Follow Sara Bareilles All Month Long With VH1′s Posted


Last month, VH1 gave you an all-access look at life on the road with the one and only Adam Lambert as part of our new web feature, Posted. And while it was a great run, sadly, the month of June has come to an end. That said, this is no time to fret, as we are thrilled to have the lovely and talented Sara Bareilles on board for the entire month of July! We’ll be tagging along with her all month as she prepares to release her upcoming album, Kaleidoscope Heart.

To kick things off on the right foot, Sara is looking to hear what’s on the mind of you, her fans! As you’ll see in the video above, she’s ready and willing to answer any questions that you have for her. So simply leave your thoughts for Sara in the comment section below and we’ll make sure that she sees them. And then, of course, we’ll keep you Posted when she answers them!

Remember, the easiest and best way to keep up with Sara during the entire month of July is to take the time to visit this special Posted: Sara Bareilles page. You can also follow Sara on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure and check back often to see this former VH1 You Oughta Know artist in action!

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  1. Jessica Turner says:

    What is your favorite song on the new record and why?

  2. Elyssa says:

    If you could record any song from your first album over again, which would you choose and why?

  3. Xid Trebor says:

    Have you adjusted to living in a big city? Do you miss your hometown? Would you consider moving somewhere else? (Maybe “across the border”)

    Thanks for doing this – can’t wait for the new album!!

  4. Patrick says:

    Hi Sara! I’ve seen videos of you performing songs like “Anchors Away” and “August Moon” and was wondering why you decided not to put these songs on the album and if you think you’ll be recording studio versions of them in the future?

  5. Madeleine says:

    Hey Sara,

    What is your favorite song out of all of the songs you have created? What inspired you to write this song?



  6. Kaila says:

    Hey Sara! You’re featured on a lot of different songs with different musicians such as OneRepublic, Ry $&$^~@~@^`)$(#% ing, and Aqualung. Do you enjoy doing this and what is the process like?

  7. Kaila says:

    Hey Sara! I’m going to try this again because in the last one the censor thought that I was writing something dirty when I was writing the last name of a musician (Ry last-name-rhymes-with-”guming” with a “c”), lol.

    Anyway, you’re featured on a lot of songs by many different musicians such as OneRepublic and Aqualung. Do you enjoy being a part of those songs and what is the process like of making them?

  8. Miranda H. says:

    Hey Sara!
    First off, let me just Thank You for becoming an artist. I think the world today has forgotten the true meaning of a musician, which you are bring back to everyone today with your outstanding piano skills. My question is Why did you become a singer/song writer in the first place, and what inspires you to write the songs you do? Can’t wait until Kaleidoscope Heart drops, cause I’ll be sure to get it! :)

  9. Travis says:

    Hey Sara,

    Congrats on the new album (and the video for King looks great!). What is your favorite musical instrument to listen to? It seems like you primarily play the piano, but I didn’t know if you had another instrument that you liked the sound of better.

    I look forward to seeing you if you come to Atlanta.


  10. Clement says:

    Hey Sara :) !

    First, I really want to congratulate you about Kaleidoscope Heart and the King of Anything video. Can’t wait for September !
    My question is : Where would you most like to perform ? Which country, which venue … and why :) ?

    Greetings from France =)

  11. Miranda H. says:

    Hey Sara,
    First off I would just like to thank you for becoming an artist..your musical talent is outstanding to that of alot of other artists. My question to you would be What inspired you to become a singer/songwriter, and what mainly inspires you to write all your songs?

    Stay Awesome!


  12. Carolina says:

    Are you coming to South America with your new tour? please come to Argentina!!!!!
    sara, I love your music! Is very inspiring and makes me feel like a woman with a lot of power lol

  13. Vanessa says:

    Hi Sara,

    Why does “King of Anything” end with a fade-out? It’s a very ^#*@#(@)@`$$#(~ ertive song (at least it sounds like one), so I was expecting an equally ^#*@#(@)@`$$#(~ ertive finish, but that didn’t happen. I’m not disappointed though, I’m just surprised.

    Also, can I be a background hand-clapper on your tour? I loved the effect it has on your songs.


  14. Carolina says:

    Could you explain me, why you put the name “Carolina” to one of your songs?
    I’m sure “Carolina” will be one of my favorite songs, because Carolina is also my name! lol
    Love u Sara!

  15. Seph Hamilton says:

    Sara, I admire your ability to arrange the heck out of your own and other artist’s songs. Will you tell us a little about how you and your band arrange your music, as well as the process of arranging the songs that made the final cut for Kaleidoscope Heart?


  16. Indri says:

    Hi Sara,
    If you could turn back time and do a music video to any one of your songs, which one would you choose and why?!?!=D Oh yeah and your AMAZING and can’t wait for your CD!!!!

  17. Kay says:

    You have said that the )&(_$_*)&@)%“^ le of the album, Kaleidoscope Heart, came from a lyric in the song Uncharted, but isn’t there a song on the album called Kaleidoscope Heart, also?

  18. Rain Darian Skye says:

    I am SO excited for you right now with everything going on. I have been waiting on your new material forever it seems.

    QUESTION: I am hesitant to pre-order the new record only because I was wondering if there are any “Kaleidoscope Heart [Deluxe]” albums in the works, similar to the “Little Voice Stripped” album which featured exclusive acoustic versions as well as cover songs.

    You should seriously consider releasing a cover album since everyone loves covers and you’re genius at making them your own. In my opinion I believe it sounds like a great idea. You’ve already done some awesome 80′s songs and I personally would love to hear more.


  19. Cecelia says:

    Hi Sara,
    Congratulations on your new album and song and being VH1′s posted artist of the month! I was so excited on the day when I could pre-order Kaleidoscope Heart, but now I have to wait until September :( Maybe you should push the date up a little [hint hint]
    So I read on Wikipedia (which I happen to think is a pretty reliable source) that you were in Awaken A Capella in college, and I found two of the songs you and your group did. They were awesome! Do you keep in touch with any of your a capella buddies? And do you think you’ll ever do something A Capella again?
    Also, how much time do you spend with your band? They seem like a really fun, supportive group.
    Thanks so much for reading my comment (if you end up reading it),
    PS I think I listen to your music more than everything else combined. You’re awesome; don’t ever stop singing.

  20. Erin Bockoven says:

    Sara, I’m a gal about your age and while I’m sure you hear this all the time, sometimes I swear you are writing just for me. Gravity is especially close to my heart. The first time I heard it I was just discovering myself in the middle of “something always brings me back to you.” I was living that song, every word of it. The emotions I feel when I listen to your music are deep, deep, deep. I wonder: Do you relive the pain of Gravity, August Moon and other songs every time you perform them?? What is it like putting your life and emotion out for the whole world to hear and feel??
    I appreciate your writing more than I can express, as I am not a writer. Thank you for sharing your life and experiences through music so that I can drive down the highway, radio cranked and sing at the top of my lungs with cleansing tears rolling down my face. Thank you thank you thank you.

  21. Carolina H. says:

    Hi Sara! :D

    I’m curious to know, what was the first CD you bought? :)

  22. Abraham says:

    Hey, I was just wondering, How do you write your songs because I’m trying to write some of my own and am having a ton of trouble. Thanks.

  23. Ryan says:


    Are you playing in Los Angeles anytime? Ever? Come back, we miss you.

    Also, my favorite song of yours is “The Goodbye Song”. Do you have any future plans for it? Any chance it’ll appear on an album sometime down the road?


  24. Steven Nguyen says:

    What is your favorite in-the-car rockout song?

  25. Christina says:

    Hi Sara!

    Congratulations on becoming Posted’s featured artist for July. Nobody deserves it more than you! So here’s my question…where do you find inspiration for all of the songs you write?? Do you ever have writer’s block?? Your songs are all so unique and I was just wondering if you draw inspiration from your own life experiences or from things you observe. Oh! Are you ever going to release Free Ride on a record??

    P.S. I’m a dancer and I’d just like you to know that when my group dances to your songs, that’s when our true emotion comes out and our dancing becomes real. Thank you :)

    P.S.S. Are you ever coming to Milwaukee again?!?!

  26. Tasha says:

    what do you write first?….your lyrics or the tune?

  27. Pranav says:

    Hey Sara,
    I am your die-hard fan! I am obsessed with your albums and your songs. You are a great artist! Kindly come to India on your tour.

    1. Why did you show a ring in the video of ‘King of anything’?
    2. Tell me five things which you will do before you die.
    3. What are your inspirations and influences of your music?

  28. June says:

    Wish the new album was available right NOW! How do you unwind on the road and keep your hesd on straight? Must be a challenge!

  29. June says:

    Sorry- my eyes must be crossed as I typed “hesd” when I ment “HEAD”. Still want to know how you stay so grounded. Thanks!

  30. Rain Darian Skye says:

    I just watched your fave’ music vidjas and they are all great songs. Returning to my previous statement I posted yesterday.

    I think all your fans would go wild if you took your top favorite music videos, featured here on VH1, and did your own studio recorded covers of the songs with your own unique input.

    QUESTION: Do you have any ideas on projects such as that?

  31. Andrew Lothian says:

    Have you seen the song I wrote for you and the music video I made for it? It would make me unbelievably happy if you saw it. :)

  32. Jen Melo says:

    Hey Sara, first of all I just wanted to say that I LOVE your art, you inspire me in so many ways with your great lyrics and your amazing voice, so I’d like to thanks you for that.
    My question is, this summer is my last chance to finally see you on tour in US since I’m going back to Brazil on September. Will there be any kind of contest for meet & greets during the summer tour?
    And do you plan on playing for us in South America, Brazil by any chance?

    ? xoxo ?

  33. Brad says:

    Hi Sara,

    I guess I really don’t have a question, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your music and how every song of yours seems to elicit some sort of emotion in me, which is something very few artisits are able to do. Thank you so much for doing what you are doing and I am excited for the new album to be released. Congratulations on all your success, it’s well deserved!

  34. Anjali says:

    Whatever happens to the orphaned songs that don’t make it to a record, but that you’ve played live (eg: “Anchors Away”, “Satellite”, and that one incredible ballad you played at Javi’s show at the Hotel Utah last year that I don’t believe had a name yet)? Do you generally shelve them for later development to be put on a future record, or do they just end up in the bin, chalked up to another step in developing as a writer?

  35. Pedro says:

    How is you relationship with the guys of your band? Is it true that you date one of them? who would that be?

  36. Pedro says:

    The track ‘I don’t wanna be alone/I don’t wanna be murdered’ it’s amazing! What’s the history behind it? Is it going to be on Kaleidoscope Heart?

  37. Jessica says:

    You are such an inspiration. First of all, can you please make it to Salt Lake City on this tour? Second of all, did you ever imagine that you would be making an impact on girls all across the country?

  38. Cassidy says:

    Hey Sara! Your song, “Little Voice” is incredible, perhaps my favorite song of yours, and I’m super excited for 13 new tracks in the September album, but was wondering if Little Voice would ever be recorded or released? It’s such a beautiful and hopeful and uplifting song, I just love it! Thanks for your time, Cass.

  39. Pedro says:

    How do you feel when you perform at hotel cafe?

  40. Hindy says:

    We can tell that you and Javier have a special bond. It’s true that you date Javier Dunn? How long you two have been together?

  41. Melanie says:

    If you could write/sing a new song with any living artist, who would it be? Why?

  42. josh layne says:

    how long have you been writing and recording this new album?

  43. Jeff Garlick says:

    What is the best piece of advice you were ever given and who gave it to you?

    I LOVE the new video and look forward to the new CD!

  44. Tom Mauro says:

    Dear Sara,

    You’re living perfection if it ever existed.
    When I first started trying out new music;
    you were the first artist I took a chance on
    & that was something God-sent.

    Got a billion & one questions but there’s not enough time; lol. The length might rival Homer’s Iliad. Just saying keep that heart & fire alive; & know I’m calling every damn radio station requesting your song!

  45. Jess W. says:

    Hey Sara! As a young aspiring musician myself, how did you start off? I understand you had a band with your buddies Maroon 5 a while back. But I’m curious to know what inspires you to make a song, and the things that you did to get your band more noticed. Thanks again, and keep up the good work. I truly admire you

  46. christia castellon says:

    Hey have you ever been asked to model? If not people are crazy:) -CHRISTIAN CASTELLON

  47. Jordan says:

    When are you going to buy me that beer you owe me?

    Two springs ago my friend Jeanne and I gifted you with a six-pack of Strawberry Abita beer and I figured I could ask for one in return.

    Oh, and I guess I can ask a normal question… What’s on your iPod?

  48. Hanh says:

    Hi Sara! Your music makes my ears so happy, and I cant wait for your album to come out :) I love your humor and your personality and I like how that shows in your songs, as well as your twitter, lol. If you had a blog I would TOTALLY follow it!

    So my question is:
    What were your career goals before becoming a singer/songwriter, or is that something you’ve always wanted to pursue?

  49. Kelly says:

    Team Edward or Jacob?

  50. Shaun says:

    when are you coming to long island?

  51. Bob Dylan says:

    What’s your favorite book?

  52. Erin says:

    Sara I just saw you last night at the Royal Oak theater in Michigan with Onerepublic. I MADE U A KALEIDOSCOPE, but its more than just a plain old kaleidoscope. My friends and I tried to get your attention and unfortunately it didn’t work out. I was wondering if I could send the kaleidoscope to you… and if you could be a dear and sign it for me!! I worked so hard on it, please please consider!!!

  53. Darksongbird says:

    Hey, my sweet, sweet Sara.

    Your voice is like heaven. Anyway, I would like to say that I’ve been a fan for over a year and Little Voice is freakin’ sweet (the album, still haven’t heard the unreleased song).

    I will get to the point though.

    My questions are as follows:

    What song besides “Love Song” do the audiences seem to connect with most when you perform it and is this song different from your favorite song to perform?

  54. Caroline says:

    Hey Sara! I have been a big fan from the beginning. Quick question; Where did you get the dress from the end of the King of Anything video, the ballerina-like one. It is so pretty!

    Thanks for listening

  55. Hunter says:

    Hi Sara I was just wondering what other instruments you play other than the piano


  56. Erin B says:

    Sara, would you ever consider re-recording Careful Confessions? It seems as though not many people know about it and the songs are crazy good. I think, with how much you guys have grown as a band, you could really give this album a new face :)

    Thanks, Bareilles.

    -Erin (aka kaleidoscope girl)

  57. P.H. says:

    How grat was to you shooting a dvd live at the filmore? By the way it’s my favorite dvd ever! Love ya!

  58. Michael says:

    Is a trip back to Columbus Ohio anywhere in the forseeable future? Who’s nice on the Lilith fair Tour?

  59. Christine says:


    You have an absolutely gorgeous voice; I think one of my biggest dreams is to meet you and sing with you one day. (This is coming from a 32-year old). :)

    My question is: do you ever get nervous before (or while) performing in front of people, and how do you conquer those nerves? I have a voice, and I’ve wanted to sing my entire life, but I’ve never been able to get past the fear of being front and center.

    Thanks so much for reading this, and I can’t wait to hear more music!


  60. Jillian says:

    Sara, I’ve been a long time fan and have seen you at various venues in Los Angeles…

    1. WHo has been your favorite person t tour with? Tony Lucca? Aqualung? Who?

    2. Also who would you like to tour with?

    3. Would you ever consider bringing someone on stage with you to do a duet?

  61. Colleen says:

    hey sara, i’ve been a huge fan since i first saw you open up for rocco deluca and the burden, and since then, i’ve seen you 4 more times live. my question for you is:
    since you’re on the road so much, does it ever get old performing the same songs every night? are there days when you just really don’t want to sing?

    you are such a beautiuful person, inside and out. your music really touches people. good luck with the new album!!
    love, Colleen

  62. Alyson says:

    hey sara!

    i’m sure you meet a ton of fans all the time and every one of them has a story about how your music has affected their life.

    so my question is:
    what is your favorite fan story? have you ever heard a story so humbling it really made you realize you were doing what you were meant to do? any really crazy ones that stand out?

  63. Perrrceella says:

    I was at LAX the other day and thought, wouldnt it be awesome if i saw Sara Bareilles here?! but then it made me think about what i would do about it. Would it be weird if i came up to you and told you i love you? Or something like that…

  64. Sofia Sousa says:

    I’m typing for my Niece Sofia because she’s only 3 and can’t spell. She was watching your King of Anything video and wanted to know if “Sehwa” would give her the pweetty ring.

  65. Huy Nguyen says:

    What would you choose to be your nickname if you were on jersey shore?

  66. Vanessa says:

    If you could meet any past time hero, who would it be?

  67. Audie says:

    When you’re writing a song, which do you find easier to come up with, the lyrics or the melody?

  68. Jamie says:


    Did you ever consider a stage name to differentiate yourself as KT Tunstall had done?

  69. Jamie says:

    Hi Sara,

    I just noticed you have a small nose ring. What made you decide to get one??

  70. Taylor says:

    Hi Sara! I love your music! I was just wondering what your favorite track is on your new album! E-mail me please at I would love to ask you another question but I don’t want any one else to know it so please please email me!

  71. Gina Delisi says:

    So what would you do for a klondike bar?

  72. Inês says:

    Hi Sara! I´ve been a fan of yours for a long time, but I never went to one of your concerts because they always take place in America……… :(
    So, my question is: Would you ever consider doing a tour around Europe and visit Portugal ?(I beg you) :D
    Thanks for sharing your music with the world, and I believe that “Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.”(Henry David Thoreau)
    Waiting for your answer,
    Inês :]

  73. SMD says:

    Hey Sara!!! Love your music!!! Question: When will you be performing in Las Vegas or the Bay Area? I really want to see you in concert live. I wanted to go to the concert in Redmond,WA on August 14th but I leave that day to travel back to the BAy area and then Las Vegas :(

    P.S. Love “King of Anything” and can’t wait for the album.

  74. Anne says:

    Hi Sara! Would you ever consider writing for and/or performing in a “Broadway” musical? (As did Abba,Paul Simon, Elton John and GreenDay for example) I think you’d be fabulous!

  75. Joana Henriques says:

    Hey Sara, love your voice and your songs, I consider them sang poetry, because you’re lyrics are just amazing and I really relate to them because we see the world in a different way, but anyway… I wanted to know if you’ll be releasing Blue Bird before Kaleidoscope Heart gets out, because I love the parts you can listen in your webisode, I’m alredy singing it ! (: I hope you do, kisses!

    p.s – I wish you’d release studio versions of amazing songs like Pretend or Inside Out.

  76. Don says:


    A big and old (58) fan. watching the making of videos I noticed your band was not in the studio. I know many artists use studio musicians but who will be in your touring band.

    I think Josh Day is one of the best drummers around and of course Javier Dunn works so well with you.

    Hope all the band returns!


  77. Katie C says:

    What movie could you watch everyday without getting tired of it?

  78. Kelly says:

    Hey Sara!

    I love your style! Where do you like to shop for clothes?


    What do you do when you are not on tour/writing/making music?


  79. Kelly says:

    Hey Sara!

    I love your style! Where do you like to shop?


    What do you do when you are not on tour/recording music/writing?


  80. Ryan says:

    Dear Sara,

    Is there anything about the music industry that turns you off or bugs you to no end? Everyone loves to speak of the obvious perks, but there has to be a downside. What is that downside to you personally?

    Ryan Damingo44 Witt

  81. Natalia says:

    Sara, Are you coming to Argentina? Pleaseee!! PLEASE!

  82. Josey says:

    Hey Sara –
    Can’t wait for your song Bluebird…. I am sooo in love with it.
    Wish it were Sept 7 so I can hear it in it’s entirety!!

  83. Robert M. says:

    Hello Sara
    My question is:
    How often do you get “Down Time” when you are not touring or working on your next album. Also what do you do with your “Down Time” (besides sleep :-}).

    P.S. I love your music, I love the way you put so much of yourself into your music, the way it is a description of your life and how you handle situations and how those situations made you feel.

    I hope you get to read this
    Robert A Mulinix

  84. mim says:

    i love ur songs i play music my self not the panio but i play the violin pretty fun u exspired me big time thanks

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  89. Jessica Rodriguez says:

    Hello Ms. bareilles I was wondering how it is to be so successful in todays worl of music? Also what advise would you give me and my fellow music students of Ft. Campbell ?