Interview: Gloria Govan Explains Why She Skipped The Basketball Wives Reunion



Plenty was said about Gloria Govan during the Basketball Wives reunion, and now the absent cast member gets her say. If you wondered why Gloria didn’t make it to the reunion, she tells all in the interview below. In it, she also talks about why she didn’t care to defend herself against whatever her castmates had to say, severing ties with Shaunie, defending her sister and why she doesn’t want to appear in the show’s second season, but may anyway.

Why didn’t you attend the Basketball Wives reunion?

It just wasn’t something that was conducive to our schedules. You know, Matt was in the playoffs and I wasn’t going to fly across the country to hang out with people I’m not particularly proud of probably being associated with. I told producers that if they moved it to Orlando or Miami I would be more than happy to be there. I’m sure without me being there, there wasn’t anybody to pick on.

I also wondered if you were making a statement like, “We’ll see how this goes without me…”

I kind of heard it was a mess. That wasn’t exactly my intention, to be like, “Ha, check this out! It’s going to be a disaster without me.” It wasn’t worth me going out there. I am not interested on being on Season 2, so that was another reason. It would’ve been a mess really, because I would’ve gone out there and had a lot more to say. I didn’t watch the series. I didn’t watch Basketball Wives, but from what I heard and the little bits and parts I did see, which was probably a total of 15 minutes of all the episodes, I just wasn’t proud of it. I wouldn’t say I regret it 100 percent, but I was surprised and disappointed in how they edited the series and how they portrayed the women.

It wasn’t scary that you wouldn’t be able to defend yourself against whatever they said about you at the reunion?

Not necessarily. I think people are going to make up their minds regardless if I was there or not. I think being there would have opened up the flood ates to allow people to nitpick at what I have going on and ask me more detailed questions that I’m not willing to answer. I know people are going to talk about me whether I’m there or not. Had I liked to defend myself? Yeah, probably, but it probably would’ve gotten ugly. Not physical, but definitely ugly.

What would you say to somebody that said you were being cowardly by avoiding the show?

I would laugh. I just kind of that’s funny. I’m definitely by no means scared of any of these girls. If the reunion were held closer to me, especially while Matt was in the playoffs, I probably would’ve attended, but going across country and missing one of Matt’s games…it wasn’t that important to me.

Was there any concern about the contractual obligation of attending? Or were you just like, “Whatever,” to that?

Yeah, I was kind of whatever, because I’m kind of whatever to the second season. At this point, none of that really bothers me with the contractual obligations. So it didn’t really affect my decision whether I had to go or not. I think I’m just kind of over it. I’ve done Season 1. Again, I’m not particular proud of how it came off, but I do think I was real. I portrayed myself as real as I could while the cameras were shooting. What they do with the film after the cameras were off I have no control over. I don’t think I gave them a lot of opportunities to make me look stupid.

It’s interesting that you have beef with the editing because I didn’t get the sense that the editing was unjust to you. You didn’t give them opportunities to make you look stupid, sure, but also, you didn’t look stupid, period.

I think I’m my biggest critic, so the few parts I did see I wasn’t particularly happy about. I know the real things I said about the situations, about Royce, about Suzie, about Evelyn, about all the women and to see that cut down, or edited or nitpicked was a little frustrating. Again, I haven’t seen the whole series, but I’m just not happy with the overall production. I just don’t think it portrayed what I wanted to represent.

It must take restraint to not watch the entire show. I would be scared if I were you, cutting myself off from what everybody else can see.

Not really, because you’ve been there, you’ve done that so you’ve lived what people are watching. You know what went on. To see it cut down, edited, mixed up is kind of frustrating because it’s like, “Wait a minute, that’s not what I said. That’s not how that happened.” Matt and I both agreed not to watch it when he was in season, because a lot of distractions and unnecessary quarrels would’ve been brought up. I know that he needed to concentrate and I respected that he just felt like it wasn’t necessary to watch until the end of the season.

What do you think of the stuff Matt said to the women on the show via Twitter?

I think he has gone back and forth with them. I don’t have a Twitter account that I have used in a long time. I don’t follow them, they don’t follow me so it would’ve been pointless to get involved. Mainly, I told Matt don’t waste his time. They’re just unnecessary. They’re not a factor in our lives, to entertain ignorance belittles you and brings you down to their level. Part of me was proud of him, though. I was kind of excited. I was glad that he stood up to them. He protected me in a sense. I was excited for that, but I also told him it was probably a waste of time.

Did you agree with him that Jennifer and Evelyn were Shaunie’s puppets and they’re all tricks?

I would agree with the puppets statement. I definitely think these women are highly and heavily influenced by Shaunie, sometimes for the negative. I feel like Shaunie is the new Simon. Its kind of like, “Shaunie says we should do this,” “Shaunie says we should do that.” It was kind of like, wow, these women are grown women and supposed entrepreneurs. You would think they would be able to make up their own minds and establish avenues with their own judgments. At what point to do you say, “Hey listen, regardless of what Shaunie says, I don’t like Gloria or I like Royce for me, not because someone is telling me to do this”?

Are you on good terms with anybody at this point?

Surprisingly, I’m on good terms with Suzie. Suzie and I have BBMed each other throughout the series. A lot of the stuff that was said or portrayed on the show, we’ve actually apologized to each other about. There have been some times when Suzie has BBMed me and been down in the dumps about some of the episodes she was worried about. I tried to encourage her and just let her know that this is a small chapter in our lives and we shouldn’t allow it to make us sleep-deprived or anxious.

Are ties completely severed with Shaunie?

I think so. I don’t think I have aimed any of my comments at Shaunie in a negative light. From what I’ve heard, she had tried to say things about me or about Matt or about our relationship in general that just aren’t nice. I just think it’s also very immature. For someone to be grown with five kids, I feel like she should have better things to do with her time.

There were a few finer points mentioned during the reunion taping that I just wanted to touch briefly. I think Royce felt like you swindled her. She felt like you had created this bonds that included play dates and cake-tasting, stuff beyond normal association, stuff that went into the friendship realm.

I think she took some of the things that the producers were trying to do with her and I and interpreted them as my idea. Play dates and cake-tasting were suggestions that the producers had brought to my attention because Royce and I were the only ones with young kids on the show. Then when they realized Royce can’t bring her son on the show and she can’t talk about Dwight, then things started to change. Not that I was opposed to these things because in the beginning I didn’t know Royce. I didn’t mind at first, but then after having talked to Matt and stepping back a little bit, it wasn’t a good look. I told Royce, “I don’t mind being cordial to you, but at the end of the day I have to worry about my family, Matt’s teams camaraderie, his team’s friendships and stuff like that. I’m not going jeopardize his opportunity to get a championship ring, to come back next year for you.” I was just kind of explaining to her, “If you understand where I’m going from, great, then we can have a mutual respect for one another and it wouldn’t go past that.”

At one point you called Royce “backstabbing,” but I didn’t see any evidence of her backstabbing on the show.

That might’ve been more behind the scenes. Royce and I had a conversation after the pool party. She texted me and was just like, “Hey, I feel like I can’t trust anybody on the show, you might be the only person that’s just been real so can I call you?” So we talked. I’d given her my two cents about the girls: I didn’t particularly trust them, especially since Suzie was so new to the cast. I told Royce I’d heard some interesting things about Suzie. I felt like at the time that she wasn’t a fabulous mother. I was just expressing my feelings as she was to me. Then she went back to Suzie: “Oh by the way, Gloria said this, this, and this to me.”

Someone did allege that you have nannies and you were hypocritical for calling Suzie out on that.

I don’t have a nanny. I don’t have babysitters, not on a 9-5 basis, just if we’re doing a date night or an adult function. Matt’s best friend, Jeff, lives with us. He helps out but I don’t have a nanny per se. We don’t pay him to watch the boys.

There was also talk that Royce had dislocated your shoulder during the boxing?

Oh no. My shoulder was dislocated a long time ago. I had shoulder surgery when I was a junior in high school and it pops out all the time.

Evelyn and Jennifer both contended that Royce won that fight. Was that how you experienced it?

I didn’t go in there trying to hurt Royce, but in the episode you can see her trying to get aggressive so that’s what kind of turned the tables. We’d only had gone two rounds. Maybe the third one would have really dictated who won. From what we fought, it was definitely even.

You said you weren’t particularly proud of your association with these women and I assume the show. Is it weird talking about it? Obviously you’ve done interviews, and you’re doing an interview right now, arguably extending your association with the show.

I don’t think so. People want to know and so I’m going to tell them who I am and how I feel. I’m definitely going to use the show as it used me. I’m not going to deny and there weren’t any pros to doing the show. It has opened up many doors for Matt and I: clothing lines, foundations, events. But after that, the show and how it portrayed women makes me regret it because I might have helped portray women in a negative light. I was involved in it and these women, in my opinion, were very trashy, were very immature, were a crying train wreck. I didn’t want people to view us as just a mess, or think that all we do is shop. I didn’t want people to think that we live in apartments and we shop for Ferraris —that kind of thing. The exact thing I didn’t want to represent I helped make. That’s what’s frustrating.

I thought Evelyn made a good point about blood ties during the so-called “last supper.” Do you think blood excuses everything? I understand where you’re coming from with your sister, especially when it comes to dealing with virtual strangers, but do you think that blood should excuse everything?

There are definitely moral lines that you draw. If a relative was driving drunk and hit somebody, that’s just obvious. If the evidence is there, you side with the evidence. But emails aren’t enough evidence for me. What’s funny is that Evelyn wouldn’t believe that anyone could have set up my sister, and yet she says she’s being stalked and someone broke into her emails, stole her pictures, and put them online. Her attitude was, “What makes your sister so special to have her email be hacked?” Well, here I am saying well what makes you so special? I think Evelyn of all people should have taken a minute to step back and say, “OK wait a minute, this is happening to me.” She should acknowledge that it’s possible. When I mentioned that at the dinner, she had absolutely nothing to say.

You avoided the reunion, but what is it going to be like when you run into these people?

Given Matt’s career and where their men are I don’t think we’ll cross paths just because I haven’t crossed paths with these women before. But maybe there [will be] a day when we are all in the same state. You know we might be at some event, but again, it’ll just be a, “Hey,” but nothing more. It won’t be a hug or a kiss. It’ll just be an acknowledgment and that’s it. I won’t go out of my way but I will keep it cordial and respectful. It’s just too much energy to be all negative and nasty.

Is there anything else outstanding that you feel like you have to clear up?

I’m not interested in doing Season 2. If you do see me on Season 2, it will be for the wedding which is max one or two episodes, but other than that, that’s kind of it. I wish these women all the best of luck. I’ve used the show for what it’s used me for and I’m done. Not to say I’m the star of the show, but could you imagine the show without me? Everyone would just be crying the whole time.

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  1. KBGA says:

    these chicks is stupid!!! why should she explain her sister’s life to them. it is just that, they are not Gloria’s family! Then they keep stuff up like they are in high school!! Grow up! They talk behind each other’s back and at the same time smile in each other’s face. Example all of them had a problem with the dancer but none of them spoke up about what they said they only told what Gloria said. how can they sit there and act they are so proud to be her friend and talked mad trash about her in the beginning and probably still when she doesn’t do something to their liking…hey dancer get a brain!

  2. kasei says:

    i dnt care what nobody say im not going to turn on my sister for nothin cause at the end who are you going to have them or your sister. and so wat her sister slept with hym get over it every one do things bad in life.

  3. Upset Viewer says:

    You are soo better then this show Gloria!! Shaunie and them are sooo wack!! They are jealous of you, their lives are miserable!! I have never seen such a stupid show in my life and I wish u woulda beat the **+!`@&+@)$(+~)( outta every last one of them STARTING with Evelyn and Shaunie! Poor Royce, she wants to be liked by the majority!! Shaunie sounded so stupid talking about “our friendship” versus u and ur sisters relationship!! You have class and they dnt! You have a man thats with you, not one time did either one of them spend time with their husbands..wait a min they dnt have them!! Jen’s referred to her as a business arrangement!!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ARE WACK!!

  4. Amy Ruh says:

    Gloria is a complete fool. Life will humble her and at the end of the day, she will be left alone, with her kids and without anybody to pay her bills for her. We will then see if her delusional grandiose will go away.
    Her attitude stinks and even though she doesn’t seem to realize it, she of all the women is portrayed as ignorant, conceited and just an unpleasant human being.

  5. Joy says:

    Nothing or no one should be used for profit or non profit. I feel that if your sister was set up that was wrong but the purpose of the show was so that when things get tough their is always some one there. I will not miss you nor will I cry my eyes out because you see Matt will d to you what has happened to these women. I am asking that you make a mends with these women and stop placing your self so high abou\ve the rest.

  6. lls says:


  7. Misty says:

    Ride or Die for your sister and that’s how it always should be. You have a lot of haters cause you are prettier and have a nice life. So just shake them haters off!! I can honestly say that you did make the show interesting and I wish we could see you in more episodes in the second season.

  8. tamm says:

    I feel where she is coming from, but don’t forget where you can from Matt is and was not known until the show he’s been trade so many time and for u to be on here like u got the best life ever lets keep it 100 u don’t want to go back where u came from your sister is a roller in the NBA and for u and your not husband yet to throw judgement on these ladies please you have alot to learn sweetie, for u to think you r better than Shaunie please she can teach you something trust n belive when you man became a free agent which will soon be happening let see how much love play apart. You got to kids meal tickets Matt may not see it but i do just the way you act n the thing you say the word is fake!!!!!!1

  9. LaurazGirlz says:

    All I have to ay is what ifd the shoe was on the other foot?????? 2nd I think EVERYONE HANDLED THEM SELVES LIKE THEY WERE IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! PEOPLE life is way to short to fight over the smallest and stupidist things especially a damn man!!! and one who is divorced now anyway!! and correct me if I’m wrong but was it not shaunie who was screwing around with her fitness trainer from the get go to??? I don’t know but everyone should take a step back and Grow the hell up!!!!! MOST OF YOU ALL HAVE KIDS !YOU WANT THESE KIDS LOOKING AT THIS IN YEARS TO COME, IS THIS SOMETHING EVERYONE OF YOU ALL ARE PROUD OF?????

  10. Upset Viewer says:

    OMG!! Reading these comments and seeing how miserable women in the world are!! Can Gloria be happy and live her life?? Why do yall think her husband will leave her??? Being happy and separating herself from drama is NOT crazy and NOT PLACING HERSELF ABOVE THE REST!! @AMY RHU, LIFE WILL HUMBLE HER IN THE END?? U MUST ME A BITTER DIVORCEE, YOU HAVE TO BE DIVORCED..NEWS FLASH THERE ARE STILL GOOD MEN IN THE WORLD JUST!LAUGHING AT EVERYONE WHO THINKS MATT WILL FAIL HER! ITS THE PEOPLE THAT ARE DOUBTED THE MOST WHO SHOW OUT AND MAKE A BELIEVER OUTTA SOMEBODY!

  11. Open Your Eyes says:

    Overall, remember the show is entertainment mixed with truth and fiction. But Suzie has some things to hide because when “Plastic Surgery Lady” started to talk about “detailed” info about her and a man in Fla. Suzie exploded and responded that she wasn’t going to sit there and be talked about and asked if P.S.L. was jealous? Then running off stage and getting water to throw was a diversion to get the attention off of her. Also Jennifer NEEDS to listen not hear. To keep from listening to P.S.L. she overtalked the comments that she was a “business arrangement” to her husband Eric. He dispalyed his true side on the show. WAKE UP Jennifer!!

  12. thediva says:

    U r so right gloria, and I applaud u for that. marraige is a job just like anything else, u have 2 go through things 2 get 2 another level. I think evelyn should do whats best for her and not listen 2 those single hating friends,no not friends because they wouldn’t tell u 2 leave your husband. MISERY LOVES COMPANY.

  13. miss lady says:

    first of all i wanna say tht these women really surprised me. you would think tht they would have more class. they walked around looking down they’re noses @ other women because they were MARRIED to ball players once. yes even jen and shaunie cuz lets face it we all have seen or been in their situations b4 and we know tht those relationships are just something tht their holding on to to save face.they talked about each other. ALL OF THEM. none of them were real with each other so therefore u knw they cant and wont b real with themselves. from the jump i respected gloria for having her own mind and standing up to them basketball playin lookin girls(for lack of better words). they are miserable. they only love jen around cause they’re secretly lovin her messed up marriage and watchin and waitin for it to blow up so she can truly b one of them. evelyn needs a reality check. royce needs to find real women to befriend because everything that looks right isn’t and she should have seen tht when they all bombarded her with all what gloria said about her. she should have stepped back and really questioned why now were they choosing to tell her all this when they were all just having dinner together why didnt they say all of that then. gloria u stick to what u know ur family and real friends. and truthfully so what if ur sis did sleep with shaq. if they would open they’re brains they would realize while their telling jen to cheat on her husband,something tht im sure each one of them has done themselves, that she and whoever she cheats with will b doin the same thing.DUH

  14. Evonne says:

    Basketball Wives was a fiasco of a show. I expected to see the wives of basketball players showing what it’s like being married to a professional basketball player. Instead I see a group of basketball baby-mommas wanting to be wives and trying to convince the only wife, Jennifer, to leave her basketball husband. A bunch of classless, tasteless, drink-throwing females wanting to be women. I see why Shaunie only makes brief five-minute appearances to the show. The fiance Gloria, with the basketball fiance and the twins has a lot of class and should not _&)*!#^^&%)!@(( ociate herself with these females. She’ll be single like they are if she listens to them. And why is the group jamming Gloria up for something her sister is accused of, having an affair with Shaq? That is something Shaunie needs to deal with, not these other females. I’m sure when they got with their baby’s daddy’s they were probably with other females whose relationships they interferred with. Jennifer says herself that she knew Eric was seeing other women while he was wooing her, but she married him anyway. That tells him that it’s okay and that’s why he’s still out there whoring around. Royce is bad news. It’s no wonder her son’s father doesn’t even want her to mention his or their son’s name on this show. He’s embarassed by her. She’s a gold digger that the other females dug up just to make themselves look good. It’s not working. They all look bad, even Shaunie. Gloria need to distance herself from these females and from the show.I hope she doesn’t come on the next season. She has too much class for the show and for these females. “That’s what’s up!”

  15. tboogie says:

    I don’t blame Gloria for passing on the reunion show. I think she was one of the two real people on that show..Suzie being the 2nd. I mean Royce..really? The crazy, ghetto, immature baby mama of Dwight Howard..puhlease, I can’t even stomach her. Evelyn, the one who wished she was a wife..was seriously testing out her “acting” skills. Jennifer, she has NO place to talk..she’s delusional. Her husband is in an open marriage meanwhile she isn’t..I feel sorry for her. P.S. keep ur hair down..those elf ears are not cool LOL. And lastly Shaunie..I had no problems with her besides the fact that she wanted Gloria to explain an alleged affair between her husband & Gloria’s what world does this make sense?? If its Gloria’s sister..go to Gloria’s sister…duh! I mean if my sister did something behind closed doors “allegedly” and someone came to me & asked me about it, I’d tell them the same..I want nothing to do with it, I have no comment on it & talk to her. But, that would be too simple..afterall common sense is not that common anymore..smh!

  16. viewer says:

    FIrst of all Gloria you’re such a dumb pathetic *`^@!^^`$^!#@%&_& to think you’re special. You and your sister the puta deserve each other. One day your Matt will cheat on you with a nasty slut like your sister. MAtt who? HIs team didn’t make it so he’s irrelevant.

  17. MzCutiepie21 says:

    I think Gloria knows Matt isnt being faithful she just tryna keep it 2getha in front of the camera. Why else would u surround urself with the other women. Dnt try to act like ur better than the other girls cause ur not all of u looked pretty silly to me except for Shaunie and Jenifier. Gloria needs to remember what goes around comes around!!! I f ur friend siste sleeeps wih Matt u would want her to tell u!! that was wrong. Besides that I just dnt like you!!! U seem the fakest outta all of them u and ur sister seem to be groupies to me u just ended up pregnant! Other than that Royce ur a very beautiful black women pls dnt degrade urself like that again. Suzie hey huni!!! ya’ll dnt need Gloria she’s a lame anyway she’ll find out Matt’s cheating on h very soon. And who does he play for?

  18. Falynn says:

    Okay heres my 2 cent. The show portrayed all the woman like dirt and it amazes me that it is called basketball wives and only 2 of them are actually wives. second i applaud gloria for staying strong i dont care if she comes off as nieve or what she stood up for blood. I agree because she shouldnt have to explain herself to them and if shaunie was as sneaky and deceaving she could have found out who shaq was sleepin with by herself.Gloria you dont need no trash like this live your life and stay real

  19. LASHON101 says:

    i think gloria and dumb !#!~%^(+^+$`#+~** and her sister both are !_&~`&`*#+@!)%&+& s she knew all along what was going on ,thats why she brought her lowlife sister around so she can get her a well paid man,if u were in shawnie shoes u would understand

  20. kc says:

    In all reality these women put themselves out there for the world to see. We all hear editing plays a huge part but we can see they truly dislike each other. As far as Gloria, I agree with her if its not a good look for you, you pull away. They will always be in the public eye but shes smart about it. She has 2 small children, a husband to be and family to protect. The whole nonsense with her sister n shaq’s wife is not and shouldnt hurt her character. I agree with protecting her family and if Shaunie had issues relating her family she should go to them directly not a family member. Its noones business let alone these women who would just put their 2 senses in or negativity.
    The same goes for Jennifer she might have her issues w her husband like all women do but I understand she sees these women as her friends but they have all been negative towards her relationship. If she chooses to stay she should on her own. They all seem too bitter to be giving advice.
    Suzie seems real cool but again gets viewed as a drama filled girl bc of who she is surrounding herself with. You dont see her children on screen (though Gloria showed them tastefully) you dont see Suzie talking about what she gained being with a ball player etc… she might be influenced by some of these women but she seems like a woman who does not care what u think of her shes comfortable in her skin.
    Royce seems cool too she should not be surrounding herself with these negative ppl. She and Gloria could have had a cordial relationship if these womens werent so ignorant, you dont have to be best friends but they could have talked to each other outside of being too into their personal lives which I understand why Gloria felt that way. If notice the episode of Royces dancing they all ran their mouth but now they love her. Or noone comments on Evelyns nasty attitude to community service where she seemed too cute for that environment. Lets keep it real Evelyn Shawnie was a wife to a huge name regardless of how it turned out she has the right to have her opinions n experiences you seem mad at the fact that ppl have great lives, or were with bigger names than your ex. you come off negative to everyone bc of your attitude or too cool for everyone else.
    The show was great but hopefully these women can see how they came across and cool off for next season we know drama sells but at what cost do you portrait yourself that way in the public eye

  21. Shel says:

    yeah i agree with gloria on everythin xcept that blood is blood ish yeah u can stik up 4 ur fam 4 anithin but there is a line. i hope she comes baq shes the onl1 1 i like and the show is called basketball wives and she is the onl1 wife jennifer wateva thats not gonna last so i love gloria and all those other chicks can start their own show “Unclassy jelous ^*~!%~&()`~(_(!^% es” shaunie is THE puppet master she acts like shes nuetral i see past that BS. GO GLORIA the only real 1

  22. Jessica says:

    Smh those other females are EXTRA LAME!!!! YOUR BOMB

  23. Tray says:

    Gloria you were my favorite on the show because you were real. You did’nt look down on anyone for no reason and you didnt start drama. it did seem like they were constantly pickung at you. it seemed like they didnt even give you a chance because of your sister and thats sad. for a buch of grown woman to act like that was disgusting. i think you were asked to be on the show was so shaunie could take ot her anger about her husband and she cant get to your sister so you were the next best thing. i will miss you on the show and wish you happiness in all that you do in life.

  24. brownsugar says:

    gloria u needs to stop lying abt not watching the show, u know u watch this show. This show has gave u recognition. If we didnt know, now we know. I think that u r very fake and fony. Shauna did your baby shower etc and you talk abt her in that way u r the type of friend we all need to be aware of. I understand that u love your family but dont toot your nose up at the ladies like their issues could never become one of yours. I remember u saying u would not have put up with most of what they have been through but u can never say never because the way u say u luv your man i believe u would do anything to keep that man happy u would definitly eat his +^(@&*+()_`!(%@) literally if u had too, be true to yourself lady and try to be a true friend r not one at all.

  25. Yolanda says:

    Ok to be ttly honest I believe that “BASKETBALL WIVES” is the dumbest &+%@)(*)!)%#`$_ n show I have ever seen put on national television!! Wow! SMDamnH!! I truly believe [out of all honesty] the only person on dis show who acted as though they had class was GLORIA!! 1st thing I wanted 2 point out was the name of this show was “BASKETBALL WIVES” rite? Well I don’t know about others but for me all I was seeing was a whole lot of DRAMA going on btwn lil gurls!!! I believe the only reason Shaunie put this show 2getha was 2 bring all these lil (&@^!@(##*!+@_~ women on here 2 help her suck up the reality that NO MAN IS FAITHFUL!! Hell u can’t even keep the broke men out here on the street <> from sleeping around….what meks Shaunie think that she’s any different??? She’s not! If everybody can think bak 2 when Shaq 1st took off in his career & the interviews that were done w/ the both Shaq & Shaunie 2gether [b4 she had all them kids] she even admitted that she was a groupie herself <> she saw him mekn all dat money & that’s what really got her interested n him!! Shaunie only brung Gloria on this show because she was HOPING that Gloria would say whether or not Gloria’s sister slept with Shaq! & when Shaunie didn’t get the answer she was looking for from Gloria Gloria became no longer needed in her pea brain!! I’m thankful that Gloria was a woman about her responses & simply told Shaunie that whatever she <> was looking for in answer shud & wouldn’t come from her <> because that situation had nothing to do with her & if Shaunie wanted 2 know anything about that “accusation” that she <> should sit down w/ Gloria’s sister & talk about that as two mature adults!! SHAUNIE DIDN’T LIKE THAT RESPONSE…..LMAOOOO!!! ((Pay attention 2 Shaunie’s reaction while speaking 2 Gloria @ the last suppa)) SHAUNIE THOUGHT SHE HAD ALL THE SENSE …. SHAME ON HER CUZ SHE DIDN’T!! If she was so worried about her husband cheating y didn’t she ain’t patronize the otha women??? **news flash** …. SHAQ IS A BILLIONAIRE & HAS BEEN KNOWN 2 &+%@)(*)!)%#`$_ A LOT OF OTHA BROADS NOT JUS GLORIA’S SISTER …. HE ALSO HAD SUM ROMANCE THING GO’N ON WITH TRINA <<DA BADDEST `&($_%))+%`*&_%`_ SAID N 1 OF HER SONGS…”PPL WANNA KNOW IF I’M GAY WELL I’M DA REASON Y SHAQ IS N THE MIA!” Sooooo y didn’t Shaunie EVER go after TRINA??? Shaunie knew who 2 &+%@)(*)!)%#`$_ wit trust & do believe it baby cuz Trina ain’t gon’ b wit dat FLAW (&@^!@(##*!+@_~ DUMB LIL GURL @@%#(&%(++`#@!($ Trina wud’ve had Shaunie cryin her eyes out wundern how this cud ever happen 2 her!! LMFAOOOOOO [[RUMORS had it that Shaq was finna leave Shaunie dumb (&@^!@(##*!+@_~ for Trina but Trina ain't want no love connection hell y wud she when she's a millionaire herself??]] I believe Shaq stayed w/ Shaunie dumb (&@^!@(##*!+@_~ cuz it was jus cheaper 2 keep her! Shaunie is dumb as hell & on sum serious narcotics 2 think anyone would go against their sister for sum tramp she doesn’t even kno!! I’m with Gloria when she said Blood is thicker than water!!

    Gloria is waaaaaaayyyyy 2 gud 2 b frenz w/ dez wanna b supastars! I also believe that Gloria is the only real woman on the show!! SN: Royce was only brought on da show 2 maybe tell Shaunie sum dirt on sum NBA players lyk her husband seeing that she was a basketball cheerleader! When Royce finally opens her eyes that Shauine was only using her for her own gain & not 2 b a genuine fren I hope Royce realizes that everyone is not her fren as they potrayed 2 b on da show!! Wow….SMH…DRAMA!

    I am so hoping that everything works out 4 the best 2 all the women but espcially for Gloria & Matt….ya’ll got sumthin solid! Out of all the gurls….Gloria was the only 1 who actually spent tym w/ her husband!! Poor Jennifer her ugly (&@^!@(##*!+@_~ husband ((Eric)) didn’t wanna be dealing with her…….he seemed as if he kinda standoffish w/ her during the show! But Jennifer ain’t wrong for sticking w/ Eric cuz his (&@^!@(##*!+@_~ is still rich & it’s definately cheaper to keep his ugly (&@^!@(##*!+@_~ I truly hope & pray that BASKETBALL WIVES is not brought bak 4 no otha season cuz seriously it’s the stupidest show I have ever &+%@)(*)!)%#`$_ n seen n my lyf! There is tooo much UNNECESSARY DRAMA going on w/ this show! And the scariest part is most of these gurls r mother’s & they r such a disappointment & an embarrassment 2 real women trying 2 raise their children away from drama & dez gurls r on tv showing yungr kids how 2 b str8 immature women! NOT THE RITE MSG 2 SEND 2 THE YUNG LADYS COMING UP AFTER US WATCHN YA’LLS TRASH!!

    B BLESSED GLORIA & MATT <3 Much happiness is being sent 2 ur family & success <3

  26. Tara Moore says:

    Well Gloria! I don’t think You experience enough of hardship with relationships to understand or to be on this show! I won’t miss You. I started out liking You because You are where Women are when they first fall in love,married & trying to keep the family together! but remember it takes two to keep it together! You can control You but not your man! I’m just saying! Be careful how you Judge Others! because only God knows what your future holds! When Judging Others especially Women in which you are! do it with Love & Kindness. Always imagine their situation as if it was your own. Hey I’m just saying! & truly I hope You don’t have to go through a failed relationship and/or marriage. One more thing Your statement “Blood is Blood” shows how immature You are as to life because as You get older you will realize that doing what is Right when it comes to being human is thicker than Blood! Especially when it comes to Your Creator/God! Peace to You & take care of Yourself :-).

  27. pon says:

    these women r the lowest class of women i kno…nothing they say is intelectual…some of them have children..they should know better!!!!…MONEY CAN’T BUY U CLASS!!!!

  28. Hana says:

    Man. _+!~&#)*_(+&_+!! THE WIVES OFF THIS SHOW! Gloria was the only one who kept it real and straight up. Royce was an immature attention ~$$@*))+)^!@^_))# Evelyn was a crazy fake ~!~(+*$(%!_(^)!#* Jen was delosional and stupid for staying with a cheating husband, Suzie was a hypocrite, and Shawnie…. that ~!~(+*$(%!_(^)!#* got on my nerves. ‘It’s hard to deal with being a basketball wife’ Didnt you just divorse your husband? And ontop of that she sat there and played puppet master the whole time. It got old reaaaal quick. GLORIA IS THE REALEST! She defended her sister and kept it 100 and was the only REAL Wife there. GLORIA WILL BE MISSED!

  29. shaknbak480 says:

    Gloria’s ego needs to be knocked down a few pegs! She knew what this show would be like before agreeing to it and everybody knows vh1 edits the shi* out of everything you say so dont act like its a big surprise. In a few weeks you will be forgotten so enjoy the 15 minutes while you got it

  30. d'zsecrets says:

    I like the show! And Gloria is not the best one! All you hear Gooria saying is “blood is blood I’m going to support and defend my sister!” What exactly are you supporting of your sister, that it’s ok to sleep with a married man? Where are you and your sister’s morals and values and most of all your self respect? Gloria…something for you to think about, if your sister is willing to sleep with a married man what makes you think she won’t sleep with your man? Family will turn on you before these classey ladies will! Word of advice…I wouln’t leave your sister in the same room alone with Matt! Or could it be possible she may have already slept with Matt and you just don’t know yet? Your to busy saying “blood is blood!” Huh…Shaunie don’t be surprised if Gloria calls you and says that she’s down for saeson 2, crying about her sister and Matt selpt together and Matt’s response will be “blood is blood we goa keep it in the family!

  31. late4court says:

    This reality show is one of the all time best shows we all have watched! Gloria shud b ashamed and embarrassed 2 b on tv with her blood talking about sleeping with a married man come on now, yeh that’s her sister but Gloria being on the show n so alled friend shud have told Shaunie that her sister was wrong not only bcuz she slept with her husband but the fact she was Shaunie’s friend also, that’s when it gets very personal, that’s when a real lady shud b allowed 2 whip some &!)#!%$)$%#`~^+ Shaunie, Jennifer, Suzie n Evelynn r classey women, u all give women a chance 2 see that u have 2 go thru the motions,u’ll b down but u can also get back up, so Evelynn plz stop boo-hooing already, ur all gorgeous, smart n independent, fashion sense women! Royce u’ve come a long way n a short amount of time ur doing fine, each of u cud have a man coming n the front door (n not empty handed either) n 1 going out the back door without having 2 open ur legs! I applaud u Shaunie for having the courage 2 share with ur fans the lives of basketball wives n belive me women like this show weather they admit or not! N u kno the men r going crazy behind u beautiful women! N the ones that don’t like the show it’s bcuz their groupies!

  32. Sara says:

    “Matt Who!?!” (in my best Shaunie voice)

  33. Stefanie says:

    What was that shaunie said about Matt Barnes who????? Matt Barnes was the only player i heard of ….. i remember watchin him play at del campo…..all those broads are jealous. Gloria needs her own show….

  34. Sonya says:

    Gloria was the only one on the show that I liked, other than Shaunie(at the beginning). Shaunie acted like in the beginning that she did not have any beef with Gloria and then all of a sudden she turned in the end. She is not supposed to discuss her sister’s business. That was between Shaunie and Gloria’s sister and she should not have to answer for it no matter what foot the shoe is on and anyone who thinks otherwise is just stupid. She also is supposed to trust her man and not walk around thinking he is cheating all the time, until he gives her reason not to trust him. I would not want to live any other way. That is just miserable. Gloria I hate you are leaving, but do not blame you. I won’t watch the 2nd season!!!

  35. Avid Watcher says:

    Gloria should’ve attended the reunion instead of skipping out like a coward that she is. She portrayed herself out to be the ” real-est” in the show who had said a lot of crap. But Gloria could not face and own up to her statements. I’m sure even if the reunion show was closer to Gloria she’d still find a lame excuse not to attend. I’m glad she feels no need for a season 2…THANK YOU JESUS! Shaunie & the rest of the girls will continue to rock the show!!!!!!

  36. TBrow says:

    Here’s what I see. Matt completely controls Gloria..POINT BLANK! Everything out of her mouth is about what’s best for Matt..he’s her meal ticket and she cannot risk losing that. Matt has issues because he knows the girls will school Gloria on the stuff that he’s doing. Futhermore, who the hell even knew who he was before the show, so it was also an avenue to get his name out there. Gloria, wise up girlfriend and get off of your high horse.

  37. rocstarshy says:

    I commend Gloria for the way she did portray herself on the show. She appeared to be straightforward regardless of whether you liked it or not. At the end of the day you have to respect the fact that she didn’t play into the ridiculous ways of the other women. Whatever the issues were they could’ve handled and dealt with the situations a lot classier instead it only made you think is this what goes on with these women. They’re definately no better than the rest of us and actually for some they are 10 times worse. I think for some black women such as myself bringing “the hood or getto” out is no problem but you need to be smart in choosing when is necessary and if necessary at all. A smart woman knows to conduct themselves like a lady and has control over there emotions. These women didn’t look like they tried at all and quite frankly it’s embarrassing. Good luck to the rest of your lives.

  38. Karmon says:

    At 1st I didn’t like Gloria’s approach..i thought she was a bit naive(i still think that) and she came off as being above and beyond the other girls standards but reading this interview I can side with her on some things..1 being..She definitely makes the show more interesting and I like that she’s willing 2 stand up 2 even Shaunie(n a much nicer way thou)while she’s Matt’s puppet u can still tell that Shaunie has some influence over her..Shaunie just got that leader personality..fall n line bizzitches!!

  39. daphine says:

    All of these women are groupies/gol diggers. Everybody including Shaunie and Gloria. Gloria was kicked out of a community college for changing grades for cash, she know Matt is her meal ticket and she trying to keep him.

  40. mary says:

    I think Gloria is stupid…she thinks her husband is an earth angel…Wait til u see his name in the magazine’s coming out of a hotel with another woman, then Gloria will see!!! Matt didn’t want Gloria around the other wives because he know eventually is trash will come out. I wish Shaunie was sparring with Gloria and maybe she could of given her the whooping she needs!!! She do think she’s above the other women!!

  41. Fan says:

    Evelyn- you’re sneaky and you’re paper chaser, but it’s all good, cause like Ludacris says…it aint tricking if you got it! So keep up the good work…and girl….you look good!!

    Suzie- girl u stay on top of the fence, you play both sides of the game…cute..but can’t be trusted…ps…Stop setting people up…its going to back fire one day…and watch your back..Sandra looks like she means it!

    Jennifer- Jen-Jen..Step your game up baby..Invest..U know..Flip that $$..He has to much control..U have no ties…u will walk away broke…damn the other women…how are you going to help you!!??

    Shawnie- keep up the good work, your heart was in the right place, but a hoe will be a hoe and everyone knows that ugly girl slept with Shaq….sorry pumpkin…AND YOU GAVE HER SISTER A BABY SHOWER!!! AINT THAT A $#$`$#++@~+~$(@!@ Royce- be ur’self always..You’re a very sweet girl…damn what they say (haters) they’re just mad Ur getting paid…awh well…at least he wasn’t married.

    Gloria– hey, I hope it all goes well for you…but never believe he would never do it to you..What makes u special?? I wonder? hmmmmmmm….and btw..Your sister did it! And you know it! yes-blood is thicker then water..But as a WOMAN..U should have been more sympathetic.

  42. jdfh says:

    I don’t understand why people are getting upset with Gloria about what her sister may or may have not done. First of all it’s her sister NOT her. and what does her telling you oh yea she did it or didn’t do it gonna change? if she said she didn’t you wouldn’t believe her because you would think she was lying for her sister. If he didn’t sleep with her is would be somebody else. all this telling her its gonna happen to you to is crazy! Misery loves company. I personally think that Gloria is being portrayed ad “stuck up” because she doesn’t gt involved in the drama. She is right for what she is doing the more time you spend trying to tape a reality show that lets face it isn’t going to get it all right the less time you have to spend with your family. And who cares what team her husband plays for and how he had been traded at least she has a man that is working and talking care of his family which is more than we can say about half the men out here today.

  43. jdfh says:

    so im reading all these comments and people are upset at Gloria for the situation with her sister…hahaha seriously whether it happend or not is not going to change because she says anything. Honestly if your best friend or sister slept with a guy who was married would you go tell the guys wife? NO!!! stop judging her for something that she didnt even do

  44. lala123 says:

    all these chicks is lame and fake all this was done for the money all the most lamest of them all is ROYCE, EVELYN,SUZIE AND SHAUNIE THEY NOT WIVES SO STOP ACTING LIKE U R CAUSE U JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE NOW!!! HAHA BESIDES that i thought Gloria kept it real the most yeah nobody knows who matt barnes is but they sure do now not only that which one of yeah ex boyfriends or babydaddys went that far in the play off keep it really yeah anit got noting on her. Not only that u can tell you guys are fake cause who talks so much about somebody while they not even there like for real i bet yous wont say it to her face bunch of tricks.

  45. NikkiNee says:

    You can tell this chick is young. I dont believe her she didnt watch yeah ok. hey da read this in twenty years when your grown and cringe.

  46. keetia Johnson says:

    I think she should look at this from both sides 1. She should stand behind her man 2. I think she was scared about the girl and what they were going to say bout her 3.I don’t like how she make it seems as if Matt come from a different planet he is a man just like the rest of them don’t think u live in a glass house and nobody can’t through stone and brake it.

  47. voice of truth says:

    These so called woman have alot of nerve expecting someone to go against their sister! They know there is no way they would go against their own sister. If her sister did anything at all, why would she be responsible for it? I would think that at least 1 person would have common sense…maybe Shawnie but she made herself look so bad and why would she attack Matt Barnes? What did he do to deserve that? This show was such a dissapointment to woman, I couldnt tell “The basketball wives” and the girls they called groupies apart. Matt Barnes wife is the only I have respect for. Stop blaming the entire world of females for your husband and or boyfriends for not keeping their pants up. Thats whats wrong with women now, they’re so busy attacking the woman and still screwing the men who cheated on them. For what money? So what does that make you? Wake up girl and become REAL women! Please! You need to do some soul searching woman. Wake up, dust yourself off, handle your business and take care of yourself and your kids. Its hard for everyday woman who work and take care of their own kids to feel sorry for you.

  48. sandra says:

    This young twit thinks she knows everything, she isn’t very intelligent and I think Royce would have kicked her a@@. For her to say Shaunie was the ringleader per say well, she did get all of them on television, don’t think Gloria could even manage getting on tv while she was sitting at a game. It’s funny her and her sister are dating basketball players, kinda gold diggers huh! Also, if her husband was any kind of a man as she claims why would he twitter bulls@@@ he just better hope he keeps a contract cuz Shaunie has money but will he. You know for sure his stupid a@@ wife doesn’t what will happen then. She will probably beg Shaunie to get back on the show so she can make some money.

  49. monique says:

    Look sweetie your arrogant and your head is up your )(^$&%!*)@(^!`* so far to MATT have you in the palm of his hands

  50. hannah says:

    go gloria ur %#%+`%!@#@)&$+& in awesome..screw those hoodrats i would do the same thing thats ur sister wether the rumors about her and shaq was true or nt…evelyn ur the most unhappy person every i cn see y ur xman cheated on u…..gloria u hv wat they want and royce is just werid as hell….so i just want to say u will be missed on season 2 but move on to bigger and better things….:)

  51. KarmelA says:

    All these girls are HATERS. They absolutely DID PICK ON GLORIA because they are jealous of her relationship. They need to work on that cuz it’s ugly when grown women act like they are in high school. But,Gloria has a tendency to want to belittle everybody an puts herself up on this imaginary pedistal like her life is perfect. And BLOOD IS NOT ALWAYS THICKER THAN WATER SWEETHEART. Sometimes even family will SCREW YOU OVER.I see it ALL THE TIME. At the end of the day all you have is yourself.

  52. CHRISTINE says:


  53. Selena says:

    I respect Gloria for standing her ground not going the wrong route on this show. She was right when you have a man with kids that’s your family and your suppose to put them first. As well as watch for their best interest. I thought that they just jumped on her becaused they envied her relationship. She was mature and held her sister down and that’s what counted having her back she doesn’t owe anyone anything. And if Shaune felt so strong she should talk to her sister. As a women to get it over with.

  54. Dianne W. says:

    WOW! I respect Gloria so much. The way she takes a stand to these other girls is incredible. This show needs more females like her & I am extremely proud of who she is and what she has become over the few weeks filming this season. Gloria & her family are a force to be reckoned with and I think that many females ought to look up to her because really n truly she’s a nice person. Her motives and actions are golden (not that she’s perfect or anything because no one is) and she has her head on her shoulders. Gloria I am proud of you honey & I pray that God will continue to bless and keep you!!!

  55. Dianne W. says:


  56. MsRita says:

    People kill me when they are on a reality show and they start posting. LMAO! GLORIA IS THE MOST HATED PERSON ON THIS SHOW. PEASE OUT GLORIA


  57. SMH says:


    This interview proves how weak and dependent you are on Matt. You are all over the damn place, for 1. An entreprenuer is NOT a stay at home mom, they are someone out there getting @!&(@$#^+!+%&$*~ done on many different levels. 2. You say that basketball wives/girlfriends are a great support system to one another, BUT yet you won’t even +(&$_)#!!`(&!+% ociate with Royce because she has a child by your boyfriend’s teammate, WTF is that!! That is some straight weak minded @!&(@$#^+!+%&$*~ right there!! Does that mean you won’t befriend any of your boyfriend’s teammates women just because!! You nor Matt should be concerned with ANY of their personal business!! 3. PLEASE PLEASE stop boasting on being 10 years younger than the other ladies when TRUTH is you look every bit of 10 years OLDER than all of them! Real talk!! 4. Never uphold ANYONE in wrong doing! You front like you defend your sister just because she is your sister, TRUTH is you defend her because there is some truth to the @!&(@$#^+!+%&$*~ and you know it! Guilt does that to a person…makes them defensive and agitated! Lastly, you are in no different situation than the other ladies. They were all in your spot years ago when their exes first got into the league and I can bet money that no one could tell them that their “fairytale” wouldn’t last. Trapping a man with kids will NOT keep him! AND you need to get familiar with that letter I and not HIS or MATT’s! You will truly lose yourself if you don’t! Sadly if you don’t, you will be that “Evelyn” or “Suzi” in 5-10 years!!

  58. MsRita says:

    You and your unknown husband should not be on this show. You two are made for each other. Both think you are all that and no one even knew who he was so started cursing women on twitter Calling regular people B and Ho he is a class act. VH1 not good for this show this man attacted the fans. WE CANT HELP THAT WE DONT KNOW WHO THIS MAN IS HE ON THE BOBCATS WORST TEAM. THATS WHY NO ONE HEARD OF YOU

    Wow someone has been cheating ha ha he had a blond in his arms.

  59. Marie says:

    Gloria has always been my favorite character. She is honest and puts her family first as she should. Royce, however, is nasty, unimportant and a liar. She talked badly about everyone on the show, even laughingly stating how the team ‘dancers’ all made out with the players….remember that episode. Royce is the only one that I really hope does not return. She sickens me.
    Perhaps the name should also be changed as there are only 3 wives out of 6 people. And oh yeah, Sandra was so truthful on the reunion show. I like Susie, but she walked out only because Sandra was telling her business. I hope Sandra returns instead of Royce. Looking forward to next season with Gloria, Susie, Shaunie, Jen, Evelyn, and Sandra!

  60. Angela Browning says:

    Gloria is delusional, and naive. If her freind had a sisiter who slept with her man(not her husband ) she would want her freind to show her some love. It sounds like she should be worried about Matt’s live in boyfreind.

  61. truthfully says:

    Good for you Gloria! Why expose yourself to more negativity & people who are immature & hypocritical? Not worth it. Smart move. What I noticed from the bit I caught of the reunion and reunion pics, these women show the lack of maturity & class with their pathetic attemps to bad-mouth and mock Gloria who was not even there to defend herself. Took me back to how stupid & insecure girl cliques acted towards others they felt jealous and/or threatened by. So sad!

  62. Elie marie says:

    Gloria your boys r beautiful. I wish the best to u & Matt. Your still young and have your whole life ahead of u. Those other women are old And bitter. Looking like their sucking on sour grapes all day. Their damaged. Don’t let their negativity shadow your happiness. So what if their men screwed around on them it doesn’t mean Matt will do the same to u. They made me sick how they treated u. Sooooo jealous. Like I said their all old and bitter women. I wish you to have your own show. Good luck to u & your family. Tell shantie get over the shack thing. I’m sure your sis wasn’t the only girl. Rememba he was jockin Vanessa.

  63. K.A.C says:

    Gloria, I am a 12 year old student in North Carolina. My uncle was a basketball player ( I’d rather not mention who). I saw how sluts like Royce ruined her relationship. When I saw women like her I shook my head. You actually stepped up and said something about it. You were the realest one on the show. You called it how you saw it. All them other &)#(+%^*()!)(!!`$ es (Evelyn and Jennifer) are so hypercritical. They talk about all them hoes who mess with the men who have the audacity to cheat on them but yet their friends with them (Royce). I know who Matt Barnes is. He is a great basketball player and a very sexy man!!!!!!!!
    – with love K.A.C

  64. T. Thomas says:

    Well put Gloria, I think Gloria by far had the most sense and outstanding morals. She kept her personal life personal, which was ideal considering how messy the other women were. Sad to say this show represented a bunch of bitter women from past relationships, with only one wife, and ex-wife and all the rest were just girlfriends basically. Without a marriage you weren’t a wife, sorry. I wish Gloria the best and her relationship will be healthy by stepping out of the lime light, media tends to put a strain on a relationship because you get sucked into the hype of people and what they think. As for the other ladies, they will enjoy it, because they are drama filled anyway. My hats off to you Gloria. To be so young, you definetly have a grown mentality.

  65. MiaD says:

    Gloria and Suzie are my favorite people from the show because they were themselves. I lost a lot of respect for the “Puppets” because it’s like Shaunie runs them & so do their situations they don’t know how to be happy. I think it was a case of Goldigging gone wrong . They used the guys then fell in love then got played in the end. Thats why KARMA EXIST. & plus Shaunie is making a fool out of the other women except Suzie & Gloria. She didn’t open up about her marriage or her personal life.Family is Family not saying they can’t do wrong but you just want to give them the benefit of the doubt or at least you should you no decent person just looks at things one sided. & first off Gloria sister Laura is engaged to Gilbert Arenas she didn’t need Shaq money so why would she be sleeping with him?? AND Matt Barnes did the right thing by standing up for his fiancee . That’s what real men do Protect. And I mean if you watched basketball you would clearly know that Matt Started all year for the Orlando Magic & they had the second best record in the Eastern Conference.I think Matt & Gloria are cute and not all men cheat. People always want to bring up CHEATING well have yall ever thought about maybe the women on the show didnt leave when they were cheated on but got dogged by the man to the point they had to leave. So CHEATING IS NOT THE ISSUE. Respect is. I mean I respect Shaunie she took goldigging to another level. Cheating first then getting back then having more kids then divorcing him . Getting a show & making fun of these women . Classic!!!! Everybody is using the show as a tool to help garden what future things they want. I mean if it wasnt for Shaq ,Shaunie would be a nobody. & THATS WHATS

  66. Donna says:

    Gloria needs to stay away from these women ! they are immature, petty, jealous and bitter heifers and they want Gloria to be the same way. Basketball Wives ? Basketball Ho’s is more like it. This show was probably one of the worst ones I’ve seen. All of them are fake and they act worse than toddlers. Throwing water and drinks at someone ! Grow up ! Jennifer needs to get her head out her rear end and throw in the towel. Or is having the ring more important than being happy ?
    Royce needs to wake up because I think that because they didn’t like Gloria that they purposely set out to drive a wedge between them.

  67. APril From California says:


  68. Jenny says:

    I admire Gloria for standing by and defending her sister when everyone else wanted her to denounce her, but on the same note, it really turned me off when she put Royce down because of her supposed reputation. What’s worse then sleeping with a friend’s husband while you’re engaged to another person in that same circle of friends?? But Royce is the worst person in the world and you can’t be @&)~_#~)%`_`*_# ociated? Not that she had to be her friend, but a simple “Royce is not my cup of tea” would’ve done. She was my favorite until that point, I was like, b- who are you? Your sister is supposedly whoring around the NBA and you are too good to be @&)~_#~)%`_`*_# ociated with an NBA dancer? Please, she just took herself and her husband a little too seriously for me. And maybe they were jealous of her and her husband’s relationship, but i doubt if its so different than the beginning of their’s when they were blissfully happy and probably saying the same things. A little humility would probably serve this chick well, especially with all the obstacles that her own marriage will have to endure.

  69. keverno says:

    Matt WHO! Never heard of him until the show. Dude must be a benchwarmer or a towel boy! Gloria need to stop putting extras on this Dude!

  70. RahStar says:

    I like Gloria. She stood her ground and no matter what anyone says she’s gonna rep for her fam. And “they” need to stop acting like they wouldn’t do the same. I liked the drunk driving example. Whatever happened between her sis and Shaq is really not her problem. Yeah, it’s her sis but Shaunie need to be addressing the sis AND SHAQ and exert her energy there. It was sickening how these chicks kept inviting Gloria to every hangout, every dinner, clubs…it was ridiculous! Quit hanging with her if you got a prob with her. I’d rather watch the real housewives of ATL. The basketball “wives” are a joke. And how many real wives were there? Two? We’re not talking exes, fiances, girlfriends, groupie dancers (Royce). So the show is incorrectly named. Shaunie should’ve taken that Jada Pinkett-Smith route and repped out her with class. She’s a joke now too. Holla!

  71. katina herndo says:

    Gloria,Matts tweets, comments, and behavior are deplorable. The way he views women is inappropriate. as an advocate for women, and womens rights, i am appaled at your approval, or ability to take a blind eye to his behavior. and to reply to your comment, yes, i could definitely visualize the show without your pressence.

  72. Denise says:

    Gloria is so full of herself she is in the same situation as the other women her dude is cheating on her to and why hasn’t he married her yet she should have gotten married before she had kids,And far as im concerned her sister is wrong for messing with married men,why hasn’t her dude married her i think they all are a bunch of gold diggers.

  73. Crystal says:

    I like Gloria. In my opinion she did nothing wrong. What happened between Gloria’s sister and Shaq is between her sister, Shaq, and Shaunie. Gloria has nothing to do with it. Why don’t Shaunie call Shaq and ask him what happened. Like Gloria said Shaunie and her sister should sit down as women (no matter who calls who) and talk about it. What is she suppose to do tell her sister business and have her whole family be mad at her? I believe that Gloria wanted to still be friends with Shaunie and the rest of the girls but their anger towards Gloria’s sister wouldn’t let them. Props to

  74. Tinsle Town Glitter says:


  75. Classy Ladies says:

    All these ladies was class-less, (except Gloria she was the only one that had her head on straight…..All the others girls was a follower of shaunie and that is ashame….Grown azz women looking for answers from another woman on what they should do next…..To be basketball wives they surd had no class at all and it was ashame even that shaunie I Shaq was shaking his head.,…I have to stress that and I believe what the blonde said about Jen being Eric williams business and she knowa it too…..I don’t think she graduated from high school to tell you the truth and that is all I have to say….
    Ps: Please get it together ladies before season two and Yes Gloria I would not do another season either you are to classy for that.

  76. APRIL MITCHELL says:

    Gloria was the only truly happy & classy lady on this show. You should be proud of how your character handled everything on the show. The other women were jealous of your happy home and miserable with their own lives and wanted you to join in their misery. Keep your head up and keep doing you. You don’t owe those other women any explanations!!

  77. shantay says:

    well i think tha u got somthing worng with u gloria how u be talking about everbody and u need to stop and if ur sister did or didnt have sex with o neal then y she have call or came to let yall k the truth she hideing somthing i thing that u shoulnd have say that about royce what make y any better u got a ring but not his last name so get it rite bobo so stop acting like ur got it all u dont u just haveing seen what ur so call boo matt is doin so keep it close

  78. mrw says:

    Glad Gloria is out of the show!!!
    She is very negative and stuck on herself. Seems to me that she has nothing (worth) adding to the show. Your better off without her. Hope she can keep her word and not return to season 2. I can almost bet you she will come back because she likes the exposure and attention which the show will give her. Matt may even insist on her to go back on the show. Lets see what happens next season!!! (I BET I’M RIGHT)!!!!!!

  79. meash says:


  80. Michelle says:

    Gloria `!$`)*^$))^@@~_$* I don’t like you and I wish Shaq wife would have whipped ur `!$`)*^$))^@@~_$* _+##(~%(!_ thats why whats goes around comes around your husband gone sleep with one of your friends and her sister is going to say oh well blood is thicker and laugh in your face `!$`)*^$))^@@~_$*

  81. Lin says:

    I truly respect you Gloria. Keep your head up high. You have chosen to be the better person in this whole situation. The truth is you are the only TRUE Basketball Wive who is in a true loving relationship with your Fiance. It is evident that you are happy and that you have your priorities right in your life. I wish you and your family only the very best.

  82. melissa says:

    I think gloria is not all of that just because she has two boys and fixing to be a wife.I think gloria was a little catty to.she didnt have to disrespect royce like that at dinner.gloria is not that special at all.the three women that shouldve been acting like they were grown women are:evelyn,suzie,and royce.evelyn shouldnt have thrown water on suzies friend.just because of some pictures on the internet.and the woman she excuse of doing it she probably didnt do it.???As for suzie she threw water on sandra two times now that it is not been a grown woman.royce ought to be ashamed of herself for dancing so unlady like at evelyns birthday party,and dancing so slutty at the other party.And people put them on the internet,twitter,and wtote nasty comments about her.I wonder if she has a good repretation after all what has happen after the show.

  83. Toni says:


    You are full of it, you are very shady and what the hell man, blaming it on the editing are you kidding me, who the hell is going to fall for that, are you for real? Oh wait, you think you are you think you are special, you think that all the other girls are wrong for you and your PRECIOUS HUSBAND, MATT, what??!! You are a fool, here you are a young girl who like other groupie goes to the game or has a friend in the business, so you must go to parties where there are guys in the NBA or friends of them, then you got lucky finding an a%^^hole and he is, and he acts as if he and you are great and you should not hang with the other girls, Gloria, this man is telling you what to do and you go and do it because you know if you don’t he will go and find another groupie to (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) and give all the jewelry money or whatever, just like what he’s doing with you. You Gloria, you don’t want to mess up a good thing and I know that your man is probably (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ing around but you keep telling yourself that it won’t happen, trust me it will maybe in the (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ing the groupie way, but he will (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) you in other ways that it will make your head spin. You are ~+&_&&(*!$_)`&_* how dare you talk ~+&_&&(*!$_)`&_* of the other girls, that was all you did you were acting that you were (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ing perfect with your (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ing life and not even considering what the girls went through in their life and so they are sharing it with you to let you know how it is or how it can be, granted, maybe your Matt won’t be like the other guys, but did you really have to make the other girls feel like ~+&_&&(*!$_)`&_* you are a (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ing )*@_&~&_$^`)$$+)+ you are nothing you are not so special, but don’t worry )*@_&~&_$^`)$$+)+ you will see how it is,keep defending that man of yours who tells you what to do how to speak what to wear and who friends you should be with because it is for YOUR MAN FUTURE IN THE (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ING NBA, NEVER MIND YOUR FUTURE YOUR FUTURE IS TO LIVE OFF THE MAN AND DO EVERYTHING HE WANTS UNTIL HE GETS TIRED AND FIND ANOTHER GROUPIE TO LAY WITH AND MAKE BABIES AND YOU, WELL KEEP BEING THE GROUPIE, BECAUSE REMEMBER YOU KNOW EVERYTHING YOU KNOW HE IS NOT GOING TO DO THAT TO YOU. How lame you are, yeah lets talk about your sister, who knows maybe she did (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) Shaquel you could tell in her face, but lets say not just rumors, how the (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) can you sit there and talk ~+&_&&(*!$_)`&_* to Shaunie, you made Shaunie feel as if it is her fault and you agree with your sister on her action, there could have been a way to say this in a way not to make a person feel like ~+&_&&(*!$_)`&_* but you are evil you don’t care what your sister did to another woman’s man, she was with Shaunie’s ex-man at the time, that is not a moral ~+&_&&(*!$_)`&_* to do so why the (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) you defend your sister, why can’t you tell your sister, “Wow, that’s (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) up if you did that ~+&_&&(*!$_)`&_* you should know better and I think you owe the person an apology or anything to make this better”, but no Gloria, you sided with your sister, that’s o.k. because Gloria, you are going to be in that position, you say you are not but take a good look at your MAN, Matt, he can’t be trusted he is taking you for a fool he is using you, he is the type that will have many )*@_&~&_$^`)$$+)+ es and you will act as if he ain’t doing ~+&_&&(*!$_)`&_* wrong because you don’t want to lose that (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ing lifestyle of living having a car a big house with (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ing nannies, OH WAIT, you don’t have any nannies, but you (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ing think because if someone has a nanny they are a bad mother, you are a (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ing evil )*@_&~&_$^`)$$+)+ PLEASE PLEASE DON’T COME BACK TO THE SHOW, TRUST ME TRUST US WE DON’T WANT TO SEE A FAKE )*@_&~&_$^`)$$+)+ LIKE YOU, (!%_#@%&^_$!@%^) ING )*@_&~&_$^`)$$+)+ HOW DARE YOU TALK ALOT OF ~+&_&&(*!$_)`&_* TO OTHERS AS IF YOU ARE SPECIAL AND THE WOMEN DESERVE WHAT THEY GOT, GLORIA YOU ARE AN EVIL )*@_&~&_$^`)$$+)+ YOU ARE FAKE, YOU ARE DEFINITELY A GROUPIE THAT GOT HER MAN AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO KEEP HIM EVEN IF IT MEANS DOING EVERYTHING FOR HIM AND NOT FOR YOU, SO THAT YOU CAN KEEP HIS MONEY AND KEEP LIVING THE LIFESTYLES, YOU PHONEY (^%+!(%^+`#~&@& )*@_&~&_$^`)$$+)+ AGAIN PLEASE PLEASE DON’T COME ON THE SHOW, YOU REALLY LOOK LIKE A !~`*$&&&!(+&~_^~+ YEAH A !~`*$&&&!(+&~_^~+ BYE BYE

  84. Toni says:

    What?! Who??!! Who is this Matt Barnes, what they say he is a good basketball player, what??? I can’t believe it because I never heard of him and I ask my hubby and he looks at me with a look like are you serious must you really want to know about that `!@#~(+$`&+()+)^) then I had to say, No right there tells me a lot, it told me that Matt Barnes is nothing, he’s nothing major, not a major basketball player, but a $!*$($_%`^_)“`+!) that likes to twitter like a little %*@~%%@~*&~~#`+ hole baby #%&$!@$+(#@#~#(* to all women to what tell all women that they are hoes or %(($)@!)%$`++!`*! es or whatever, please, Matt Barnes get a #%&$!@$+(#@#~#(* ing life Matt you are ~@$)++)++%(%##)# don’t you know that you gloria are ~@$)++)++%(%##)# you are all wanna bes that is all, you just got lucky to be picked on a team that I don’t even know because that is how important your team is, wow, enough said.

  85. Toni says:

    This is @(*^(`)^$+&))%)( up, I commented about twice and still it wasn’t posted, WTF VH1, can’t you just put what we wrote I spent a lot of my time writing on this blog like we suppose to but damn I can’t get a blog posted, that is @(*^(`)^$+&))%)( ed up!!! Someone who deal with this !(~+^_##)“()!`_ of blogging to please see how this !(~+^_##)“()!`_ is, I read the blogs then when i go down for more reading of the blogs I can’t because the bottom of it has this !(~+^_##)“()!`_ of ads of how to get into a particular links, please remove the !(~+^_##)“()!`_ so I can read the rest of this !(~+^_##)“()!`_ please VH1 do something right.

  86. tinikia says:

    Gloria I’m glad that you didn’t come to the reunion and you don’t plan on being a part of the next season. Those women are ignorant, childish, immature, stupid bitter (~&~!~#%#+!)(##_@ es and if anyone has a daughter show them these women and let them know that this is not what you want to be like. All of these women are disgrace to women everywhere. They have no class at all and this is the very reason why they are all never married or divorced so how can you be on a show called basketball wives. It should be called stupid (~&~!~#%#+!)(##_@ es. Shaunie Oneal is a pathetic arrogant (~&~!~#%#+!)(##_@ too. Who does she think she is making a comment, “Matt Barnes, who is Matt Barnes?” and for the stupid hoes laughin about it, Royce the _#^@(_!$%_~!!_~** baby daddy hates her, Sluzy, oops I mean Suzie guy never married her, and Steve, or Eve which ever you wanna call that stupid (~&~!~#%#+!)(##_@ stayed engaged for 10yrs. How dumb is she. If Jennifer keeps the company she keeps, she will too be without a husband. gloria tell them jealous hoes to kiss your )#_+!#@&)!~^~+~ You have a handsome man and two absolutely beautiful babies. You’e younger than all of them and smarter than all of them. They all dummer than a box of rocks. We calling season 2 Bitter (~&~!~#%#+!)(##_@ es so Gloria, you stay absent from the set.

  87. serika says:

    I do not understand taping a reality show and then acting like you were too good for it. It’s for entertainment purposes. All the ladies have been out there hawking their personal businesses since the show. There hustle is great. All Gloria has done is complained. All she will be is a wife.

  88. Tammy22 says:

    I know this is a late messege, but here I go anyway. I hated this show. Shaunie set Gloria up to get at Gloria’s sister. I could not believe how these grown women kept attacking her, like she stole their man. Not one of them had proof that her sister was messing with Shaq. Why was the focus on her and her wanting to be happy with her husband. I could not get why these women were wishing her the same hand that was given to them. The other women talked about Royce like a dog, because she could not control the need to drop it like it’s nasty. At the end of the show these women acted like a bunch of high school bullies. You have money, but your life is no different then those of us who don’t. You so call divas are a bunch of hood rats from the ghetto who were lucky to get a man with money. Can you be honest with yourself and say you were a class act. Individually, can you woman say why you hated Gloria so much. I hope Gloria does not come back to this stupid show. I hope and pray that her husband stays true to her and the children. I hope she stays away from these miserable women. To Shaunie rumor has it, that you left your husband to hook up with Shaq. Now, what was that all about.

  89. :)boo says:

    I don’t think that Gloria is real.The only reason why she didn’t come 2 the reunion is because she knows she gonna get beat. Really she’s gonna get beat by Royce. If I was on the show she would get beat so bad she would be in the hospitial by now!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S ALL I GOT 2 SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. :)boo says:


    I also got 2 say that your man is not that fine. Also, who says that u r special? Well , whoever says that is lyin’ 2 u. Also u ain’t even real!!

  91. Cece says:

    Gloria is a trip>>>>>wonder what shell say when matt is caught cheating>>>>cause he is! HA perfect family my `_((++^%!+`+^@@

  92. ladyloma says:

    Ok i’m gonna start of by saying,no,I wasn’t on the show or there to comment first hand.however,I do have an opinion,like many others…my thoughts on this interview is,this should of never been published!Gloria is the fakest of them all.Yes ms.Evelyn did do alot of crying,but behind closed doors they all do (we all do)it’s apart of life!I’m not one of these young groupies either,31,well established and a single mom/without nannies..but if ur schedule is hectic and u need help,there is nothing wrong with that.They use to say,”it takes a village to raise a child” and I agree.That’s being a good mom,providing care for ur child.Working mothers already know that.Matt cheats too,face it,u won’t respect ur sister’s home wrecking ways when Matt meets a chic like her.karma is a mutha!You were just as negative (if not more)than all the women combined.It was supose to b reality,not front like you got it made.Any1 who has dealt with a man that has money,power,or respect knows alot comes with that package.I didn’t care for Jennifer but she seemed to be the most open and honest.Suzie shouldn’t mess with u either,ur the one that tried to make her look bad.I’m sure you and Matt will b in the news with ur drama soon come,I’ll b watchin and laughin,for real.Shaunie showed you and your sister way too much mercy.When you play like a friend to steal a woman’s man,ur snakes,she should have exposed the both of u!she is a classy woman and you (Gloria) don’t hold a flame to her…Royce let u off too easy too.Ur jealous of her,beauty and booty will do that to a insecure female.You should have formed ur own thoughts of her,not Matt’s team mates.If u being friends with royce was gonna effect him getting a “ring” than he wasn’t meant to get one.Obviously his team mates had to approve of her at one time or the other,if one is ordered to pay her child need to b shame now,”what u do in the dark,comes out n the reality so if the other ladies were Shaunie’s puppets,than I guess Matt’s team mates would b pulling your strings? Oh yeah,i think u didn’t come to the reunion cause you knew all your demon’s would b let out of ur closet.y do a private interview and not face the women head on? Ur sister should have come to ur defense,like you did for her.listen..blood is thicker than water..yet you need water to survive,think about it.Like i said in the start,just my view on it all.Season 1 would have been much more positive without u,maybe u should watch it,u may agree,and I rather not see u in season 2..The show didn’t use you,It made you and your husband,Not too many people knew/cared about u guys before the show aired..Matt WHO?

  93. mnobles says:

    This basketball FIANCE is weak. She thinks shes perfect, but shes not. Your young and dumb, get a clue. Your sisters a SLUT. YOU depend on your fiance to take care of you and your babies. WEAK! Don’t hate on the ladies that have goals and are career driven. lol.

  94. desiree says:

    I think gloria is hecka cool and all them wifes are just hating because she found love they need to know that all bball players are not like that and gloria found the one who isnt. i just feel that she didnt attend the last part of the show because she figures she has better things to worry about like her family and kids she doesnt have time for the drama and thats whats so real about her.

  95. Big Girl says:

    yall make me sick with your pampered lives and then and Wal-mart attitudes the reality of the situation the only reason all of you are on t.v is because u have access to large amounts of money otherwise all of u have been *!_`^!`!%%()$%(`) s and one night stands before so knock it off with the “i’m a virgin ” wo is me…deal with it replace the %^^**&+$^*)_$(+`$ and keep the shows coming 1 monkey /tramp don’t stop the show and the band played on!!!!

  96. Toni says:

    I think Gloria is an ok person but she has issues of being intimidated by other women who she think is a threat to her and her family. As for evelyn I mean come on you and eric I mean you look so funny together an unperfect match. Suzie is just suzie and poor royce wanting to fit in and kiss A!! to fit in at the same time is just so ugly. Evelyn phony as hell and shaunie I guess she is what she is and that is your show is to dam catty these woman are not wives they are EX-fiances and that does not qualify you show to be called basketball wives.

  97. Toni says:

    I meant to say jenniger and eric

  98. Mo'Nique says:

    I love all these people who act as if they were in the room with Shaq and Gloria’s sister. No one has SOLID PROOF anything happened; period. That is why Gloria gets so defensive because it is simply $(#++#^$$^!%@*) umed the sister was guilty. Don’t enough of our young bruthas in this world lose enough of their lives to $(#++#^$$^!%@*) umed guilt? So if your sister was friendly with some guy, it gets out it was more though no one has shown hard evidence to back the “theory” then who do you back? Your sister who tells you she did nothing inappropriate or dude’s wife simply cuz dude is famous thus the wife if famous? Come on!

    It doesn’t matter if you like Gloria personally or not but you got to have respect for a woman that can stand by her man no matter if he’s “Kobe” or if he’s “Matt who?”. Call it what you want but the fact that those grown women can be shown how to have class by someone Gloria’s age really disappointed me. Keep it real with yourselves for a change. For them to carry on as if it mattered if Matt was known or not simply shows just where their mentality is. Shaunie a grown woman “claiming” she’s strong and over it but she is playing trivial games about “Matt Who?”….If she hadn’t been married to Shaq she’d be “Shanuie Who” herself. If she wants to be famous for being “Shaq’s Ex” that’s her. Their value lies within the value of the man they are with or were with at one time.

    I went into watching this show thinking Shaunie was gonna show what it’s like to live that life from the viewpoint of a strong and classy woman still standing after the storm. I got nothing but petty, bitter and childish women who need to check themselves because while they were pointing out the flaws of someone who is keeping things real no matter how unknown her man is; they were looking pitiful, weak, bitter, and spiteful. You can dress yourself up and talk much game and give your speeches about being “hard and raw and real” but at the end of the day if you can’t carry it out even at your worst; you’re only fooling yourself into believing your own hype.

  99. Linney says:

    I can’t believe that people are saying that Gloria is the realest woman on the show! Are you kidding me? How can she be real when she is a hypocrite? Why is she judging these women for having babies out of wedlock and making the decisions they made when she is doing the same exact thing? Whether she marries Matt Barnes or not she is still a “baby mama” just like Royce at this point. I don’t condone anyone putting all of their business out there for the world to see, but don’t pretend like you are better than anyone else. I don’t know what her refusal to be friends with Royce is really about, but if it is due to what Matt said about her or because of her relationship with Dwight, that is stupid!!! As an adult, you should be able to make your own decisions. My husband and I have differing opinions all of the time and it’s perfectly fine and healthy! if her friendship with Royce jeopardizes his ability to go back to the team and win a championship, then he needs to get his game up! I can ##**_$$^`*+&(&! ure you they would not get rid of Dwight Howard for similar reasons! Lastly, Matt Barnes has proven to be just as immature as these women. If you are truly better than those women, you have clearly made a poor choice for your mate. If you have a moral compass that you feel surpasses the rest, you should have helped them to be better people as opposed to standing in judgment of them.

  100. Kay says:

    To MsRita

    If you are going to post something at least get your fact straight. Matt Barnes never was in the Bobcat. He was the starting Small Forward for the Orlando Magic.

    People who are not an NBA fan would not know who the other women’s men is also except for Shaq. Unlike the other women’s men Matt Barnes is still in the NBA

  101. Milkay20 says:

    Kepp your head up Gloria!!,,nobody liked d show anyways!

    VH1!!!..please get some real nba wives for d next season!!..cause I surely won’t be watching this mess again!

  102. Iniesha says:


  103. Trena says:

    I watched the show briefly, and I think not appearing on the second season is a good decision for Gloria. Those ladies have serious issues and she should not want to be ~$!*@##+*+%_$%# ociated with such clowns!! And I won’t watch it anymore anyway!!!

  104. Diona says:

    Gloria I think you’re a positive person and you surely have you’re head on straight. But what I don’t like is that I’m afraid you won’t know what to do if you lost Matt!!! Don’t make him a GOD and forget about yourself as an individual… You’re t0o focused on what makes him look good or bad. I hate to see you wake up ten years from now and realize you’ve focused your whole life on him and not yourself.

  105. karen says:

    I thought the show was trying to say that women that date basketball players are shallow and insecure. Gloria was an alright person but then again all the girls were fake if they were trying to be real women it didn’t come off like that. As for cheaters Gloria all black men are hung, all white women are docile and all basketball players cheat be for real!

  106. Ashlee Staub says:

    Ok so here’s my thing! I totally agree with everything Gloria has to say. I know for a fact that the producers edit and tweek things so that, the show is more interesting and keeps the viewers watching. Season 1 was so bogus and just ridiculous. It was nothing but the ladies meeting up for dinner and going out and acting like they are in high school. First of all, there was only ONE wife on the show and second how is going out and dinners the life of a BASKETBALL WIFE??? It’s suppose to be Shaunie’s show but yet you only saw her on the first episode and the last. Gloria’s children are the only children we saw! It was just plain ridiculous. I can’t speak for everybody but I would be totally interested in watching what it’s really like to be a wife of a basketball player but first you have to get actual wives! All the women were ex-girlfriends! Like “who are you, honesty”? Sure you shared a life with them but you were never married. And that’s fine that you were girlfriends but change the name of the show then. I know what it’s like to an extent because I have an Uncle who was in the league for over 10 years and I am very close to his wife and let me tell you it’s nothing like what these producers show. What about the ladies own personal careers and hobbies or what they do with their children everyday? All they talked about was being cheating on and honesty I think every last one of them did nothing but hate on Gloria and Matt’s relationship! Like who the hell are they to tell her that her happiness won’t last forever? How do you know that every wife has been cheated on or known that they’ve been cheated on? All they did was cry and complain about what they went through but every last one of them chose to live with that. And sorry that, that happened to you but get over it. There’s more to life than crying about something you’ve already went through. And let me say this. If there was rumor that my sister slept with Shaq, I am going to 100% have my sister’s back! Whether it’s true or not! If it was true, yes I will let my sister know she was wrong but don’t mistake it. That is my sister and I will never put anybody let alone a stranger before my sister. If Shaunie believed was she was being told then why even attempt to have realtionship with Gloria. And how dare the other ladies expect Gloria to side with Shaunie. The girls did nothing but run behind Shaunie and none could stand on their own two feet! As for Royce, please! Now like I said, the producers edited a lot so all I know is what I saw on TV but I’m almost certain all the ladies had that sour attitude. I hope to see some realness on Season 2 and some actual wives or even ex wives!

  107. kc says:

    first off gloria is wack and brain washed by matt. secondly nobody wants to see her ass on the second season anyway. and last but not east i agree they need to get real nba wives and not wanna bee’s on the show cuz none of them was marred except one and that marriage is flaky anyway

  108. MizzClass says:

    I’ve been reading these comments an some1 stated that the girl on basketball wives were class-less EXCEPT Gloria, u must didn’t watch the same show I watched cause Gloria was faker than synthenic hair. Don’t get me wrong almost all the women on the show was ghetto with no class, but Shaunie. She (Shaunie) was the only 1 who conducted herself like class. Gloria was the most hated on the show an who cares if she’s not on season 2. Believe me sweetie u will not b missed…(deuces)

  109. mika says:

    I have never watched a show where i don’t like any of the females. I mean i liked Gloria, but come on now instead of getting to know her we saw her get bashed the whole season. Okay so her sister might have slept with Shaq, oh the hell well Shaunie get over it, ya’ll aren’t married anymore, and why would you come to Gloria with all the petty high-school drama trying to figure out what her sister really did. ASK HER SISTER!What you scared of, I mean you a grown woman with 5 kids. You should be on that level to where you say, hey why go by what everybody else is telling me i’ll ask her myself like a real woman. Or hell ask Shaq i’m pretty sure he recalls who he slept with. I mean I would have my sisters back as well, I mean who do ya’ll really think that ya’ll are, to think i’m going to side with ya’ll over my sister. I’ll let my sister know what she did was not right but I wouldn’t come down on her and side with some lifeless tramps over my sister. Also GLORIA and that other one that sounded like she had noodles up her nose Jennifer were the only basketball wives and Jennifer’s stupid self was getting cheated on and still stayed. They need to change the name of the show real talk or get some real wives. An so what if Gloria was all about Matt and her family, a real woman knows that the well being of her family is more important then trying to protect her image for some females. I also think that they were jealous of Gloria,I mean all of them got cheated on, and are still boo hooing over it, an then here comes this woman with her husband and 2 kids living a good life the life you always wanted. The natural thing for a hater to do, is to put doubt in Gloria’s mind and make her think what she feels isn’t real. She has what they all wish they had and they hated on her for that. Especially ones like Royce who have a history of sleeping with married basketball man. I don’t blame Gloria for not wanting to befriend her I wouldn’t want her around my man either. Idk I just know that I will NOT be watching next season especially if Gloria won’t be on there I detest all the females, just flipping passed the reunion with all them on it gives me an instant attitude.

  110. OhdangitsDee says:

    I didnt mind you on the show but I did hate the fact that you pretended that your relationship was perfect because no relationship is just perfect all the time and when you have to go out of your way to pretend it is then thats when we all know its a big fat lie. Funny this is I read this article and duh everyone knew it but you were busy being in denial and faking your perfect relationship.

  111. Anna A says:

    Gloria is a follower, all that for a man that is obviously physical abusive, Ha! Get your own identity Gloria, remember groupies run in your family

  112. iloo says:

    All of these women are ignorant except for Gloria. None of them were wives except one and they are trying to make her leave him. Gloria you are doing the right thing by not listening to them hags. All of these women were pressed because all of their boyfriend are ugly except Gloria’s. They must have been really pressed to be with these guys. Girls you can’t be cute anytime you can’t get an ugly guy to marry and he cheats on you! Bunch of busted chicken heads except for Gloria. I kind of like Jennifer.She also need to get away from those hookers before she become a tramp like Susie and Evelyn.

  113. MsRita says:

    Hey ms perfect you got your azz beat by your perfect man. LMAO

  114. Tiffany says:

    Gloria there is a difference between being REAL and PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY. Now if protecting your family is what you chose to do, that’s fine. Hell be real about that. I’ve seen mothers kill off other little girls because they were doing better than their daughters ot cheer leading. It could be that you just got those concepts confused with one another…people aren’t perfect.

    Second thing, I feel you need to open your mind to the possibility that your man could do dirt. ( which we now know that’s the case) I’m saying when you in a crowd with other people who have or had relationships (good or bad), saying something extreme like “my husband would never cheat” at the end of your dialogue, with no adjustments, is like saying “All humans lie at all times”. And you might not care what people think; that’s fine too. But as a woman I would have my guard up at all times, ready for whatever, because men are men. And that doesn’t mean you love him less either.

    Third thing, take a minute to read what you said in this interview. Aside from the lie you said about Royce backstabbing you, everything you said was oh “Matt wants this”, “I can’t do that cause Matt”,”we didn’t think that was suitable for Matt”, and the worse of them all “Since Matt said it it must be”. Y’all are not a partnership, I can see tips of his fingers in your throat right now, he got you going girl. I seen this story over and over, after awhile he gon get bored of playing with you. You know when you buy all them expensive ass toys christmas time and to never see them again after 2 weeks? This time in your marriage is Christmas day, and your two weeks are going to come to a close, either you’ll break first or more than likely he looking for the new G.I Joe.

    I loved this show it was funny and I don’t have ridiculous drama in my life like this, so it was easier to watch. Shaunie kept it classy, Suzie and Eve a little trashy, Royce evolved from the beginning and tall black chick road the fence. It would be nice to see Real basketball wives though.

  115. Na-Na says:

    At the begining I had no problem with Gloria, I do agree these ladies are useless however Gloria need to wake up and smell the coffee and stop acting like she has the perfect life, and her sister is not a slutt.

  116. NBA jersey says:

    Very good.

  117. CMOB says:

    Gloria, wake up !!!!!!!!!! I still feel that you did Royce wrong and you can not treat people like that and expect good to come out of it. I do think some of the other women are childish and have no class.

  118. Sandee77 says:

    I watched the show and Gloria is not a star on the show. She didn’t give much, and she didn’t make me really want to know her. She was putting up a front she was not real at all and very judgemental for a newbie. I saw a few wives on the show. Shaunie introduced Jennifer to two women who were married to ballers for over a decade. Plus the show allow us to see the clueless but think she knows it all Gloria, the two life afters Evelyn and Suzie, the confused wife Jennifer, and the one deciding whether she like this life or not Royce plus the recently divorced Shaunie. The woman didn’t seem classless they seemed real. Tami situation is sad but its real. They let us know that life with a baller is not easy and for all those women who aim is to be a ballers wife has to think twice. It not all that glamourous and Gloria does not look all that happy as she claims to be. I wonder how long she is going to keep that FRONT. The mask has to come off sometime. Plus she made her sister look guilty.

  119. Cici says:

    All of the B.B wives act like classless, low budget women who will protray themselves in any way to make a buck. If I was the I would have too much pride in myself to go around like spoiled mean girls. In real life someone who just kick their ass and get it over with.

  120. Shu Shu says:

    Please Please Please……Can you get some Real basketball wives on the show…Now Girlfriends

  121. icando says:

    Everyone knows that Gloria didn’t come when it came out that she had been arrested or and involved for the scandal about changing her grades in college after telling Royce that she was above everyone else. Who is she fooling?

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