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You’ve seen the supertrailer. You’ve watched the premiere. Now, get an up-close-and-personal look at the 17 ladies in the running for Chad Ochocinco’s heart in Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch below, and make sure you check out the show’s on-air debut Sunday, July 11 at 9/8c.



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  1. tek646 says:

    wow two and a half black women….so the so-called rumors are true, he cut off most of all the black women. i will not watch this show…love who you are.

  2. doucheU says:

    you are so racist. I’ll bet your jealous as well

  3. mel25 says:

    I cant believe he didnt pick any black women. he sucks and 90% of them are ugly.not racist jus real.

  4. heavensent says:

    where he hell are all the beautiful black women for this fine black man….. ocho step ur game up

  5. lisa02 says:

    where are all the beautiful strong black women….ocho step ur game up

  6. tsn30 says:

    OMG!!!! I agree with the last comment about the two and half black women…I mean did he forget that he is to very black. He could have just left them out of it and saved them the disappointment. Just a reminder for all those who don’t know black is soooo beautiful!!! Be blessed

  7. Paul Mrozinski says:

    Didn’t you ever listen to Eddie Griffin speak. Black men like myself want to live a long life. Black women just kill us brothers. Thats why Ive been happily married to my white wife for 5 years. BTW I cannot think of B Twice’s real name. I can picture the guy but not the name. Anyone help me out?

  8. JJKITTY says:

    You can’t help who you’re attracted to.

  9. Jade says:

    Sweetie, please do not collectively group and vilify black women. Maybe your picker was off and it was finally on point when you found your wife.

    Bernard Berrian… he is a reciever for the vikings…

    Paul Mrozinski Says:

    July 11th, 2010 at 11:21 pm
    Didn’t you ever listen to Eddie Griffin speak. Black men like myself want to live a long life. Black women just kill us brothers. Thats why Ive been happily married to my white wife for 5 years. BTW I cannot think of B Twice’s real name. I can picture the guy but not the name. Anyone help me out?

  10. sweetnik says:

    Well you know they are all the same, once they make it big they feel like black girls aren’t good enough. But trust me if they did not have money those white girls would not give their black !`%&_$_#~%~*(@) the time of day, so they sell themselves out.

  11. Traci says:

    1st of all this dude told Rubi he was Mexican which is untrue if he is Mexican he would be more attractive…. This show is like a scary movie all the black girls get killed first lol!!!It’s sad but true this guy is a joke because beleive.. If he didn’t have money he wouldn’t get any holla because lets be honest he is not easy on the eyes….and he is illiterate he can’t even speak correctly..clearly he isn’t ready for an educated black woman…I’M JUST SAYIN!!!! I WON’T BE WATCHING THE SHOW ANY LONGER…..

  12. BEADIVA says:


  13. shibi says:

    I think all those who think just b/c HE’S black that he has to date BLACK women are being racist. That shouldn’t matter or even be an issue.

  14. velvet says:

    does ochiocinco even like black women

  15. GA says:

    The man said he needs a woman who can handle his lifestyle, basically he needs a pushover who gone let him do wut the f**k he wants. Any women: black, white, whatever, is *)`!(^~)^_$`%^@($) ed for going on any of these dating shows where your openly competing allowing your “man” to be involved with other women. Dude has a tournament bracket set-up lmfao, how degrading is that? In the end all these women want is television exposure. There’s no love on these shows, enjoy the entertainment value of dumb women doing dumb things on command to win a competition. Sad because some of the women are very pretty.

  16. RealityJunky89 says:

    Damn…I think the girls are pretty damn hot. Not sure why everyone is hating

  17. Ldiamond says:

    I think all women are beautiful -love my sisters, but as men the physical is first. Attractive is attractive no matter what race. I AGREE not enuf EBONY QUEENS but everyone has there own taste. HE has a couple real (seemingly) good ones if he looking for that. Otherswise he got his trophy Saline, Botox and lip injected goldigger out for fame and his cash. Hey where’s the token ASIAN. ( thank god it’s not the Wesley snipes show y’all really have something to complain about) can’t wait to see Chad get rock this upcoming season. MORON

  18. goldrodd says:

    I pick Rubi and Heather as the runner up.

  19. NaMichelle says:

    Wow. I am watching the show for the first time and I am wondering how Flavor Flav can get badder women on his show than OchoCinco. Step it up Chad. Ugh! There will be a season two, because these chicks are pretty busted.

  20. CS3 Fan says:

    black, white or latino most of the girls that he cut were more attractive then what we see here.

    I really and truly think this dude might be gay. I have never heard a straight many say “child” and what’s up with calling girls “boss”? That’s what my boyfriend calls the cab driver…

  21. JONES says:

    I think it’s funny that he is getting hate mail from the “sistas”. And I think it’s even funnier that they immediately started to attack the Latina about fake boobs and lips (they don’t look fake to me). If you are going to talk about fake, please tell the “sistas” to get rid of all that fake hair then everyone would be even. Sorry but most black girls just can’ compete with the tacos and never will!

  22. sdaddy says:

    jasmine, laurice, and tiphani are the least attractive of the girls. plus! plus! they are so ghetto! don’t be mad because some girl got to a VACANT bed before your home girl! stupid.

  23. nicole says:

    This man is unfortunately another case of a black man who has a problem with his race, but in serious denial. Many black athletes date black women, so why are we so upset. White men date out of their race all the time, but nobody talks about it. It will be okay, majority of black men are with black women.If the media wants to highlight athletes like this, oh well, who is actually watching this show??

  24. Buddha says:

    Maybe, just maybe, he finds white and hispanic women more attractive. OH NO! God forbid!

    Get over your own insecurities and let the man pick women he finds attractive.

  25. Joe B says:

    Sdaddy, don’t be so quick to dismiss the sistas as the ugliest! First of all tiphani may be one of the best natural looking girls on the show outside of Rubi, who I think everyone know’s hands down is the best you got BY FAR out of all the rest. Honestly everyone else just all fits 2gether except Lisa(Lion King..lol she’s da worst), Katie( 2nd worst Drunk Vampire), Candace(3rd worst A Done-up Gas Station attendant), April(4th worst testosterone-come on Chad!), and Jasmine(5th worst yes she is ghetto but there r so many other sista’s he could have picked..hum). All the rest are in the same boat just everyday good looking girls. Rubi IS the only standout and really should be the only one in this bunch on this kind of show. Out of 85 women, Chad, you were only able to pick one STUNNA! Dude I’ve lost mad respect.
    sdaddy Says:

    July 17th, 2010 at 10:43 am
    jasmine, laurice, and tiphani are the least attractive of the girls. plus! plus! they are so ghetto! don’t be mad because some girl got to a VACANT bed before your home girl! stupid.

  26. Jai-lo03 says:

    I have always been a fan of Chad Ochocinco Johnson fan, but dang Chad! Why didn’t you pick at least one thick chick?

  27. keke says:

    jennifer or ma gurl rubi n tiphani shuld be the top people ocho step ur game up damn

  28. Piece of Necii says:

    Heather is a Video Hoe.. She did Bowwow pole in ya basement video uncut & many more I believe that KatStacks put her on blast.. I bet anything that Ochocinco will find out at the show goes on. But besides that i think the girls are pretty He didnt pick enough black women, which means he is selling out but then again he is trying to find love & if he dont like black women then thats his choice & its his show.

  29. wickedwun says:

    I only scanned the posts…but wonder WHY this is so all about race and not about the show! Seems to me, you guys are WAY off track…regardless of the ethnicity of the women, they ALL seem like back-stabbing ~$@`+*%_+#!%(%+** es! If Chad is REALLY looking for “love” he wouldn’t be doing the show! It’s TELEVISION, not real life!

    Anyone want to place a bet on whether or not Chad rides off into the sunset with any of these bimbos? THAT would be some easy money…I’ll bet NO! LMAO

  30. R HARLESS says:

    Courtney is the one for you Ochocinco, she has the looks to keep up the high profile she will need to support your career, she is well spoken and seems to think things threw before she opens her mouth,and a publist would tell you the same thing, you do not need anyone who will reflect poorly on you. TARA is a joke she is not any way near educated enough to make the cut, you need a well rounded girl. Rubie would have been my second pick if not for the hot temper and lack of respect for EVERYONE but now my second pick would be Laurice she stands up for freinds regardless of how many people stack up against her, I feel she would back her man up if she feels that strongly about a freind, Regardless, good luck

  31. nerdychicK:D says:


  32. nerdychicK:D says:


  33. nerdychicK:D says:

    angela,u are a pretty girl, but 2 things i dont like bout u is your a FAKE (&%_%^`~#$~#!`! `*@^!!+@^(#+@_*+` YOUR VOICE IS ANNOYING AS HELL!, but thats it:)

  34. hola says:

    TARA is ^)*@^^+@~))&)*$& N HOTT. SHE BETTER WINN!!!!

  35. Tanny says:

    I like Tara, I think she looks a bit like Lindsay Lohan. And as for the black women issue, let the guy choose what he likes.

  36. yfzkatie says:

    Jasmine qualifies as a black woman, lol! She’s my favorite for him…I think Tara is on some type of drugs, maybe she will be on next season of celebrity rehab…Yeah, the date with Jasmine was good, she should be the winner…

  37. Telli says:

    Okay, let’s settle this once and for all. The reality is that any beautiful black woman worth her value isn’t going to be on a show like this! Let’s enjoy the ride and keep reality out of reality T.V.–

  38. rick says:

    we know that he could care less for women of color its like baiting a fish, chad is not attracted to non-white women.

  39. just being real says:

    letst just be real and bottom line the whole topic, in general black women are not very attractive most of the time period, furthermore pretty much all of the girls on this show are hella ugly. someone said flav had hotter girls, very true. rubi, and tiphani are the only ones. jasmine has long arms like terrel owens haha. but the truth is if you have a choice no one takes a black girl. they are an after thought or a last last last resort. and can someone please tell me why there fake hair is always so so long haha. it looks gross like a hat or a dead animal is on there head haha. any black women just arent that appealing, obviously, its not a coincidence they are never selected. sorry, and im black, but i rarely see black women who are attractive and certainly do not prefer them over any race haha

  40. daddlac says:

    Good Lord!!! Why has this become a race issue. Why can’t a man be attracted to women of a different race. Just because he is black does not mean that he has to date black women. I feel that people are attracted to what they are attracted to. Why is Ocho a sellout? Because he doesn’t have enough “sistas” for your liking? If the women that he chose don’t suit you stop watching and stop +&!_^)$@@($^~)`** ing. DO YOU OCHO!!! None of these women are going to become wifey, this show is just for fun and publicity.

  41. Pauline says:

    2010 get with the times. He is attracted to women of all flavors! Do you just eat chocolate ice cream????

  42. ladiesman09 says:

    my boi chad jonhson is gonna pick tara because he has given her so many chances because he want her to stay bad he is gonna pick tara

  43. Ka says:

    Just because he’s black, doesn’t mean he needs to be with a black woman. He’s not really gonna end of with any of the anyway.. Did you forget reality shows aren’t real?

  44. VINCE says:

    please get rid of tara, tiphani is the one you need to keep