In Case You Missed It: The Basketball Wives Reunion Fight


The arguable highlight (depending on how much you enjoy watching water fights) of the Basketball Wives reunion is above. Watch the cast bicker with Sandra and then Suzie extinguish the flare-up — literally, with a bucket of water.

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  1. brittany w. says:

    First off i would like to say all of these females are fake besides Gloria and Sandra!!!! Gen needs to go ahead and get a divorce because even Stevie Wonder can see her man is a cheater and whatever it is that they use to have isn’t there anymore. Royce is just stupid she is their puppet. They talk about her and then hang out with her. Suzy needs to mind her own business and by the way who is she again???? Really she looks like a horse and what was between Gen and Sandra didn’t have nothing to do with her. She’s so messy and needs to get a life. Who is she to judge and she wasn’t even a b-ball wife…so she’s on the show again because what???? Shawnii is out of line for fussing at Gloria basically taking her frustration from her husband cheating out on Gloria. She needs to learn how to keep her man and when he does cheat handle him and that female not the females sister!!! How lame. Sandra ain’t no gold digger she is just obviously attractive to these men and they try to holler. Don’t get mad cause she pulling what they can’t obviously satisfy.!!!!I hope when Sandra see Suzy on the street that she beats the breaks off of her!!! And also one more thing…i hate how the reunion host going to say” i love y’all girls cause i seen you all taking off shoes and earring” first of all roll back the tape and you will clearly see they all run to the far back part of the stage when it started going down….so this is what i’m going to say for the ending of this….Shawnee handle your man and whoever he playing you with….Suzy email me when you become SOMEBODY so then i will finally know and get you a life so you can get you some business…Gen face reality and let that horse looking dude go cause y’all don’t have Gloria continue to do what you do and enjoy those beautiful twins and your husband. They all hating cause they either in a marriage basically by themselves or was to lame to even make it to the alter.

  2. crbappeal says:

    The reunion was as good as it could get. It is designed to get ratings and keep us watching because as Americans we love drama and hate. The entire season was entertaining. Gloria is delusional. She has two kids by a man (with the means) who has not married her yet. Even if they get married, she could end up like many other women in America- divorced and clueless. Sweetie get the ring before you have any babies. She’d better get with Kimora or Ivanna and learn how to secure her and her kid’s future. She’s a stupid little girl. It’s also obvious that her sister is trash and clueless. How likely is it that two sisters are dating NBA players? Hmmmmm? Groupies on the come up. Lame.

  3. Stevie B says:

    I thought that this show was called Basketball Wives? How many of these women are/were Basketball Wives? Three! This show should have been called Shaunie and her Stupid @$`+#(*+@)@$!!@ Friends! Next Season, could you please have some real Basketball Wives that actually have RINGS, that actually made it down the aisle! Shacking up don’t count ladies! Yah talk about Hoes and Groupies! What the __%`*+($`&~$!%$* were yah before you married your husbands? (Shaunie and Jen)Gloria is the only one that is a real Basketball Wife and all you hoes are hating on her and Matt! Shaunie, are you __%`*+($`&~$!%$* ing serious? Crying on National TV like a little ~(@~`#_^)!(_()@^# Do you really think that Gloria would take your side over her sister? Think about it! AWWW! No! That is her sister and she ain’t got nothing to do with what the __%`*+($`&~$!%$* her sister does! She is grown! You hoes make me sick coming at a woman, ~(@~`#_^)!(_()@^# charge Shaq up! How many women has Shaq cheated on you with? How many woman have you approached about it? I know he slept with Superhead and you didn’t step to her! ~(@~`#_^)!(_()@^# please get you some business and a life. Gloria is better than all you hoes anyway! All you hoes have used what you have to get what you want! To sum it up yah are some hoes! Shaunie you need to revamp your show! These hoes are tired, miserable, bitter, jealous, and fake!

  4. Soso S. says:

    Those “so-called basketball wives” need to remember where they came from and how they got to where they are now. They were Broke-ass groupies that found a meal ticket.
    They think because they dated a basketball players that they r something, You all need to remember that you came from NOTHING. Your are a groupie, and you all have no class at ALL. start by taking etiquette classes, then go back to school.
    Suzie is NOBODY, she has no class and she is a GROUPIE. she be popping it in the miami clubs all the time looking like trash. Go breast feed ur kids instead. Shaunie needs to live her life, and stop living other ppl’s lives. Ur husband cheated, OPPS its something new. His been cheating since the day u met him.
    You all need to stop lying to urselves, if u really were classy and had something going on, you wouldnt allow a man to use u and treat u like trash. You are hanging on, because you know once he throws you, u will end up in the streets.
    Stop acting like fools, you are alll fake. Get a life or get busy with silicone cuz you wrinkles are starting to show.

  5. StevieB says:

    Royce, I did like you at first! I even felt sorry for you! But, not anymore you’re a dumb %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# +~(*@@)!&$!@$+)!( You let Evelyn, Suzie and Jen control you and manipulate you! Your stupid %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# walked right into that %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# whooping that Gloria gave you! That was hilarious! Gloria is a Heavy Weight and your %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# is a Featherweight! Dancing vs. Boxing! You need to stick with being a Bootyshaker! You may have the endurance for that! Your %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# ain’t ready to step in the ring with no one! Let Evelyn tell it, she wish that you would try that _`(_()$!!@%`~%*@ with her! She’s saying in sooo many words that she would whoop your %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# How stupid are you? You got played into not liking Gloria! You act as young as you look! Stop all that fake %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# crying +~(*@@)!&$!@$+)!( That didn’t impress me! Whose back did you have? +~(*@@)!&$!@$+)!( you better get your own back. If you can! Gloria creamed your %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# You saying that you had Suzie’s back! What the @~*$!`$_~_~&^!#* ever. All you hoes are scary and yah was running like the rats off the stage, because yah %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# es are scary! Your fake %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# friends played the oldest game in the world on you! Gloria had told you the same thing that they told you! They just told your dumb %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# in a way that they knew that you would overreact and try to act like you are hard! Stop letting these women pump your %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# up to get your %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# whooped! You’re no firecracker! You’re a DUD! You were the seasons entertainment! Will someone explain to me, why your %^+*!)_&*!@$)&# is on here again? Oh yeah ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY to fight Jen, Evelyn, and Suzie’s battles! You are here to do the dirty work! Not to mention than Jen talked about how lil your )))^*_#*`*_)%`! ties are! Wow! How humiliating that is. Maybe you will go and buy you some. So that you can keep up with the Joness. I’m with Gloria you’ll never be a Basketball Wife! You’ll always be a PUPPET!

  6. LASHON101 says:

    lmao a bucket not a cup of water damn,hahahaha

  7. Kaya says:

    Shawny needs to be stoomped for this…how on EARTH can you call it basketball WIVES when only two of ya’ll ever got married…and SHAQ had DOZENS of affairs on her so her marriage just dont count!!! these HALF MEN looking females were GOLD DIGGERS and jealous of the one chick who still had her man!!! Royce was the ONLY logical one…but even the so-called wife…what the hell was that…that man doesnt even PLAY BALL right now!!! WOW…please vh1 i’d rather se flava flav then see this BULLSH*T come up with better programming…the ONLY reason you got 1/2 the viewers is because of it being stuck in between RAY J and Brandy- and WHAT CHILLI WANTS…find something else PLEEEEEEEEAAASE

  8. M'lissa says:

    GARBAGE…… Shawny MOVE ON SHAQ DIDNT WANT YOU LIKE THAT…..DAMN…and that one who is still “MARRIED” what the hell is wrong with you- he dont even play ball…and the one who really looks like a transvestite- who was shacking up for 10 years…girl shut the fu&k up…after 2 years you shoulda left but these are GOLD DIGGERS…Royce kept it real tho…props but you shuda really watched how they dogged you- Royce wont be back…the other TRANSVESTITES will…ya’ll hated on Gloria and anybody else who had their man- FIRE SHAWNY…find a “REAL” Basketball WiFE and start over VH1….i cant watch this next season…get some real ~*+@^$#!_~+^!_~~ on here

  9. jan says:

    this was the DUMBEST show ever,,,next time call it “NEVER got married and Basketball player HAS BEEN WIVES”….SHAQ must’ve took all her money…are you that hard up???? I like Royce but she was out of place with those SILICONE QUEENS…she was far too pretty and NATURAL…the one who was so CLASSY but got DRUNK and tried to slobber all over the young boy REALLY is garbage…they say the Groupies sit across the court with no panties on and flash the guys…well you can tell they were the MAIN ONES…ya’ll trashy…SHAWNY GET A JOB…NONE of these so called ladies WORKED…but Royce…WOW

  10. M&Ms says:

    It is SOOOOOO obvious that they are simply jealous of Sandra. Sandra is feminine, ambitious, and very attractive. They’re clearly threatened by her looks, determination, and the fact that their men want her and not them. Period. These women need to build their self-esteem and stop projecting their fears onto others. When it comes to cheating, you blame the person in the relationship with you, because they’re the ones who promised to be faithful and failed to do so, not a perfect stranger. And from the looks of it, Gen should be thanking Sandra for telling her the truth about her husband. Women need to stop blaming each other and place the blame squarely on the person who mislead both of them, the man in the relationship.

  11. Sherika R. says:

    I didn’t miss it I think all those women need god in there life.I am ashamed at how these BLACK women acted on tv it dose nothing but make the sterotype about us black women ture. And to you basketball wives if your husband is cheating on you then that mean you ain’t up on your game and second you don’t know what they tell these girls when your not around.and if I was Gloria I would not return to the show because what I see is hating going on.And to shaunie I thought you were better than that you took your anger out on gloria for nothing when you should have been *)(&~*`$(#&&*$$@^ ing at yo man and just because she probly knew don’t make it her business your man took those vows not her and she don’t owe you a dame thing.To Ms. Suzy you need to stay out of people business cause for one thats how people get hurt and don’t nobody know who you are anyway so why are you on the show? And the only reason you got mad at that girl is cause what you all are claming she is it use to be you a while ago.Ms.Royce PLEASE WATCH WHO YOU HAVE AROUND YOU CAUSE THOSE ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND!!! they talked about you behind your back and they wanted you to change your image to fit in with them be your own woman don’t be a follower.To Ms. Gen you are the fakes out of all of them and you know your man don’t want you so move on and be friends with sandra and maybe you’ll get somewhere in life.And last to you all ya’ll need to grow the `&&)_%(%~@!+_@`* up and be more lady like cause if you ask me all of you need to be *)(&~*`$(#&&*$$@^ SLAPED!!! Don’t hate on the groupies or hoes or whatever you want to call them cause like i said you don’t know what these men are telling these woman about you.

  12. Sherika R. says:

    i just also wanted to say the reason they are hating on sandra is because she has own voice and what man wants a woman that sit on her (^$#%*(#!^&(&(` all the time then when some one ask what dose your wife do they have nothing to say.You You basketball wives need to get with Jada pickett,Angelina,Beyonce,Opera and learn how to be women cause ya’ll mamas did’nt teach you nothing.

  13. Mz.Callaway says:


  14. eve says:

    Wow- Shaunie I really thought you were better than those so called basketball wives (couldn’t you think of another name than wives???) huh? I never heard of any of them-girlfriends -sorry are their guys Superstars or just team member?.

    Also what’s your point on thinking Gloria would take your side over her sister’s. Shaq screwed everyone and anyone who was female. Why pick on Gloria’s sister??? Let it go girlfriend. Be mad at the Big One. lol.

    Gen-OMG-when she went house shopping I felt so sorry for her. The comments made by her “ugly” man-Dang-maybe Sandra’s right-he don’t give a damn about ya.

    Royce-fake crying-i did not see one tear. lol. I thought Evelyn couldn’t stand her. By the way-Gloria kicked her azz in ring. lol

    Oh well-silly old women and kid-might be a good name for this show. ROMAL

  15. Hmmmm says:

    I don’t see what these basketball players see in any of these women. Sandra is a groupie, but she is not the only groupie on that stage. Jennifer is pretty and she could do much better than her husband if she stop being so fake and timid. And if Sandra knows so much about the men and thinks she is all that then why hasn’t any of these players married her. I find her voice very annoying and she looks weird.

  16. calichica says:

    It seems to me you have something with Jennifers husband or you believe the lies he tells you. Sandra, you say Jennifer is just business, then you go on to say “Jennifers husband” is all about his business… ok Jennifer is business and he’s all about his business. Let’s break it down Barney style he is all about his business being Jennifer. You are to blind to see the truth yourself, men will only make a fool out of women who will allow them to be a fool (don’t be a fool). All I’m saying to you is you are the one being lied to. Not Jennifer, she is his wife. She knows her husband and the games he play with women like you. Word of advice don’t try to beliitle Jennifer. If her husband was denying her. Why does it come off as your paiseing him? You need to take notes from Jen and know your role as a lady. It is not professional to present yourself the way you do. Concerned about a man that is married. You seem to be morally bankrupt.

  17. J Renee says:

    Obviously Susie knew Sandra was telling the truth…u could tell by her reaction. She would have never ran off if it weren’t true. I think that Sandra knew what she was talking about and was given a little too many details about Susie (being a hoe) if you will to be lieing. Hmmm