The T.O. Show Season 2 – Watch The Supertrailer


Come Sunday, July 11 at 10:30/9:30c, The T.O. Show will be back on VH1. An extended look at the season, which features Terrell Owens leaving Buffalo, rocking a wig, (possibly) rekindling an old flame and bickering, is above. He also seems to be embracing fatherhood, which in the wake of Dad Camp, is very VH1 of him.

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  1. Kim says:

    T.O. show is coming back on in July 11th.

  2. Kim says:

    T.O. show comes on July 11th.

  3. Sherunda says:

    I can’t wait for Country Bama City Man to return to t.v.

  4. SS says:

    I like da show, its an alright show 2 watch, but Kita and Monique are bootsie….Kita likes T.O. more then she seems to be showing, thats what it looks like from the outside looking in, and the episode where they get mad cause he is having a party at the crib. Why, cant T.O. have a party, he is a grown man. They may be coo to have around for good advice but at the same time, let the man live……stop being so stuck and just be grateful. Other then that good show!

  5. caleb bryant says:

    TO i agree with about ESPN villians get big ratings I have seen the network spin any & everything to make you out to be a villian keep your head up a team will call do damage. I am a COWBOYS fan who support you and i watch the show

  6. LaTrice says:

    Just watched the first episonsode of The T.O. show second season. It’s all good but Mo is really out of order. For her to be a friend and employee of T.O. she shows know respect at all as she returns from a movie with her husband and walks in on T.O. in the kitchen as he is sharing and getting advice froma friend. Mo loses it and straight out behaves disrespectful and *!`~~!%@_!#%#^( uming to T.O. and very rude to his guest. All I can say is WOW Monique!! does being pregnant cause you to act like that or is that just you being ignorant?? SMH. I do like the fact that T.O is showing a desire and putting forth the effort to make a change in becoming a decent boyfriend and future husband. I will be looking forward to upcoming episodes to see how this season turns out.

  7. bj says:

    Mo and Kita probably have alot of history dealing with T.O. and his personal drama, so Mo’s reaction is probably a knee-jerk response (and exaggerated for television). I like that T.O. is self-assessing. It is time for him to get real as his football career is winding down. He will need a strong and loving partner by bis side, but first, he needs to be one. I don’t think Kari is the one for him, she’s too young, and is still trying to get her life together. Modelling and acting??? Wasn’t she a waitress in Miami when he met her????
    It is hard to go backwards, so Felicia may not be interested, although it’s nice to see her in the upcoming episodes. I think he and Kita should give it a try. They are GOOD friends, they care about each other, and she is intelligent, beautiful and strong. Good recipe for a marriage partner.

  8. sharon james says:

    I believe t.o. is very shallow, when it comes to picking out women. Look in the mirror at yourself. You are african american when I last checked, are you afraid of your own race of women? .Kari is so not t.o.’s type Teresa is perfect. But she’s probably too strong like most african american women. Get a life t.o. and grow up. You’re just going to end up with a bunch of baby mamas you and your friend ocho cinco.

  9. Maggie says:

    OMG…that’s a bunch of crap. How are his “Publicists” not going to do their job and get this man a house; and, THEN, mouth off all ghetto acting – both of them! Hey, T.O. – you need someone professional people up in your camp. Time to clean house bro-man.

  10. Drama Free says:

    Sad Sad Sad!!!

    Wow! after allllll this time! from the first show…..this dude is still! crying and chasing after that white chick who clearly does not!!! not!…want his *~@~`@)!$_*_`#* Wow!…and what’s sadder! is that this dude…has a “Son” that he has…”NEVER”!!! seen….Wow! what’s that about??????

    You better check! yourself…T.O……you got a real bad! look going on right now….get it together! Blackman.

  11. SupaStar97 says:

    Sad… I wanted so much better for T.O. but i guess over achievers love under achievers. Wow he had a super model with a bank account one day to be larger than his, but i guess she was too black. So he rather chase a woman with no career and still finding herself because she white? Wow I will make sure to raise my black son not to judge someone on just their color but on character and quality!

  12. SupaStar97 says:

    This will be my las comment, I will not watch this show or participate in this Bafoonery!

  13. Get Real says:

    Mo really acts Like T.O. is her man rather than her client..what was up with her response when she walked into her home and saw T.O talking to a woman?

  14. Becci says:


    I was sooo excited when u came back to do another season on VH1. I can’t exactly say about how much is real or scripted about who u are as a person. I can’t get enough of watching you. A girl like me can only dream about the person u are. You date only beautiful women..Mo and Kita are pretty good friends to u even though they give u alot of *)!)(!@&^%(+~~)^ Congradulations MO on u new baby!!!!

  15. StepGenius says:

    T.O. allow Kari to go about her business. You all cannot make it work. She is never positive move on already. First and foremost make the your relationship with your kids solid and the rest will fall into place.

  16. derek kennedy says:

    t.o. im ur bigest fan from the days of the catch against greenbay and passing jerry’s receptions also. I think the league is tryin to black ball u and dont show face. Ur stats prove u are one of the greatest so stay on ur path no more conflict with teammates and drop that girl she is too yung and a child find a good women that will be there for the long hall. From ur biggest fan D-reck.

  17. Ang G says:

    Okay…i REALLY want for TO and Kita to get together…I will be really disappointed if the two of them don’t become an item!! They have so much chemisty and she is just the stron black women (besides Mrs. Rosyln) that he needs in his life. I threaten to stop watching the show and for future season’s to come if the two of them don’t connect. I WANT THEM TWO 2GETHER!! They deserve one another!!

  18. rhonda says:

    We love the T.O show,on season one the best thing we liked about was when terell and kita whent to niagra falls on the boat and when kita was screaming about getting her hair wet and terell said at like you been some where before kita and then he gave her the cake on her b-day with the pic of them at niagra falls good stuff love it!!! Now it’s season two and we like when terell took kita whent in the helicopter and they played the song in newyork by alica keys and we think that terell and kita are ment for each other and they should get married.i liked when terell and kita where in kentucky and he was in kita’s grandma’s bike and kita told on him.Good job on the show keep it up!!!!! WE love you Terell Kita.