No, That’s What’s Up: Behind The Scenes Of The Basketball Wives Reunion



“What do you think of being called catty? Do you care?” asked Shaunie O’Neal in the makeup-and-hair room backstage of the Basketball Wives reunion. Not surprisingly, she steered the conversation behind the scenes much like she did on air. “No,” said Suzie Ketcham and Evelyn Lozada in unison, in the tone of bored students faced with an obvious question. Evelyn added, “I’ve been called worse, girl. I embrace catty!” That’s Evelyn for you: the mindset of a champion, the honesty of an open book, the cattiness of…a cat. If you were searching for a 2010 reality star prototype, Evelyn is all the specimen you need.

Really, each of the Baskeball Wives were prototypical (sans Gloria, obviously, who wasn’t lured to the reunion even by the promise of camera time). I’d find this out during my hours spent with them before they filmed the show’s reunion. They filled that time talking about themselves. Really, these five women have a microscopic precision when it comes to examining themselves and their show.

Below is a series of anecdotes and pictures culled from my time on the reunion set. No water was spilled during the assembly of this post…

I arrived on set to find Jennifer and Royce in the makeup room. In my experience, women on reality TV (and in general) are less than excited to be photographed without a full face of makeup, so I tiptoed lightly, asking Jennifer if it was cool to take a picture of her in the process of getting her face put on.


She allowed me to, reasoning, “I put myself out there this much already…” Wise and self-aware!

Royce and Evelyn were similarly open…



…albeit the latter, obviously, wasn’t so thrilled about it. There’s something so honest about the picture above, though, that I couldn’t not post it. And believe me that once Evelyn resumed talking…


…she barely remembered that the camera was there. As usual! At one point, Jennifer asked if these pictures were going to end up on I told her of course they were — I wasn’t keeping them for my private collection (although if you could see what is in my private collection, you’d probably be horrified and overwhelmed with schadenfreude).


Basically, it was in this prep room that most of the pre-show action took place. The five women came in and out in various stages of dress and protection…


…for the three or so hours leading up to the reunion taping. It was essentially an open-forum Barbershop scenario (or, I guess, since it was almost entirely female, a Beauty Shop scenario sans the Janet Jackson name-mangling). Grand entrances were made (Evelyn walked in and the first thing she said was, “Your t**s look big,” to Royce, who explained she was rocking a Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bra; Shaunie merely exclaimed, “Bitches!”), drinks were consumed (Jennifer sipped a mimosa, Shaunie requested champagne and Evelyn asked Susie to pour her a Grey Goose on the rocks — all together telling orders, I think). Royce’s iPod played Chris Brown and Janet Jackson (she rushed to turn off “Anytime, Anyplace,” figuring it was too low-energy, but everyone told her to keep it on) and Royce occasionally danced and sipped (non-diet) Coke while popping Nerds, like the big kid that she is. (When the reunion host, Tanika Ray, finally met the girls, she told Royce, “You’re so cute!” to which Royce replied, “I’m not cute! I’m sexy!” I feel like the kid thing might be a complex for her, yet the Coke and Nerd energy cocktail persists.)


The transient nature of the discussion makes me feel like it’d be best organized by subject, instead of via linear narrative. Obviously, the subject on everyone’s mind was…


It would be inaccurate to say that Gloria was the elephant in the room, since a) she wasn’t in the room and b) that would imply that no one wanted to talk about her, when in fact, they did. “I wish Gloria was here. She talks so much s*** that she needs to be here,” said Jennifer. Royce agreed about the s*** talk, but thought that Gloria’s absence was telling: “It’s not disappointing to me [that she isn't here]. It just shows that she’s not willing to face the things that she said to the media. You can say it to everybody else, but you can’t say it to us? It would be different if she just kept her mouth shut and wasn’t doing radio interviews, but she is and the fact that she can’t say it to our faces is what I have a problem with. I think she’s scared. She knows that we’re going to tell her about herself. But she’s the type who likes to throw the rock and hide her hand.” Shaunie seemed to think that Gloria was skipping out on this reunion at her own peril: “What are you running from? There are some things that she probably doesn’t want to be said, which I think are totally going to be said if not more, today.”


The one person that Gloria contends that she’s remained cool with, Suzie, was indeed more diplomatic than her peers: “I’m a very forgiving person, too, and I feel like [Gloria] was put in this position because of her sister, where she was being bombarded. But at the same time, she defended her sister so strongly, I didn’t like the way she reacted to it. I thought she should have been like, ‘If my sister did it, it’s f***ed up.’ If she didn’t do it, it’s f***ed up, too. I would have been apologizing profusely to Shaunie if that were me.”

Obviously, the point of the reunion was to resolve issues that weren’t yet resolved and one that Evelyn and Jennifer have continually mentioned in post-show interviews is that they somehow have evidence that Gloria’s fiance Matt Barnes isn’t as faithful as Gloria has given him credit for. They claim that this was brought up even before the cameras stopped rolling, at the so-called “last supper” that closed out the first season of the show. “She was like, ‘I don’t care, that’s my n****!’” Evelyn recalled. “I said, ‘Toine was my n**** and Toine f***ed everybody!’” Here’s hoping Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off just for the chance to watch that play out.


Any reality star will tell you that the adversity coming from within via costars and the pressurized situations in which they’re made to interact, comes tenfold from without once their show starts airing. “In the beginning we had so much hate. Don’t you think they haters have died down?” asked Suzie to a response of general apathy from her costars. Haters, as they say, gonna hate. While most of the women seem aware that this comes with the territory, the basis of the hating (or lack thereof) seems to be what truly bothers Shaunie. In response to some judgmental criticism via Twitter, Shaunie said that she asked said tweeter, “How do you think you know someone based on 30 minutes every week?” Jennifer corrected Shaunie by saying what people are seeing is even less – more along the lines of 22 minutes a week. “You get pieces of emotional moments. You can’t actually know someone,” said Shaunie. Reality, you see, has its limits.

But what about those who actually do know the women and call them out publicly? Gloria’s fiance Matt Barnes recently took to Twitter to accuse Jennifer and Evelyn of being puppets, and to call all the women “tricks.” “Matt Barnes!” said Shaunie. “I think we need a cut out of anything he gets. He keeps talking about Basketball Wives so people keep talking about him! Nobody’s talking about Matt Barnes.” Except, of course, for them.

Eric Williams, Jennifer’s husband, too, almost took that route to call out these women, according to Evelyn. (As mentioned on the reunion, he wasn’t happy about Jennifer’s friends telling her she should cheat on him, among things.) Jennifer explained, “He tweeted me, ‘I’m about to go in on all the Basketball Wives and I’m going hard.’” Soon after, Jennifer started getting messages from her friends that her husband was following them. “I was so embarrassed,” said Jennifer, reminding me of a kid whose mom just discovered Facebook. She told Eric he was too old for Twitter. Soon after, he deleted his account.


Twitter, indeed, seems to be integral to the Basketball Wives experience. Every week the show aired, at least some aspect of it ended up trending on Twitter (usually just as #basketballwives). One of the most memorable insults uttered on the show came via Gloria who called Royce a “Twitter-crazed cheerleader.” Not that Royce is ashamed: “I think all of us here are Twitter-crazed, and I was a cheerleader. So hey, it is what it is. Thank you. Just because you say it with a mean face in a harsh tone I’m supposed to take it as an insult? I don’t think so.”

The Basketball Wives’ embrace of Twitter sometimes comes off more as reliance: “I don’t even need to read the news anymore, the Twitter followers will let you know what’s going on with your life,” said Evelyn. Some time during this informal, makeup-room round table, a producer interrupted to address the women, asking, “Are you guys twittering right now? I’m getting calls…”

Idle chatter

Twitter isn’t the only thing that lets Evelyn know supposedly what’s going on with her life. She announced to the room that a recent item on Sandra Rose, for example, alleged that she was dating Chris Brown. “Do you even know Chris Brown?” asked Shaunie. “No!” countered Evelyn. “I f***ing went out with Suzie. I’m standing by the DJ booth and then he walks in and starts singing. He’s to my right. I’m not looking at him or anything. They took a picture and on Sandra Rose it’s like, ‘Rumored: Evelyn Lozada dating Chris Brown.’ And then they go, ‘Exhibit A’ and there’s an arrow on my head and an arrow on his head. I didn’t have a conversation with the guy. When he was walking off, he said, ‘I know who you are.’” That sounds appropriately ominous. Evelyn at least has a sense of humor about the rumor: when “I Can Transform Ya” later played from Royce’s iPod, Evelyn remarked, “Oh, it’s my boo.” After all, she does have the cougar reputation to live up to.


Something that Evelyn maybe doesn’t take as lightly as the Chris Brown rumors, but is nonetheless wide open to talking about, is her on-air confrontation with Vanessa (whom she resolved to refer to strictly as “Horse Face” during the reunion – I was disappointed she didn’t end up doing so). The most interesting things said about her water-/paper-/pen-flinging episode with the woman that she’s accused of stalking her was what we didn’t see on air: “I asked if she wanted to lick my clit. She just sat there. Did you see her face? She’s crazy. You sit there with no reaction, you’re crazy.” Reflecting on the scene, Suzie painted a picture that suggests the reality of reality TV can be even more absurd than what ends up on the screen: “[The confrontation] was at this Japanese restaurant, this Zen type of place, and we were boxed in. These poor Japanese people were so scared. And then there was this family, where there was a little boy, a mom and a dad. The mom’s mom just died and she was crying in the corner…” “They were in the corner having a serious moment, and there I was, trying to kill Vanessa,” jumped in Evelyn. “They left. We cleared that place out.”

“She looked so bad on interviews,” added Evelyn as the final word on Vanessa. “She looks like she ate bad shrimp or something.” Her biting, image-specific comment was similar to a brief conversation that day about Gloria’s sister Laura (who allegedly had an affair with Shaq):

Suzie: Gloria’s sister looked like ass!
Jennifer: Oh, she looked terrible.
Shaunie: Why didn’t she have makeup on or something?
Jennifer: She knew the cameras were coming!

Here, they sounded more like viewers than participants. Of course, reality shows being setup how they are (you see the action, you see those involved then commenting on it), the talent is encouraged to examine itself (and then, in the cases of post-show interviews or reunions, the talent is often called on to examine itself examining itself). Essentially, the talent is given a dual role, having to provide both action and commentary. The ability to narrate one’s story is among the most important talents for a reality star to have. Still, as the hours passed, these women were still talking about what went on during the taping (on describing the concept of “mo money, mo problems” to homeless people, Suzie recalled, “They were looking at me like, ‘What?’ Maybe telling homeless people that wasn’t the right thing to do. That wasn’t very smart of me.”); people’s varied responses to them (it’s not all hate – Evelyn described rapture in her wake: “We had a girl crying in the bathroom. It was like, ‘Oh my god, is she serious?”); and the show’s title (Shaunie: “I always go back to: that’s VH1′s fault. They named it that. Not us. But then again, I told some lady the other day that for the Atlanta Housewives, there’s only one of them on there.”).

Obviously, I helped steer some of this discussion, but the amazing thing was that I didn’t really have to most of the time. These women seem to have a genuine passion for examining their examined lives. At the very least, it’s a great way to pass the time when you’re preparing to go out on stage and…examine your examined life. I asked Evelyn if she ever got sick of talking about the show or her role on it. “No,” she told me. “It’s such a big part of our lives right now. It’s like, what else…I have other stuff going on in my life right now, but this is so tense. Usually Sundays and Mondays, we’re stressed. Royce is calling me, saying, ‘What are you saying about me? My Twitter followers said…’”

Season 2

And, of course, in addition to looking back, these women are already looking forward to the upcoming taping of Season 2, a three-month ordeal that will more or less span the summer. “I’m not excited about shooting in the dead of summer in Miami. It’s gonna be hot as hell,” said Jennifer.


Meanwhile, Evelyn joked, “Someone else needs to cry for Season 2. My niece calls me like, ‘Why you always crying on the TV?’” She also said, “Someone needs to go to jail Season 2.” Little did she know that later that day, Suzie would get an early jump on that after her water-throwing incident with Sandra. “Somebody needs to have sex, somebody has to get pregnant,” said Suzie. Later, Royce would tell me that she wants to get married and have more kids. The implication was that we were all invited to watch.

But with everyone more or less at peace with Royce’s free-spiritedness and with Gloria threatening to pull out of the show all together next season (even though Shaunie says, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Gloria comes back”), where will the drama come from? The new wives? The old ones turning on each other? Royce, for one, isn’t too concerned. “I don’t know if it’s necessarily going to be about drama versus where do we go now?” she told me. “You have things that come out of the woodwork, of course. It’s going to be about where we go from here: me dating, same thing with Evelyn, Jen and her marriage. Shaunie’s divorced now. I think it’s about us living our lives, dealing with the past and just trying to move on.”


And don’t count on these women taking their new-found fame lying down. While some people get on reality TV, hear a more or less positive response and then figure that they no longer need to work and their very existence is entertaining enough, Evelyn, for one, seems entirely proactive. Before retreating to their own, private dressing rooms for lunch and to screen the Season 1 finale (the reunion taped the day before it aired so showing up on set, none of them had seen it), Evelyn announced to the room, “Guys, we gotta make this reunion bananas.” (“We shouldn’t throw any more water, what do you guys think?” asked Shaunie, in a rare moment when her addressing the room yielded no response.) I asked Evelyn if making things bananas was her aim during the taping of the first season. “The first two, three weeks, it was very, ‘Awwww!’” she said. “It was like, ‘Who’s going to want to watch this?’ And then we got very comfortable with the cameras and we got comfortable speaking about what we speak about when the cameras weren’t there. Then we started thinking, ‘We need a season 2. We can’t be one season and done.’” Obviously, the plan worked. Don’t let anyone tell you that the Basketball Wives don’t have hustle.

After their makeup, hair, meals and episode screening, the Basketball Wives were ready to hit the stage:







Royce was the only one who gave a little extra to her impromptu photo shoot…


So, extra came in the form of armpits. I’ll take it.

Finally, check out what a little sharpening on Photoshop can do…


It makes Jennifer bling like she’s supposed to.


And then the group gathered in a room just outside of the stage to be miked and share some pre-show banter (Tanika greeted them, saying Gloria skipping out on the reunion was the “biggest mistake”).




Then, the actual taping came. It lasted for over five hours with roughly an hour devoted to each segment.


Highlights of the unaired portion of those five hours included:

- Finding out that Shaunie met Royce via Twitter (in retrospect: duh!).

- Evelyn saying the following three sentences: “I have someone. He’s 25. It’s nothing serious.”

- Tanika Ray trying very hard to get Shaunie’s young boo, Marlon Yates, out on stage (Marlon was hanging out in the back and literally ran when he heard his name being called).

- An dance-off between Jen and Royce orchestrated by Tanika — Jen dropped it like it was hot, while Royce did a surprisingly conservative dance.

- Shaunie’s recounting of her pre-split epiphany: “I’m focused on these women and where he’s sticking it, and I realized that life is so much bigger than that. People are dying!”

- Evelyn recollection of a bizarre request from a fan: “Somebody told me he’d give me $2,000 to sniff my feet.”

- Suzie’s reveal of what she’s looking for in a man: “I just want somebody who can be my beset friend. Someone who can take some chilled Patrón shots with me. And that’s it.”

- The hour+ spent on Jennifer alone, as Tanika practically grilled her about her situation with her husband Eric (and really, when you interview Jennifer about her situation, it’s almost hard not to grill her — I found that out first-hand). Anyway, Jennifer’s extended segment basically came down to her saying, “He’s definitely pissed me off, but when a person is making an initiative, it speaks volumes.”

- Suzie reflecting on her al fresco drink-throwing with Sandra: “[Throwing drinks] is what you can do without going to jail.” Maybe to a point — of course, going to jail is exactly what happened after Suzie threw a bucket of water on Sandra during the reunion’s dramatic climax. What you didn’t see during the show is that after Suzie poured the bucket and then shoved Sandra, Sandra fell down face-first. It was shocking and seemed like a really, really serious injury…until Sandra got right back up and demanded for people to tell her where Suzie was. Literally, she went from on the floor to on her feet in seconds. As she was speaking to producers and wringing out her hair right in front of the table I was watching the show from (just behind the audience), I took some pictures of her, of course:





I ended up feeling bad for Sandra. Even though she clearly came on with marketing herself in mind (and admitted as much to Evelyn re: plugs), I felt like she did have some things to say about the show, but between the interruptions and water being thrown on her, she didn’t really get to do so. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to talk to her — she was nowhere to be found backstage, either sequestered so that any drama could play out in front of the audience or she just wasn’t brought in till the last minute. In any event, she was the most memorable part of the reunion even before the altercation (some of her quotes were absolutely amazing: “Those are very untrue, unfounded…words. Allegations, I may say.”; “Never once! Never once! Never once did he admit that he was mar- or mention that he was married.”; “If you are working in this business, it’s a fine line between being called a groupie and being a professional in this business. And I’m a professional.”). Even though she was made to look like a fool yet again, I wouldn’t be surprised if her turn on this show actually gained her some fans. It gained her at least one, any any rate.

Oh, and here’s Royce reenacting her reaction to the on-stage mayhem:



Drama seen, and raised.

The drink-throwing ordeal shut things down for maybe 30-45 minutes. During this time, the women had been on stage for nearly four hours and were starving. They picked at some food at the craft services table. Seeing Jennifer eat some buffalo wings in that sparkly, Ga Ga-esque dress was such an image clash, I had to actually restrain myself from taking pictures of it.

After that, the reunion picked right back up, as the women churned out the last segment or so. When it was done, a few of them met with some fans in the audience…


…which was nice and rare, actually (Bret Michaels is the only one I’ve ever seen take real time out after reunions to take pictures and speak with people). In many of the discussions throughout the day re: Twitter and the Internet, the women seemed acutely aware of the importance of the show’s following. I thought it was reassuring to see the women give back to the fans, and I can’t wait to see how many bunches of bananas they give back come the fall when Season 2 starts airing. If nothing else, these women have a sense of their responsibility — I doubt they’ll let us down. And that, more than anything, is what’s up.

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  1. jamesia johnson says:

    that was very funny what suzi did to that ~+(+`@`$^(*!)*++~ but i would of have done worse because it seems like all sandra do is talk trash just to make someone fill bad because she isnt all that just a lame *_@&^@#^$+&)$(+ groupy

  2. Lolita says:

    This show seems fake to me. These women seem fake.

  3. Shamontiel says:

    The VH1 bloggers are better than the show mainly because we get the dry wit with the show. But why didn’t anybody comment on the melodramatic comment about being “scared for our lives” of Suzie with the water? If water on your body makes you scared for your life, I feel bad for VH1 co-workers being around ole girl. Hygiene is so important. Don’t be scared of water. It’s good in and on the body. I’m just sayin’!

  4. Shamontiel says:

    FYI, I was talking about the scared-of-water host of the show in that last comment. I watched the show hoping they’d be civil instead of acting like a Jerry Springer episode, but once again, VH1 chose to allow the cast to be classless instead of classy. No one runs out with a bucket of water…in heels. Security let her onstage so why was the host “scared for her life?” Lame! I can’t watch Season 2. This show is buffoonish. I tried to give it a shot, but nah, it’s not for me. I don’t blame Gloria one bit for not coming on. She said all she had to say so what’s the point of being attacked by cattiness again? Matt Barnes is handling them all nicely.

  5. Montie says:

    FYI, I was talking about the scared-of-water host of the show in that last comment. I watched the show hoping they’d be civil instead of acting like a Jerry Springer episode, but once again, VH1 chose to allow the cast to be classless instead of classy. No one runs out with a bucket of water…in heels. Security let her onstage so why was the host “scared for her life?” Lame! I can’t watch Season 2. This show is buffoonish. I tried to give it a shot, but nah, it’s not for me. I don’t blame Gloria one bit for not coming on. She said all she had to say so what’s the point of being attacked by cattiness again? Matt Barnes is handling them all nicely.

  6. winnie says:

    First, the show I am sooo surprised @ vh1 for posting the show the way that they did on Gloria. She was a “classy lady” and I am so glad that she did not entertain these pathetic women on the show. I hope she separates herself & family from this show. I truly agree with the last post on vh1 that they are jealous of her family & relationship with her husband. Gloria I hope u distance yourself from them for your realtionship & family sake. Shaunie u used to be a private & classy woman but don’t let these women & show change the person that you really are unllsess this IS THE TRUE SHAUNIE!!!!!!! Royce don’t you see you are not the little sister to them you are a pawn,why don’t you look at the past tapings & see how they looked at you behind your back when they gave you hugs, and how they used you to play their games when they instigated the fight between you & gloria! Wake up, you will always be a “groupie” to them!!!! Jennifer I think your marriage will succeed if you be smart like Gloria and separate yourself from this group! Don’t you realize how your husband gets ridiculed for your actions with these women,”yeah that’s gonna help your marriage”! And to the other’s you say you will never be a basketball wife or girlfriend well after this show no great athlete will have you!! They don’
    t want a woman that can’t be private!!!! Oh,and I am glad “you chicks” learned “something” from Gloria!!!!! Gloria & Matt enjoy your life, GLoria leave that little groupie, oops I mean group alone!!!! Shaunie work out your problem & be classy again!!

  7. winnie says:

    Evelyn seems to me you have sooo much going on,get your life together with your stalker and leave Gloria and her family alone!!!, concentrate on your problems sweetie!!!! Suzie find a life or party by yourself in the “water”@**#)! Royce quit being the small person be the REAL person that you are!!!! Jennifer,this are looking good with your husband, great or is it due to the suggestion that he heard Susie give you that is trying to make him act like a husband for awhile!?!?! Shaunie, girl again, try to be the true Shaunie if you arre soo sweet & private as you pertray on the show half the time. Work it out like a real woman. I mean think about it, would you have your families back and are you going to hold yourself accountable for a mistake or porblem that they make, NOT!!! So be a woman and handle it right. I mean you don’t have to have tea with GLoria’s sister but damn!!, try & understand and either work it out or let it go, don’t bash, it’s not classy!

  8. Shauna Classie says:

    I think the producers did a terrible job editing this show. So many parts per traded these women as irrelevant, bitter and having way to much time on their hads. Next season this show should be called: “Shaunie Oneal makes a fool of these women”

    Me(Shauna Classie) & Courtney Lee (New Jersey Nets)- Next season we (my husband and I) will do “The real life of a Basketball Wife”

    ** As for this cast……..

    Gloria- By Gloria parading her mans faithfulness it will become just that much harder for him because now the groupies are going to target him just to be like, your man is no different. HE CAN F&^% UP TOO!!!

    Jennifer- I agree with Shaunie,”Make your own decesion about your marriage”. Why on earth would you listen to the advice of women who are alone and bitter. They wish they still had their men. (except for Shaunie)

    Royce- Just a HOT MESS. NO Exceptions…. Grow up

    Evelyn- Only revealed that her EX had problems with $$ and being arrested for debt because it’s all over the web. Other than that she would not want people to know she stuck around for 10 years without being married because the money was still around. Now it’s all gone she was able to say very fast that she would NOT hook back up with him… Gold Digger

    Shaunie O’neal- Smart !! make money by making others look stupid.

  9. jefferey lowes says:

    who did sandra say suzie smashed in vegas without lnowing him? It was obviously true suzie is a groupie herself that’s why she got the bucket of water because if it wasn’t true she would have let it go.

  10. Tigergirl says:

    If you go back Jen confronted Sandra at the party. Sandra pulled her to the side to talk in private. Suzi asked Sandra to sit down when they met up in the restaurant. Sandra should press charges against Suzi for !!`++()%“@##*) ault because that was tacky what she did. If she’s not woman emnough to take what Sandra was saying then… Obviously she must have hit a nerve and some truth because no real woman would react like that if it was a lie. Suzi and Evelyn want to to act like they are so classy and got it all. They dated a man for 10 years and couldn’t seal the deal….

  11. ALLI says:

    I must say I absolutely applaud Gloria for chosing to skip this reunion. I watched this show faithfully and here is what I don’t understand what others cannot grasp. GLORIA DID NOT ENGAGE IN ANY EXTRA MARITAL ACTIVITIES WITH ANYONE!!! Why is she made to pay penance for what anyone else did? Why does she constantly have to have insults hurled at her or defend innudendos? She seems like she is in a loving relationship. She is happy. Is it because everyone else is damaged, jaded, jilted or just plain miserable they cannot acknowledge this? I was a huge fan of Shaunie. I thought she was so poised and polished. Now I see she is “plastic”. How could someone so classy make a tacky comment as “MATT WHO”. Your issue is with her sister and her sister’s actions. Stop the lowblows.

  12. JEANETTE says:


  13. ptrilla says:

    I loved the show I think it shows that even wealthy ppl have issues like not so wealthy ppl I would date any of those women if they ever left their men. If any of you ladies reading this from basketball wives hey I’m in your market holla

  14. mema says:

    Who is Suzi married to? Jennifer grow up, communicate with your husband not your friends. First rule to a good marriage is communication. Evelyn, quit trying to ruin other peoples marriages just because yours did not work out. Royce, your young enjoy yourself, don’t let these women tell you how you should be.

  15. Miiss Thomas says:

    The show is funny all the lady’s living a lie Gloria is a clown Matt is cheating right now

  16. mrs.kalenasb says:

    every single one of these tricks are delusional about everything! you knew what you were getting into before you got in to it but you got blinded by money keep it real i think they all need to seek counseling. i really don’t favor any of them and they all need to grow up and stop the gossip!

  17. sam says:

    Suzie why the hell did you throw water on that gitrl AGAIN. You made your self seem more tacky then ever. What kind of kiddie ness is that. ! You seem all guilty on what she was saying. Show more class!

  18. april mitch says:

    this show was so HORRIBLE!! How can it be called Basketball Wives when there was only 1 basketball WIFE on the entire show. Shaunie really let me down with her actions on the reunion show. I had a lot of respect for her until that show and was so disappointed that she lowered herself to the actions of the other ladies on the show (i.e. Evelyn, Suzie & Jennifer). They are all bitter women and need to get real lives. The comment regarding Matt Barnes was completely unnecessary and should not have been made. No one would know Shaunie if it wasn’t for Shack, so she really needs to step off with the attitude she was putting off. It was really a complete turn off. Please do not give this show another season, as it was a waste of air time.

  19. lrrvinpx says:

    The prettiest and I guess the only basketball wife was not even at the reunion; Gloria, I think it is pretty sad that Jenn thinks anyone would ever want to talk to her husband, have you seen him??… The matt barnes comment was funny cause no one even knows these retired basketball players on the show and please next season can you get some Real wives and not ex girlfriends and a dancer.

  20. OhMy says:


  21. jazz says:

    This show is drama crazy. I can only say if the groupies are partying with the housewives or girlfriends of the basketball players – what is up with that? That speaks volume – somebody is footing this bill for the groupies to hang in the same place. I can only say somebody is hard up for a man. If he is a real man – he will not put you through groupie sh*t. What is yours is truly yours, otherwise dump and run. Listen to the song and a man is singing it NEXT 15 ANOTHER ONE IS COMING……..NOT REAL… When a man wants you – you will feel it in your heart. Once they step out you will always react like something is going on. LOVE YOU FIRST – IF the chance of forgiveness is in your heart move with it, but never eat from the same bowl of sh*t more than once. This show is more than catty – grown women acting a fool to have a man with money and no self worth for themselves. Gloria stay true to YOU.

  22. OhMy says:


  23. Ericka says:

    Royce Reed portrays herself as a nasty slut; keep ya legs closed; you have a son so act like it!! i dnt see how dwight layed dwn with you!! i dnt like you && hope dwight gets or has custody of his son; your a basketball groupie/babimama!! FALL BACK!! you should even be on the show @`)&^+~+%*$(+($!_

  24. melissa says:

    i think gloria should have been on the reunion show. she should have resolved her issues with royce.and maybe they could be friends.

  25. melissa says:

    i think suzie shouldnt have thrown the water on sandra on the reunion show.And what she told jennifer was wrong and how does she know that jennifers husband eric doesnt care about her.I think she is lying and she just want him for herself.I think jennifer shouldve left him anyway after he cheated on her.Jennifer should have took suzie advices and cheating on him.

  26. Razia says:

    Gloria. You are the smartest out of everybody on the show. Do not let anyone come between you and your family. If you guys really want to find out, ask her sister and leave her out of it.
    Royce: Do you not see that they are brainwashing you. You say that Gloria was talking about you and you got mad but they ALL were talking about you. Gloria just kept it real.
    Suzie: I dont understand the point of you on the show. I guess for drama. You all say that you are classy but you threw water on someone on national T.V. Not really classy at all
    Evelyn: Ummmm, just let it go. You are pretty and can have anyone. Get away from the drama. It is not worth it. Your not a wife so just move on
    Jennifer: You actually make sense. Your problems are genuine. Work on the marriage.
    Shaunie: You are acting just as childish as the rest of them. You are the beginning problem. If you have a problem with Gloria’s sister, act like the classy woman you say you are and deal with it. It does not make you look very good.

  27. CharNae says:

    I look forward to the coming season and new presentations on VH1 of your show. Susie, I want to highly recommend that you obtain security (2). You are going into a phrase of your life that shall be most profitable and you will need it. Do so immediately. Do not waste any time on accomplishing this task. I feel the photo shot of both you and Royce will bring you much Mula! (smile) Have no doubts about it. Protect your eyes!

  28. CharNae says:

    Royce, I watched the show tonite, and I love your sunglasses. They are very becoming. You made excellent choices. I hope that you continue to grow and walk strongly towards your destiny. I think you and your friend make a lovely and adorable couple!

  29. Azul says:

    Surprised at the quality of the writing in this blog as opposed to many others on VH1.. And great coverage of the reunion! Good job writer! Does anybody know who wrote this page?? Ive looked for a name on the page but nada… I have work offer… Let me know anyone. Thnks