Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch Recap – Episode 1 – Ten Things We Loved About This Show



New show.


New organization.


Same rules.

Welcome to Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, the first VH1 elimination-style dating show in what seems like forever (but in actuality, it’s only been a few months). You know the drill: public figure with crazy lifestyle makes his lifestyle more public and crazier by searching for love on reality TV. In this case, the figure in question is Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver and Dancing With the Stars finalist Chad Ochocinco, who is “unlike any athlete that’s ever walked the earth,” according to him. This braggadocio may in fact seem like that of every other athlete that’s ever walked the earth, but he’s ultimately right: no other athlete has headed up a 51 Minds dating show before.

Let’s get to the good stuff:

- Ochocinco’s palabaras.


Chad is full of catchphrases and particularly worded wisdom. “I can’t be ordinary; I gotta be extraordinary,” he says, and indeed, his frequent refrain of “child, please,” isn’t quite like anything we’ve heard coming from the mouth of a dating-show dude. He explains (in case you need it) that “‘child please,’ basically, it’s a nice way of telling someone ‘f*** you.’” Chad also says “kiss the baby,” a lot, which he compares to the “fat lady sings” cliche. “Kiss the baby ‘cause it’s not happening,” is how he elaborates. So, then “child, please” and “kiss the baby” virtually mean the same thing? At the least, they are both opaque dismissals. Someone came to his dating show prepared!

My favorite thing he said, though, occurred much later in the episode, after his character had already been established. In his one-on-one session with Courtney during the mixer, after watching him struggle to think of something he’d change about himself if he could, she noted that he loves himself. “I better love me. If I don’t, who else would?” was his response. This is virtually the same exact thing RuPaul says at the end of every episode of Drag Race, and that wasn’t the only VH1-crossover of the night. Whether intentional or not, the referencing, it never stops.

Oh, and he also refers to women as “boss,” sometimes…


Cute, right? He also is very upfront with the women in the running for his heart (or whatever), asking why they’re single and whether or not they have boyfriends (and in some cases, asking if they have exes) at home. Maybe he’s trying to weed out the bad ones early, maybe he just wants a preview of the drama that is sure to unfold on his reality show. Hard to say.

The second thing we loved about this Ochocinco premiere?

- The semifinals round.

To start the show, Chad gathers 85 women (ochenta y cinco, if you will) on a football field to determine the 17 that would accompany him in his house on the show. They greet him with jumping jacks, a fine how-do-you-do if ever there were.


He puts them through a battery of tests…




…but the real point of this entire affair reveals itself a bit more subtly…



…and not so subtly.


Chad explains, “I designed all these exercises to test the girls’ compatibility” with a straight face, giving an entirely new meaning to the phrase “training camp.”

Basically as these exercises are going on, Chad is eliminating girls at will, going off the bare-bonesest of criteria (it really seems like his gut is the biggest factor). He explains that he’s doing this with “grace and class.” You be the judge:










And finally:



It’s kind of bold for a football player to admit that he’s delicate like that. He really is unlike any athlete that’s ever walked the earth.

- The girls.

Duh, right? They’re obviously here to make the show and make it they did.


Right out of the gate, Jasmine seems the most quotable.


She calls Ocho “the most beautifulest chocolate Hershey bar with Chiclet teeth I’ve ever seen in my friggin’ life.” I believe every word of that is supposed to be a compliment (although, Chiclet teeth? Really?).


As Ocho calls out the numbers of the girls who would be staying for after the semifinal round (an extremely A Chorus Line-esque move), Jasmine notes, “I am about to s*** like a frickin’12-and-a-half-lb. baby. I am so nervous!” If she said she was about the s*** like a frickin’ 25-lb. baby, my head would have exploded, as well as her diaper. After an argument with Laurice, as a result of which Laurice decides she would not be sleeping in the same room as Jasmine, Jasmine declares that if her adversary had stayed, “You woulda woke up with a face full of lipstick on your eyebrows.” I wish Laurice no ill will, but I kind of wish that she had stayed just to see what the hell Jasmine was talking about. Face full of lipstick on your eyebrows? What could that possibly mean?

Tara, a Kylie Minogue-esque blonde, is a firecracker.


She says, “I hear that once you go black you never go back,” with a straight face, and claims, “I’m hot and I’ve got big boobs. I’m hoping the big boobs will take me to the end.” If not those, then her tongue will — Ocho says that she keeps him on his P’s and Q’s. She’s so beguiling, she’s got him mixing metaphors!

Crystal’s dad doesn’t know she’s here (except, uh, now he does!)…


…also in the trash-talking challenge in mini-camp, which is basically the reading challenge of last season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race with slightly less lipliner, Crystal can only muster up the following: “Bitch, you’re so fat, you need to go to the gym.” She’s scoffed for this, but personally, I think it’s a brilliant critique of the needless effort people put into insulting.

And then there is Lisa, who buys bok choy, wears all black and cries, and who says she’s “very pretty,” but doesn’t know if that’s good or bad.


She claims that her hair “did blow up on a bottle rocket,” and the ensuing story is even less coherent than that setup. Simply amazing.

- The maturity!


During the aforementioned Jasmine/Laurice bickerfest (over a bed, of course), Laurice actually walks away! “It’s not that big of a deal. Why are we arguing over a f***ing night’s sleep?” This is the first time someone’s backed down from a fight over a bed for the sake of maturity in VH1 history. Again, I’m amazed.

- Katie’s white-girl thing.


Ocho’s response to Katie? “You can’t dance because you’re white? There’s no such thing.” My response to Ocho?



- The ring.



The lucky lady who wins Ocho’s heart also will receive this. Wonderful. Not only is it a nice reward for the time investment this show requires, but it’s also an incentive for both of them to stay together, at least past the reunion. Brilliant.

- The USTREAM tie-in.


Here’s how Chad communicates with the girls when he’s not in the immediate vicinity. Just in case you forgot how tech savvy he is (remember when he promised to tweet from the sidelines?), here’s your reminder.

- The crossover.


Look! It’s T.O. popping up on the show that aired before his show! This is a programming crossover along the lines of Golden Girls/Empty Nest. Classic.

- The girl who stays.


But you know what isn’t classic? The way T.O. tries to convince Candice (above, left) to give him her number. He insists, she resists, noting the cameras that were everywhere.


She eventually leaves it at half-pledging to look it up if/when she was kicked off, reasoning that it would be easier for her to find him than for him to find her. Later, he reports back to Ocho that, “I think the only reason she didn’t give it to me is ‘cause the cameras are all around.” BUT THE ONLY REASON YOU GOT TO ASK FOR IT IN THE FIRST PLACE IS BECAUSE THE CAMERAS ARE ALL AROUND. This is a reality show for everyone, not just the girls.

Anyway, it was kind of deceptive and cheap and since Candice didn’t actually give him the number and, for all we know, could have just been playing polite when being barraged with the same request over and over by a professional famous person, it’s nice to see that she got to stay. You don’t often see such justice on these shows.

- The one who leaves graciously.


After struggling to connect and being told by what seems to be Ocho’s perma-sidekick, B Twice, that she was too low energy, Cynthia eventually got the boot. Upon leaving, she notes, “Everybody as their match. This obviously wasn’t his and maybe it wasn’t mine.” Indeed, she’s clearly way too reasonable for this crazy universe.

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  1. Realitybites says:

    Thank you VH1, OchoCinco, and Terrell Owens for letting black women know where we stand with you. Out of 17 slots, you only had room for 4 black women. All of which you ranked at the bottom. You are a disgrace and I hope your black mother (the one that is responsible for your success) is not as hurt by your actions are we are.

  2. J.D. says:

    I must say that I am not mad at Chad for making that extra money and jumping on the reality show bandwagon. The +%%_`%@(&`($(!_ le is even catchy..lol But we yet have another show of women making a fool of themselves. It is just hilarious that they would sign up for this..but it shows you what kinda women some of these athletes like. Basically you have a show with a bunch of high-class groupies…have fun Chad..hope the ultimate catch is not a trip to the clinic!

  3. NIKKI says:


  4. Jo says:

    (+%@&%`&(@)$+(!) ay for another Vh1 dating show!!!!

  5. ssparrow always flying hih says:

    ok i am not a football fan/groupie i havent heard of you until Monica video. i did watch you on dancing w/ the stars now im watching your new show and i must admitt that you did exactly what i predicted going for any race than yours. if thats your prefernce ok. or maybe the casting dept pick the girls out for your; i hope so. you dont owe your race anything just as we dont owe you anything now and in the future. because at the end of the race dont comming looking for us for support, you will not receive it. and i will not watch your show anymore due the fact i no longer support you and T.O. T.O who? already forgotten. no this is not hating, its what any other race will say to you.

  6. SheLour_B says:

    I like Ochocinco and T.O!!! I’m a black young female who does not care if they don’t like their own race…for a mate. Everybody have their own taste and perferences (including us blk females). it’s not like they hate us black females (t.o’s two best friends are blk females and i don’t know about ocho), so why hate them? maybe it’s time for us (blk females) to start dating a different race too, lol. all i’m saying don’t hate them because of what they prefer. it’s 2010 and it’s no surprise that more and more successful blk men don’t want to be with blk women. So don’t act like this is new!!!shame on any black females for letting these two get y’all out ur element.

  7. John Taylor says:

    What is with some folks getting so caught up on these dude’s preferences? It’s not a big deal. This is 2010. People choose whoever they want to date that should not get you mad. You females have preferences too, so I do not understand what is with the `#&^+@#%)!_@@!^)+ ing. There are many black men out there that STILL date black women.

  8. Manuel says:

    I think ur missing why some females r mad and im a guy but i think its like they dont want to see the succesful black men ignore them as black women.Also its 2010 but you go into most neighberhoods and its still very segregated the US is very segregated. And also a lot of people like to date within their race because culturaly they relate and understand eachother. Being white in america is still being white so as a latino i would not be cool wit say jennifer lopez picking a bunch of white and black men nd puttin the latinos at the end (@_(%)$@^`_&%^^) that i want her especially in her selina days. Her nd Pdiddy was cool cause its an nyc hood thing u see black and latinos with eachother everywhere. Her an Ben was wack now her and Marc thats whats up

  9. Lokito says:

    I think ur missing why some females r mad and im a guy but i think its like they dont want to see the succesful black men ignore them as black women.Also its 2010 but you go into most neighberhoods and its still very segregated the US is very segregated. And also a lot of people like to date within their race because culturaly they relate and understand eachother. Being white in america is still being white.

  10. Lokito says:

    wat u mean its 2010 watf u talkin bout )%`)~+^&%&_`*#(_ still the same most places you go its still segregated and a lot of people still like to date within their culture. Being white is still being white.

  11. adriana walker says:

    ok i understand everyone has a preference but my question is why is it when a black man (mainly athletes) become famous they think a black woman is all of a sudden not good enough for them. like black women would make them look bad or something. i wasn’t suprised that ochocino or whatever his name is picked mostly white women but i know one thing for sure me and my friends where i live will not be watching the show. it is a disgrace.

  12. LYCOBBS says:

    I seen the first episode of this show to see if it was worth watching and it prove me right. It wasn’t worth watching at all. The women chosen by him was ugly and all of them look like the same groupie hoes he see everyday at the games, clubs, VIP parties, etc. He need to change the name of this show to the Ultimate SEX because that is what he wants anyway. For the black women he eliminated on here keep your heads up. All this show would had made you look like drama, ghetto queens with attitudes anyway. VH1 you got to do better than this!!!

  13. Emily says:

    ok i dont get his pick last night?????? why would u pick a shady &#_@_!*(*_&*##+ tryin smash the homie chick over someoen who is just a chatter box? so what?! Dumb choice…that cynthia was way prettier then that hot mess!

  14. blckbeauty says:

    what is so sad half of those white women would not give the time of day if he was bot a celebrity. I wish my black celebrity brother would realize this if the were still living in the hood, eating pork beans or just a reqular black guy making end meat. How many white women are taking care their black man during this recession. Us sisters always have your back but soon as you get some money you want some dumb white b+++h !

  15. jshively says:

    Why ain’t no body hating on Flava Flav for havin white women on his how.. Or why ain’t nobody trip on New York for having white men on her show? Ya’ll are making a bigger deal about the race thing than should be made… He has three children obviously with black women so anyone trippin talkin bout he don’t like black women have no grounds to prove that other than the show in which 25% of the women he chose where black… They’re were a lot of different races he was choosing from I think that proves he’s interested in all color’s not just one..

  16. blckbeauty says:

    what is so sad half of those white women would not give the time of day if he was not a celebrity. I wish my black celebrity brother would realize this if they were still living in the hood, eating pork beans or just a reqular black guy making end meats there would be no white groupies. How many white women are taking care their black man during this recession. Us sisters always have your back but soon as you get some money you want some dumb white b+++h !

  17. SupaStar97 says:

    I will say one thing I will not be watching this show… Its catered to a gold digging, myth searching, ignorant bunch of females. The main character is lacking just that, character. There is no substance to this baffoonery.

  18. Amber says:

    VH1 you did it again! Another hilariously ridiculous show!! I couldn’t figure out if this was a joke or not…HAHA

  19. Confused says:

    Someone please tell me why does race matter? At the end of the day he has to be happy and content with the decisions and choices he made in who he chooses and what cuts he made…I am sure if he wanted or was more interested in the other 69 chicks he cut he would not have cut them…I truly wish especially in this day and age that people would get over the whole interracial thing…ummmm black girls date white guys too…No one said anything when New York chose Tailor Made…Build a bridge and get over it

  20. CICI says:

    This is a DAMN shame!! Why is it that some people think it is OK to act like they are better than women of their own race. Not just blacks, but other races too. I think it really is a matter of self hate and not just personal preference. Chad has for black children and a black baby’s mother, why is it now that he has chosen to not like women of his own race now? I am really getting sick of people degrading black women in the media and acting like they are not beautiful of worthy of being with. All these stories that point of that black men are dating and marrying other races promote that they are not marrying black women are false. The TRUTH is that many blacks are marrying one another and happy to be with one another. I live in Largo Maryland, which is one of the richest areas in the US. 89% of our 35,000 residents are blacks married to other blacks. Period.

  21. Cammy says:

    With all due respect, how and why is it that the vast majority of these women are Caucasian? Did Ocho have specific requirements, that include ethnicity? You never see a Caucasian bachelor show, where the entire bevy of women are African american. What does this say to young women of color? I guess it says white women love to date millionaires? Or maybe African American male athletes, think they’ve arrived when they date interracially. It’s sad any way you cut it.

  22. Mrs D says:


  23. babybro says:

    Um, I hate to break it to you all but many BM rightfully doesn’t give a crap about race when dating or marrying. It’s just that simple, it’s 2010, not 1964. Here is a small quote from the NY TIMES.

    “A new study shows that more and more black men are marrying women of other races. In fact, more than 1 in 5 black men who wed (22 percent) married a nonblack woman in 2008. This compares with about 9 percent of black women, and represents a significant increase for black men — from 15.7 percent in 2000 and 7.9 percent in 1980.”

    Which essentially means by the year 2050, more than half of BM marriages (let alone relationships) will be IR marriages? Why? Because race is being placed where it should be, behind other characteristics in determining suitable friends and romantic partners. Like having things in common, similarities, personality matches, etc etc.

    So you can either consider spitting all of this vile and utter hatred that is not going to do a single thing (as studies have shown), or you can just accept the fact that race is no longer an important factor with what you connect with. IR marriages is going to increase. IR relationships is going to increase. IR display in the media is going to increase, so you might as well get use to it.

  24. keverno says:

    This dude is a joke. He needs to sit down with Barack Obama and get some real skills on how to find powerful black women. The trend is so played out. Loser!!!!!!!!!!

  25. jshively says:

    Umm since when is the media degrading black women? Last I checked Beyonce, Oprah, Tyra, Halle and the first lady aren’t getting slammed by anyone… the list goes on and on with the “media” and how desirable they portray A LOT of black women.. Gimme break…

  26. dahdrew says:

    Well I am looking forward to seeing the series. Will SHE love him even if hes broke? Or when he has an adulteries affair(EXAMPLE: Tiger Wood)? Love and commitment is a lot more than just admiration’s, money and glam based. Ya he’s a nice guy and is successful…but does he know how to keep a womens heart full (I love me and maybe you can love me too…??)and how to let her be complete in their relationship and INDEPENDENT to grow as a person for ‘DEATH DO US PART’? These are the basics many or most of go’s thru in life and relationships. Find A SPIRITUAL MORAL AND VALUE ‘BASE’ for the relationship. So far all I see is SUPERFICIAL IDOLIZATION’S… Which leads me to seeing the overall show as being a giant fantasy island remake heheh! But I am enjoying it, as I do the Kardashians Gurls.

  27. MR. Reality says:

    Sistas calm down. Why should there be more black women to look desperate, and slutty on TV. Don’t we see enough of that on idiot box already (examples “For the love of Ray J”, “The Flavor of Love”. I’m happy in fact that there isn’t that many sisters looking like money hungry tramps, and you should be happy too. Any real woman wouldn’t be on some bull-sh#$ show like this anyways. Just be real if chad made 60, 000 a year would there be a show………..Hell NO. Also I see some of you is upset because you see another successful brotha with the others. Look if he doesn’t see black as beautiful, then F$%^ his blind azz.

  28. Kim says:

    I watched the first episode with my husband and we both quickly came to the conclusion that this very “black” man is demonstrating some self hate. Most of the ladies he chose would not have even looked at him a second time if it were not for his bank account. I’m all for someone choosing a mate of his preference but this guy choice of women speaks volumes to me. I will not look at his show and won’t support him because I feel he has slapped black women everywhere in the face!

  29. rwinbush says:

    This show is a disaster. out of 85 women ochocinco could only find three african-american women. I had the opportunity to see him on The Wendy Williams show and he states that this is his preference. My thought was what is your mother and how do you feel about your mother. I will not be watching this show and I encourage other african- american women not to watch,because this is a representation of self-hatred. It is time out for this mentally to stop. It is time out that the media keeps trying to destroy Africa-American women. When we are just as good, if not better than any other race. I am glad we as African-American women are finally recognizing what is really going on and no longer standing for this disgracefulness. It is okay to like what you like, but no longer disgrace your own race. It starts with the African-American Man!!!!!!!

  30. Ann says:

    This is so crazy these celebrities get on my nerve a little money a trip, you need to seek the Lord for your Queen if you see yourself as a King and stop looking for these little loose females who don’t have enough respect for themselves to go on TV and act a fool if they don’t have respect for themselves how are they going to respect you?

  31. BREAL says:

    PLEASE! What’s wrong with this picture…an African American NFL star and almost every girl on that show is white and the first girl he kicked off wasn’t the white girl that was going to give T.O. her number but the blcak girl that talked too much… hmmm

    See what a little money does to our black men…see how white girls suddenly like black men when they see them with a little money…

    T.O. did a little better at least he had a black chick on his show but of course he ended up with a white girl.

  32. BlackBeauty says:

    I watched this episode with my beautiful, intelligent, loving, daughter who is African American and I was angry. I know that ultimately the show producers are doing what they feel will get the ratings but really, where were the women of COLOR! Ocho, did you ask for primarily white women with long hair, big butts, who would stroke your ego and do little for your intelligence? And, why didn’t you send home the woman who showed you that she was in it for the MONEY–not YOU. Oh well, I guess you like that type! And Terrell…I won’t even go there…you both have alot in common!

  33. Redbearwoman says:

    Not surprised at 85′s final 16 choices; even as a black woman, who the heck cares? What is most off-putting to me: The ugly color filter or lighting on one camera where the three athletes and the two black women are bathed in a dusty, smoky purple-grey…it appears that they were dipped in a new color of Sherwin-Williams paint called “Matte-toxic Smudge”. It’s NOT romantic…I have to look away for each of that cameraman’s shots…and the gaudy, ugly ring with black laquer paint in the middle…it’s obvious 85 is new to money and has not learned what is considered “still ghetto” and what is considered “good taste”. The woman (not “girl”) who gets that ring should crack it against a concrete wall, take the stones and pawn them or put them into a “civilized” setting. Like my (African American) son said, when I asked if he watched the show…(shaking his head)”Uchhhh” (with the gutteral sound). What a waste.

  34. EveB says:

    Stop hating because a black man is not limiting his tastes to a black woman only. Do you get upset at black women who date white men too? Really, where do you get off telling any other person who they should/shouldn’t be dating? The heart wants what the heart wants, be it white, black, Asain, Indian, whatever. You can make any rational you want but it bothers you because YOU are a racist, and your objection is that Ocho isn’t? Wow! That is messed up. One fine day there will be no color, only people being themselves in a country where we seperate ourselves by anything other then color. Sad that apparently for many of all colors the racist thinking is still theirs and they embrace that instead of freeing themselves from it. Damn shame that.

  35. BREAL says:

    I bet every person that has made an “Aw its not about color” comment is white. You should be happy because your pool of choices is only getting bigger you have the black and white men.

    What happened yo black men making a home and marrying a sista? Oh I guess that’s our fault too for being to pushy and demanding.

    I am not a racist. I am an educated biracial woman who loves a good black man but can’t find one. Oh yeah and before anyone tries to say it’s my fault don’t bother…

  36. Lii says:

    So to those of you who are complaining about him dating women not of his race(s) — seriously? Are you from some ridiculous podunk down in some middle state where things like that still matter and people are still expected to be attracted to people based on the color of their skin? Why can’t he just date people he finds attractive? Y’all might be better served by spending some time visiting a city with more than like 200 people in it, so you can see the way normal people interact and behave post-1950.

  37. Black Barbie says:

    Right only white girls are good enough, usual for the proud black men what a disgrace

  38. "april" says:

    We all need to come to the realization that it is no longer about our preference of taste that we have for black men. If he finds Hispanics or Whites more appealing then black women that’s his personal taste. The only thing that made me flabbergasted was the fact that the depiction of black women were missed represented; I personally felt that the black women picked on his show were portrayed as having a ghetto persona. The indication that I got by this was that 3 black women picked were used as negative fillers for the show; while the non-blacks were portrayed as the more successful and accomplished. All the black women that may be upset, just realize that we as individuals depict our own personalities and behavior. Regardless if they were picked last the representation of a black women depends on them; whether they chose to conform to stereotypical norms or represent the true meaning of being a black women rests on them. As a black woman who is a college student, I can personally say that I represent a positive image that wasn’t portrayed on the show. I hope that you find your Ultimate Catch Ochocino, all the black women out there as long as this man honors and love the black women that raised him and had his beautiful kids is all that matters.

  39. brian says:

    cynthia is hella hurrrttt!

  40. Jentan1974 says:

    Are you kidding me? Black females need to get over it. So what if he prefers white women or Latinos or Asians or whatever. That’s his choice. There is no rule on the books or implied that says you have to date/marry within your race. You’d better get used to it. IR marriages between black males and other races are becoming more and more frequent, just as I’m sure the will/are for black females.

  41. Tee says:

    Black men don’t realize what they’re saying to black women when they do things like this. It’s insulting, he’s making a statement that black women are’nt pretty enough or good enough. And because of that, there is no way this show will get my ratings,

  42. SoulHoney says:

    I being a black women knew that when I visited this website I would see some BW upset that there weren’t enough of BW on the show…please stop complaining and making the rest of BW seem like they give a _`^*~%_*+@`$!*~~ I just had to respond to the other ladies because some of ya’ll are sounding ridiculous. We all know that shows like these are for ratings…I will not be tuning into the future shows and if you don’t like what you see then turn the channel as well. You cannot really believe that true love will be the end result of this show…we all know that if he was broke none of these women would want him…*turning the channel back to ID discovery*

  43. Steelers Rule says:

    I was giving Chad the benefit of the doubt with the whole reality show. Then he has to come out of his mouth with bull crap about the “Steelers” aka “6 Times SuperBowl Champs”. He wants to make comments about “He hasnt seen that many girls on the field since they played the Steelers”. Get a ring and then you can talk.

  44. Mary says:

    Unbelieveable! You black women are sounding very racist!!! He has every right to choose what he is attracted to at this particular time. It’s not only white females that he dates but he also has children from black women!!! Now, this ought to tell you that he is not just choosing one particular race!!! We are in “2010″ and you ought to be glad that he can date who ever he likes. If you remember there was a time in our terrible history that this would not be allowed to happen!!! I am so glad that african-americans now have that choice. You should be going forward, not backwards!!! This is not to say that he should only pick white females, but he should have the right to choose!!! I am hispanic and I don’t look at the color of someones skin, but I look to his character. We are all human beings living in this world and it is time to stop judging and hateing, as someone once said! “WHY CAN’t WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?”

  45. jlt says:

    i’ve seen more black women with white guys then i’ve ever seen in my life.both T.O. and chad have black children. If it didn’t work with the mother of their children, then maybe its time to try something new. don’t hate.

  46. johnny says:

    Wow, this is even worse than frank the entertainer’s show.

    This guy supposedly has a good personality? He’s boring and awkward. These girls will start turning on him soon.

  47. Zach says:

    hey go rubi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. dreddgal says:

    Seriously, the show is boring. I am a black woman and I’m not offended by the lack of black women on the show. First of all anyone on the show is only looking for fame and not love. Second of all, he is looking for more attention and not love, so it doesnt matter who he picks. Sorry to say the only real show they ever had was the first one with Flav b/c no one looking for fame was willing to be with him…lol..Chad will most def get rid of all the semi real women first and keep all the fake ones…its TV…its a business

  49. SHAYNA says:

    i cant believe that there was a girl on this show that in real life is a prostitute they really should do better background checks!!

  50. amber says:

    yo chad you should not have let Jasmine go and kept Tara big no no! she will play you like a fiddle!

  51. Jazariah says:

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