Katy Perry Romps Through Candyland In The “California Gurls” Video


Although summer doesn’t officially start until 7:58 a.m. on Monday, there are a handful of songs that have already gotten a head start on the quest to become 2010’s Song of the Summer. Just in the last week alone, we have seen Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert stake their claim in the race with new video debuts (“Alejandro” and “If I Had You,” respectively). And earlier today, Katy Perry — who, you’ll recall, took home the crown in 2008 with “I Kissed A Girl” — released the video for her shot at the throne, “California Gurls.”

The earwormy track, which is currently sitting atop the Billboard 100 and will soon make its premiere on the VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown, seems perfectly poised to remain ubiquitous throughout the hottest months of the year with its shout-outs to seasonal staples like Daisy Dukes, bikinis and melting popsicles (but, weirdly enough, no weenies!). The video, however, eschews the sorts of “traditional” visual themes that you might expect for a song of this nature (think David Lee Roth’s hypersexualized cover of “California Girls,” for example) in favor of a confectionary (and innuendo-laden) romp through a Candy Land-esque paradise known as Candyfornia, a glucose-drenched utopia where gummi bears frolic underneath clouds of cotton candy.

In a gleeful mix of pop culture references, Perry plays the Dorothy to Snoop Dogg’s Oz figure, only this time, she trades ruby slippers for cupcake-themed lingerie as she makes her way through the sugary wilds wearing progressively less and less clothing. That is, until the video’s final moments, which sees Perry don a bikini top that, in stark contrast to the machine gun brassiere that Lady Gaga debuted last week, fires gallons of whipped cream at the camera instead of bullets. Regardless of your taste for sweets, this is the kind of video that will definitely make lots of viewers this summer want to order seconds.

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