Ochocinco’s Ultimate Bracket



At the end of the first episode of Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, Chad said, “Feel free to start an Ochocinco bracket pool at the office. Don’t just watch the show — make money off it.” Here’s something that can help you do just that:

Download a large PDF version of the bracket above.

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  1. Faith says:

    Hey Chad. I have to say that I used to think that you were a crazy MF but now I KNOW you are but I have also gained a lot of respect for you as I learned you are a well-spoken and intelligent man. Oh and you and T.O. are both HOTTER THAN HELL.

  2. Wendy says:


    My husband and I have been watching your show on Sunday nights and I hope you really find the love that you are searching for. Just be careful with these women on the show because many of them seem as if they have other motives other than your heart. I would suggest that when you reach the final three women that you do some research on them to make sure that they have no snakes in their closet. You really seem genuine about finding the right person. My husband and I have been together since we were 16 years old and we really love each other. It is important to find your better half, someone that will compliment you and your busy life. I hope you truly do find love on the show, but don’t rush into anything. If you don’t find it on the show just do it the old fashioned way.

  3. Sweety311 says:

    One word…..Jasmine. She is so cool and she is real. Alot of the girls are not real and truthful like her. She knows when its time to be serious and time to play. She’s not afraid to say what she feels and thinks regardless of who is around. But she also knows when to keep things to herself. She can also hold her own – she can handle drama if needed. She is like his homegirl but I can also see them being together on another level too. He needs to be with someone who is going to be his friend, someone who is trustworthy and loyal to him. And I feel that would be Jasmine.

  4. Debora Ferrell says:

    Ochocinco is a very sexy black man. I have more of a request than comment… Is there anyway, Ochocinco can give away T-shirts with his jersey number and his famous words. “CHILD PLEASE”