So Wait, Ray J Was In A Gang?


This week’s Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business was all about Sonja bonding with her children. She took Brandy camping, where hilarity ensued via faux-hitchhiking and a fake snake, and she took Ray J to visit their old neighborhood in Carson, California. Outside the house where Ray spent the bulk of his childhood, Sonja was filled in on a few details she missed while out on the road with Brandy. She learned about parties, that Ray frequently sneaked out of the house and that his friends carried guns. Though Ray (or editing) kept things vague, he did concede, “I was to the point where I was gonna get shot or killed, ’cause I was at that point.” Um, what? Did anyone have any idea that while his sister was selling millions of albums, Ray J was growing up fast on the mean streets of Carson, California? Can you even picture that now?

The episode contained a few more references to Ray’s “activities,” his friends doing things they weren’t supposed to do and toward the end there was mention that Ray was “associated with a gang,” whatever that means (really the explanation started and ended there). Ray admitted, “We weren’t bad like some of the kids. We was just not good.” This is a trip back in time not just for Ray, but for us: this is “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm”-retroism at its most head-scratching!

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