Scream Queens 2 – Meet The Cast



As previously announced, VH1′s search for the next top horror movie starlet Scream Queens is set to return on air Monday, August 2. We already gave you a tease of the 10 women set to compete, and below we have full close-up shots of the cast for all your drooling needs.





















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  1. eww says:

    Looks crappy… not a fan of any of the looks of these girls.

  2. Scottie1 says:

    Love Allison!!

  3. kitty says:

    i think this is going to be very interesting. cool pics!!

  4. Bella says:

    Sierra has the look!!!!!!

  5. Willis says:

    Allison is a 10!

  6. Martini Rocks!!! says:

    Jessica is gonna kick some #^*~&*~)%^`^#(# Trust.

  7. Venessa says:

    i can’t wait!! wish it was in hd though. vh1 i mean.

  8. Penelope's Vintage says:


  9. HollyWeird says:

    Ummmm Can I see more of Allison NOW!

  10. Adele says:

    Can’t wait…I like Allison!!!!!

  11. leila says:

    jessica is by far the prettiest!

  12. Robert says:

    That girl Sierra looks like a tough competetor!

  13. HorrorFan says:

    I like Jessica and Allison…but thats only off pictures. I wanna know more about them!!!

  14. Nonny says:

    Allison is gonna kick &$$(~#^`+@$*!@# She’s HOT!!!!

  15. Mr Bill says:

    Rosanna is choice # 1.

  16. Derek says:

    Sierra has a different look…shes hott1

  17. chelsea says:

    Sierra looks like she’d be the one scaring people

  18. Fisher says:

    chels thats good for scream queens tho! I root for Sierra!

  19. mary says:

    this looks like its gonna suck. The 1st season is better

  20. Brad says:

    very excited for this season!! THESE GIRLS LOOK HOTT N READY TO FIGHT! Esp Sierra!!!

  21. WS Fan says:

    Go Rosanna.. From your friends back home

  22. Brad says:

    DAMN!!!!!!!!! Hands down Rosanna is the hottest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Evs says:

    Holy crap. Photoshop FAIL.

  24. Tommy says:

    Tai’s picture is the best out of all of them. She looks like she can actually act. She’s probably the winner.

  25. olivia james says:

    Tai! tai! tai! this girl is the only one looking like she knows how to work the camera, you go girl!

  26. Michael Spears says:

    That Girl Tai looks like she can kick some serious zombie (~~+@&#!!%%~)%@ lol Plus she’s HOTTT I’m sure she won.

  27. Blare says:

    TAI looks amazing. She truly looks like a scream queen for sure!!! I can’t wait to see this show…..!

  28. Candace says:

    All these girls rock, Should be a great show.

  29. Carly says:

    Sarah and Tai look like some pretty competitive girls.. I wish them the best of luck!

  30. Chance says:

    Tai is one fierce diva. If anyone should win and be on the next Saw it should be her, I could see her as a vampire (Trueblood.. Twilight) or Basic Instincts.

  31. Tina says:

    Gabby looks awful, she looks like she climb out of a grave like the rest of her “Thriller” friends.

  32. Ebony says:

    I just saw the trailer for this and all the girls deserve to be on this show haha they all look CRAZY Scary and ready for whatever. Plus you guys are all pretty they all need to get picked up after this show.

  33. Brownie says:

    Go Tai!! She looks like a total bad )%^~@#!`$@~~$(@ The other girls look nervous.

  34. Mr. G says:

    Rosanna looks the best for it. She really does

  35. Steven says:

    I saw the trailor and Sierra wasd the best! I think she wins! Im rooting for her! The has a special something the other girls dont!

  36. chloe says:

    I LOVE TAI’s picture! What a gorgeous lady! I saw the trailer for this show as well. I absolutely love it! Great show! Alot of raw talent. I am rooting for Tai to win! I have seen her work on other shows. You go girl!

  37. Fred says:

    Tai is hot! I would love to meet her on ELM ST.

  38. Karl says:

    Meet the cast! I what to meet Tai’. She looks fierce!

  39. Joe says:

    Tai’ has that Jamie Lee Curtis look. I hope she wins!

  40. Lindsay says:

    Tai’s photo is scary, angry, frightening and beautiful! I LOVE THIS GIRL! I look forward to seeing her in the next SAW saga!

  41. Jerry says:

    After looking at all the girls, the hottest and prettiest is Tai, by far! She is the one! Looking forward to seeing her moves! I WANNA SEE HER MOVE IT! MOVE IT!

  42. Harry says:

    Looking forward to being tantalized by sexy Tai. Tantalizing Tai! Whew!

  43. Kurt says:

    All the girls look great! One stands out more than others. That would be Tai. She is beautiful, sexy and looks like she can kick some demon *~((&^&$&)%#“( Can I get your autograph?

  44. Dennis says:

    The last girl’s photo ROCKS!!! What is her name? She looks like you have *%#$`%&_~+*&+#%( ed with the wrong one!

  45. Cat says:

    Tai is gorgeous!! she has everything going for her…she looks like she can dominate any demon and make them do whatever she wants…she’s bad!!!

  46. Rico says:


  47. Stefan says:

    Go Sierra! She looks like a fighter in the trailor! Im rooting for her! Her picture looks like she wants to kick ~~@@*~@*#`%(&`$ Go girl! When can I meet u?

  48. Stefan says:

    Sierra looks like a fighter in the trailor! Her picture looks like she wants to kick &&*+++@#_@&^(_^ too! I hope she wins! When can I meet her??

  49. hannah says:

    Sarah Looks mysterious and beautiful

  50. Stefan says:

    Sierra looks like a fighter in the trailor! Her picture looks like she wants to kick )#^!$&&^~)))~^% too! I hope she wins!! I wanna meet her!

  51. anderson pete says:

    gabby looks like @(+*@*%@)&($!@&`

  52. Brad says:

    I wanna meet Sierra and Sarah! Im rooting for them! They look like true Scream Queens!

  53. ddweiss says:

    sarah is sooo Hott!!! Sierra and sarah are gonna rock this show

  54. jenny2010 says:

    I hope sarah wins , she looks like she has something going on behind that smile

  55. Sara says:

    I love the trailer Tai and Jessica are amazing. Tai as the vampire and Jessica licking the glass. Those two females got into their character.

  56. Toya says:

    Tai was serving them broads. TEAM TAI all day!!!! She looks like she’s letting them all know if you have no talent then BOUNCE!!!!

  57. forne says:

    Sarah is a pretty woman. Wish I could meet the entire Scream Queen 2 cast.

  58. scully says:

    Tai’s picture is FIERCE! FIERCE TAI.

  59. alex says:

    All these actresses deserve a round of applause and a standing ovation. They are the cast of Scream Queens 2. They are all winners. The best is yet to come.

  60. terry says:

    i never watched this show. Since the viewing trailer, I will watch to see how it turns out. I rooting for Tai, Jessica, and Gabby. i want to see more of them!

  61. stan says:

    All of these females are truly sexy, better than last season. This trailer is even better.

  62. Cruz says:

    Tai is the one to beat this season.

  63. Aaron says:

    Tai is a hottie!

  64. robert says:

    wow. go sierra!!!! i can see it in her eyes during the trailor she wants it bad! im rooting for shes hot!!

  65. Kyle says:

    The only one they picked right is Tai. She is sexy and she looks like she doesnt take ^#%`@+)+`+&$)*#` She doesnt look like a scream queen she looks more like lara croft meets halle berry

  66. Aly says:

    Allison looks like a young Sharon Stone in her head shot.

  67. Tiffany says:

    “If you wanna bring it bring it over here!” Tai is one strong kick ~^%`#@&`^&__^*& chick!

  68. Charlie says:

    Tai Looks Great. Glad to See you have some mix in the cast. She is beautiful. Great look in the eyes and wonderful mouth.

  69. Carmela says:

    Tai is gorgeous and very talented. She always gives it her all when it comes to acting and always leaves you wanting more. No one else deserves to win more than her. I am definitely team Tai.

  70. Trevor says:

    This show looks amazing, I can’t wait to check it out! I am cheering for the ONE and ONLY Tai however. That was one SWEET, TALENTED actress, I can’t get enough of looking at her.

  71. anete27 says:

    Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I have seen that girl in a ad before !!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Kyle says:

    wow! You can tell Sierra wants it bad! “I have so much more in me!” I hope she goes till the end! Im rooting for her! I hope I can meet her someday!

  73. Cassie says:

    I ENVY Tai she’s gorgeous and obviously has a strong demeanor. I hope she wins!!!!

  74. Lindsay says:

    Tai is my fav.

  75. Amber says:

    “This isn’t a modeling competition this is an acting competition!” I love that quote from the trailer… whoever said that is who I’m rooting for.

    P.S all of the ladies are beautiful.

  76. Clarissa says:

    TAI TAI TAI TAI she looks B.A.

  77. Nina says:

    I think I like the sister Tai she looked good especially as a vampire she should be on trueblood!!

  78. k says:

    Tai is gonna win she was a sexy and mean looking vampire !!
    she better win !
    Go Tai !

  79. deedee says:

    i LOVE Tai !! she should win <3

  80. Bethany says:

    Tai is a firecracker lol she should definately win !

  81. khadijah says:

    TEAM TAI !!! she should win ….she look absolutely amazing as a vampire!!

  82. Brittany says:

    im rooting for Tai ….she looks amazing

  83. Ashley says:

    honestly rosanna and serria look lik they dont belong …why smile not this isnt a beauty pagent this is scream queens 2 ….we’re looking for the next best actress not miss america …..TEAM TAI!!!!!!

  84. Annie says:

    i hope Tai wins

  85. Dionne says:

    Tai needs 2 win ! she seems real and down to earth oh fierce pic btw !!

  86. Jazmine says:

    Tai looks lik a true actress ….GO Tai !

  87. Balana says:

    i cant tell Tai is the diva of the house ….she is beautiful btw

  88. Marie says:

    Tai is going to win

  89. Anna says:

    Tai’s picture is sooo fierce! i want her to win !

  90. Esha says:

    Team Tai !!!

  91. Ty says:

    Well since my name is Ty of course I’m rooting for TAI!! YOU GO GIRL

  92. Kelsie says:

    I agree with most of the comments I like TAI.

  93. Matt says:

    All the ladies are beautiful but in the trailer Tai caught my eye that girl has charisma. Did you guys see her stance? she is about business.

  94. Kat says:

    Allison looks like a bimbo!!! && poor little Lana doesn’t look like she belongs in the competition but she must be able to act if she’s on here…
    Good Luck Ladies but I like Tai.

  95. Sonia says:

    Tai looks amazing I would choose her to win in Scream Queens 2 if I had to VOTE.

  96. Smitty31 says:


  97. Jose says:

    I like Jessica and Tai they look like they can act and they fine

  98. Martie says:

    TEAM TAI is the trend around here so i’m joining the team too! TEAM TAI!!!!!

  99. Lisa says:

    I LOVE Tai’s picture she’s a bombshell and she’s like everyones favorite… you go girl!!!! Can’t wait to see her in movies.

  100. Leah says:

    Christine and Gabby are the only forgettable faces. I can live without seeing them on the show.

  101. Taelor says:

    TAI is the best everyone looks great but I love Tai. that is all

  102. Whitney says:

    Wow Tai has a lot of fans! Im glad to see its not only me! Looking at the pictures Tai and Jessica stand out as the 2 to beat. They are really performing in their pictures!

  103. Sara says:

    TEAM TAI! That picture is fierce! She looks like she will kick Freddys $*_(@@~)_##~_)@ and then make Jason Voorhies her !+~_`+)^+^~_$!&(! WOW!

  104. Layla says:

    I like Tais picture the best and then Jessicas and then Allisons. Pretty girls.

  105. Tracy says:

    I predict Tai will win! If not the show sucks!

  106. Juice says:

    That last girl is sexy as hell

  107. Erik says:

    I dont know what all the hype about tai is…i dont see it at all!

  108. Matt says:

    Sierra and Rosanna stand out to me the most! Im rooting for them!!

  109. scottie says:

    Allison is by far the most beautiful one, she’s an amazing dancer and she is not a dumb blonde!

  110. Nikki says:

    I am a die hard Tai FAN!!!

  111. Mykal says:

    Tai is a hottie, she’s got my vote.

  112. Blu says:

    Who couldn’t like Tai and Jessica they are HOT.

  113. Lee says:

    Tai and Jessica are bringing it in the trailer. What beautiful ladies!!! I want Tai to bite me and Jessica to lick me all over. Oh Yeah!

  114. Brad says:

    If you look at the pictures there are only two believable characters, Tai and Gabby. One of them should win the competition.

  115. Dane says:

    i can see Tai kicking some demon +!$+!+^%&_##(!% She looks like she is saying “bring it on”!

  116. Rob says:

    I like to see Tai in action. What a hot girl!

  117. Dean says:

    Tai is a cutie pie! I would like to be stranded with her.

  118. Kim says:

    These girls don’t look like Scream Queens. They look like wanna be models trying to be Scream Queens. Except Gabby Jessica and Tai. Allison looks like a Hugh Hefner reject, Christine looks like a plain jane, Karlie looks like a hip hop video girl, Lana just doesn’t belong at all she looks old!, Rosanna looks like she’s trying to be bad, Sarah looks too innocent, and Sierra looks like she was just dancing in a club all night! Gabby gives me the creeps! Jessica looks like a survivor! And Tai looks like she kicks butt! Those 3 are Scream Queens. VH1 failed when they picked those other girls.

  119. Jack says:

    Tai, Sierra, Gabby, and Christine look like SCREAM QUEENS2 in their photos. Jessica looks like she is scared to death! DID SOMEONE MAKE YOU CRY HONEY? As stated in the trailer, this is an acting competition not a modeling competition. The other girls posed like models.

  120. Ace says:

    The fabulous 10 SCREAM QUEENS2 actresses! All of them are beautiful and apparently psycho! Why else would you be chosen on this reality show? You all are true actresses! I hope this show takes your careers to new heights!

  121. Shelby says:

    The sky is the limit for Tai and Jessica. Those girls are going to go real far!

  122. Paul says:

    I absolutely adore the last girl’s picture. She looks like ” I ain’t running no damn more”!

  123. Jeremy says:

    Tai is my favorite pic!

  124. Pierce says:

    I like to kiss Tai all over! She is sexy as hell!

  125. Michelle K says:

    I like the last girl the names don’t pop up on my phone but she looks serious and the girl that is shhh-ing us is so bad $~(%#%&!(@~#^~@ for that! Good luck Ladies

  126. Rissa says:

    Everyone deserves their props.. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

  127. Deb says:

    You can tell every girls strengths in their pictures. I love it

  128. Jen says:

    Tai has FANS.. love her she’s already my favorite!

  129. Trish says:

    Tai’s got me like BABY BABY BABY ohhhh… lol she’s fierce!

  130. Pinky says:

    I can see fire in Tai’s eyes. Looking good girl! GO KICK SOME DEMON +@%$^((#@$$*)!@

  131. John says:


  132. Bill says:


  133. Lupe says:

    I would love to play some hide n seek with Tai. Catch me if you can!

  134. Lamar says:

    Tai should be the next face of a horror flick!

  135. Fusion says:

    Tai’s eyes look amazing in this photo.

  136. Damon says:

    Ssssh! I have the hots for Tai and Rosanna.

  137. Jake says:

    Sierra looks like she could be Frankestein’s bride. SCARRRRY!

  138. Jason says:

    This show sucked last season! Hopefully, they chose the right girl this year. Better yet, let the viewer’s decide. Tai or Jessica should win. I would be surprised if they don’t!

  139. Drew says:

    Tai can I get your autograph? I love you and I don’t even know you.

  140. Josh says:

    Sarah looks so sweet and innocent. She is gorgeous! Tai looks sexy and hot. I would like to see more of the two of them.

  141. Cameron says:

    Pictures say a thousand words. Gabby, Christina, Sierra and Tai have the look of a SCREAM QUEEN actress.

  142. Joe says:

    I love how some of these pictures show the dark side of the ladies. Gabby and Tai look like they have had enough demons chasing their !&%#*!$*!`&*^^@ es. Christina looks like the girl in the “Ring”. Sierra looks like she ate the demon for lunch! Jessica looks like she has been crying all night. I hope this show helps their careers. Otherwise, they may turn dark! REAL DARK!

  143. Mel says:

    Tai looks like she can beat the cramp out of someone. She is one fine lady.

  144. Moe says:

    I predict Tai to win. I see real talent in that girl!

  145. Rick says:

    Allison and Tai are bombshell beauties.

  146. Samantha says:

    Gabby looks like Linda Blair from the “Exorcist”. Christina looks like the female character in the “Ring”. Sierra looks possessed! Tai looks like she won the fight with Freddie K and went looking for Jason. Allison looks like a blonde bad !^+()#*~&!(+)`^ Lindsay Lohan. I LOVE ALL OF THESE ACTRESSES. Good Luck!

  147. Bradley says:

    Tai and Jessica are my favorite this season. I wish them all the best!

  148. Adele says:

    Its funny to see people judge people based only on pictures. congrats to all the girls…they had to beat thousands for this show so they all are winners and its up to them to push their careers forward. There will always be haters..especially if their life sucks

  149. fran says:

    Tai looks beatiful and intense she is number 1!

  150. Ford says:

    I wish all these ladies the best because they are the BEST! They are all upcoming actresses. It is time for some new faces in Hollywood and New York.

  151. Gary says:

    I like the last female in her pic and in the trailer. BRING IT GIRL!

  152. martin says:

    damn TAI is HOT!! The trailer is off the chain she’S my pick. I love everything about her especially her lips. LETS KISS

  153. Marc says:

    True talent displayed in the trailer from the females I recognize in the pic, Gabby, Tai, Jessica.

  154. brent says:


  155. Ed says:

    Nice trailer of Scream Queens 2. I think the group picture is nice. These girls are going to go far.

  156. Mitch says:

    I can see Allison portraying “Carrie”. She has nice alluring eyes. I like Tai’s eyes too! Both of them are beautiful women.

  157. TONY says:

    I checked out all the pics. They look good but that girl Tai MMMMMMMMMM YUMMY! I see the fear and the natural talent in her. All I can say is Fresh!!!! I look foward to seeing her on the show.

  158. samuel says:

    sierra is nice. but TAI has that “GIVE MORE” WHATs THE 411? Married, Single, Looking. I want to walk the red carpet with you baby! I AM READY.

  159. Lacey says:

    They should all be casted in the next horror flick. They all are talented. Hell, they beat the hundreds of hopefuls for the reality show. These girls have proven that they have what it takes. I like them all, especially Tai. Bring it! Bring it over here!

  160. Chris says:

    There are ten real winners on this show. Ladies be proud of yourselves. You are following your dreams, which is really what reality is made of! Stay positive.

  161. Tran says:

    I like the Vampire in the trailer. Awesome costume and nice acting by the actress.

  162. Jacob says:

    Hollywood is in need of some fresh talent and new faces. These girls are going places. BIG PLACES!

  163. Larry says:

    I cannot stop watching the trailer. Great acting job. The ladies are very convincing, especially the Vampire. She should be in the next Twilight, True Blood or the new show The Gates. Nice job!

  164. Langston says:

    I cannot wait to see the challenges and see how each girl overcomes them. I enjoyed last season. Although who I thought should have won did not. I hope I am not disappointed this time.

  165. Billy says:

    It was a good idea to start a reality show made up of aspiring actresses. Hopefully, they will not be pigeon whole into performing in just horror flicks. I am sure they have more talent then just that.

  166. Pete says:

    Nice opening pic and ending pic. Very attractive girls. I hope they act as good as they look!

  167. Jordan says:

    I would like to take on the FEARLESS ONE TAI. Damn girl, you turn me on!

  168. Kevin says:

    Jessica overacts in the picture she crying. Why???? In the trailer, she is just overkill. I like Gabby and Tai.

  169. Kyle says:

    Where are the actresses from last season? Is this going to be another where are they now show? At least these girls will get their one minute of fame. I hope you girls have good representation!

  170. Drake says:

    Tai is #%*)#$*^)+*+&!$& in sexy. I am wishing on a star to find out where u r. I love to meet u.

  171. Blake says:

    I never heard of this show before until I saw the trailer. Great job ladies! I just might watch the first episode.

  172. Carrington says:

    I am rooting for Tai the VAMPIRE all the way! Its the season for VAMPIRES.

  173. Rosa says:

    Allison’s face is flawless…she’s amazing looking. I hear they are going to Comi-Con..that’s great

  174. Ashley says:

    Allison is the best! She is a Scream Queen for sure!

  175. Chez says:

    ummm…duh, is everyone blind?!?! Allison is the hottest by far!!!

  176. Brandon says:

    Allison and Tai are pretty girl I would love to see them in movies and they are the most popular girls on here.. YOU’VE GOT A FAN IN ME LADIES

  177. Harley says:

    I’m infatuated with Tai, her picture just draws you in. “Be afraid ladies, be very afraid”

  178. Maxwell says:

    I can’t wait to see the fight between the two girls Tai and Gaby. Tai looks like she won that argument hands down! Plus her picture looks like “You’ve messed with the wrong B*tch”

  179. Kinglsey says:


  180. Blu L says:

    I say throw Jessica, Rosanna, Sarah and Tai in a horror movie together and we’ve got magic. They’re all beautiful and they all have their own flare.

  181. Mark says:

    Tai is good looking.

  182. Blair says:

    I’m just going to jump on the Tai band wagon, she seems interesting.

  183. Lyric says:

    I’m posting this on twitter.. #TEAMTAI

  184. Mike says:

    This show is stupid!! Are you kidding me they compete to be in horror movies? where’s the girl from last year she didn’t do ##*%&@`)#^~`^*+% but Saw..?? Ladies you all deserve better.

  185. Melanie says:

    I scream, you scream we all Scream “Tai for SCREAM QUEEN”

  186. says:

    I tell you one thing if Tai or Jessica don’t win this I refuse to watch VH1 all together.

  187. Mellisa says:

    I can definitely see the hype about Allison and Tai, they are beautiful! & they are very popular. Good Luck Ladies

  188. Tessa says:

    All the girls look great, but Allison is stunning, I saw her in person at a premiere the other night and she is way prettier and nice too

  189. Mandy says:

    I am a Tai fan. I like her pic and her in the trailer.

  190. Becky says:

    Since I am a VAMPIRE, I am rooting for you Tai.

  191. Ameila says:

    I like the girl in the trailer who says “Bring it over here”. I LOVE IT!

  192. Marshal says:

    I like how the ladies transform into character. Tai as a VAMPIRE was phenomenal.

  193. Liz says:

    After watching the trailer, I am a Tai and Jessica fan. I am not sure which lady was screaming on the floor, but that was not believable.

  194. Max says:

    I like the innocence in Lana and Sarah’s pics. They are surely the first to be axed in a horror flick. Tai looks like she is not willing to give up without a fight. Gabby looks like her head just finished spinning around.

  195. Hailey says:

    VAMPIRE shows are in. I like Tai the Vampire.

  196. Cole says:

    The last girl in the pic was very good in the trailer as a VAMPIRE. Nice job!

  197. Clay says:

    Stage presence is important. The female named Tai had me captivated in her black dress in the trailer. She was posing her %*~`_(!&_^~)%$( off. This girl has charisma.

  198. Leo says:

    I wish you all the best since you are going to need it! The girls in the last season did not do ~&%+(!%_*$@%%~^` NONE OF THEM!

  199. Houston says:

    Tai looks like the one to beat this season, even in the trailer, the girl looks like a little badass!

  200. gAbRiElLa says:

    I am rooting for Tai the Vampire!!!! Her picture reminds me of a young Jamie Lee Curtis or a young Sigourney Weaver. She looks fierce and ready to fight aliens or monsters. That’s hot!

  201. TERESA says:


  202. Antoine says:

    Rosanna and Tai look bad (#~$!#~&^**$`!) I like fine bad (#~$!#~&^**$`!) chicks!!!!

  203. Cynthia says:

    I can’t judge anyone until I see the show. Good look ladies you’ll need it.

  204. Johnson says:

    I like Sierra’s picture…its badass! She could play a sexy vampire…like on twilight or something! I hope she wins!

  205. HartFelt says:


  206. katie says:

    Tai Tai Tai, you wanna bring it! bring it! this girl is amazing, if anyone disagrees, your a hater! The whole trailer was based around this girl, if she doesn’t win, i will never watch VH1 again. All the other girls look like fakes. This girl is the real deal!

  207. sammie says:

    Tai, you looked awesome as a vampire…you should have your own twilight series…..

  208. Terry says:

    I am for TEAM TAI

  209. -A says:

    I love Tai’s picture everyone says she was a great vampire in the trailer, maybe she should be on The Gate or my favorite show Trueblood.

  210. David says:

    =) Tai is HOT!

  211. Aria says:

    Go ahead and do the damn thing Tai!! I saw some of her work, she is truly beautiful.

  212. Laurence says:

    I have a crush on Tai. She’s a hot commodity!

  213. Raggs says:

    Chicago represent…. TAI!!!!!!

  214. Larke says:

    When are we going to see all the ladies out promoting the show?? or atleast on the radio?

  215. cathy says:

    Wow Allison’s pic is so good. She’s beautiful, looks like a young Michelle Pheiffer

  216. What the hell!!!! says:

    Ok…you people are nuts, Tai is by far the ugliest girl in the competition. She drives me insane! I totally hope Gabby lasts longer than her after seeing their fight in the trailer! Gabby and Allison are by FAR the prettiest girls in the competition!!

  217. NASTYNESS!! says:

    For those of you that think Tai is the best are ))~++_!(#`#^+#%+_( ed!! Just because she thinks she is a diva doesn’t mean that she deserves to win the show!

  218. Lena says:

    HATERS… Team Tai

  219. Duke says:

    I love me some Tai. Great pic, nice trailer! The girl is destined for stardom!

  220. Stefanie says:

    Everybody is gonna watch the show because of Tai. She brought it in the trailer. If she wasnt on the show it wouldn’t be worth watching really. What is so interesting about a bunch of wanna be actors? And Saw is a dying franchise. Reality tv is based on drama.

  221. ChiBoy says:

    They have one of Chicagos finest on the show. Chi-Town stand up! Tai you look good girl. Show them how we get down in the Chi.

  222. Rodney says:

    Tai you have fans and haters! You are on your way girl! Represent for C-H-I-C-A-G-O you know we dont take mess! You made us proud. Tai is our girl.

  223. Kory says:

    Tai has caught my eye.

  224. Lynda says:

    I think the last girl’s picture is awesome! Fear Factor!

  225. Angie says:

    I am torn about watching this show. I like the trailer. Especially the girl who says bring it! Bring it over here! Maybe, I will watch it just to see if there is any reality in SCREAM QUEENS 2.

  226. Gwen says:

    Tai looks fabulous in the pic and SCREAM QUEENS 2 trailer. I would like to see more of her. Good Luck to you Tai!

  227. Julian says:

    Tai’s eyes look DRAMATIC in this photo. Nice horror picture! Nice selection VH1.

  228. Prada says:

    Tai looks insanely cute! I love her in the trailer! I know she will bring it!

  229. Gil says:

    Tai looks like a diamond in the rough! I am excited about watching the show.

  230. House says:

    Tai looks bone chilling!

  231. Haskell says:

    The magic is in the mix. I like Tai, Jessica and Sarah!

  232. Lane says:

    These girls should have taken horror pics. There are only a few that possibly look terrifying. I like Tai’s pic the best! After watching the trailer, I am a Tai fan!

  233. Heather says:

    After watching the VH1 trailer of the show. I too am a Tai fan.

  234. Dale says:

    Allison looks like a beautiful Porn star!

  235. Jada says:

    The show looks like ACTOR’S BOOTCAMP! I hope they all meet the challenge! In the trailer they are either crying, snapping, licking, ditching or ~!)(_*^_!#!*~+($) ing! Acting not so much!

  236. Warren says:

    Since I like VAMPIRES. I LIKE TAI

  237. Colby says:

    I like how this show is introducing these actresses to the world! They have fresh looks. Each of them have different, yet nice photos. I like Tai’s pic the best! She looks like a horror scarlet.

  238. Raun says:

    Can Tai come take a bite out of me? She was ^^~+$~+%$(&%#_(* in hot in that VAMPIRE costume.

  239. Hype says:

    I cannot believe that VH1 put ten !!_(@_(_^@$#_^$#~ y competitive females together and comprised a reality show. Only the strong will survive. I rooting for the girl who says “BRING IT”!

  240. Elisabeth says:

    I watched last season and was looking forward to this season. But, the girl screaming in the shower cannot act worth a &)#*!~%()@~+%*&` SHE IS UNBELIEVABLE!

  241. RJ says:

    Nice special effects and creative design in the trailer. I like the vampire female costume and the female in it!

  242. Gene says:


  243. Trenton says:

    Seriously? ALL THESE FEMALES ARE %$%@+~~)+_+__$#! IN HOT!!! Although, I like Tai the best!

  244. Roman says:

    I like the last girls pic best! She looks like a HORROR SCARLET.

  245. Bryce says:

    The female named Tai looks like a fearless chick!

  246. Selma says:

    i hope this is not the last season for this show. The first season sucked! This season looks like it is going to suck too!

  247. Melody says:

    Gabby’s pic looks like a shaggy dog.

  248. Twin says:

    I wanna see Tai bring it on this show!

  249. Jax says:

    I need an autograph from Tai. She is going to be a star!

  250. Karlin says:

    I know how hard it is to be in the entertainment business. These girls have a long road ahead of them. They will learn soon enough, it is all about who you know. No acting experience is really needed. Look at the last season’s winner – No experience, okay acting. BUT, WHERE IS SHE NOW? Ladies, Good Luck on your journey!

  251. Ally says:

    Either these girls have talent or they don’t! They must have something since they were the ten selected for the show. Some of them will reach stardom. Girls, you all have a fan in me!

  252. Stewart says:

    You are all beautiful! If all else fails, try out for America’s Next Top Model. However, for this show, I like Tai. I am a Tai fan!

  253. Diaz says:

    As a photographer, I would have only shot pictures of the ladies in character. Many of these pictures should be on comp cards. These are not the right pictures for the show. Only a few of these girls picture are horror related, Gabby and Tai’s picture are the best!

  254. Raleigh says:

    Tai looks real evil. Go kick some demon ~&`^!*_^*&$((%! girl!

  255. Kent says:


  256. Stone says:

    I want to meet the VH1 cast member name Tai. She looks great in the trailer and in this pic. I wanna her! Yep! Yep!

  257. Jana says:

    VAMPIRES are in, ZOMBIES are out! I like the vampire in the trailer.

  258. Joi says:

    The future looks bright for Tai and Jessica. I loved them in the trailer.

  259. Kirk says:

    Tai looks like she does not take anyone’s %*&+#^$)~$~@(*$^ In the pic and in the trailer. Let’s go demon hunting together.

  260. Mason says:

    There is a star awaiting each of you. An even larger star for the girl who says “bring it” in the trailer. That female has natural talent.

  261. Char says:

    CONGRATS LADIES! Follow your dreams and be happy!

  262. Elvis says:

    I cannot wait to see the acting ability of these ladies. The top ten! That is AWESOME! Congratulations to all of you! You are all the best of the best! The best is yet come!

  263. Epps says:

    I am willing to bet that the judges choose the wrong girl. Just like last season.

  264. Scalper says:

    Gee…I wonder if Tai has any friends posting on these pages haha?

    In all seriousness, though, one really can’t judge the caliber of these girls’ acting by just watching a trailer. we’ll see how they are during the show. I’m a little disappointed that, once again, they’ve cast “cookie cutter” pretty actresses for a movie in a subgenre that is one of the places where “strange” works the best (Angela Bettis, anyone?), but it’s Vh1, so of course most of the girls will be plastic. The challenges look intersting, so I suppose I’ll watch.

  265. Chess says:

    Muy Caliente Jessica She is sexy and beautiful

  266. Jose says:

    Damn Jessica looks good in the trailer. I think i’m in love

  267. Steph says:

    I looked them all up on IMDB and Allison is the only one who has actually done anything! So my bet is she wins!!!

  268. Jordan says:

    Im rooting for Sierra! I am getting good vibes from her!

  269. TONY says:

    yes baby season 2 is here folks****** when can i scream..

  270. Stu says:

    I AM STOKED!!!! Tai pic is really Cool.

  271. Sara says:

    Gabby = fabby! Watch the sneak premiere, girl’s this season’s Tanedra, methinks.

  272. Monica says:

    Tai love? Ewww she looks like a pile of dog $hit!

  273. bawitdaba says:

    Allison Kyler is AMAZING she just got signed to Maxim Mag!

  274. Dennis Owens says:

    Great show, can’t wait to see the whole episode. DIAF

  275. MikeHamby says:

    I just saw Allison Kyler and Rosanna Pansino on NSFW Show with Brian Brushwood and Justin R Young on the TWiT network. Allison and Rosanna were incredible in a new internet summer smash, Zombie President.

  276. jason says:

    wow, this show looks amazing… I can not wait

  277. MikeHamby says:

    NSFW Show fans evenly divided between Team Allison and Team Rosanna. I think they are both great!

  278. Newman says:

    I have never seen any of the saw movies (gasp) I know right. But I will be watching saw 3D just because one of these ladies will be in it. I look forward to it.
    Headshots can be so boring sometimes (like I would know, I’m not a photographer), I like that Rosanna is doing the ” I have a secret” thing, and that …about to get bitten by a vampire pose from Allison is classic. Gabbys photo looks like something right out of sin city, and Karlie’s photo would have been better without the blur, bummer but still a hot potato. uggh I hate having to wait to see how the premiere ends, but anticipation is a part of horror right. I’d hate to see anyone go home just yet.

  279. DarlinNikki says:

    Watched the first episode and Jessica and Tai are the only two worth watching.

  280. daniel says:

    wow how is tai the sexiest or whatever lol i remember that someone said tai brought it in the trailer it was only one clip of her and besides the producer people only pick clips that are the best of the girls to make the trailer interesting so people can watch how could you know if someone is going to win just by one clip?

  281. michael says:


  282. lisa says:

    i believe allison or gabby will win they are by far the prettiest

  283. trisha says:

    allison all the way

  284. whitney says:

    jessica looks like she farted or something tai looks a little confused gabby looks like she had a hangover

  285. Rita says:

    Wow! Just saw the first episode and I’m addicted to this show now. Tai stood out and she brought it to the table! I’ll continue to watch as long as she’s in it. Go Tai!

  286. susie says:

    Can wait to see Tai she would be great for the part.

  287. Britney says:

    Allison had me laughing on the show but looks better in pictures after watching the show she looks old and icky photoshop is her best friend

  288. Chantel says:

    TAI, All About The Benjamins is one of my top 10 movies. From one Chi town native to another, Good Luck !!!!!! Wild Wild 100′s Rep

  289. Nitty says:

    Need to see more Karlie

  290. victoria says:

    my favorite after seeing the first show is jessica she is great i hope she wins good luck girl

  291. PERSIQ says:

    Wow I am so happy to see beautiful young lady from the Boogie Down Bronx….I hope that she wins…not because she is just beautiful, because she is from the BX even though it would fantastic to see someone from the Bronx to blow up in Hollywood and make it. The first of course was Sexy Beautiful Jennifer Lopez who I adore. So….as I was saying this young lady is very talented….from her first perfomance where she had to act like she was waking up from a bad dream….I pray she makes it alll the wayyyyyy……It’s so nice to show that not everyone needs to go to acting school, come from LA, Hollywood, Manhattan or come from money to have talent and make it in the acting industry…..
    God Bless Her & her family……………..



  292. Mary says:

    I like Rosanna!! I think her picture turned out the best… like she has a secret or something :) TEAM ROSANNA!!! WOO WOO

  293. jessica says:

    jessica and gabby are really good, and allison is a `()`_%^!*~*#&))_`

  294. Me says:

    Sierra’s a porn star from some where. Im sure of it. look fer up

  295. Hosea says:

    Tai rocked the first episode. And the girl is beautiful. Team Tai!

  296. Ross says:

    After watching the show, I am a Tai fan too! That girl has real talent.

  297. Wade says:

    Gaby should have gone home, not Lana. Gaby is a poor actress.

  298. Scott says:

    Gaby’s acting ability truly SUCKS!

  299. Zach says:

    That Tai is funny as hell! I am a Tai fan too!

  300. Don says:

    Poor, poor Gaby, you should thank your lucky stars that you had a save. Your ))()^^$`_~$^&*# should have gone home. The judges made a bad choice! Hopefully, they see the light and send your ))()^^$`_~$^&*# home next week!

  301. Geoffry says:

    I love me some Tai and Jessica! Those are the best actresses of this competition. Good Luck Ladies. I hope either of you win!

  302. Sting says:

    What does anyone see in Jessica? She is not that good of an actress. She needs more acting classes.

  303. Prince says:

    I would not watch this show if Tai was not on it! She is a good actress and funny too!

  304. Vic says:

    Tai is !#(_%&$)%~“%&)_ in sexy!

  305. Andrew says:

    Tai fan!

  306. Kia says:

    I absolutely LOVE Tai. I hope she wins it all!

  307. Shane says:

    Allison is cut throat! Her comment on the show about Gaby “Try ten decades _#$$`~@@$%`*`&^+@ was just mean! Although I am not a Gaby fan! GABY SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT HOME! No way should she have been saved. No way!

  308. Gavin says:

    I find Tai very interesting. I am interested in seeing her in future episodes.

  309. Bruno says:

    All these girls are sexy and hot! I find Tai hotter! She is glamorous and funny! I love a girl with a sense of humor!

  310. Rowe says:

    I do like what i see when I look at Jessica and Tai! I was appalled when they were on the list! I never want to see that again! That was just not cool VH1. These ladies are going to go far in their careers.

  311. Liza says:

    Sierra looks so,,, spacey. Hello, Is anyone in there?

  312. Meghan says:

    TEAM TAI! She rocked on the show. Keep up the good work girl!

  313. Tad says:

    Tai looked sexy as hell in that lingerie! She is a hot chick!

  314. Viv says:

    Gaby is a liar! She knows how she lost her voice on the show. When the Director asked her how she lost her voice, she said “screaming”. She should have been studying her craft opposed to playing around! Her `@(+!`)^^$)(+(( should have gone home! NOT A GABY FAN!

  315. Hawley says:

    That female judge SUCKS! She acts like she is jealous of these actresses. Her feedback is not constructive it is insulting. Don’t listen to her ladies. Her acting SUCKS! Where did she come from anyway? VH1 bring back the female judge from last season! By the way, I am a Tai fan too!

  316. Willow says:

    Jessica needs more acting classes. She is not a strong contender. Gaby has a better chance at winning then Jessica. Gaby cannot act!

  317. Bailey says:

    Why are Gaby and Christine joined together at the hip on this show? I guess the two of them together make one whole actress. LOL!

  318. Free says:

    If the viewers could vote, we would have ousted GABY! I like Tai and Jessica.

  319. Matt says:

    Tai is amazing! Funny too!

  320. Vince says:

    Gaby needs to go to GABYLAND! Since she cannot act, get rid of her. Send her off to GABYLAND.

  321. Daly says:

    Tai is an actress and comedian. Two for two! I love her on this show!

  322. Gibson says:

    Girls do book jobs based on look. That is why Gaby won the first challenge. Otherwise, she would have gone home. Her acing is not so good. Sorry, Gaby, I am not a fan.

  323. Ana says:

    There are seven forgettable girls in this competition, Allison, Lana, Gabby, Christine, Rosana, Sarah, and Karlie. I am rooting for Sierra, Jessica and Tai

  324. Jamie says:

    I’ll be watching to see Tai. She was so… funny! Nice acting too!

  325. Stanley says:

    Gabby should go to GABBYLAND!

  326. Rosie says:

    Gabby in and Lana out. Hell no! This show is full of `*(#))$)#*&^*%&% Lana since you father is a Director, maybe he should direct this show. They need help! Gabby should go home! She is awful. Why did she get mad at you and Tai? Both of you were telling the truth! She SUCKS as an actress.

  327. Dani says:

    This show is comic relief. Allison, Sierra, Jessica and Tai are too funny! I am a fan of all of these ladies.

  328. Timmy says:

    Rosanna’s acting is coming up short! Gabby and Sierra too!

  329. Clint says:

    Tai is already a celebrity in my eyes. This girl has talent!

  330. Jinx says:

    What a mistake to keep Gabby on the show I am disappointed with the judges. There is no such thing as a pass. Even American Idol does not waste a save on losers!

  331. Leonie says:

    This show is not about talented actresses it is about the look. Sexy and horror looks. Ladies, this is a horror flick. The person with the horror look will win this competition. Jessica and Tai will not win because they are sexy! They are the strongest in the competition. Get good agents ladies.

  332. Chad says:

    Tai and Jessica are good actresses. I would like to see them win this competition. But, if they don’t, they will still do well.

  333. Ned says:

    I LOVE TAI! She has the total package.

  334. Maddox says:

    Tai has personality plus!

  335. Lulu says:

    Oh yeah! I am a Tai fan after watching the first episode.

  336. Marcy says:

    What’s a show without a little drama? I want to see more backstabbing from Allison and Jessica. They are two competitive ladies.

  337. Lucas says:

    Tai needs her own series. That girl is funny.

  338. Martin says:

    I just finish watching the first episode Tai and Jessica are in it to win it! I hope either of them wins!

  339. Fabian says:

    Tai is incredible. I like her personality on this show. She is incredibly hot too!

  340. Elliott says:

    Tell me why Gabby won the first challenge? Because she looks like she just rolled out of bed? The judges know trash when they see it.

  341. Lance says:

    After watching the first episode, I am officially a Tai fan.

  342. Jake says:

    I like Tai too!

  343. Franco says:

    It is odd to see Tai on this show. She is more talented than this. This girl has been on the big screen before.

  344. Hank says:

    Jessica is a weak actress. She may get better in time. Keep up with your acting classes. Gabby too!

  345. Korte says:

    I am obssessed with Tai. She looked so #+%`*#)(%$`*++_( in hot in that black dress. Damn, the girl knows fashion. She was the best dressed in the first episode.

  346. Bradford says:

    It is no excuse to keep Gabby in this competition. She deserved to go home. I hate this show already.

  347. Karl says:

    Gabby should not get anymore free passes. This is worst than Favre throwing away the Superbowl. The girl cannot even follow simple directions. I like Tai this season.

  348. DJ says:

    Tai is a darn good actress on this show. Good Luck to her.

  349. Morgan says:

    I want to see more Tai. She makes me LOL!

  350. Vega says:

    Sierra is too funny! Acting is not her forte.

  351. Perry says:

    If it takes two decades to become an actress I Tune girl (Allison) , I am discouraged. I hope this show furthers your career.

  352. Nic says:

    Saw 3D? I would like to see Jessica, Tai, and Sarah in 3D.

  353. Zone says:

    VH1 are you kiddin me? Gabby should have gone home.

  354. Maggi says:

    I know talent when i see it. Jessica’s acting classes have paid off. She is focused, takes notes, and listens. Gabby on the other hand, needs work. A lot of work! Tai is a natural talent. She looks like she has actual experience.

  355. General says:

    The judges should feel like !@&%*##+)^*+&_@+ for letting Lana depart the show. Gabby should have gone home first. Lana deserved another shot.

  356. Keri says:

    Gabby is the worst! Take a big girl pill and grow up! Based on the first episode, Gabby should have gone home.

  357. Art says:

    The female judge should be replaced with Judge Judy. She has more credibility.

  358. Porter says:

    Saw 3D is a pretty catchy name change for Saw 7 since it is a dying franchise. VH1 needs to invest in another movie.

  359. WannaJoke says:

    Any publicity is good publicity for these ladies. This show is going no where fast!

  360. Lee says:

    Ewww! Allison is ugly on screen. This pic does her good.

  361. Judy says:

    Christine is frail and thin. Why was the fairy chosen for the show? She is a twig! If she gets any thinner, she will disappear.

  362. Albert says:

    Stop it with the jealously! People are envious because they are not on the show. These girls deserved to be where they are. +@+~`$&()$`)%(#$ all the haters!

  363. Ellie says:

    Forgettable Karlie.

  364. Parker says:

    If all else fails, Sierra could be a PORN STAR! Allison will join her with that funny lookin hat on! The two of them would have a show to remember.

  365. Torres says:

    Would said Jessica was hot? She looks like an alien. Did you see her flabby %#*&%$~+)#!^%)% on the first episode. She is not a pretty girl.

  366. Fred says:

    Jessica is very unattractive. Her acting is not that good either.

  367. Dean says:

    Funny was watching Sarah go the &~&%&$`!%_+$__%$ off when smashing the pumkins. She really gave it up!

  368. Alexis says:

    Jessica needs to fire her acting coach.

  369. Jay says:

    Allison has crazy looking eyes. I betcha she sees double!

  370. Munoz says:

    Sorry Jessica, I am not a fan. I thought you were going to be good based on the trailer. But, you are a bit overrated. Take more acting classes.

  371. Grey says:

    Rosanna cannot act worth a (#+)$++^!^!+%@^+ Why in the hell would you freeze after given direction? She looked like a complete idiot!

  372. Patsy says:

    Gabby looks like a cross dresser. What an ugly girl?

  373. Tamara says:

    Gabby looks like she has been through a jungle. NOT A FAN!

  374. Noah says:

    Tai can act. I am a Tai fan!

  375. Leaf says:

    Have anymore wet dreams lately Sierra?

  376. Adam says:

    Hell no! Jessica looks more like a PORN STAR than Sierra and Allison.

  377. Melrose says:

    Gabby, Jessica and Lana took acting classes that tells you that they cannot act. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

  378. Virgina says:

    On the first episode Gabby looks like she is a catatonic state of confusion. She should be let go and fast!

  379. New York says:

    Jessica is a backstabbing competitive ^&)*@)(~@&%((~$`% I hope she losses!

  380. Christopher says:

    Judges please send Gabby home! She SUCKS!

  381. Nancy says:

    This is going to be the last season I watch this show. Gabby should have gone home! What @$&@!^!_@(`*~)!* in pass? I agree Lana’s inexperience showed. So did Gabby’s. Gabby said she worked as an actress for four years while in LA. Who would hire her? She does not know the words “ACTION”.

  382. Suhni says:

    I like Tai on the show. She is gorgeous and funny.

  383. Ben says:

    Sarah is a beautiful girl. But, she should stick to modeling and not act!

  384. Jennifer says:

    Gabby looks like poor white trash! She deserved to go home!

  385. Travis says:

    Sierra cannot act, not even in her make believe wet dream. Lana and Gabby need more acting classes. Sarah, Rosanna, and Christine need acting courses desperately. Jessica and Tai were very good. Way to go ladies!

  386. Ted says:

    Sierra needed a coverup. Her flabby stomach protruding from her lingerie looked disgusting! COVER UP NEXT TIME!

  387. Hayward says:

    Gabby looks and acts like a psycho. Her #+^#_@_&~$*+^_) just might win this competition.

  388. Nash says:

    Gabby should have been the first one out!

  389. Angela says:

    Must see more of Tai. She can get into character. I can see her featured in other roles.

  390. Niecy says:

    I like Tai. But, an African America won last year. Tai and Karlie do not have a chance in winning. Its a WHITE WORLD!

  391. Rizzo says:

    I would pic a pale face girl to win, either Christine or Gabby. They look like they would get butchered up in a horror flick. Christine would be cut up into tiny pieces since she is so skinny. Gabby in parts, because she is a bit larger. Plus, she might fight back.

  392. Crystal says:

    Tai was funny as hell in the first episode. Keep it comin girl!

  393. Rodriguez says:

    Jessica is far from a good actress. Don’t believe the hype!

  394. Bell says:

    Sierra pull it together and try to act. You can do more than porn. You need to lose some weight before you try your hand at porn anyway.

  395. Gio says:

    Tai is my favorite this season. Nice job in the first episode!

  396. Penny says:

    Allison is pretty in the pic. Real ugly on the show.

  397. Garmin says:

    Stand up and fight Rosanna! You have nice headlights.

  398. Rosita says:

    Jessica should live in acting classes. She looks silly!

  399. Roger says:

    I do not recall ever seeing a black female in any Saw movie until last year. I doubt if I will ever see another.

  400. Amanda says:

    I am truly a Tai fan.

  401. Jenni B says:

    Jessica and Tai rocked it!! I thought Gabby was great in the first challenge but she really fell apart! I don’t think it’s a very good-looking cast though. Allison looks WAY older than everyone else and plastic – and she kept making ugly faces everytime the camera was on her.
    Poor Lana – her dad is probably embarrased. But she was sweet atleast.
    all in all, I liked the first episode, but I only watched it because of Jamie King.

  402. Chanel says:

    I was going to keep watching the show until I saw how rigged it is. Gabby is the worst actress in that house and she stayed because of a fluke call back. She got lucky the first time. Lana should have stayed. I think something is fishy with them keeping Gabby. If she doesnt go home the next episode it will confirm my suspicions that its rigged.

  403. Nia says:

    My favs are Tai and Jessica. The judges were right for sure. Those are the two to beat!

  404. Moran says:

    Jessica and Tai were amazing in the first episode. I cannot wait to see them next week. Hopefully, Gabby’s reign will come to an end. No free passes for her!

  405. Dillon says:

    I think the show is rigged for Gabby to win. Lana should have stayed. Gabby should have been let go.

  406. Ramos says:

    Jamie King is terrible actress. Who is she to judge anyone?

  407. Clay says:

    Tai and Jessica did an excellent job! Wishing you two the best of luck!

  408. Ethan says:

    Oh yeah! I am Tai fan for sure. She looks great, good actress, and funny too!

  409. Varga says:

    Watching this season is like watching paint dry! If it wasn’t for Tai making me laugh, I would have turned off the TV. She had me captivated.

  410. Courtenae says:

    The judges got it all wrong when they sent Lana *%%(%)!+@^#%)$%`( ng. They should have sent Gabby *%%(%)!+@^#%)$%`( ng. I swear if she wins this season, I will never watch VH1 again!

  411. Herb says:

    Allison is just plain ugly!

  412. Strong says:

    Gabby, Lana, and Christine are three of the weakest actresses this season. Jessica and Tai will be the ones to beat!

  413. Milosz says:

    Jessica should stick to her acting classes. She comes across as unbelievable.

  414. MJC says:

    I love jessica. She is very beautiful. I would watch a horror movie with her in it anytime. Jessica contact me pelase !!!! ;)

  415. Carlos says:

    Grandma Allison and her veneers make me laugh

  416. Britney says:

    Gabby has to be the worst actress I have ever seen. How did she even make it past episode 1?

  417. scottie says:

    Allison is stunningly beautiful …I wish they would show more of her. Her sarcastic remarks are hilarious

  418. Delia says:

    I saw Allison and Jessica in person at Comicon and they are way more beautiful than TV…super nice too

  419. David says:

    If anyone is saying stuff about these girls they are just plain jealous. They are hot and at least they are trying to get their careers going in an acting show and not some stupid dating show

  420. Erica says:

    Jessica you’re doing your thing. Im pretty sure we went to school together and Ill definitely be cheering for you!!! we need more hispanics in the business. Good Luck and God Bless.

  421. Tim says:

    Sierra keep fighting! I can see your talent girl!

  422. Pene says:

    Tai is hilarious! She is a good actress. This girl is a demon fighter. I cannot wait to see next week’s episode.

  423. Frain says:

    I am a fan of both Tai and Jessica.

  424. Elvis says:

    Damn! Tai looks good in anything she wears. I want her real…bad! Nice acting job too!

  425. Wells says:

    Karlie made a complete fool of herself while portraying a witch. She lacks creativity. Ask jessica and Gabby if they have any acting classes to spare.

  426. Craven says:

    I was embarrassed for Sierra. Even though she looks like a witch, she did not dress or act he part. She looked ridiculous in her witches costume. Allyson even made a statement that she looked crazy. You ladies should have helped her out instead of allowing her to make a fool of herself on nationwide television. On the other hand, that Tai looked great as usual.

  427. Francis says:

    Lets all go to Gabbyland! She looks spaced out all the $_*~@^&&$!!+++$` in time. She played a good witch until she started using profanity and talkin back to the pot. BAD WITCH!

  428. Linc says:

    Tai is (^^+@@$$)^)_!(&@ in sexy. That girl can dress her @`$(#$+~$)^!*`) off. The other girls need a little help.

  429. Krissy says:

    Its official, Allison is the ^$!^*&_(%~#%#_!_) this season! Seek help honey!

  430. Heart says:

    The fairy was actually good as a witch. Christine played the part well. Kudos!

  431. Nina says:

    Jessica, gypsies are not witches! I would expect dumb )+$~$&~)^&^$~)^ Gabby to wear that get up!

  432. Robbie says:

    Rosanna should have volunteered to be off the show and spared herself the humility. Not only was she forgetful. (The girl never could remember her lines.) She also forgot how to act. Could she ever act? I DOUBT IT! Poor forgettable Rosanna. Bye-Bye!

  433. Sunny says:

    I thought Gabby should have been let go last week. But, Sierra has GOT TO GO! She begs, she pleads and does not act! Maybe the judges should give her a challenge to beg and plead, she would be sure to win that challenge!

  434. Lia says:

    Eight of these girls need acting classes Gabby, Jessica, Christine, Karlie, Sarah, Sierra, Rosanna, and Lana. I think Allison and Tai are naturally good.

  435. Spinelli says:

    Jamie King said that Gabby would be great reading the telephone directory. Yeah right! This show is _`%)!#$^_++_@~_^ in rigged! She freezes just like Rosanna. Viewers should vote! Her &_`$+@$&($^+$~$ would have been voted off by now!

  436. Moore says:

    Allison is always dissing the other girls on the show. It is your turn to be dissed real soon! What a Drama Queen!

  437. Abby says:

    Gabby are you smarter than a 5th grader? Nope!

  438. Valerie says:

    I think Gabby or Christine should win this competition. I can see the two white girls running away from Michael Myers in the woods getting caught and chopped up. LOL! I like Jessica and Tai, but they are actresses. Actresses are not horror chicks. Look at Jamie King.

  439. Twenty says:

    Give it up Sierra, your $@`!)&#!`_+_`@# is going home soon! If you could act I would be on your side. You can’t!

  440. Brandy says:

    This show is not about acting. It is about publicity for these girls! You do not need to know how the act. Half of them are models. Very pretty models who need some exposure and work.

  441. Chase says:

    I was channel surfing and noticed this show. Tai was a sexy Charmed witch! I think I might tune in next week just to see her.

  442. Steel says:

    Sarah looked like a fairy Godmother instead of a witch. The girl could use some acting classes too!

  443. Frank says:

    1st episode was funny! 2nd episode boring as hell! What will next week bring?

  444. Dietrich says:

    Tai makes this show. The girl is good eye candy, hilariously fun, great actress. Real nice legs. I mean, real nice legs. Girl, you should get those legs insured! I could watch her everyday! I look forward to next week.

  445. Dale says:

    I am elated to see 10 fabulous new faces in the entertainment business. All the ladies look great on the show; some better than others. Gabby and Christine could use some sprucing up. Sierra’s makeup and waistline could be toned down a bit. But, they all look good.

  446. Butch says:

    These girls will rise to stardom based upon their looks, talent, and stupidity! Famous lines to remember or should I say “Forget”? I am the I Pod Girl; Try ten years ^+(!~@!%@#()+^_($ My father is a Director of Tremors and City Slickers; I am the same height as Mother Theresa; Action! No Action Gabby! I want this so.. bad! I am a Fairy! Stupid! Just plan stupid!

  447. Haun says:

    Slicer, dicer Tai and Gabby did real well episode 2. They were the best that night!

  448. Eliza says:

    I’m loving this show, my faves right now are Allison and Jessica. Both obviously beautiful and smart, great combination

  449. Cruz says:

    I do not like the backstabbing of Allison. She talks about the girls behind their backs. She will be the next one to be eliminated! Yeah!

  450. Pam says:

    Allison is not a good actress. Ten years in the business. She needs some work.

  451. Celina says:

    The second episode was BOR..RING!

  452. Zac says:

    Gabby is always whinning. Give that drama queen some cheese to go along with her whine.

  453. Apple says:

    All these girls are winners. They are going places because they are on this show. I am happy for all of them.

  454. TI says:

    Each lady brings something different to the show. I do not like one over the other. They are a good mix. It is nice to see the various forms of talent. I LIKE THEM ALL! Some of them are more talented then the actresses on TV and movies right now.

  455. Adrien says:

    I cannot take my eyes off of Tai, she is mesmerizing.

  456. Jermaine says:


  457. Rob says:

    This show is Blah! I only watched because Allison asked me too! Sorry Allison, I don’t like what I see.

  458. Callmewest says:

    Seven white chicks, two black females, and one hispanic female. Now, which white chick is going to win this competition? I hope Karlie, Tai, and Jessica get something out of this raw deal.

  459. jasmine says:

    I really like Tai. I think she’s the best actress out of the ten. She’s funny, too, which is great! I look forward to seeing more of her on the show. She should have her own show.

  460. Jeff says:

    Rosanna is America’s next Sweetheart not ScreamQueen. She a very talented actress and is was obvious she didn’t belong on an overbearing reality show. Some of the best actresses in the world are shy and I personally find her endearing. Poor girl, what did they do to you on this show? I saw her guest star on warren and she took my breath away. Natural. Pure.

  461. Benny says:

    Agreeing with Jeff, there is something that sparkles about the Rosanna girl. I saw her perform live on stage a while ago not realizing it was her back then. She was loud, funny and never froze. The other girls seem okay enough?

  462. andrea says:

    jessica is better than everyone else i hope she win scream queen and she is a good actress

  463. AshleyBunny says:

    Allison is my favorite she is so funny and carries the show with her commentaries I think the judges are overlooking her big time, episode 3 she should have been leading lady hands down.Oh,and can someone please get Jaime King some cucumbers for her eyes those bags are killing me.

  464. Amena says:

    I LOOOOOVVVE TAI!!!!!! She rocks, she’s the best and I hope she wins!!!!!

  465. Allison says:

    Allison is a really sore loser! She should just deal with the fact that she is an old lady lying about her age that’s why she is the ipod girl. She shouldn’t be seen she is old. She should stick to dancing because she can’t act.

  466. vely says:

    in my opinion i think that jessica, sierra tai and karlie are so sexy but specially jessica damn she got it all the talent and the sex appeal haha the rest of the girls keep up the good work

  467. Lexi says:

    First of all, Sierra needs to clean up her act. She is so sex obsessed that it’s getting in the way of what’s really important…her acting!

    Lana and Rosanna are so cute… Rosanna doesn’t have an evil bone in her body! All surgar and but not spice. And Lana seriously can’t act! Even if her father’s a director! And Allison’s already found that out.

    Jessica and Tai really have it goin’ on! Tai is pumped and ready to go! While Jessica, takes acting seriously and you can actually believe that she could actually be in that situation!

    Gabby is stradling a bit but I think she needs to get her ducks in a row and stop wacking the guy with the clapboard! Although Tai and Lana seemed to grow a bit jealous of her when she won the first round.

    Christine and Karlie are in the right place! Christine was one of the best witches I’ve ever seen. And Karlie is very creative! I loved when she at the raw steak and licked the blood off of the butcher knife! Classic!

    Sarah and Allison are doing well. While Allison is pretty judgemental. I have to agree with her most of the time. Allison is pretty good! Sarah is very beautiful but needs to tone it down with the accent. Because it’s taking away from her acting. She has a cute daughter but there’s a slight possibility that she could end up in the bottom two!

    To top it all off, Lana and Sarah were my favorites!

  468. Destiny says:

    Do they want Gaby to win or something? she has over stayed her welcome on this show to me. She can’t take direction and she messes up all the time, especially when she screamed until she lost her voice then lied about it but she didn’t leave because she got the call back. That was outrageous she was better be going home soon or this show is RIGGED.

  469. Alex says:

    Tai is the hottest girl on the show and she can act really good

  470. lissie lopez says:

    It is nice to see the various forms of talent the girls have. i love this show sooo much i wish i would of known about this b4, i would have signed up for it myself!
    I can tell that Jessica takes acting very seriously, she’s smart, talented and very confident you can really believe that she could actually be in that situation she’s THAT good. she’s been leading lady 2 times,
    ((well done judges)) she deserves it, and i hope she WINS!!!!

  471. Khloe says:

    Wowww…i know who wins! Its Gina!

  472. Dusan Prasad says:

    Jessica already is the Scream Queen! The rest are just wasting their time.

  473. TONIA says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW SOOOO MUCH, AND I LOVE SAW! sarah is so freaking hot! and i hope that sarah and jessica are in the final two! yeeeee

  474. Appleasia Wynn says:

    Gabby and Sierra are my least favorites. I want them both to go home soooooo badly. I absolutely love Tai and Jessica. Jessica has been my favorite since episode 1. I hope she wins.

  475. asjia says:

    Im really likin dz 2nd season of scream queens. I feel that tai and jessica r the tru competitors. They give it their all and wen jessica had that snake around her neck and was still sexy at the same time, that was mind blowin. Jess da best and i rlly thnk she’s gonna win.

  476. andrea says:

    I hate tai… she talk about everyone but when she does amistake she dont even say nothing… and i hate her face…

  477. Heather Bryant says:

    On the first episode, Jessica & Gabby blew me away! Jessica could’ve inproved on if she knew that someone was going to be coming in and scaring her she shouldn’t have given out little hints. I think Gabby did an excellent job with that.

    Sierra did a seriously disturbing performance when Tim pointed out that she looked like she was having a wet dream more than a nightmare. To me, Sierra looked like she was having sex with an invisible figure. It looked like a romance or pornagraphic movie.

    When Lana’s performance came up I started laughing my head off she technically looked like a lost puppy dog with a tail between it’s legs. One of the most important parts of being an actress is being able to connect emotionally and Lana didn’t do that. Lana also sounded like she was laughing which Tai pointed out earlier.

    Gabby has communicational problems which wouldn’t work on an actual movie set. She doesn’t follow directions too well. There are times where she’ll do something great but will not follow directions. I don’t see her becoming the nesxt scream queen. I feel sorry because she’s had a tough life and how some girls talk about her problems behind her back. Christine’s a true friend and wouldn’t do that. I think Christine’s one of the nicest girls. In episode two when Tai became runner up (losing to Gabby) it sort of looked like Tai was jealous of Gabby and Tai has this weird fixation that Gabby books roles mostly off a of a look.

    Allison is a very pretty gilr but she looks like she’s in her 30′s. Her facial expressions throw her acting way out of proportion. And she needs to practice on that. That is the main reason as to why she got the axe on episode four.

  478. Angela says:

    I’m so glad
    Tai did not win. She was ugly inside and out, and it was nice to see that being a jerk did NOT pay off for her.

  479. after the show says:

    i like gabby. she has something attracts people im not sure what it is but she has some energy inside her..
    but also jessica, tai, christines are all good. i think they are all qualified to be actress.. not just for horror film ya know.

  480. Mac Magic says:

    Tai iz da best…just watch her in American Violet

  481. Cherry says:

    I can’t believe Gabby won, she is no where near as good an actress as Jessica. I so wanted Tai or Jessica to win.

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  487. Vh1 should have a new season of scream queens