Hip Hop Honors: Chilli Talks Season 2 On The Red Carpet


In this dispatch from the 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors red carpet, Chilli of course talks about the Southern music she there to help pay tribute to. Perhaps most importantly, though, she gives VH1 News’ Janelle Snowden the dirt of what went on after the What Chilli Wants cameras stopped rolling. Would you believe that she still hasn’t kissed Bill, the guy she chose at the end of the show? She has seen him, though, so she’s not entirely depriving those who are invested in her love life as a result of her reality show.

Actually, Janelle’s other red-carpet interviews are just as great (Janelle probably doesn’t get enough credit for just how awesome she is). When talking to Brandy, she points out that Flo Rida, whom Brandy shared a brief association with (as played out on Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business), is just a few red-carpet steps away and then watches the reality diva squirm. (The oddest point in the interview, though, is when Brandy says she’s Ray J‘s date — how La Toya/Michael circa “Say Say Say” of them). Finally, Janelle straight-up reads Birdman for talking on his cell phone on the red carpet and for his casual attire. Then she gets him to reveal that Tha Carter IV‘s release date is set to coincide with Lil Wayne‘s release from jail. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors is set to air tonight (June 7) at 9/8c.

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  1. cyn4it says:

    I do not like this show and with the previous shows that Ray J has done. I think that they should have never done another with him. A young man in his business should have enough of respect for himself and the young people watching his show to dress, so that our children have better role models. In other words pull up your pants it is not a fashion statement.

  2. cyn4it1953 says:

    I do not like this show and with the previous shows that Ray J has done. I think that they should have never done another with him.

  3. jessica says:

    first off, this is about chili’s show and not rayj. find his blog. And vh1 is a show for the more mature in the first play….are they suppose to stop airing it becasuse a couple parents arent responsible to have parental control over what they children watch in the first place? no…i dont think so. so, if you truly cared for your children and you think vh1 is bad to watch, the law never ever stated for them to watch it…so get control or shutup and stop posting stupid opinions online.

  4. Liz Brown says:

    After watching the entire series, I was shocked. I was ready to see TLC again but, I realize what “Left Eye” had to deal with watching Chili put down black men if they sneexed wrong. You had to be a believer in God, have a six pack, a good career etc. but in the end, she dissed and dropped successful black men with all that was on her list for two white men that did not believe in God, had soft stomachs and mediocre career achievements. What did Chili want? No black men!

  5. Cathy R. Porter says:

    what chilli wants is something she should keep 2 herself since she don’t won’t a black man…take your upity attitude back in the closet with yo white boy….the black man is already not choosing the black woman anymore and dis race mixing has gone back to slave days…um not predjudice.. just think that the way its going these days in 20 years there will be less that 20% or less black population……wasn’t ur parents good enough to marry black women and black men? keep it real. let black kids as ur self stay BLACK! nuttin like a chocolate child….chilli find a good black man and don’t rush into dis because of a tv show….

  6. nikiguffey says:

    Loved the show! I could so relate to her list!! Men can be so scandalous! I just wanted to give a shout out and say Im so glad to hear talk of another season! Love it!!

  7. nikiguffey says:

    To Cathy and Liz, its really sad that you took it there. Why would who Chili chose bring you to such depths? I dont know her, but Im fairly certain that her choice had everything to do with how he made her feel. And thank God, antiquated and narrow-minded opinions like yours didnt stop her from following her heart!
    I didnt think she was upiddy at all! God knows we’ve all been hurt and we all deal with things differently! How do you think you might come across?
    Labels, prejudice and judgements only limit your view. Labels and prejudice are Intented DISTRACTIONS. They keep us seperate and pitted against each other.. they keep us judging one another and hating. How’s that working out? Love is love.
    Come on now! Lets try something different and learn to embrace our differences and grow.
    ..two fingers.. Peace!

  8. 4230967 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4230967! SCK was here

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