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  1. kim says:

    Its amazing to me how this african american man could not have any real black females to choose from on his show. Why do they all have to look like pumped up barbie dolls, wit fake lips, fake boops etc. It makes me sick to think that all our black men cant find a real woman in the african american circle, why do they have to go outside the box.He must be scared of a true black woman. We are also very intelligent, have degrees, and is making that dough also. And to me your not the best looking black male in the world so i see how you might have a complex.

  2. Alena says:

    I agreed with kim and I am aa married black woman with a adorable strong black man. All the football players and black men who acquire money seem to like to spend it on whie women.

  3. My2hearts says:

    OMG! I did catch the interview with Chad Ochocinco and Wendy Williams all I have to say is TYPICAL….you sleep with and turn the black woman into a “Babies Mama” but when you are ready to get serious and “Find Love” now you turn to “You’re Preference!” Do what you do, it is your right. Just know that this Proud Black Woman does not Support you! God Bless and Good Luck. Lol. When will they learn?

  4. Drama Free says:

    P.S…..we Loooove1 you Wendy!!!! and we appreciate! you being a voice! for us and asking the real!….questions….

  5. Drama Free says:

    I’m glad! someone ask this dude the real!!! question! thank you Mrs. W of the (W.W Show)…..

  6. Lenelle says:

    Wendy Williams must have been reading my mind!!!! Go Wendy!The few black women they did have on the show seems to be there to fill the ghetto fighting scenes. There are beautiful, intelligent black women out there that come in “every” shade from super black to damn near white so why do the majority of our black men choose white women when they become famous??? The blacker the man the whiter he wants his woman. Dark black men say that black women didn’t want them years ago so now they don’t want black women. But if they were honest with themselves, white and latino women didn’t want them years ago either.Black men still have that slave mentality of wanting the “forbidden white women” and they need her as there “ultimate trophy” when they make it big. Chad defended his preference for white and latino women so black women should “prefer” not to watch his show. This disrespect of black women has gone on too long!

  7. Tracey says:

    When black men become famous why don’t they settle down with a beautiful black woman and start a family. Be an inspiration to the black community. How about being an example of a positive black family. Yes the media for years made blacks feel ugly and “dark” blacks feel down right worthless but thats not an excuse anymore for all our famous black brothers to choos white women.

  8. MRS D says:


  9. Lynette says:

    Chad Johnson is not a man I would want to date anyway. He is not attractive to me. White and Latino girls can have his ^$`$@#$#~~~(^#` He just should not have made it obvious that he discriminates against black women. It’s true everyone has their preference, but he just should not have made it so obvious. Me personally, I don’t like dark ulgly men like him. He is not attractive at all to me.

  10. This show stinks says:

    Soo… I’m a white woman. And I don’t like this show either. Not because there are no real black women on it, but because it sucks. Quit hating on the white girls. There are pretty black girls on the show too, and they seem pretty black and normal to me (not ghetto for the “fighting scenes” or whatever)

  11. Mrs. Monay says:

    Its amazing to me watching some of these reality shows. I was a fan of the Bachelor,with a Caucasian man and never saw more than one black woman, clearly not to appear bias in a group 20 Caucasian women, potential wives. Clearly she was only there for show. Only black men seem to have these shows with every other nationality except black. Its seems like self hate.When a man can truly love himself he can love his own!