, but when I get back on the bus or have a day off, life on the road can become draining. These eight performers are my family. They will be the one constant over the next few months. They have all been carefully chosen because of the combination of their talent and spirits. When we come together onstage we will create magic because of our offstage magic.

The look of the show is an element that is almost as important to me as the music itself. When discussing the look with Trish, I knew I wanted to go a little turn of the century mixed with modern elements. We partnered up with one of my favorite fashion lines, Skingraft Designs, to create some custom pieces and give our world a fashion throughline. We also wanted to throw in tribal elements to bring out an earthier, gypsy look. We, of course, want to ultimately pull it all together in leather and rhinestones so that the whole thing is GLAM and clearly not taking itself too seriously. Our rock ‘n roll inspirations were Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Jim Morrison and Adam Ant. There is definitely a psychedelic edge to everything. Trish and I have so much fun creating together!

Visually, I knew I wanted super-saturated lighting to create this dreamlike environment. I got my lasers, too!!! I put lots of time into the projections we are using as well. I even went online to seek out lots of the key imagery we are working with. I want this world to be a full sensory experience.

I am confident we have put together a show FAR beyond the price of the ticket. I am looking forward to connecting with fans all across the world with this show. My intention is to promote Love, acceptance, self-empowerment, and joy through moments of sheer escape and others of disarming honesty. I hope you all get all glammed up and enjoy it!


Don’t forget to follow Adam all month long on VH1 Posted as he hits the road for his highly anticipated Glam Nation tour!


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  1. Andrea says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I can’t wait for this freakin tour! This is so cool- it’s like Adam’s diary or something!!!!

  2. Ree says:

    DYING!!! Can’t wait to see this show! I’ve got my tickets and I’m ready to Voodoo! <333

  3. Sondra Gervasi says:

    I think he answered my previous question about inspiration. Adam, I can’t wait to see you!!

  4. Anne says:

    if they don’t post the TX dates for this tour soon, I may just EXPLODE!!!

    This guarantees to be one of the best live shows I will see in my lifetime!

    Rock on, Adam! we are right there with ya!!

  5. Katie says:

    SO EXCITED! Thanks for taking the time to write this blog! <3

  6. Hannah says:

    This is amaaaaazing! Adam should blog more. And omg this is going to be the best show ever.

    Lol “tender Scorpio.”

  7. Lauren says:

    I am SO EXCITED, and reading this only makes me more excited! I think having a tour blog is a great idea, it makes it feel so much more personal!

    I have been looking forward to this tour for a very long time, I’m going to two shows, and I know it will be amazing! Adam, you never disappoint!

  8. Shirley says:


    Are you coming to Atlanta? PLEASE!!!!!!!

  9. Katie says:

    Brb, scrounging up money so I can go to two shows instead of just one.

  10. SHIRLEY says:


    Are you coming to Atlanta? PLEASE!!!!

  11. Courtney says:

    Adam, would you ever consider doing a bonus album or concert of cover songs? I know you probably want to do your own thing, but every time I hear some amazing classic rock song by Zeppelin or some awesome ’80s hair band song I keep thinking: Adam Lambert would KILL this song!!! MUST.HEAR.HIM.SING.RAMBLE.ON.BY.ZEPPELIN! Please say you’ll consider this. You’ve been given the gift to sing any damn song in the universe and we (the fans) just want to play DJ with you and request any song and you sing like, on command!! HA! I love you babe! You ROCK!

    -Courtney ;)

  12. Fiona says:

    Can’t wait for the Glam Nation Tour going international this fall! hope adam can come 2 hong kong! :)

  13. ghostiez says:

    I havent been this excited for a tour in a while!! Can’t wait

  14. Borneobaby says:

    What a true artist Adam is. And such a thoughtful and articulate expose of his craft. Can’t wait to see this show!

  15. Csilla says:

    One more day until this extraordinary show. I’m going crazy!!! AH!

  16. Lil says:

    O.M.G. – I am so glad I got to see Adam at Gridlock and Indio – those performances were unique and they will never happen again (or will they?) – but I am soo looking forward to the Glam Tour! I have tickets for 3 shows so far in different cities and if I can figure out the timing/driving issue, I would gladly go to an extra one or two. Thank you, Adam and Crew, for making the show and bringing it to us. I am under the Voodoo spell, Listening to Music Again with Fever, Sleepwalking my way to July and generally Can’t Let (You)Go of the music.
    Thank you!

  17. that you do says:

    Odeergod if i see voodoo live i will die =D

  18. Robin says:

    You are so dedicated to your fans. Thanks for taking the time to post this blog. I cannot wait for June 30th to get here. I am dying to see this amazing show you have created for you fans!! We love you for it and will be dedicated to you forever!! We love you Adam!!!!!!

  19. Aloha says:

    Adam, I so appreciate the careful thought and artistic vision you’ve poured into your first concert tour. I love that you choose your people as much for their spirits as for talent– this shows what kind of person YOU are.

    Can’t wait to see you in CA!!

  20. Melirose says:



  21. kim says:

    You are a true artist Adam, with an amazing gift. Thank you so much for sharing your genius with the world. I am soo ready to be taken away to another world full of glitter and glam!!! So happy and proud for all of what is ahead for you! I wanna be entertained!! Glam Nation FTW:)

  22. Tovi says:

    Can’t wait to see Adam in San Francisco!!!

  23. eva says:

    Gosh. I really wish him all the best with this. He’s an amazing vocal talent and so brave to be taking all this on right at the beginning of his career.

  24. Shayla says:

    OMG the show is going to be amazing!!! :)
    You rock Adam! :)

  25. Mari says:

    omg Adam you rock i love you and your work and i’m glad your tour is created the way you want it to be have fun!

  26. carol says:

    I will be joyfully experiencing six shows .I’d rather do this than go on a world tour. I love Adam.

  27. Kat says:

    Whoa, I cannot WAIT for this show! I appeciate the time you took in coming up with this holistic concept, the best shows are where the audience is immersed in both a story and the music. By the end of summer, word of mouth on this show will be through the roof. Take that to the bank, kiddo.

  28. Twisted Sister says:

    I just can’t wait to see him in concert. ?_?

  29. Angelraj says:

    Adam, you do everything with style, class, and professionalism. Thank you for this window into your world. I completely trust your artistic impulses and integrity and I cannot wait until my CA Glam Nation dates come (all 4 of them, so far :)) You are so incredibly talented – it is a real pleasure, and adventure, to follow you! Wish you a joyous and successful first night!

  30. Mel says:

    Adore hearing about all the thought and preparation that went into this tour. And hearing Adam talk about each member of his little tour family makes me smile, so happy he will be surrounded by love.

    Hoping like crazy that we get more of these blog entries, could listen to Adam talk — even in print LOL — all freaking day long!

  31. Nic says:

    Great info.. thanks for providing this!!

  32. josirose says:

    OH YES this blog is what we’ve needed from Adam for so long!! Fantastic to read thoughts and feelings directly from him. THANK YOU VH1 Posted and Adam!

    And now what we also need is a professional video/DVD of the concert!! That’s all thanks lol

  33. Oktober says:

    Cool! I wonder if Adam’s bro Neil, who is also on the tour, had a hand in writing this. Neil is a really talented writer and that talent would be especially handy for blogging on Adam’s behalf from the road.

    Hope you come to Phoenix, Adam. We love you here, too!

  34. Jennifer says:

    Oh Adam, I can’t wait to be under your spell again. So far I’m going to 8 shows and there’s no telling that I won’t be drugged into going to more. I’m addicted and you, Adam, are my drug of choice. I have never cared as much about any show or band like I do about this one. Love you and love your tour family and our glamily that I have met through your influence.

  35. Meghan says:

    I CAN NOT WAIT TO GO TO THE CONCERT!!!!! I love how he says he GOT HIS LAZERS!! I he is soo cute!

  36. Barbara says:

    Adam, thank you for all of the happiness, love and excitement you bring into all of your fans lives. On with the show…

  37. Barbara says:

    Adam, thank you for all the happiness, love and excitement that you bring to all of your fans. On with the show…

  38. Eydie says:

    Adam, Going to Nokia, and I can’t wait to be a part of your beautiful vision.. Thanks for taking the time to keep in touch with your fans. I wish I could be there for the first show. What a feeling this must be for you,and your “family”.I”ll raise my glass to you all tonight.

  39. KarenB says:

    It really warms my heart to see Adam’s dream vision coming to life and I can’t wait to see how it manifests itself! Initially it will have to be through the eyes of others, but hopefully it will eventually make its way all across the globe and even find an outlet here in South Africa. Here’s Hoping!

  40. Jeanne says:

    This sounds like Adam and his friends put together a
    fantastic show and I can’t wait to see it! please come to

  41. Christine says:

    Continue living your dream, the Universe is with you.
    I love you , your band & your dancers. You definitely are the most create & innovative artist since MJ.
    This Glam Nation Tour will be EPIC & phenomenal and is the hottest ticket around this summer!
    I’ll be there in Charlotte to see you LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
    KILLLLLLL it tonight BB!!!!!!!

  42. HeavenlyHoku says:

    I love reading the blog from Adam daily. He is bringing this show to life for us. I can’t wait to see Adam this summer. Tonite is opening night and I am hoping for videos.

  43. HR says:

    Oh, wow, Adam. What an awesome description! As if I wasn’t already excited enough!
    Oh-I am an Aquarius too, btw!

  44. Colleen says:

    omg….this is phenomenal….I am seeing him 2x on the tour and I cannot wait….he is LEGEND in the making….AMAZING PERFOMER, INCREDIBLE VOICE, GORGEOUS, SEXY, MAGNETIC….INTELLIGENT….just like they have been saying a performer like this comes around once every 100 yrs IF YOU’RE LUCKY!!! WE ARE SO LUCKY !!!!!!

  45. Manu Alegria says:

    After read this, I’m even more happy because next month I’m going to US to see 4 shows of #glamnation tour

  46. Mary S says:

    Adam’s blog has me in tears. Such love! Such beauty! Such talent! I can hardly believe it’s coming true. WOW! Thank you, Adam!!!!!!

  47. Mary S says:

    Such love! Such beauty! Wow!! Feels like a dream is coming true!! I’m in tears after reading this!

  48. Ovationimpact says:

    Thanks for a well written insight into the birth of your first headline show. I wouldn’t have missed your first concert of the Glam Nation Tour… no matter where the location. Look forward to seeing you and your glamily in a few hours on the stage of the F.M. Kirby Center. Break a leg.

  49. Thenetbabe says:


    Thank you for sharing so much of your world with us, a rare treat for us regular, non showbiz people! Enjoyed reading about all the intricate details that go into producing and performing a live show! Your attention to every aspect is so impressive! <3 I personally can’t wait to see your show, know it’s gonna be a spectacular experience! <3

  50. Robin says:

    I wish you the BEST of luck to you on your very FIRST US tour. I live in S Florida and I hope that you will be coming here too. If not, I am going to try and get tickets for St. Petersburg to see you. I love your music, your voice, your energy, your sexiness–EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!!! You are am AMAZING entertainer!!! But PLEASE take care of that voice of yours thru-out this tour!!!!
    I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. tallula says:

    adam adam you are amazing beautiful man!
    counting the days for glam nation tour in europe!!!

  52. grace says:

    JUNE 27 CANNOT WAIT!!! Me, my sister, and my best friend are gonna get glammed up and everything. We Love you Adam!

  53. Dana says:

    Break a leg tonight, Adam!
    Cannot wait to see you in DC! <3

  54. suziequeue says:

    your words are just bursting off the page and filling my imagination with so many luscious pictures that i can hardly contain myself! 4 more days to toledo!!!
    just so you know, if you recreate the WLL alaFantasy Springs I will explode…in a good way!!

    congrats on the opening night of your first solo tour…have a glamtastic time!!


  55. lane says:

    so excited for the tour eeeekkkkkkkkkkk

  56. Sherri says:

    I’m so excited for the show!!

  57. Monique says:

    I am so excited for this tour..I have waited all my life for someone to come along and shake my music world like it has never seen and I do believe that Adam has done this for me. I thank the stars for him every night..I wonder if he knows the impact that he has caused for alot of us?? We love and support you to the very end Adam and we wish you the best..See you in Costa Mesa and hopefully Texas…Muahs

  58. Selene says:

    Hey Adam remember this vid? I hope you considered “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” as one of the covers!

  59. Gia (twilife_lamb) says:

    Hi Adam
    Hope u have as much fun on tour as ur fans love 2 see u perform. Please take good care of your precious self.
    Was wondering if u will be releasing a dvd of your Glamnation Tour? Pleeeaaase do cos it’s the only way i’m gonna be able 2 see it.
    U are an amazing person and artist and i am glad u have such an amazing glamily with u on tour.
    U are truly inspiring and your music makes each day brighter and happier 4 me.
    Peace, love, happiness and good health 2 u always :)

  60. Selene says:

    Hey Adam remember the short video you did for VH1 5 Questions? (specifically Question 1) I hope you considered “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” as one of the covers! Or maybe even Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” like you has stated before (Orianthi joining in for guitar solo somewhere would be crazy, sexy-overload and EPIC!). Just my 2 cents. :)

  61. Jennifer says:

    Adam, you are an inspiration to so many of us. You have given us such joy as witnesses to your journey. Keep being so classy!

  62. Another Aquarious says:

    Adam, you are amazing inspiration all throughout the World. I’m flying to the States from Europe just to see your show.

  63. esperz says:

    Hi Adam, I am looking forward to see you in Vancouver, BC. Pls stop by soon. And I hope it will be as GLAMMY as the opening night.

  64. Anna says:

    Hello Adam !
    I want to thank you so much for inspiring me to grow as a person and to not to be afraid to be me !!!
    I am sooo gonna get Glammed up for your Glam Nation Tour !!!
    ~ I am looking forward to your Artistic Vision and your Amazing Vocals !
    ~ I will be seeing you at the KFEST Concert June 6 ~ also at the NYC Nokia June 22 Concert ~ the NYC Nokia June 23 concert ~ and the Foxwoods June 24 concert !
    ~ ~ ~ I am sooo EXCITED and HAPPY !!!
    You truly are the KING of Entertainment !!!!
    ~ ~ ~ This is going to be the BEST June of my life !!! ~ ~ ~ Sending you much Love Light and Positivity !!! You ROCK Adam !!!!!!!!!!

  65. babe1703 says:

    you lucky people in the us… i ENVY you! i hope you will all have a great time at adam’s concerts. enjoy! let him know that there are so many fans over here in europe longing to see him live. have a great time!

  66. Kelly says:

    Cannot wait!!!!!!!

  67. Patricia Newton says:

    So excited for you this evening!!! I’ll light my candle for you at 8 tonight. Good luck to you, the band and your family of entertainers. Can’t wait to see you in Denver on July 17!!!

  68. babe1703 says:

    you lucky people in the us… i ENVY you!!!! have fun at adam’s concerts and let him know that there are thousands of fans over here in europe (germany) who are longing to see him live on stage. have fun and enjoy the journey he will take you on!

  69. Sharon says:

    Well said Adam. You are such an inspiration not only for your “family” but for all you fans. We are all looking forward to you Glam Nation Tour starting tonight in Wilkes-Barre. Can’t wait to see this amazing show in Baltimore.


  70. ZaneCMidnightW says:

    ADAM you never cease to amaze me! I was at Fantasy Springs in INDIO and felt the magic and energy so I know what you can do to the audience. I will see you in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina on the tour. GLAM IT UP, TURN IT ON and NEVER STOP GIVING US YOUR LIGHT AND LOVE! We’re giving it right back to you! OMG I can’t wait for this GLAM NATION TOUR to begin TONIGHT! MUAH!

  71. MJ says:

    There are no words to describe what a beautiful human being you are Adam! You are a gem. Your parents and all who have the pleasure of knowing you must be over the moon with pride. You are so deserving of all your success. What an amazing adventure you are on and we your fans are thrilled to be sharing the ride with you. To quote the lovely Paula Abdul, you Adam “will be iconic.” There’s not a doubt in my mind. Love and light to you always. Have a fantastic tour!

  72. Fun4fun says:

    Hey, sweet Adam!
    Here from Azores/Portugal I’ve got my fingers crossed (both hands and feet)and my Guard Angel has promised me he will personally take care of you during all your Glam Nation Tour, ok?
    God bless you, Adam!
    Way to go: show everybody how a special shining star you are! Show everybody you are the only and the one to die for!

  73. juncolove says:

    vh1, thank you so much for this!
    For me, a fan in Taiwan, this blog is really exciting & precious!!
    dear Adam, thank you sooooo much for this wonder work & art of this Glam Nation Tour.
    You’re so talented, hard-working, friendly, intelligent, and beautiful both insinde & outside.
    I LOVE you.

  74. Michelle Colburn says:

    Love to hear your ideas about the tour. I can see by the way you talk about the tour it is going to be fantastic. Lots of glam just the way your fans like it. Keep posting more blogs love reading them, it is like we are there with you.
    Once again good luck tonight. Go Glam Nation!!!!

  75. outlawbooster says:

    Sweet Prince of Glitter & Mystery, may the journey you’ll take us on, be as wonderful for your glamily as I’m sure it will be for us! Enjoy the first of many a night that you take us to your world of wonder, mystery and sensual delight!

  76. Ali4adam says:

    So excited. Adam is worlds ahead of us all. So creative, imaginative, articulate, and dear. More proud than I can say. I know it’s gonna be an amazing experience!

  77. Mari Guerra says:

    OMG! If I was excited before, can you imagine know? after reading all of this?! I can’t wait to see Adam on tour!! I’m going to 3 concerts and it still feels like not enough!!

  78. Marianna says:

    Adam Lambert proves again that he is a brilliant singer and entertainer. He @##&*~($*#^$(~` led his debut CD “For Your (our) Entertainment” and he HAS delivered on all fronts. This guy’s a musical giant. Can you imagine what his second album could sound like? He is now on music magazines covers all over the world (just saw one from a Russian magazine! with tons of current singers and actors on the cover). Guess which photo and name were the largest? Adam, of course. Thx VH1 for your support of this incredible talent.

  79. Marie says:

    Wow!! What an inspiration you are…I thank my lucky stars that you came into my life at this time…will be seeing you at Mystic Lake in and light Adam Lambert!!!

  80. Jae says:

    OMG!!! I want to see this show sooooo badly! I love Adam!

  81. Marie says:

    Wow, what an inspiration you are..I thank my lucky stars that you came into my life at this time…will be seeing you in MN at Mystic Lake on June 12. I’m so ready to be entertained and I thank you for your hard work, talent and for spreading love all over the world.

  82. Sharon says:

    Adam has a creative vision of what he wants to do and the theatrical experience to back it up. He’s also surrounded by people whom he trusts and that harmonious environment will come through, bringing it all together to create an unforgettable concert. He brings passion and excitement to music, with an incredible voice.He can do it all and I hope he does.

  83. Mercuria says:

    EPIC. I have tickets to 2 shows, wish I could attend every performance. Adam, your vision already dazzles me and I haven’t even seen the show yet!!! I’m so excited!!! You are so beautiful and creative, I love you!!! And I LOVE how you know the Sun sign of everyone around you. Astrology is a great love of mine also.

  84. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t think I could get more excited for your show! But now, I’m finding it even more difficult to contain myself! All I can say is THANK YOU for being your amazing self & for sharing your awe-inspiring talent with the world. You have given me some much needed inspiration & FUN! So proud to be a part of your “Glamily” :) My Mom & Bro have become fans as well! Congrats on your much deserved success & I pray that you continue to sing & inspire for a VERY long time! CAN NOT WAIT to see you live in less than 2 weeks!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!

  85. Clare Palmer says:

    The show sounds amazing! You have all the elements in your show family – air, water, fire and earth – have a great time! xx

  86. Virgo says:

    Wow what a kind and generously giving person of himself. Can’t wait for him to come to my state. Actually got chocked up reading it

  87. Daisy says:

    Thank you, Vh1!

    Adam, you are amazing and I love you so much! Best wishes to you and your Glam Nation Tour from the UK.

  88. fiji says:

    Congrats Adam! Surely glamnation will be an amazing concert tour. Just wish you’ll bring it overseas especially in the Philippines where you have many fans. Luv yah!

  89. Lindsey says:

    I swear Adam, if I don’t get to see your show live, my life will never be right.

  90. Dakota Collins says:

    Adam, you are such a tease. To throw all of this beauty in front of us then expect us to wait weeks to see you fulfill all your dreams is torture. I would have had 10 tickets if I could have gotten them but at least I’ll see you 3 times… not until July. You are a fabulous entertainer and human being and all of this is your well-deserved destiny.

  91. JulieB says:

    Wonderful words!!!! The DVD of the tour is a FABULOUS idea. That way, you could bring GlamNation to the WORLD.

  92. Toni says:

    I live in London and although I will not be able to see the show, your words have just created a beautiful visual in my mind of GlamNation, I hope you and your ‘family’ have a fantastic journey, and Adam, please bring GlambNation to London.

  93. adamsluvjnes says:

    Knock ‘em dead, Baby! Will see you in Kansas City on 7/15. Cannot freaking wait. Love you, Baby.

  94. wori says:

    Such a great read. I love all your cute “!”s and your intense love for astrology, lol! I love you, Adam. You are such a beautiful spirit. You are full of love for other people and this world. You are just rare.
    Good luck Adam! I’m sending you love and energy all through this amazing journey.

  95. Joanne says:

    Wow! Not only are you an incredible singer, performer, beautiful person inside out. You express yourself so eloquently in your writing. You are a marvel in ever way possible. You have me completely under your voodoo spell. Can’t wait to see you in San Francisco and Thunder Valley. Love ya. I know the Glamgods will be watching over you tonight. You’ll knock em dead!

  96. Debbie says:

    I just have no words to express the excitement I feel right now.

  97. Milkyway says:

    Congrats on your open night. Have a blast!!!
    Love you !

  98. Cristina says:

    adam, I am so proud of you. you are star now because of your talend, hardwork, and your family and friends.

    may God bless you, always.

  99. Karina says:

    Adam all i want to say is i love you.
    p.s All you need in your ”Family” is an Aries FYI i`m a Aries.

  100. laura says:

    This sounds so unbelieveably awesome!

  101. M.L. says:

    I can’t wait. x

  102. tiny says:

    Adam, you couldn’t be more generous with your time as you share with us the workings of your mind. You “get it” and “have it” and understand that bringing us along for the ride is not only smart business sense but an opportunity to share your Aquarius idealism with all. For those of us not fortunate enough to get tickets to one of your concerts, thank you for keeping us a part of the journey!

  103. steven cooley says:

    Dear Adam .best wishes with your new tour …love your music and fashion…I know on the road many virus can effect a singer..I have been a singer and gutiar player most of my life and one thing i wish i had known about is the power of garlic and gluteatine for sore throats….when suffering a sore throat. if you take a freash clove of garlice (the garlic pills are a total watse of money) and cut it into pieces about the size of your little finger then swallow 4 or 5 pieces every eight hours it will kill the viris because it pass through your stomach ans breaks down in your intetines where the virus is living and the garlic kills it. you can feel the releaf almost instantly…also gargeling with gluteaime power with water is very very good for healing your throat too.. i have been hiv poz for 28 years now and almost never get a cold or the flu from doing these things ….also i would like to tell you about oscillococcinum, you can get it at any heath food store and it kills 98 precent of all flu virises you just pour it on your tounge every six hours and it kills the flu…I hope that you will get this and that this imfo will keep you heathly on your tour……Love On You always !!! Steven Cooley (

  104. Azriel says:

    Adam, thanks for the info about the set and everything else. I can’t wait for July 17th. It’s going to be sweeeet.

  105. Cindy "Thumper" says:

    Adam, Thank you… I posted before but do not see it so. Here we go again… Your album has helped me so much. It has reminded me that I shall not take a back seat to anyone. I will live life to the fullest and not hide who I am or who I want to be just because I am worried what people might think, do or say. With that being said, I mark milestones of my life with tattoos so I have designed one combining your songs and my attitude. My nickname is “Thumper” so of course it is centered around the rabbit hole. I will be attending your show at Mystic Lake Casino in Minnesota and would love for you to sign it. So that is my question to you, will you please sign my tattoo. Thank you!!

  106. Beelie says:

    Thanks for giving us a chance to learn more about the tour from the inside out. Much appreciated. Can’t wait until the tour gets here in a couple of weeks!

  107. susan sullivan says:


  108. Jan says:


    I just wanted to wish you all the best on the tour. Will see you in Conneticut. You are truly amazing.
    From one Aquarius to another Best of Luck

  109. melina says:


  110. melina says:


  111. Ambralyn says:

    Adam, you are my IDOL! You are an inspiration to millions, multi-talented idealist, fashion god, and super sexy!!!! Good luck on the tour!!! I will be seeing you on July 3rd at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. Me and my aunt are both estatic!!! I am sooo excited to see your master plan unfold! I know you won’t dissapoint me ;)
    P.S. I am a budding actress that will hopefully land a spot in my high school play! I hope to follow in your footsteps and become more than an actor…but a singer, an artist, an icon really. I am also an Aquarius!

    Lots (and I mean LOTS) of Love and Luck,
    Ambralyn from North Carolina

  112. Hathor says:

    Adam I just listened to your live feed. You had over 7000 people on line listening and it was EPIC. You out did yourself. No one can sing like you BB. The control the range the emotion. I can’t wait until Foxwoods.

  113. glambert4809 says:

    Adam can write a book.

  114. janice4 says:

    This sounds like a show that is going to blow our mind.
    You blow mine, all alone. Then more so when you add the
    band. They are so great, its hard to describe. I love
    the way you all interconnect. Its not just you in the
    front, and they just support you. You are all in it together. I really respect that, you treat them all as
    part of the mix. You are such a class act. I can not
    wait to see you live in concert. I love you. Janice

  115. Lena Bommelyn says:

    Adam, my kids tell me I have to glam up for this, I bought the tickets for Portland Or, for my husband and I’s 31 wedding anniversary, I know telling on myself a bit but I think you are awesome and I have followed you since the start of Idol last year. I have a side of me that used to glam up but have not for years, I guess it is time to go for it again, I was dreaming about it last night, ha ha, I am a tradional Native spiritual ceremonial dance leader and my focus is on ceremony, but for one night my focus will be on enjoying some great music and having some fun all glammed up, thanks for the ride.

  116. vontte says:


    love him :)

  117. Michelle says:

    WOW! Adam you are super multi-talented! Sounds like you had a hand in orchestrating every aspect of this tour…makes me even more excited to see it!

  118. Wildtimes says:

    This blog is sincere and open. I love the fact that Adam took such care in selecting everyone on the team. It will be very hard work to do all these shows but Adam will have his family and they him so it’s all good. I think this show is going to be unique and well crafted and I can’t wait until my turn to see this amazing entertainer on June 12. Thank you, Adam, for giving us such an amazing insight on what it takes to design a show and tour with all its moving and musical parts. You always take time for your fans and we really appreciate your willingness to reach out to us.

  119. Ovationimpact says:

    Just back to the hotel room after attending the opening night Glam Nation Tour… Love Love Loved it! Great Job ADAM! It is all that you said it would be and more.
    For those of you who have tickets… try to hold off watching the video and wait to see the show live. Know that is hard to do… but try. You will not be disappointed… GREAT SHOW! Adam is a Rock God!

  120. paula says:

    adam i really love your music and i love you to i live in mexico and i think i’m your biggest fan here really i love you please come to mexico and give us some concerts please here in mexico we love you to please come and tell us about your album your music etc… we love you please come kisses

  121. Bon says:

    I’m so excited for you! It seems like you have all of your ducks in a row! Can’t wait to see you in Rockford!

  122. adam4ever says:

    Hi Adam, thank you for sharing your music family with us. Sounds like you have a great group of people who share your dream. Hope there will be a meet and greet when you perform in Costa Mesa, California. I’m listening to your album and your voice gives me goose bumps. Love you and have a great tour.

  123. DD says:

    Adam, no words on this planet can describe what you have done to me!!!! And I love you for making this world a much better place to be in!

  124. lain says:

    Oh, dear Adam.
    It just started and all I wanna do is to wish you good luck.
    This will be a huge success!!
    and plz bring this tour to Asia…

  125. KATHYMORSE says:


  126. Lynn says:

    Sooo amazing Adam I look forward to seeing you perform this summer.Thank you for taking the time to explain the background of the tour. As always it and you will be wonderful.

  127. Betris says:

    OMG! I CANNOT WAIT to see this show!!!

  128. Paula Lambert says:

    adaa : l0ve y0u please tell me !f yOu w!ll YoU cOme tO Mex!cÓ

  129. Meg says:

    Adam – your dream has come true. And ours has too! Thank you so much for bringing the GLAM NATION Tour to your devoted fans. We had a BLAST last night in Wilkes-Barre!

    We were all under your spell of voodoo last night and felt the light and love coming from every direction. You’re truly an amazing performer and it was a joy to see you perform and the look of accomplishment on your face as your dream was becoming a reality. We’re so proud of you and happy that you’ve brought this show to us! Wilkes-Barre had a great time with you last night!!

    Keep up the glam, keep rockin, keep dancin, keep doing everything you do boy!! Best of luck and success on the rest of the tour~<3

  130. monique says:

    Adam you are such an inspiration all that I can say is that I love you much. Thank you!

  131. sauci1 says:

    This is so nice to follow Adam on VH1. I’m so excited for him and can’t wait to see him in person on his tour. Good luck Adam!

  132. SHIRLEY EUGENI says:


  133. Missy says:

    Just saw some vids from Wilkes-Barre….absolutely stunning. I can’t wait until 7/28 (Pac Amp). I heard a rumor that you may have a booking at the Nokia LA….I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I hope you will consider singing ‘Can’t Let You Go’……BTW…I love love love ‘If I Had You’. Thank you for bring so much joy to my life.

  134. MicheleDE says:

    I loved reading this blog! Thank you for explaining it all in such great detail, & introducing everyone on your amazing & talented team! I was at your first show in Wilkes-Barre last night, and I was blown away! It exceeded my expectations, & I stood there in awe, trying to take it all in. It went by so fast, but it was so beautiful, so exotic, so wonderful! You were in FINE form, your voice was amazing! I loved that you included Ring Of Fire! *huge hugs for that* I’d heard rumors you might include “Crawl Thru Fire” at some point? Hopefully, maybe? *pleads* :D Thank you for all of your hard work, & for putting together this amazing wonderful show for us! Enjoy every minute of your 1st ever tour! I will be going to 4 shows (unless I can add one more between now & 6/26!). Sending much love to you….
    Michele from DE

  135. cybergram7 says:

    Yay!! You’re on your way! All these details you mentioned are so YOU!! We would expect nothing less from our Eternal Idol. It sounds wonderful and I hope it doesn’t change too much by August, which will be my first chance to see it.
    How can it miss with all that astrological karma on your side! By the way…I’m a Libra!

  136. aprilflower says:

    HI Adam for the x time! if i can’t post the question now,i give up! i want to know which u think is your purpose in your life,what you are meant to do,beside/other then singing!? Why God left you on this Earth? To do what? No matter what,for me,YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ON THIS EARTH,INSIDE AND OUT! I love,admire,and appreciate your inner beauty! :) ??? take care,be happy and rest your voice and body! :) love you! bye! :) ?

  137. aprilflower says:

    HI Adam for the x time! if i can’t post the question now,i give up! i want to know which u think is your purpose in your life,what you are meant to do,beside/other then singing!? Why God left you on this Earth? To do what? No matter what,for me,YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ON THIS EARTH,INSIDE AND OUT! I love,admire,and appreciate your inner beauty! :) ??? take care,be happy and rest your voice and body! :) love you! bye! :) ?

  138. aprilflower says:

    HI Adam for the x time! if i can’t post the question now,i give up! i want to know which u think is your purpose in your life,what you are meant to do,beside/other then singing!? Why God left you on this Earth? To do what? No matter what,for me,YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ON THIS EARTH,INSIDE AND OUT! I love,admire,and appreciate your inner beauty! :) ??? take care,be happy and rest your voice and body! :) love you! bye! :) ?

  139. aprilflower says:

    HI Adam for the x time! if i can’t post the question now,i give up! i want to know which u think is your purpose in your life,what you are meant to do,beside/other then singing!? Why God left you on this Earth? To do what? No matter what,for me,YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ON THIS EARTH,INSIDE AND OUT! I love,admire,and appreciate your inner beauty! :) ??? take care,be happy and rest your voice and body! :) love you! bye! :) ?

  140. aprilflower says:

    HI Adam for the x time! if i can’t post the question now,i give up! i want to know which u think is your purpose in your life,what you are meant to do,beside/other then singing!? Why God left you on this Earth? To do what? No matter what,for me,YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ON THIS EARTH,INSIDE AND OUT! I love,admire,and appreciate your inner beauty! :) ??? take care,be happy and rest your voice and body! :) love you! bye! :) ?

  141. aprilflower123 says:

    HI Adam for the x time! if i can’t post the question now,i give up! i want to know which u think is your purpose in your life,what you are meant to do,beside/other then singing!? Why God left you on this Earth? To do what? No matter what,for me,YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ON THIS EARTH,INSIDE AND OUT! I love,admire,and appreciate your inner beauty! :) ??? take care,be happy and rest your voice and body! :) love you! bye! :) ?

  142. Theresa W. says:

    Well, the first videos have now been watched by me of his Glam Nation Tour and I must say he really did an amazing job of making his GlamNation vision come to life. After viewing the utube videos from last nights Wilkes-Barre performance,I immediately went online and tracked down some tickets for myself to see him in person. Luckily, I was successful. I can’t wait! He’s truly beyond amazing. He’s ADAMAZING!

  143. Angel says:


    Thank you for sharing your talent and your beautiful spirit with us. You inspire me! I’ll see you in Knoxville, and hopefully, in Atlanta!

    ~ Angel

  144. Jenn says:

    Can’t wait till my turn to see you live again, but I watched some of the vids and OMG!! You have put together a brilliant show!! It was beautiful and you were astounding. So many husbands and boy friends are getting a chance to “get it”. I know my husband certainly did after he saw you at Fantasy Springs. Now we are both fans and catching 2 concerts on this tour!!!

  145. Jez says:

    Dear Adam, you are love & light personified!
    Cannot wait to see your show @ Times Square Nokia

  146. tnaftal says:

    So much fun for you. First reviews from fans are stellar! Loved reading the blog look forward to more. I hope the management let you get a little vacation before this grueling tour began. I consider myself a glamaunt fan. My maternal side is drawn out where your concerned. Our paths will most likely never truly cross & even if they did I am terribly boring in person but very well intentioned in my concerns for you & those in my “real” life. So from me you’ll probably get tips on living a balanced life & silly stuff like book recommendations. I am so excited to see you at Musikfest in Bethlehem in Pa.August & hope the tour doesn’t wear you down till you get there. See I have alterior motives for you to take care of yourself lol it’s purely self interest! Love love the Posted concept too! Breaking new ground because you are such a brilliantly gifted communicator whether in song, word or deeds.

  147. andrea marusak says:

    Dear Adam, I saw your show at the Kirby in WilkesBarre PA and it was superb…..You did not fail to entertain the audience….Your look,your voice and all the other elements involved with the show made for a first class evening…..I will consider this one of my top ten nights….THANK YOU for the memories…..Keep doing what you are doing…..Your fans love you. Andrea M.

  148. Kitti says:

    Adam, i’ve been watching every Glam nation show on UStream so far and plan to do so for the rest (exept for when i’m out of town). Can’t wait ’til your in the Chicago area!!!

  149. Marla says:

    Hi Adam….. I can’t believe I have been so fortunate to find two tickets to your show in Knoxville which we will be driving to from Georgia. We are thrilled to be able to see your performance for you have enchanted us since we were introduced to you on American Idol. So give us a wave at the Tennessee Theater, orchestra right, row M for two of your North Georgia fans will be cheering you on!!!

  150. A.K. says:

    Thank You Adam for keeping us smiling.
    You are a very special person even though you dont know it.

  151. Kristy says:

    You are such a deep thinker… I’m SPEECHLESS. Can’t wait.

  152. buckeyelesbian says:

    Thanks so much for this glimpse at the inner workings of the tour and your vision. You really are quite wise, Adam, and I wish I could live in your world for more than just the night of your concert. Alas, that is not to be, however, I will share your world for just a little while in Cleveland and take that energy with me for those times when I need to close my eyes, listen to your music, and be transported to a world of peace and love. What a gift you give to us!This Aires wishes sends blessings to you and all of your tour family. Sally

  153. LJ says:

    I got to go to Wilkes-Barre!! Adam was amazing! The audience went nuts! His vocals are incredible and the dancers were wonderful. I want to go again it was so much fun!

  154. AnnieWT says:

    Adam I saw you in Wilkes-Barre on June 4 and you far exceeded my expectations of you which is saying alot since I expected perfection! You are even more beautiful in person and your voice… thrilling, beautiful, goosebumps perfection! You are the ultimate performer, exciting, entertaining, thrilling… not enough adjectives to describe you. Thank you for giving me the thrill of my life and I look forward to seeing you again on August 12 at the Tower!

  155. deky says:

    OMG OMG OMG. I LOVE YOU ADAM LAMBERT! trying to get tickets to your tour, not successful so far…=( come to the dirty south please, we love you here!

  156. LambertGlowbug says:

    Mr. Adam Lambert….You, my dear, are an eloquent genius!

  157. lily says:

    i love all these positive comments about glam nation tour. congrats adam for the job well done. i hope you will be able to come to australia next year.

  158. FreeChile69 says:


    There’s no way to say this without sounding a bit selfish, but a small part of me is reluctant to get too excited, because you have not “officially” added Texas to the tour dates. Therefore, I have been watching each performance with nervous anticipation as others celebrate love, light, and music with you, the band, and the dancers. You have embarked on a journey which will become legendary, in my opinion and I am elated you get to share it with people you consider family. It is obvious you are forming a cohesive bond with each other and it’s evident in the way the show is conveyed on stage. Consequencely, it is that collaborative spirit which benefits the concertgoers and the performers in the overall scheme of things. I truly believe an entertainer wants to entertain the audience just as much as the audience wants to be entertained and it’s that collective energy which makes a concert experience memorable and thoroughly enjoyable for everyone. I must tell you based on what I’ve observed so far…you are exceeding your vision of making this show seductive, mystical, and an exploration of the unknown. Your effort to create an atmosphere of adoration, despondency, and vulnerability is nothing short of BRILLIANT! I sat in front of my computer screen wide-eyed and filled with complete wonderment of how every melody effortlessly flowed from one song to the next throughout the entire show. I can not wait until it’s my turn to get all “glammed up” to make a mystical transition into the ethereal celebration of the Glam Nation Tour 2010 with you, also. Be Safe. Have Fun.
    One Love

  159. Vicki Highfield says:

    After reading these posts, looking at Vh-1′s video clips of you and checking out your website daily and I am getting more excited to see you in Kansas City in mid July. I have a flip video of my daughter and my mother(who is nearly 70 years old) when I told them about purchasing tickets to your show. When I told my daughter that I had floor seats she said, “We will be sitting on the floor?” and my mother said that she will be excersing her legs so that she will be able to stand during the entire show. My mother nearly cried as she adores you as much as my daughter and I do. You have three generations of “Glamberts” and can’t wait to see you in person. My daughter has even spent countless hours making a poster for you that we will probably not be allowed to take in.

  160. Eye Candy says:

    Adam, you are just simply wonderful!

  161. lambert4ever says:

    Adam you are addicting! Have to listen to your songs or the day is not complete. Thank you for sharing your music family with us. It is good to know that you are in great company. Wish you great success….see you in Southern Calif.

  162. ZoJo says:

    OMG…… I have been looking at the performances you did on June 4th…. you are sooooooooo DAMN tallented (like you needed me to say that HUH !!!) Well I want to go see you in either Charlotte NC or Raleigh NC or maybe Norfolk Va….. Need to find someone to go with me BUT, that has NOT yet happened !!! I want soooooo much to see the concert it looks like such a BLAST !!! You ROCK Adam !!! Hope to see ya REAL soon !!!

  163. dylangirl says:

    The artist Robert Henri said
    “The artist should have a powerful will.He should be powerfully possessed by one idea.He should be intoxicated with the idea of the thing he wants to express.”
    In turn, you intoxicate us…..please continue to do so.

  164. Penelope says:

    How can Adam Lambert be so hot just standing there with his arms crossed? (first pic). He SHOULD be in movies at some point in his career.

  165. SimplyFan says:

    Ok, I tried to post the “question” thread, but it is not working. I kept getting error messages. I’m trying to put here first.

    I have watched videos and pictures from your first two shows, and am going to your third show in Toledo tomorrow. I have some burning questions here:
    1. Merchansize: Are you selling them in all vanues or only selective places? I heard Starland has no merchansizes for sell. Also are there more products/varieties. I really expect more stylish kinds. Sorry, they are kind of too normal from what I can see from the pictures.
    2. Lasers: Is laser show only available in larger vanues? I didn’t see laser in Starland show.
    3. Costumes: Costoms are cool, but I worried if they are too hot in the summer. Less is more maybe sometimes? :-)
    4. Music festivals: Will you have the same sets, stages, presentations for the musical festivals and then Glam Nation concerts?
    5. Meet & Greet: I’m sure many fans are dying to know which concerts will you have Meet & Greet. There are so many speculations out there!! Many fans want to show you the donation receipts and their glittery and fierce dresses as well!!
    6. Tour dates: I have to say how the tour dates are rolled out and the vanue selectiions are very confusing. Not sure if it is typical as I don’t follow other tours, but the fact so many tour dates in some area, while some places are totally left alone are just puzzling to many. Though I got 5 shows close by, but I felt bad for people in the south like Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, etc.. Why are you not playing many big cities are also puzzling. Horseshoe in Hammond, IN is a questionable choice.
    Love you to death, but still want to share honest thoughts. Hope you don’t mind!!!

  166. buffy522 says:

    Thanks for making New Orleans an inspiration. It truly is. Too bad you aren’t coming here. We could use a bright spot right now. And let Mr. Ellison know that the Southern and Texas and Southwest fans are feeling the snub. We don’t want to be “put in a box”!

  167. Theresa says:

    I cannot believe the unending amount of talent you have, your ability to make us all feel like we are part of your tour by you blog post is really special.

    I loved hearing all the little quirks about horoscopes and how the tour evolved from one vision.

    Thanks for always being so good to us fans and giving so much of yourself!

    Can’t wait for my stop along the tour highway.

  168. Charlie says:

    So many new artists are trying to utilize the shock factor like Adam and Gaga so they can get attention and become famous…heads up guys- if you’re copying Gaga, you’re not original! has an app where artists can post their songs and some of these people are redic by trying to copy Adam and other artists….check it out for a good laugh

  169. savannah delarosa says:

    Hey Adam,Not to bring it up i just wanted to tell you when we found out you are gay that was on my mothers b-day so i wanted to say thanks because that was the most exciting thing that happened that day so THANK YOU ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. LordErin says:

    I saw the set list you’re performing for your Glam Nation Tour. Why aren’t you singing the %_%^%%~&@_)$#*_ le track? Totally bumbed; “For Your Entertainment” is the sexiest song!

  171. LordErin says:

    I saw the set list you’re performing for your Glam Nation Tour. Why aren’t you singing the )%`+**&_*^+`^~` le track? I’m bumbed; “For Your Entertainment” is the sexiest song!

  172. ali4adam says:

    Any take on Taurus? Born May 15.

  173. Cindy says:

    ADAM! Love what you do and bring to us. Thank you SO much for the look into the planning behind your tour. Saw you in Sayerville NJ…you shredded the place!! Really pulled it off beautifully, AND looked great & SOUNDED incredible in the process! Hoping to see you in Cohassett Ma & Hampton NH. Your outfits are fantastic. (btw, love the vest without the shirt!) ***ADAM, please…you NEED to sing your beautiful ‘SOAKED’ on a LIVE national TV show… This country NEEEDS to see how incredibly beautifully you can deliver such a touching message, and rediscover your amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your sweet soul. “I get lost in the beauty”…

  174. Laurie Jones says:

    I knew the production of your tour would be costly, far exceeding the ticket prices..that’s why I got the presale for Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas now. When you come to Vegas next year, you can command those 200 to 500 dollar tickets like the big headliners get. And you deserve every cent!! Love Aquarius’s. They are so altruistic and philanthropic..You are the Master Entertainer and superb vocalist..See you for many years to come.

  175. GlambsMI says:

    ADAM–I saw you in Toledo, It was the best concert that I could ever imagine! You were magical. Your dancers were perfect…costumes were unique, and you can tell they have worked hard to be outstanding dancers/performers themselves.
    You chose the best! Your band is the best..their timing and music shows their dedication to you! I was right up in the front row, enjoyed every single look you gave, the sound of your feet stomping, and on and on! Thanks for a wonderful, exciting, and unforgetable night!!!!!

  176. hotmud says:

    You once said that you “lost your filter in 2007.” I want to hear more about that. A single opening experience? a gradual shift?

  177. Susanne says:

    Hi Adam,
    thanks for this interesting background information. Guess it’s really exhausting sometimes to be on the road, but Monte and the other band members support you during this tour. Hope to see you in Germany this fall, you are an amazing awesome artist, intelligent, very down to earth and a funny guy, too.
    Like your skull ring, lol, you mentioned Keith Richards as one of your rock’n roll inspirations, cool. He has one skull ring as well :-)). I’ve been a Stones fan for years and I was glad to read this.
    Please, stay the way you are and take care of yourself. Greetings from Germany

  178. so0so0 k.s.a says:

    my daer adam how are you ????
    Woooooooooooow you are my numbr one singer i loooooove you
    Sooo much every night i tweets for you and you are never tweets me
    Back :( i am sooo sad
    Every day i wake up in the morning hoping and prying that you answer my q??
    i hoop from my haert you read my comment at les
    Your looving fans from k.s.a
    I looooooooove you my sweet adam ^___ ^

  179. Lili says:

    I expected great things, but the Glam Nation show far exceeded even my highest expectations. Adam had a clear vision of what he wanted to bring to the stage, and that vision has come to life. Kudos to him for knowing what he wants and working hard to make it happen. And yes, the show is far beyond the price of the ticket!. Best show and best bargain of the summer – IF you can get tickets before they sell out!

  180. mark quick says:

    Just wanted to say I have tickets to see my absolute favorite solo male singer the first part of July and can hardly wait. Adam is so gifted that I could listen to him far more than an hour, One more thing…terribly disappointed that vh1 took Adam off the countdown while he was still doing so well. Glad they’re showing him again!

  181. melody kramer says:

    Adam is the man for the decade,he’s a major talent and I can’t get enough of hearing him or hearing about him.. Thank you VH1 for featuring him as your artisit of the month

  182. Debbie says:

    This show sounds awesome will be seeing it june 22 in nyc and aug 24 in staten island cannot wait, btw you rocked kfest in fishkill!

  183. Kristin says:

    Hey Adam! I love reading things like this because I always learn something! You and your band are amazing people, and I just wish you the best of luck and to have a great time on tour! Hope to see you! -Kristin

  184. sarah says:

    im so exited forr the Glam nation tour!! :D im going on aug.28th and even tho im only going into high school, adam lambert is my idol & i liked him ever since his audition for american idol. I CANT WAIT FOR YOUR CONCERT, ADAM! I LOVE YOUUUU! <3 keep rockinnn

  185. Cathy Ventura says:

    This comment is way late, I know. I saw Adam twice – incredible. I hope he somehow sees at least a portion of his comments because I’d like him to know how important he was to me during American Idol. At the time, my granddaughter was battleing cancer – she eventually lost the war. During that time, looking forward to Adam’s weekly performance was such a bright spot for me. I think people should know how they affect others just by being who they are, and doing what they do so well. Thank you, Adam.

  186. sdfadfasd says:

    i like

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