It’s Life After Reality TV: Hip-Hop, Duh


Above is the foray into rapping from I Love New York 2 and I Love Money 2‘s possible savant (and possible…not savant) Kwame “It” Smalls. If you skip past the minute and a half (or so) of him and his boys setting the video up (they contend that they stole Soulja Boy’s chain), you’ll see a fairly competent and entertaining performance from the seemingly multi-talented it. (He raps as slow as he…talks.) It’s a catchy tune, at any rate. Actually, wait, don’t skip past that part — take it at face value and marvel at how inane it would be if a (more or less?) public (and totally traceable) figure robbed someone and then recorded a video to brag about it. Yeah, that sounds about right coming from It. Glad to see that not being on TV hasn’t changed him!

  1. Shayla says:

    Thanks for throwing us celebreality fans a bone Rich by keeping us updated on people like Prancer and It. I wish I Love Money or Charm School or one of those shows would make a comeback, but I don’t think we will ever see any old favorites return.

  2. DegrassiDrama says:

    It’s over, VH1 completely ditched us. I haven’t watched it in months. I’ll always hold my memories of the “Of Love” universe and it’s craziness very close to me.