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Have you ever seen such an adorable abstinence lesson?

This episode of Dad Camp showed the dads-to-be dealing with real babies, and then experiencing the weight and pains of pregnancy. And what we’re learning about the guys is that the ones that seem most likely to quit based on their past explosions — Donta and Elliott — did the best the week. Of course this should have been obvious: The guys who get the most emotional receive the most attention from Dr. Jeff, and get to their breakthroughs more quickly. Donta and Elliott are at one extreme, Wes and Aaron somewhere in the middle, and Austin and Brian at the other end. The end of the episode hints at both Austin and Brian leaving next week, and while I couldn’t have predicted it, their overall totals (they are the two lowest) actually did. Science!

Dr. Jeff’s pregnancy suits helped guys experience the side effects of pregnancy: weight gain, bladder pressure, the uneasy feeling that the father of your child is unprepared, etc. But most of the guys enjoyed their suits:


So who knows if this had any impact on their fathering skills. More telling? The way they handled the infants, and how they dealt with each other and their partners. As we did last week, let’s score how Dad Camp’s couples did this episode.

Brian and Christina
Calls changing the baby “…easily one of the top 10 hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life.” -1, for having such an easy life.
But Christina is entirely pleased with his baby-changing skills. +1

Total for this episode: 0
Total for the series: -6
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 1:4. Same as last week’s. Brian didn’t have much to say or do this episode, but it seems like this is because he’s checked out of the sessions and exercises.

Donta and Bri
“Donta loves the kids, the kids love Donta. What can I say?” Indeed, what? +1


Once again, Donta steps up to comfort a fellow dad-to-be after therapy, talking to Austin through the locked bathroom door. Now he’s prepared to manage a teenage daughter, as well as a baby. +1


Donta says, “Give it up to the moms.” +1
Then Donta talks to Candace about the situation with Austin. +1


Total for this episode: +4
Total for the series: -4
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 1:4. Donta seems like a different person this week, and is a total babe magnet.

Elliott and Tiffany
Elliott says changing the baby’s diaper was “pretty neat.” +1


Elliott criticizes Austin for goofing around too much. When Austin criticizes him, Elliott walks out on therapy. Because people should mind their own business. -1
But he returns, to finish the session. And even outlasts Dr. Jeff. He will therapize all day if he has to. +1


Elliott freaks out on Tiffany for having a male masseuse. -1


…Although apparently this reaction is ‘a huge difference’ from what would have happened. +1, but I am very curious about the “what would have happened” part.

Total for this episode: +1
Total for the series: +3
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 1:3. But Elliott’s temper, combined with Tiffany’s ominous (though meant to be positive) reference to how bad his temper could have been makes him completely unpredictable. He could walk out next week, he could be Father Of The Year. Who knows!

Wes and Cheryl
Of taking care of babies, Wes says, “ I generally try to avoid it at all costs.” -1, for using present tense. His baby avoiding days are over.
Cheryl is very surprised at his baby-changing skills, while Wes declares diaper changes “pretty cool.” +1


Has the forethought to pretend to clean when the ladies return home. +1. Because Cheryl didn’t see this:


Total for this episode: +1
Total for the series: +3
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 3:1. Wes not only got over his fear of diaper changes, but was pretty slick about making sure Cheryl saw him cleaning.

Aaron and Shell
Aaron admits that he’s never held a baby before, but has purchased a hat for one. I was about to give him +1 for this, because, really, who can be annoyed with Aaron and his one liners? But then he gets this faraway look in his eyes, as if he’s searching for the exits. -1 (Net zero).


Aaron’s baby likes him as much as I do, or just really needs a nap. Like I do. +1


Aaron turns against the baby when it looks like she’s pooped out “a corn dog or something,” which he describes smelling like “a car on fire.” -1


Total for this episode: 0
Total for the series: 3
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: Blame it on Aaron’s charm if you want, but I predict he will not only raise his child well, but will coach soccer and tell kids to call him “Mr. A” be the kind of dad that always has 10 neighborhood kids at his house because he’s cooler than the other kids’ dads. That doesn’t sound creepy does it?

Austin And Candace
Austin’s baby hates him. -1


Hates, hates, hates him. -1


Hates him so much she struggles with all her baby might to get away from him. -1


Dr. Jeff encourages Austin to be a stronger male, so Austin runs to the bathroom and locks the door. -1
Austin mentally checks out during his one on one therapy with Candace and Dr. Jeff. -1


Total for this episode: -5
Total for the series: -7
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: Well, if you watched carefully this episode, you could see the exact moment both the baby and Candace decided that they wanted out.



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