Dad Camp Recap – Episode 6 – Adding It Up



A lesson on condom usage? This whole show is a lesson on condom usage.

On this week’s Dad Camp, Dr. Jeff had the guys paint their partners’ stomachs to feel closer to the baby. Some used the canvas to paint their hopes and expectations, some used it to paint things that symbolized their bond with their partners, and some (Austin) used their lady canvas to paint a tater tot.

Austin and Candace did leave, as it seemed like they would last week. The good news? It wasn’t because they broke up. Bad news? It was because Candace showed signs of early labor and had to be put on bed rest. She didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, but Austin came to the house to tell the rest of the couples, all the while maintaining that frozen, faux smile on his face. I wish them luck, sincerely.


Brian and Christina
Brian and Christina love basketball, and would love their child to love basketball. And if he doesn’t? -1


Brian hasn’t had sex with Christina since she became pregnant. Brian says he has tried “everything.” Two things he hasn’t tried: 1) love 2) affection. -1


The closest Brian has come to taking Christina on a date is inviting her out for hot wings on their lunch break. -1
Brian does a “wonderful job” on the date. Indeed, it’s their best date ever by default. +1


Total for this episode: -2
Total for the series: -8
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 1:5. Brian and Christina will be good parents, but they might not be good parents together.


Donta and Bri
Donta paints chocolate-covered strawberries the tiny canvas that is Bri. Adorable! But then he brings up the rather explicit sexual metaphor that he intended. So he drew he and Bri having sex on his baby’s face? +1


Then he makes her actual chocolate-covered strawberries. Topical! +1


Total for this episode: +2
Total for the series: -2
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 1:2. Donta didn’t have a lot to say this episode, which always seems to work in his favor.


Elliott and Tiffany
“Cash is going to be our anchor,” is Elliott’s reason for drawing an anchor on Tiffany’s stomach. +1




+1, though, once again, I’m worried about Elliott always taking it to extremes.

Total for this episode: +2
Total for the series: +5
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 1:1. I’m pretty confident that Elliott is on his way to completing the camp. But, like Donta, it’s hard to tell when another blow up or breakthrough is coming.


Wes and Cheryl
Wes draws a rainstorm coming down on a picnic. +1
Instead of going for a motherly, warm or angelic portrait, Cheryl goes for sexy. Awesome. +1


Wes once again outsmarts the other guys, by purchasing KFC for his date. +1


And he remembers the “one time” Cheryl told him she likes blueberry pie. +1


Total for this episode: +4
Total for the series: +8
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 4:1. Or maybe 1:4. Sure, Wes is at the highest point total for the series, but some of these are based on his ability to take shortcuts. Right now it’s winning him points with Cheryl. But keep building on the deception, and 50 years from now your kids are at your funeral meeting your secret second family.


Aaron and Shell
Shell is a member of Greenpeace, so they draw a whale, in hope that their child will be socially responsible. +1


Aaron asks, “What’s a good way to make a pregnant woman feel sexy?” Pretty obvious this question was planted, but it was planted with Aaron. +1
Aaron helps Brian cook for his date. +1


Aaron bragged that he is excellent at picking out a hat for a baby last episode. So what the hell is this? -1


Total for this episode: +2
Total for the series: +5
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 3:1.


Austin And Candace
Austin’s example how he shows Candace that he loves her: “I tickle your arm.” This is one of two examples. -1


Cries and says that he doesn’t deserve Candace. +1


Austin calls this “the best idea in the world”: his baby’s nickname is Tater Tot, so he painted a tater tot. -1


Dr. Jeff says Austin is leaving and that he’s prepared. I’ll buy half of that! +1


Total for this episode: 0
Total for the series: -7
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: None. Candace’s unexpected labor pains mean she and Austin must leave Dad Camp before the last episode.


Here’s a look at how the couples are improving (or imploding) week by week.


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  1. erica says:

    I like brian and christina and i like the fact that brina is beining honest with christina about his love for her (or lack of)by not leading her on. I don’t beleave they will make it as a couple but i think brina will be a good father and supporter for christina and the baby. I just don’t understand why these young kids go out and have unprotected sex this is what can happen one moment of weakness will effect the rest of your and everyone elses life