Tweet Your Special Question For Jane Lynch, See It Air During The 2010 Do Something Awards



We’re in the stretch run of preparations for the the 2010 Do Something Awards, airing live on Monday, July 19 at 9/8c. And, believe it or not, we need your help! Got something that you’ve been dying to know about either the awards or its host, Jane Lynch? If so, tweet your question to @VH1 — be sure to include the hashtag #DSAwards — and you might just get a special shout-out during the awards. Yes, that’s right, Jane be answering some of your tweets LIVE during the awards show! And nothing, we repeat nothing, is off-limits.

Speaking of things that aren’t off-limits, you should really take a look at two of the latest promos that Jane shot for the Do Something Awards. We’re not saying that she has an inappropriate relationship with trees, exactly, but we also aren’t saying that she has an appropriate one, either! See what we mean, below.

Jane Lynch is a tree hugger!

Also, Jane Lynch is a blood donor!

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  1. brittany smith says:

    yay green day!!!! (no randomness) iheartgreenday

  2. lina fernandez says:

    do you like doing your job. did you like working in glee

  3. Michael Gurney says:

    How green are you?

  4. Jane Blows says:

    Jane is being made out to be some kind of wonder woman. What a ^$*_%`#*_)`(#%*`_ I can’t believe anyone would listen to anything she has to say. Take a breath America. This is the kind of person who has turned our country into the septic tank that it is today. She needs to be put out to pasture with the rest of the “old cows” who have spewed their poisonous message on our good country.