End Of A Season, Start Of A Season


The first season of The T.O. Show left us just as Terrell Owens was starting his first season as a Buffalo Bill. The first episode of The T.O. Show 2 picks up with Terrell just after his last game, wondering if he should return to the Bills, or even return to football at all. As ever, he turns to friends and business partners Monique Jackson and Kita Williams for sympathy. Both Mo and Kita offer him a place to stay in L.A. while he searches for a house, but they treat him like an out-of-work relative, begging him to do something, anything that’ll get him off the couch.

Fortunately for him (and Mo and Kita), he does leave the house to meet up with Kari, his on-again off-again and off, again, girlfriend. They agree to try couples counseling, because, as Terrell confesses to Mo and Kita, he thinks not having a father around has made it hard for him to maintain a relationship. (Being a pro football player, model, and generally impulsive person hasn’t helped his relationships either.) He seems to question whether he’d be a good husband himself. This, plus his potential retirement from football, starts this season with a lot of doubts. As we see in the above clip, where Mo makes Terrell babysit her two young and adorable sons, he could always start a new career as a professional nanny. The bedtime story Terrell reads to the kids? It’s his own children’s book, Little T Learns To Share.

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s
T.O. Show 2 at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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