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This again? He’s just dead beating a horse at this point.

On this week’s Dad Camp, I’m curious how they convinced the grandfathers-to-be to visit their sons on the show, because many of them seemed very surprised at the interventions inside Dr. Jeff’s office. The pitch must have been something like this: “Could you appear on camera talking about something we can’t reveal yet, on a show teaching your son how to be a good father that will, in no way confront your own parenting and how that may have affected how your son views fatherhood? Also, there will be a therapist present. No pressure!”

No wonder we only saw two of the fathers in therapy with their sons. But these encounters, along with Donta’s bizarre behavior in group, made and lost the most points for the future dads this week. As we did last week, let’s score how Dad Camp’s couples did this episode.


Brian and Christina
Brian confronts his dad about his alcohol problem. +1
Then Bri pushes his dad into a hug, after pushing him into a surprise intervention. +1


Benny, Brian’s mentee who was kicked out by his father at age 5, plays father feature to Brian. -1

Total for this episode: +1
Total for the series: -6
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 1:4. Brian can confront his dad, but can’t sympathize with Benny.


Donta and Bri
Donta says “I’m not into card games. I’m not even into games. That’s you guys’s problem. We’re fixing to be parents, and all you want to do is play games.” Donta’s favorite thing to brag about on the show? How much football he played. -1
For yelling at a girl so small she doesn’t touch the ground. -1


Repeats: “I don’t give a f***,” for Dr. Jeff at group. -1
Whispers “I’m sorry” to Bri, but won’t repeat it out loud for the group. What kind of show would this be if everyone whispered to each other? -1
Donta repeats everything Dr. Jeff says, for the embarrassment of everyone. Next up: A game of “But I’m not touching you.” -1


Bri gets sympathy tears in her eyes listening to Elliott talk about his father. +1
Donta finally opens up about his family. +1
Donta talks Elliott through his post-group emotions. +1


Donta removes his “pretense” (grill), and lets Dr. Jeff store it in his pencil holder. +1


Teaches his mentee how to do a touchdown end zone dance. +1

Total for this episode: 0
Total for the series: -8
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 1:7. He took a few steps backward this episode.


Elliott and Tiffany
Elliott invites Tiffany’s mom to their counseling session. +1
But he doesn’t give her a hug when she comes in. -1
Elliott says separating his kid from his grandparents would be “evilness.” +1
Tells Tiffany’s mom that he is taking “tools” away from Dad Camp. Absorbing therapy speak. +1
Then he cries during therapy. He hasn’t had enough cries yet. +1


Total for this episode: +3
Total for the series: +2
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 1:4.


Wes and Cheryl
Wes takes the father exercises far more seriously than his t-shirts. +1


Wes cries while reading his letter to his father. +1
He asks for advice on being a good dad from his mentee child, and learns that the best dad is a non-dead dad. +1

Total for this episode: +3
Total for the series: +3
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 4:1


Aaron and Shell
Shell actually speaks in interview. +1
Aaron says, “My dad is kind of a d***head.” +1
Then says “I see a lot of my father in me.” -1
Aaron talks out his fears with his 10-year-old mentee, and makes her laugh. +1


Total for this episode: +2
Total for the series: +3
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 5:1. He’s so far proven to be the best combination of fun and (increasingly) responsible, and is able to get his mentee to open up. He may someday even get Shell to open up.


Austin And Candace
Austin cries during therapy. That’s one too many cries. -1
He says he has trouble talking to strangers, or “a girl I’ve never met in my life,” therefore he can’t relate to his mentee. Before arriving at Dad Camp, Austin’s biggest problem was talking to strangers, and girls he’d never met in his life. -1


Austin says talking to the little girl “touched me, in my heart.” Thanks for specifying! +1

Total for this episode: -1
Total for the series: -2
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 2:1.


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  1. Cheryl says:

    I love this show! At first I didn’t think I would because of the guys attitudes, it just aggravates me to death. I have enjoyed seeing how the guys especially, have started to change and grow, especially Donta and Elliott. I think Brian and Christina should call it quits. I can’t stand to look at her and I don’t know where she gets off thinking she has to have everything her way. I think Brian is way too good for her, and I think Brian would be an awesome Dad, if he could just get away from her and her Tennessee hick family. I about died when I saw her Mother and heard her talk, she probably is the sweetest person on this earth, but she is backwoods totally!! I don’t think Brian will have a chance of seeing his baby unless he is willing to move to Tennessee. Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

  2. mickey r says:

    Man austin reminds me of a *%^@~~)&%(`_((&$`! hes a idiot and says stupid !`$)+$!@^`_&@&+) donta seems to be full of himself and aron seems like he doesnt belong there wes and cheryl are my favorite couple except for the fact wes dresses like he lives in a retirement home and cheryl is almost old enough to be in one brian looks like a pedophile and i hate his girl dr jeff is cool though and i hope he kicks dr drews )(#`@&$_@^#@*__

  3. leticia says:

    i think aaron is going to be the best dad he was good with that little girl i just wish his girl would talk more!

  4. T Chambers says:

    I swear this blog is the best thing VH1 has going right now. I pretty much stopped watching the Vh1/51 minds/Chris Abrego etc… produced reality shows as appointment viewing (I’ll catch ‘em on the re-runs.
    However, as a graduate student I am always impressed by Rich’s blog entries. They are insightful, witty and now he has the scatterplot graph! Way to go! Keep it coming & cheers to you!

  5. Rich Juzwiak says:

    Thank you, but Jessica Suarez has been writing the Dad Camp recaps, which I agree are entertaining and brilliantly breathe fun into a more serious type show. I’m impressed every time I get one of these.

  6. gilliam says:

    i looooooooooooooooooooove dad camp aaron is my fav!!! then elliot!!! austins sucks though go vh1!!

  7. missy c says:


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