Bye Bye For Now, Brandy & Ray


This week’s Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business season finale was all about the tightness of the Norwood family unit, as they traveled back to Brandy and Ray’s hometown of McComb, Mississippi, for a family reunion and rallied around Sonja when she felt unappreciated. In the bonus clip above, Bran, her bro and her dad take the reunion to church with a performance of “Amazing Grace” (Willie’s performance is particularly impassioned). In the end, Brandy and Ray returned to L.A. to hold down the fort, while Sonja and Willie stayed behind in Mississippi for an extended vacation, hugging their way into the sunset. With the second season of this show imminent, the question now is: are you going to miss them for the brief time they’re away?

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  1. martin says:

    I love this show but i do have a question i just watched the episode where they went to mississippi and it was great but i never see Brandy’s daughter in any of the episodes isnt it about family so why isn’t Brandy have her daughter in it, I mean here daughter was in an episode of “for the love of Ray j, can u please respond. I just think if the show showed what a wonderful mother Brandy is it would be even better

  2. Deezey says:

    MISSISSIPPI bound datz wat um tlkn bout ain’t nun like home um going home for da fourth MISSISSIPPI here I $&(#)))%@~+~`$!

  3. Joe says:

    I will miss this show! Cant wait for season 2!

  4. Kelley Cook says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the show. Brandy and Ray J. you have two wonderful parents and its obvious that you both know that . I enjoyed all the episodes but the last one was the best. Mr. Norwood , when you got up and sang to Mrs. Norwood I broke down ! It was the sweetest thing ! Having been married 27yrs myself I know the work it takes to keep it going and fresh and I really admire the two of you . Being in the business that ya’ll are in I can only image the added pressure placed on a relationship as well as the family . I look forward to a second season. Its such a refreshing show , its so rare to see a real family that have each others back . Thank you !!!!!

  5. josh says:

    ugh how can you guys say you like this new vh1 programming, it sucks so bad ever since that guy killed his wife, vh1 should just give up now

  6. Flash G says:

    Rayj mom is far to self centered she always talkin bout what she does for the fam as far as biusness goes but what have you done as far as incouragment or telling them good job or are you thankful for them leaving you with the %$^&~!*!*!%)!“ le that you have because they can stop your complaints an just let you be the mother an a wife

  7. NICOLE says:

    i really do not like brany& ray j mom i mean eveytime i look around it was her complaining about this & that. I could see it in Ray j face he knows his mommy crazy.

  8. cyn4it58 says:

    I loved that last show of the family reunion. I just wish that someone would please have Ray J pull up his pants. The song Mr. Norwood did was wonderful and very moving. And I love the tie that they all have together. I know that as parents we can not control all of what our children do but there are kids that tell me if Ray J being on TV can wear his pants like that then why is it not right. The image it gives to young people is not right some of them can not even walk right and they are holding them up to walk.

  9. DG says:

    “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business”, is a wonderful show!!!! I was pleasantly suprised with the direction of the show, given Ray J’s Rep and his last show, “For the Love of Ray Jay”.

    I love the Norwood family and they are a postive example of the family we all desire. It is refreshing to see a black family in such a positive light. There are many of us out there but the media is still limited in how they choose to reflect the black family unit. Sonja and Willie are both beautiful individuals and love the realness of their relationship, as well as the family. I definately, hope this show will continue for many more seasons . BE BLESSED NORWOOD FAMILY!!!!

  10. LANICHARAIYE says:

    i love this show so much. you guys obviously have much love for each other and i respect that you guys keep it 100 (one hunnneett) lol. i am looking forward to the 2nd season sooo much. xoxox I LOVEE THIS SHOW!!!!!

  11. Makenna M says:

    I like the family but the show is super scripted, pretentious and guarded….especially the last episode!

  12. Anthonyy(: says:

    Im From Mccomb, Ms! I Was so excited to see that episode! & I loved every bit of the show!! (:

  13. Latina Warren says:

    I love this show. I am so happy that Ray j gave up the love shows because I was starting to lose all respect for him. I know Sonja didn’t raise up that way and it wasn’t a good image “womanizer”. Also, Ray J do like Master P, Baby, and Little Wayne; take your homeboys give them some beats put your little twist to it and make them an album on your label. You know nothing big where you will be out of a lot of money but look at Drake etc. and to be honest Shortie Mac has it. Make it work for all of ya’ll but your pockets will be sitting fatter lol. Brandy you don’t have to prove anything to the world about the accident, but honestly you need closer yourself even if it means you going to counseling and just talk about it one on one with someone besides your mom. Sonja did a wonderful job with you guys and I hope one day you guys can give me a chance. Keep up the good work. Also, Ray J be proud that yet you may be wild that you don’t have any babies. Keep keeping it strapped up lol. Ray J senior is a wonderful loving man and Sonja is blessed to have him. Hope to see a second season and bring it!

  14. Justice says:

    i love the show & i love home in mississippi & , that great home cooking and southern hospitality . but i love the show alot . & i ? starkville , ms .

  15. Justice says:

    i meant love starkville , ms.

  16. Justice says:

    i meant i love starkville ,ms .

  17. Just wondering says:

    I love the show and the positive black family concept, but one thing that bothers me is that I have never seen Brandy’s daughter on the show. If it is a show about family, where is she? We saw all of the footage when she got married (too young) and had the baby. Now she is a ghost. Just wondering

  18. Claudia says:

    Im going to miss them all…I want the show back!!

  19. david rosenberry says:

    HERE really cares about ray j who never hearld of and has no talent. the washed up brandy. this is the dumbest show and tv time i ever saw. who thinks people even cares.

  20. deewright says:

    I know this is a little late but to all you crazy haters. Brandy has said she wants to keep her “little” girl off of the show. She has made a very mature decision by doing so. Just because she is a public figure doesn’t mean her child is. Everyone deserves to be private in any way they choose. Get over it she’s not on the show. We love Brandy!!! I’ve known from the very beginning she was a class act. Yes she did have a car accident and somone lost their life. She didn’t do it on purpose. Look up the word accident!!!

  21. goddess says:

    please bring them back. . .omg I miss them so much

  22. 3253970 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3253970! SCK was here

  23. 2276947 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2276947! SCK was here

  24. 2201880 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2201880! SCK was here