Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch And The T.O. Show Season 2 – First Look



Above is a sampling of the 85 women who will compete for Chad Ochocinco’s heart come Sunday, July 11 at 9/8c, when Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch premieres on VH1. Per a press release:

Chad Ochocinco, star wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, is coming to VH1 to pursue love and happiness off the field. Giving the same passion and intensity to his love life as he brings to the football field, Chad evaluates 85 women vying for his heart at a “dating training camp” with friend Bernard Berrian, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver. Chad picks 17 women to advance to the next round of the competition and compete in his bracket style dating tournament. The winner will not only be awarded with a championship ring but the lucky lady will also win the ultimate prize, Chad Ochocinco’s heart. Tune in each week to see the women compete for a “game ball” and see which ones don’t have what it takes to play on Chad’s team. In the end, 16 ladies will be benched and only one lucky girl will be Ochocinco’s ultimate catch.

Larger shots of Ochocinco’s ladies are below, and so is some info on Season 2 of The T.O. Show




And some shots of Ochocinco on set:

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And, as for Season 2 of The T.O. Show


With the hectic lifestyle of the football season over, NFL superstar Terrell Owens takes some time off and settles down in Los Angeles. With his one-year Buffalo Bills contract complete, T.O. is at a crossroads trying to decide if finding another team is really where he wants to be at this point in his life. With the help of a therapist and his publicists/best friends, Mo and Kita loyally at his side, T.O. struggles to have the best of both worlds. Viewers will get an up close look as T.O. juggles to keep his successful football career going while trying to focus on his personal life by spending more time with his children and rekindling his romance with Kari. While trying to make these changes, T.O. is forced to face the facts and realize his biggest challenge isn’t anyone but himself. The T.O. Show airs Sunday, July 11 at 10:30PM and every Sunday following at 10:00PM.

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  1. brezzey21 says:

    is it me are am i just seeing ish i don’t see nothing but 1 blk girl in both of these show wtf how you not like blk girls nd you blk

  2. miss dee says:

    look at Chad he would pick the black women below his top ten. How they forget where they came from when they are on top.

  3. jennifer smith says:

    I do not understand why all these black men are choosing white or other ethnic women to be on these reality shows instead of black women, I mean whats wrong with black women, Chad came from a black women so whats wrong with dating black? It’s time for men especially black men to realize all of those womens are looking for opportunity not REAL LOVE! Get a clue black MEN!!

  4. Shell says:

    It is clear that both of these men Chad & TO have something missing in their lives. Until they deal with the voids they have nothing is going to make them happy, not cars, homes, money, fame or a women. The real question they should ask is would any of these women want them if they were not pro football players?

  5. Jackie says:

    I will not be watching the show because Chad obviously does not like African-american women, prejudiced against his own mother. SHAME ON YOU CHAD!

  6. courtney says:

    I agree with you all it is a shame how when black men get some money they want a white or hispanic woman…. Ochocinco get you a real woman and how could you stick with a girl like candice who was going to talk to your friend??? SMDH get it together…

  7. LaDonna says:

    ladies you are right on the money. these guys are scared of africian american women due to we are strong and independent indiviauals and they can not handle this.Also they want to label us as golddiggers.. i laugh everytime one of them has married another race.. and the women files for a divorce..the judge takes him to the cleaners..thats what they get

  8. kaycee says:

    I knew this would happen with the ochocinco dating show. As soon as there is not enough black woman on the show the angry black woman syndrom comes out. Come on ladies who cares who he is more attracted to white, hispanic or black. As soon as you are truly happy with yourself then things like that wont bother you one bit.Work on your confidence PLEASE!

  9. kay says:

    Let me guess ochocinco is a sell out right? this light skinned vs darkskinned thing is still going on which is getting old. And why cant any other race be a strong woman why is it that black woman seem to think they are the strongest woman there is for a black man. every woman is beautiful and strong, and and until you feel 100% confident with yourself and not care what famous men or any man for that mater prefer then you are going continue to be a hater for the rest of your life which is kind of sad. we only have one life to live and if you choose to use to live yours as a hater then have fun. There is a great saying i like to put out – hating me is not going to make you pretty. And most likely if you are the hater you are going to have a hater respond to this!!! if you are a strong confident woman you will agree with this. Now lets see how many haters respond to my comment…

  10. Hello says:

    Bottom line is people should date people for individual
    attributes (appearance, personality, etc). It’s ashame when ANY race of people discriminate against their own race for dating. There was a time in the 80′s and 90′s when mail order brides were popular and you had a lot of white men not wanting to date white american women, but preferred European white or asian women and American white women were in an uproar b/c those men tried to blame white american women, but the reality was those men were insecure. The same thing goes for African-American men who discriminate against their own.
    Noticed I said African-American. I do not think that Carribean Blacks, Black Latinos, Black Africans, etc have the same attitude of discriminating against their own. I find that people of any race that discriminate against their own when it comes to dating has their own rejection/insecure issues b/c everyone is not the same and they have not dated everyone or even most people within their race to make a mass judgement. It’s funny though how people who do have dating preference outside of their race would be offended if they were not preferred in a situation (job, etc) b/c of their race. I find many of these people to be hypocritical. It’s sad b/c I don’t see other races/cultures dealing with this issue in the same amount in the 21st Century. If it’s suppose to be a “color blind” world, then it should be on all dynamics. Not only when addressing interracial dating, but also when addressing same race dating. I’m all for people dating people of other races or ethnicities, but thumbs down to people to do not date within their race b/c normally the reason is due to them blaming or placing bad attributes on a whole group of people of the opposite sex within their race. Sometimes though it’s due to rejection from the opposite sex of their own race as well. For example, I remember when Dennis Rodman interviewed on Oprah when he played for the Bulls and he stated he did not date Black women in adulthood b/c when he was in High School he attempted to date Black girls, but they rejected him and called him ugly, and the girls who did accept him were White so that’s who he grew up continuing to date.
    So now if a Black girl is interested in him he feels it’s for the money. His reasoning is understandable, but very sad in regards to the rejection that he did face by his own people. As for Mr. Ochocinco, I saw a clip of an interview he did on Wendy Williams and basically his gist was he has preferences, but he likes everyone but he feels his choices/preferences shouldn’t affect if people support him. He said something like if you supported me before you should continue to support me. NEGATIVE…..WHAT HE FAILS TO REALIZE IS THAT SUPPORT GOES TWO-WAYS. If he truly prefers to date women that are not Black in general (not due to the specific individual), why would he expect in general for Black women to support him. Don’t be hypocritical.
    Also, I understand the anger from Black women regarding this issue, but at the same time don’t get so worked up. The key is having a good man regardless of race/ethinicity. A man can be good or bad in any race, and I am sure we all know of some White,Latinas, etc who have been treated bad by a Black man, including White, Latinos, etc. But we also know some who have been treated good. Bottom line don’t discriminate, particularly against your own no matter what your race b/c in the end you are saying something about yourself even (insecurities/inferiority) though you refuse to acknowledge it.

  11. Carolyn says:

    Chad Chad Chad!!! How could you let Tara insult you like she did!! You asked her what would her Mom say if she brought you home and what did she say “Oh, a Black Man, is he here to Rob us” OMG!! SHE INSULTED YOU CHAD, and you giggled about it! WTF!! Then all the girls told you that the Tara didnt really like you and she also said it was gross when the both of you were in the pool!! You seemed to be upset, but what did you do. . . . you chose to keep her, even after she lied about her feelings changed!! OMG! I loved you in “Dancing with the Stars” and was trying to watch your show, but I am no long interested. You definately lost a viewer. I deleted your show from my DVR recordings . . . I’m done!!!

  12. brandyonmylips says:

    t.o is is almost 40 messing with a 20 year old we see where his life is going. his friends should give up and let him enjoy himself. in 10 years he will have 3 – 5 baby mamas and totaly washed up begging his first baby mama back. no money, watch his show years later alone and broke like mike tyson (HE HAD 300 MILLION). his face has aged so much from season 1 to season 2. ocho is having fun messing with everyone who rejected him when he was younger. so i enjoy watching how much the girls dislike him. it more obvious than the women that were messing with flavor flav. i see him as a young flavor flav he also had a lot of money at one point. the girls even make faces when kissing him. come on. loser

  13. autumn says:

    ok you guys are stupid….he probley does like black people but he decided to pic a white person and a latino…are you guys all black? and decide to go up against other races thats messed up! :p

  14. 397857 says:

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  19. Alain says:

    God!!! I sooo want to take his place!!!