Basketball Wives Reunion: Watch A Preview


Above is an extended preview of Sunday’s Basketball Wives reunion (airing at 10/9c). In it, it’s revealed that one of the primary cast members decided not to show up (guess who!) but, as host Tanika Ray says, “In the spirit of good gossip, let’s talk about her anyway!” And after all, isn’t the spirit of good gossip what Basketball Wives is all about?

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  1. TBIZZLE says:

    I can’t believe Gloria will not be on the show. Probably in light of the rumors about her husband possibly being a cheater. Here’s my take on it, why is this show called Basketball Wives? The only wife is Jen, so shouldnt it be called The Basketball Wives and the Ones that Were, Almost Were, and Were Never Gonna Be! I just dont get it. The show displayed some positives, but most of it was the same drama most people expect of us minority, underpriveledged folk. But, without the drama, we wouldnt watch. If they just showed these miserable women crying all the time and trying to pacify their pain with shopping, and alcohol, and judging others, we wouldnt be interested right? Oh wait, that is what this show, shows!

  2. Tee says:

    So here is my take on this show and all these woman. First Shaune I am the most disappointed in because you of all people could’ve nipped a lot of this BS drama in the bud! You allowed the Gloria situation to go way beyond because at the end of the day if that was your sister then you would defend her too right or wrong? Gloria you really need to grow up. Stop judging people; Matt is not perfect, you are not perfect. You were wrong in the Royce situation and you need to admit it. Evelyn child I have no words for you. I think you are the phoniest of the group and you are in the same bubble as Royce cause at least Suzie is a pro athlete baby momma. Royce I think you need to find a new group of friends because this is corruption you don’t need. You need to really get some self esteem because if you need these women to give you a voice then you really had nothing to say. Jen please keep your marriage to you. These women are toxic to what you’re trying to keep. Overall you all need to get therapy, spiritually or something so you can sleep better at night without so much anger. And lastly please look at yourself and your flaws and stop transferring your negative onto one another.

  3. Khandi says:

    I can’t believe these shows, Here you have these woman a rguing fighting over silly *!&%)$^~(~`_~&#& Basketball wives but, you have 2 that r married and 1headng for divorce. Jennifer should not b blaming other people for her *%)!&~@)$&#&!)(~ ed up marriage. Why would they go to levels of making themselves look like fools. Money, clothes, cars do not mean a thing if your unhappy with yourselves. I plenty of classy woman who don’t live in a big house or ride fancy cars but they carry themselves like ladies. Suzie was looking real stupid throwing h20.Why? What r u getting from that? It’s not her argument it’s Jen’s. Her husband does not have respect for her’ it’s clear. If Jen thinks she had something with her husband she to Ahandle him,I am sure there’s plenty more.I think the show is childish.

  4. marebare says:

    Jennifer – I do not know you or your husband but I can say that being married is hard..I am not a religious person, but I can tell you that when I started praying for my husband and wanting only the best for him even if we were not going to stay together, somehow I felt stronger.. I am conviced that a man who is not loyal to his wife or lifetime partner suffers from major emotional issues. You may think you have emotional issues as a result of his behavior, but try being him..looking at himself honestly in the mirror without ego. Can’t be a good feeling. You are a sweetheart. You are beautiful. Give your best and demand the best. You are in my prayers :)

  5. 3792945 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3792945! SCK was here

  6. 4971499 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4971499! SCK was here

  7. 751977 says:

    What a lovely day for a 751977! SCK was here