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Since even before Day 1, the issue of race has factored heavily into discourse regarding Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. To hear many tell it, Chad Ochocinco is a race traitor who couldn’t be bothered to host a racially diverse cast on his dating show (black women are in the minority of the 17 women he picked for his show). Essence.com cut right to the chase and asked him about the brewing controversy. Here’s part of Chad’s response:

“I deal with all types of women. My mind set is that I think outside the box. I’m all over the place and I want to experience everything. There’s nothing wrong with [Black women] at all. If I did it the way they wanted though, there still would have been something to fuss about. It’s a lose-lose for me because no matter how I do it, there’s going to be an argument. I did Wendy Williams yesterday and I said for those who are offended about it, I apologize. But if you ever run into me, you’d date me…I’ve never heard other races complaining about their men dating outside of their race besides Black people. I hate that we continue to pull that race card.”

“Pulling the race card” isn’t exactly the same thing as forming a dialogue when one sees fit, but OK! The important thing is that we’re talking about this. We’re all trying to get through this reality show together.

There are more of Chad’s thoughts on the racial makeup of his stable of women at Essence.com.


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  1. Missyutwo says:

    Chad I have no problem with what you like. But the message you sent to your daughters was that there mothers was not what you perferred to have. What message are you sending them about their own skin color. After watching the first show I was completely turned off.

  2. Victoria says:

    Oh pleaz…..Black women need to stop hatin and step their game up…meaning….stop being so superficial and racist…..Im a black woman and who care who like who of whatever nationality it there business…..Me personally I like all men cuz it’s my parogative and I’m black……

    All the women on his show are beautiful….and I mean all of them……I’m sure he had a hard time picking…

  3. Idiot says:

    YOU pulled the race card in the first place dude!!!!!!

  4. wrtw says:

    theres nothing wrong with interracial dating. its who you want to be with. and who your gonna wanna spend your life with.race shouldnt matter because the happiness the other person brings to you is just so much more important.
    and to the commment above me i can see your side and respect your opinion cause you did make a very good point
    but chad did too.

    i hate when people pull the race card.

    im not a racist cause im for change and happiness and making a change for are future children to walk down safer streets.

  5. Liza says:

    Ocho it’s very clear that your mother is black.I don’t see nothing mixed about you.Matter of fact I’m a black french lady and I would not date you.What make you so appealing to white,black and any other race’s of women is your MONEY honey.Money changes everything.Hummm think about it.Those women only want your money.Your not that easy to look at bother.

  6. TracyMartinez says:

    You just don’t get it. Maybe if you hadn’t been blessed with the ability to play football…maybe if you were just some round-the-way brother punching a time clock….then you wouldn’t look at viewers who actually have some semblence of intelligence as “pulling the race card”. BTW- I am a Latina and I am among those offended by your show. You say Latina and white women are “my preference”….I ask Why? Aren’t all of your childrens’ mothers (3 or 4) black women?
    So you make babies with black women but prefer to date other races?????
    I understand that pro athletes rarely have to face the “realities” of life. I get that few people probably tell you “no”. But you must understand whether you accept it or not- you carry a responsibility to your community. We all do. However, as a black man you must take yours more seriously. We dont see many positive images of black men in the media. So when you are blessed to be given a platform like you have—YOU SHOULD DO BETTER. Not just for yourself, your kids, your parents, siblings, but for your community–a community made up of little black girls and boys who will copy what you do, what you say, and what you think.

  7. Thomas White says:

    I feel that when it comes Reality dating shows it’s a double standard when it comes to race. Like on Oxygen’s Love Games Bad Girls Need Love Too when Kendra had to choose between a young Black Guy and a Young white Guy she chooses the White Guy and what about the Bachelor and the Bachelorette they have a few minorities on their dating shows too but when it comes to Chad Ocho Cinco’s dating show about a few black women on his show whether majority is white and latino it’s a problem. It’s a double standard because what if a celebrity black woman has majority of white and latino men and a few black men on her show nobody didn’t say anything but when it comes to Chad Ocho Cinco has a reality datin show where’s a majority of white and latino women and a few black women on his show then that’s a problem. Why can’t they address interracial relationship. So it’s okay that a Black woman date a white man but not a black man date a white woman. We as society need to address this issue and discuss interracial dating.

  8. HipHopSays says:

    i thought ochoCinco was mexican….O_0

    seriously though chad should get out more….most cultures want to preserve their cultural heritage and african-americans are no different. whether jewish, asian-american (there’s a korean/japanese divide, chinese/japanese divide, etc)… for african americans the only difference is that subconsciously we are increasingly aware that we are through interracial relationships are increasingly ‘dwindling’ in numbers (as it stands latinos are the largest minority in the united states). also, i think the the problem is one of the same difference among the women….give me one PhD candidate or someone bigger than a size 4 or older than 24….on the show. but hey chad can have his likes and i can continue to like terrell owens show over his.

  9. Kay says:

    this is the dumbest thing i have heard by far. WHO CARES WHO HE LIKES… its sad that you “missyutwo” saying its sending a message to his children. its not sending any message you cant help who you are attracted to white black, asian whatever. just because hes black doesnt me he HAS to date a black women. get over your selves and let the man pick and choose as he pleases. im pretty sure that area of life ended.. ohh 30 years ago!! race card… noone pulled it but the close minded veiwers that think ” theres not enough black women” HE DOESNT WANT TO DATE A BLACK WOMAN. GET OVER IT!!! all the women on that show are beautiiffuulll

  10. one less VH1 viewer says:

    I’m so turned off by this that I will not be watching the show anymore. How can you be black but hate black women wtf, do you hate your mother too?

  11. Staceyann says:

    first off theres no such thing as race and second why does everything in life have to point back to colour? i think ppl shud b glad theres not a bunch of black women running around on this show makin an $_~(~+@)#_!%+~) out of themselves

  12. Tee says:

    I am not at all mad at him. If he wants to exploit women of other races by having them act catty, slutty, and disrespectful to get a date or one nighter with him, I am so glad he didn’t pick a bunch of my sisters (yes I’m black). I don’t want to see another Flavor Flav type show with my sisters being degraded to date one man just cause he has money. Ya’ll are acting like this is some prestigious position for black women to be in. There is nothing honorary about being one of his choices on this show. I would love to see the day that there are no black women being exploited on these shows or rap videos. We have enough problems as it is. When people see a black woman, I want them to think that we are too beautiful, intelligent and valued to be humiliated on these degrading male chauvinistic shows. I would hope that women of other races stand up for their sisters as well. It is not a badge of honor to be on these shows, so please VH1, take ALL MY BLACK sisters off whether they want you to or not. They deserve much better than to be humiliated fto increase your ratings.

  13. Aloyn says:

    I personally feel as a Black Women that Black Men will sleep with anyone, they have no respect for our race as we all have seen over and over again. The game never changes, only the players.

  14. Spontaneous says:

    I stopped watching the show from day 1. He is a racist. Trying to be like Lamar and Kobe I guess. I was so mad. So many beatiful Black women and all he had was Mexicans and white. So WRONG

  15. RockFan says:

    Wow. It’s just a TV show. The producers control the show. Their objective is getting the highest ratings from their target demographic by producing an entertaining show. These girls on the show just want to be on TV and they were picked to fill particular roles for entertainment value. They know they’re not getting C.O. (but I’d bet they’re not complaining a bit being so close to him) and they want their 15 minutes, hopeful that will lead to more ala New York. The producers have a target. They’re hitting their target. Chad has a show. He’s making money. Everyone’s making money. It’s all about money and exposure and ratings. That’s it. It SO NOT about race. Anyone who jumps there is already on the trigger and needs an adjustment. C.O. is a popular, good looking athlete who is still riding a high from his successful appearance on DWTS. Good for him. What anyone else thinks about it matters not one bit, not about the show, not about anything. It’s a free country and we all have a right to do what we want to do and date who we want to date. Like Chad said, he could have had all black women and someone would have complained where’s the white women? All white, loads of complaints. All hispanic, more complaints. Asian, indian, name your color-red, yellow, black, white-or don’t. It can really suck being labeled anything other than human being and it’s even worse when someone calls you a traitor when you don’t pick the color they think you should. So sad to see such bigotry and close-mindedness in the 21st century. What happened to being happy for someone’s success? I’m happy for Chad and wish him the best.

  16. msgermany89 says:

    still d same u brothers seem 2 think it is d n thing (having a white woman on yo arm) say what u want but remember whose body u come from…..a sista…keep that line moving…keep our kids yo dark skinned color…love a sista.. its is so many of us out here who r real a would a strong brother on their side…like me! think about it..u 2 t.o. ans the jackson brothers and tiger u no u need a strong sista by yo side…just don’t cheat….

  17. sterlingrose says:

    I am Black and a female, and I agree with Chad. I thought that the premise of the show was for him to find love. Doesn’t that require him to select based on his own personal preferences and attractions? I would hate for someone to pressure me to select a mate based on other matching attributes other than my own. He is his own person, and he doesn’t owe us all that! Why is it that when the potential of a catch of a successful man comes up, Black women feel deprived and left out. That kind of thinking is emmeshed in the racism in the U.S. It’s a Black American thing. We’re still crippled and brainwashed about how to empower our own happiness. I think that Chad is evolved in his self-fulfillment. therefore looking to gain his own personal happiness. To do otherwise, would be crazy. I applaud his capacity to stand up to unwarranted critique. Are we so stuck in the mud?

  18. sharon says:

    Chad=I’m glad you know what you want in all women cause as a black woman you forgot to read up on HISTORY about 300 years to see that we as black woman never got to the family life cause master took it from us and you think having a white or mexicans on your side gives you joy,when your money gone she gone.

  19. Kay says:

    If I met you, 85, or whatever you choose to call yourself, I WOULDN’T date you!! You are not cute although you think you are, and you are arrogant. Listen very closely, if you weren’t a star athlete, white women all over the globe would be running in the opposite direction. They would be put off by your looks, No. 1, and by your attitude, No. 2. They would see you as just another black guy. Do not ever be fooled, white women love athletes, it’s the only way most of them will ever be around the money, the fame, and the connections, and they craze that because they feel entitled. Are you kidding me? Look at you, then look at them. Get real, sport!

  20. sharon says:

    Chad=I’m glad you know what you want in all women cause as a black woman you forgot to read up on HISTORY about 300 years to see that we as black woman never got to the family life cause master took it from us and you think having a white or mexicans on your side gives you joy,BOY PLEASE your mother is black and your children are black and as dark as you are,you better be glad a sister wanted you.You are a clown and they will clown your (+%%(^~!)$(&^+) sss.

  21. elaine says:


  22. Kelley says:

    Well, well, well! I’m glad to know that I wasn’t the only person that was thinking for him to be a black man, he only has 2 black women on the show.

    Everyone is very much so entitled to their own opinion, but Victoria your comment should not have even been posted. You’re not making any sense whatsoever. Nobody said anything about the women on the show being beautiful. He picked the same ole “I’m here for so and so” kind of women. I can look and see that not many of the women on the show have any kind substance to their personality. Why do you think Chad went back to his baby’s mother?! She’s a black women…I rest my case.

  23. Keeba says:

    Chad’s response to the race card does not make sense! On what other Reality Show did you see a white man with 14 women from different races? You may see one or two blacks but come on! Why is it that this black guy with money have to choose between all these different races. If he was poor do he think these woman would give him the time of day. He can could play as if it is not about race but no one would want his black but if he was poor! It has to stop with these black men getting money and grabbing white woman on their arm. I will never watch that show and I hope all my friends do the same

  24. chocko says:

    i am completely turned off by this person named ocho. i didnt know who he was until recently. he is black as night but doesnt like or (prefer) black women. come on i dont understand why vh1 is promoting this self-hating man.

  25. david says:

    If Chad did not have a tantrum about a measly 5 Black women the producers wanted then we would not be discussing this. He maybe thought his “stock” would go up if he had few/no Black women on the show.This makes him look like a sell out. Chad brought up the subject by making a big deal of the situation as if he were desperate to show he can win the affection of lighter-skinned people. This shows self-hate/loathing as in the famous study called the “doll test”.Chad is an adult version of the doll test.
    It is just a cheesy, reality show for fun. For him to put so much emphasis on excluding Black women is silly. Chad has lost potentinal fans ( afro-American, Afro-Latina, afro-European, and African and even some whites who dislike the _&+#@~%%#`+~`*^ umption that they will only watch a show if Black females are not included. When TMZ asked Chad why no Black girls on the show he said,”Well, I’m a man of class and distintion” Is it any wonder people are insulted ?? Dating people of other races is no problem. Putting down women of African descent draws negative publicity.
    Imus, Howard Stern, Slim Thug and now this. I never hear such insulting remarks about white,Jewish or Asian females.
    I feel sorry for his 12 year- old daughter Her own father tells the world that women who look like her are exactly what he finds undesirable.The color of her skin matters, not the content of her character. This is sad.

  26. Valaree says:

    Ok…so Ocho-sellout says he has a preference TRUE and a fair statement, but if U want supporters (black
    & female) of ur “entertainment” show,U should have been a little less obvious in ur selection. Hint: pick the top five girls of each racial preference…duhhh! Ocho’ the show IS for “entertainment and publicity” do u really expect to find real love through the media…it’s a joke! Havent u been watchin “the bachelor”,”I love NY”,Flava of love” etc.? Nothing but an easier way to get ur fills and thrills along with publicity! Look @ T.O ur homey, I didn’t even know who he was til his show. “Reality” (yeah right)! The most positive thing I can say about ur show is that I like how respectful you were to all the ladies U cut. some on the one’s U kept…U should’ve cut them within the first couple of hours (BUGLIES…BUTT UGLY) AND FAKE. Or maybe it’s all another publicity stunt…I never heard of U either til T.O helped promote ur show. lol Anywhooooo…I hope U get what ever it is ur after, but I’m sooo definately done with ur show!!!!!

    The Maddness

  27. Valaree says:

    @ Msgerman89: so hilarious! ;-)

  28. Hmmmm says:

    So basically he is saying that he does not like women that look like his mother and daughters. And for anybody who says that black women are hating, that is not true. Chad showed his hatred through the very visible choices that he made first. And if your ethnic group is not on the receiving end of this, you would never understand what the dynamics are and how his critics are feeling. I feel sorry for his kids and their identity.

  29. jay says:

    Its not about black women hating( personally I feel like thats an ignorant statement) He says he want people to support him but how can someone support you when you don’t appreciate them? It’s okkay if you have a preference but be real with what you are doing.

  30. Valaree says:

    One more thing….

    Moe’ and ‘Kita, tell T.O. to distance himself from Ocho’ b4 it messes up his good thing, @least while in the media spotlight. Cuz birds of a feather flock together! baby…and Ocho’s and we all know that a bird cant fly with a broken wing.

  31. Yolanda says:

    Yeah Chad its okay for you to have 4 black baby mothers but when you are on tv your preference is none black–u are full of %+$@@$~))&&++%%_ and no I want support you anymore-bc you dont even see the message that you are sending your sons and daughters-if that was your preference why didnt you have any children by a white or hispanic female and leave them—u r full of shi-. then you had the never to say that you want our support I dont think so–what support are you giving to black women–let the hispanic and whites support–you dont even get how you are willie lynch bound—show the big black man chasing after the white women-to show again that black women are not worthy of their own men–u %^)#+*!+!$`##!* get a clue–its ok and great if that is your preference but again why werent you dating them and getting one of them pregnant and abandoning the woman and child—that is the point you a–! People date who they want all day but its always the black man that gets on tv and chase the white woman—

  32. Yolanda says:

    I love your comment -I thought of that also–and that is true however he could have had more of a balance in the show–and again people that is what it is about balance–noone is pulling the racce card -Ocho is saying that bc he doesnt get the message that he is sending-that he can have 4 baby mothers that are black but have a show full of none blacks–then come on national tv and tell the world this is his preference–anyone that cant get that is not knowledgeable about black image or black pride–again we dont care who he date we are not the nieve to interracial dating–its the wrong message that he is send to little black boys-its a disgrace–I want ever watch him again-

  33. Nasha says:

    If everybody is noticing the same pattern with Ochocinco after 1 episode, than that should be proof to him that he is favoring one set race over another. But its not like he is the first black man to do that. Most of the professional black atletes prefer a woment of another race besides there own race. Im not saying interracial dating is wrong. But its so true what Kayne West said, “ONCE HE GET ON, HE LEAVE YO @)&%@~&@~~%#@&# FOR A WHITE GIRL”. Ochocinco probably dated black women his whole life, but as soon as fame comes, black men tend to date white. He only wants a woman that is “LIGHT, BRIGHT, OR DAMN NEAR WHITE”.

  34. Cancel the show says:

    Ths show is garbage for the simple fact that Chad is a Dummy for not having more ethnic girls!!! I aint watchin this show and im tellin everybdy I know not to watch it!! it seriously needs to be cancelled!!!

  35. VegasJay says:

    Umm, yeah. Black women are too smart and think too much of themselves to get on this jumped up mess.

  36. Kaiya says:

    I think he did just want any other real person would do. Pick the people he was attracted to. I really don’t see why its such a problem of their colors. Really, that is just an excuse for people to start some crap. If He likes a woman, its not his fault that their skin may be different than his. I myself am biracial and I have had it both ways, not white enough, not black enough. but who cares!!! Love is Love and a person can’t help whom they are attracted to.

  37. ladytee says:

    I like Chad b\c in the end he made them all look like the foolish golddiggers they are and went back to his baby moms who is black. To everyone who says its not about race, it is how many other shows with a person so called “looking for love” that had only a fraction of their own race to choose from ,,,,,NONE! He owes not only the black community but also his own children more respect. I feel he did it for the money which makes it worse b\c he didn’t need it.

  38. Lee says:

    A hidden secret among many black men is that growing up many of them did not feel attractive and so many prefer a lighter skin women to have a child with so that child has more self esteem growing up then they did. And let’s be honest people, chad needs a lot of help in the looks department! LOL

  39. Lady D says:

    Being a black female I wasn’t surprised most black men that are popular, have money, in sports,these men are chosing us, very few are staying in their own race. Ladies pay attention we are not being in the top 10 list, why? Are we gold diggers,uneducated,fat, ugly,on welfare too dark, too light? WHAT? Are we too independent, single moms runnin our households w/o a male present and doin’ it right,have a job,etc. I feel in the real world we as black females don’t have too much of a choice when we want to date,or marry our black men, and Ochocinco ain’t all that anyway I have seen others that are truly 10′s,he’s a 7. Black women need to have a show.

  40. Ellen D. Stone says:

    I couldn’t believe that Wendy Williams said she was offended that there are only three black women on Chad’s new show. That’s just plain ridiculous! Just like Chad said, if he prefers to date a different race of his own, that his decision. It’s his show and why would he pick a black women, just to not offend other black women, and then they really don’t fit together well? It’s his show, if that’s what he wants. There’s not many arranged marriages in the U.S., people are free to be with who ever makes them happy. I like Wendy Williams and her show. Also, thanks for speaking out Chad, I wish you find the woman of your dreams someday and are happy beyond belief.

  41. AngelBaby says:

    I SOOOOOOO AGREE WITH VICTORIA(to a degree.lets be honest,there were some unattractive ladies on the show). But seriously,when is it ever gonna be ok to jus date who eva the hell u want??!! Love doesnt have a color(if in fact “love” is what he’s lookn for,wch i gotta say i highly doubt it).I believe God made us all so he loves us all!So the EXAMPLE he’s sendin to his daughters is that it doesnt matter what color a person is,if their heart is pure & they treat u awesome GO FOR IT!!Lifes too short to be dicing people up into little groups & u end up sellin urself short when u do!So for those of u who still hold on to their precious race cards in ANY race u should seriously kiss the baby & get over it while we go on living around u. (my 2cents)

  42. Chrissy says:

    I think it sucks! I am all for dating who you want, thats why God made us all different colors, but for some reason when black men get famous and money they want to get the lighter girl, or anything but black. I hate that they forget that their mom is black and thats how that got here, Not to mention that thats all they dated until they made it BIG! when your motives are wrong you’ll never find the right one!

  43. Ms2fine4 some says:

    Ocho really?? Without money you probably could not come close to 17 women of other races. Look at the Kardasian girls the fact they guys are athletes comes first how much they are worth and then how they are in bed! Never anything about how they are intelligent black men with good morals and standards. If they didn’t have the fame or the money they probably couldn’t bring you home. Harsh reality!!!!!!!

  44. Mo says:

    Wow, talk about a can of worms. First, dude can date whomever he chooses. To each his own. Will there be sisters of color who have an issue with him having more white women than black ont he show? YEP, that’s a given because you see so few professional black men with women of color so of course it’s going to cause discord. HOWEVER, he went the wrong way with the “race card”. This issue is not about “the race card” it is about if you say you love all kinds of women, then your shouldn’t be have a pool of women with a specific dominiate of one certain type. It is what it is and at the end of the day ladies, it’s his choice not what you’d prefer for him to choose.

  45. Lisa says:

    I just read the quote “…I’ve never heard other races complaining about their men dating outside of their race besides Black people. I hate that we continue to pull that race card.” Personally I don’t care who this man dates or marries, but since he is a public figure I have to take issue and wondering what sort of FANTASY bubble this ignorant man lives in where he doesn’t have to hear about is how Korean’s, many Europeans, Anglo-Saxan American’s, Germans — the world over — don’t want the races to mix, won’t allow their sons and daughters to even date people with obvious African lineage. So he has not heard of white suppremacy? The only reason he has it so easy to date outside his race is he is a magnet for every golddigger out there. Very interesting take he has on the real world as in: it doesn’t exist. Astounding.

  46. Marcus says:

    It is the way he insulted Black females. TMZ asked him why no Black girls and he said, “Well I am a man of class and distinction.” What an insult !! If he had said that in regard to Jewish, Italian or Asian females he would be facing the same type of scrutiny. By the way, Many Latinas are Black due to African ancestry from millions of enslaved people during the slave trade.

  47. Joe says:

    This show might be offensive to some and my answer to that is who cares, in this world women control everything in the dating scene, For men… It is NOT… About choice usually. There are FAR more single men, then single women. There is FAR more competition for us to actually Get someone. Sometimes, we take what is offered because it is the ONLY offer we have. And we choose not to be alone.

    Women have ALL the choices in the world. I can see how a “woman” would say “find yourself a winner and Don’t date the Losers”. Unfortunately for Males this Does not apply as OUR choices are VERY limited. (If any at all).

    As I have stated before. Women only have to look pretty or walk into a store to get 20 offers (Ok exaggerating but yea…) Men on the other hand have to pursue Different women CONSISTENTLY for Weeks sometimes. Just to get ONE offer. And then after dating her for a week and putting time and energy into HER. She usually just goes, You know This isn’t working out or your not my type.

    She has another date 5 minuets later. And you as the , male are single for another 3 months or so looking for another date. (That’s how it is in my experience at any rate. Before the last 2 women I’ve dated I had been single for about a year with NO offers. And I was looking. So NO Men do not have anywhere NEAR the opportunities women have in the dating area.) Mainly because women are shallow and too picky because they have more options.
    (Please note: Getting a lay is not what I am discussing here. I am discussing getting a relationship. Getting someone to _+_@##~`&+@#_&$! you is easy, getting someone to stay with you.. not so much)

    So while you as a woman may be able to choose Mr right and have many many offers and Choices to choose from. Men do not have that same liberty or option generally. Unless we are filthy rich.

    For a male if your not “Filthy Rich” your options are: Take what you can get (and hope shes worth it) “usually”. Or, stay single (and have a _+_@##~`&+@#_&$! buddy).

    That’s just the way it is. So I am happy Chad chose to make his show THE WAY HE WANTED IT TO BE because you best believe any woman posting on here complaining would be doing the same thing.

  48. Jacqulyn Gonzalez says:

    OMG! Is he serious when he said “I’ve never heard other races complaining about their men dating outside of their race besides Black people.” Has he ever heard of, say… JEWISH PEOPLE! Or, INDIAN PEOPLE! Or, THE KU KLUX KLAN! Also, he said, “But if you ever run into me, you’d date me…”. He is so full of himself. Before the controversy, before his reality show, I saw him on t.v. and I joked with my friends,”Eeww, do you think he is cute? (the commercial or whatever it was I saw him on was implying that he was handsome)Because I do not think he has good looks, at all! Honestly, I never thought he was cute. To each his own. Now that I have heard him speak, he is uglier. To ocho”stinko” I say “get a grip”!

  49. Lisa Marie says:

    I don’t see what the BIG DEAL is. It’s CHAD Reality Show. I can’t understand why some are upset because of the LINE UP HE PICKED. Those women are his preference. Some of us really need to understand that we are no longer living in that society were we had to date our own kind era. Even if he didn’t picked an African American woman, that would have not kept us or the haters from watching “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch!

  50. Ladee says:

    For some reason or another money makes some people change!

  51. ladytee says:

    I agree with Lee this is sad but true. It’s not so much who you prefer, but in my opinion why do people that look like you turn you off? There is something wrong with that, not saying you can’t fall in love with another race but when you feel like another race of women are more educated, beautiful and classy than your own just b/c they are of another race then something is wrong. Ghetto and ignorance comes in all shades.

  52. ladytee says:

    People can say what they want race does matter.If he were broke this would not even be an issue b\c none of them would be there. And I seriously thought he was slightly )^*&)`$)~%&+!@(&~^ ed by the way he speaks.

  53. zbaby2121 says:

    This is my opinion to anyone who has a reality show. If your picking a mate whether you black/white/latino/indian/chinese/mexican etc. Man or Woman. Please to keep from making another race;man or woman audition for your show that you know your not interested in dating…let the show host know this.

    Why put ppl on your show to date and you know your not going to pick them any way. WHY waste people time! I prefer to see someone do it like that, than to have a person think they have a chance with you when they really don’t.

  54. Gloria says:

    This is nothing new with black guys dating outside their race. It’s funny that black men get so angry when they see a black female outside of her race. I have experienced that first hand. My thing is let the white girls or who ever have them. That arrogance, ego, controlling and non dependable people that they are in many ways. A lot of them have to be taught how to properly love a women and I don’t have time for that. It’s not all that great anyway. It’s time for black women to explore their options.We are the only group of women who really stick to our men but our men don’t stick to us. So I say go out and explore other races and you’ll probably find true love.TRUTH!!

  55. David says:

    When asked by TMZ Chad said that he did not want Black girls on his show because he “is a man of class and distinction.” To make this statement about any category of people would be considered insulting. To add insut to inujury he asks for Blacks to support his show/his values. It is not just his preference but the degrading/insulting comments he made to the media about Black women that turned people off. There are some whites who also do not like these types of insults. They are those trying to teach their kids not to be prejudice.

  56. Cassie says:

    Since he did not like BLACK WOMEN enough to choose them to be on his show. Then I will not watch the show. The viewing audience for VH1 is PREDOMINANTLY BLACK FEMALES. If Chad wants to pick other females, thats fine, but let’s see how many ratings he gets!!!! His show should be cancelled in no time. :)

  57. Cindy says:

    I think Chad is missing the point here. I am a middle aged black woman that has no personal interest in a young NFL player…however, as a black woman I was so offended. So many of us have and still suffer from oppressive institutionalize racism like no other race… especially the ones who have nothing to complain about. Whats really sad is this man has black daughters.

  58. connie says:

    These guys and girls are really sad. Let’s get one thing straight; the truth is that if he didn’t have any money he could not buy the hoochies. If he doesn’t know that he’s dumber than he looks. Please don’t believe that a whole lot of african american women are mad about him dating outside his race this is simply the norm for the african american men who obtain wealth. Have a good time money grubbing girls and ugly low self esteem guy with money, because any relationship based on the two won’t last.

  59. Rocky says:

    All I have to say is, If you do not like yourself, who is supposed to like you?

    There is no one blacker in appearance then he is , and many black people would be trying to defend someone like him in particular, because of the racism he would easily encounter in American society.

    Yet Chad, himself, denies that race and the effects of racism is even existent or important in addressing. “Race Card” is a phrase coined just to belittle and trivialize bigotry, yet he uses the phrase. SAD, very sad.

  60. Demetrious says:

    It’s ok to have a preference. I myself, like white guys but will date anyone as long as i think they are cute. But I’m so tired of people enforcing the negative sterotypes of black women. We are successful, educated, in shape, and know how to love too. Picking only 3 or 4 black girls out of 17… just sad. It kills me when black guys tell me that they are attracted to me but it’s funny because they normally only date white women. I ask “well why me?” I’m obviously black. Then they proceed to tell me “because I’m thin, and my speech is proper”…like a white girl. It burns me UP! Black women are beautiful. We are beautiful. And NO man will make me feel any different about myself.

  61. WHAT EVER MAN!!!!! says:


  62. sandy says:

    You changed your name for Hispanic Heritage Month (LOL).
    God gave you that name. What’s next African American History Month name change? You must have had terrible grades in school. Lost of culture and lack of culture. Try not doing realty shows. Play football and become a business man. Magic Johnson can be a role model. Women are a dime a dozen (a baker’s dozen)
    Your show is not godd at all but I’m watching it. The women are terrible (all, black, white, etc). Ater that the T.O. show. I know he has a big child support obligation. Good luck! The best reality shows (I Love N.Y., and Real Chance of Love)

  63. Quit Wining says:

    STFU if your black and mad that there aren’t enough black girls on the show!! Stop pulling out the race card the second you line up the numbers of whose white, whose black, etc.. the show is about someone who is looking for “love”, should he choose who you think should be on there? STFU and fix your weave !#^@+^*@!#&^#~!+`

  64. berns says:

    I usually dont comment on blogs and post but im am forced to this time. Every time I hear a white woman or a woman of another race say that black wemen “need to get over them selves, or need to stop hating” when it relates to black men dating outside thier race makes me LOL. We are all aware that anyone from any race can date whoever they want. But my issue is white, hispanic or asian or whatever broters are into these days never went through any struggle with the black man. The wasn’t there during slavery, there wasn’t there during segregation (at that time black men were considerd black and ugly and broke as hell) but we were, we were their on the corn fields, we walked with them during segregation, we stand by their side when they went to jail. (do your research please people) but now we are in 2010 and a few black men have money now so all of sudden according to you white ladies and self hating black men we need to get over our sleves..Martin Luther king must be turning in his grave to see what these black men have resulted to….

  65. monica says:

    Hi i’m a white girl from East-Texas and i have dated a black man for the last four years and have known him since i was five. I think maybe it’s time we start looking at who these women are and less at what color they are. Its sad that in the year 2010 we can not seem to learn to grow from our experiences. Ochocinco is a grown man and he picked them for a reason,even if that reason is there skin color. All i got to say is do u…and P.S. i want the trackster to win =)!!!!

  66. br says:

    I’m a black man my self and this is crazy. cant the man like what he likes . I think that black women are insecure and feel the need to slay any black man that likes to date outside his race. this doesn’t mean he doesn’t like black women, it just means he may be a bit more attracked to another woman.

  67. dimples says:

    He should be bother with race related issue because he is black! He should be mindful of what he is doing, so people can and want to watch his show. I was turn off as many other people was and him not caring make me believe that he is not all that! He is not a good catch and seem cold. At least TO had (2) black girls working for him that why race was not the issue on his show. d I won’t be watching. Thanks for showing us your real personality.

  68. YolandaF says:

    I must say that black women are beautiful whether a black man thinks or doesn’t think we are. Today’s black man doesn’t see the the beauty in us even though they came from a black woman and have sisters and daughters knowing that they are sending the wrong message to them thinking that women of other races are more beautiful. Black women, keep your heads up, continue to be beautiful, strong, intelligent, classy, and independent because we know that we can hold down to fort on own. We have been doing for so long anyways.

  69. Yolanda says:

    Quit Whining or Quit Whoring whatever your name is. You may think that black women complain and that’s your view, but we have the right to express our views about this just like Whites, Hispanics, or Asians if they see one of own dating outside their race. You speaking about weaves, I have seen Whites, Hispanics, and Asians wear weaves and no one judges…I guess if they get injected with silicone that’s everyone judges them?

  70. charolette says:

    i’m so tired of ppl judin otha ppl 4 wat da lyk if chad wnts 2 date all kinds of races dats on him he doesnt have 2 answer 2 any1 but GOD

  71. Terrie says:

    You know he had a hand in the women that were going to be on the show. It is apparent his preference is light, bright and damn near white or white. Black Football, basketball, baseball players and the like they always end up with the white or damn near white women. These guys keep saying race doesn’t matter. They all try to get the prettiest white woman and try to out do each other. The only thing that makes Ocho attractive is his profession. Otherwise the guy ain’t cute no where. He wouldn’t be someone I would look at twice otherwise. His money makes him look good. Otherwise none of these women on the show if he was Joe down the street would give him a second look either. JusT being real.

  72. Terrie says:

    And another thing. I saw 2 episodes of this so called reality show. I’m done watching. I am a black female and there is no reason why I need to see it. Why would I want to sit around and see another black professional baller be more attractive to and most likely pick a white or damn near white woman in the end. There is nothing in it for me to keep watching.

  73. MellRaye says:

    I will NOT be watching these shows with T.O. or Ochino, because they are LAME, and NEVER should’ve dissed african american women! Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …..

  74. HDGSHF says:

    Chad made wrong choices ang and emma should have stayed

  75. Ken says:

    Who wants to see 2 more rich black guys(Chad & Terrel Owens) picking which white woman he’s going to date this time….my God, enough already.

  76. Katazya says:

    Chad. Much love to you. I feel like athletes get singled out for their preferences in whom they wish to date. I appreciate the fact that you continue to be real and not conform to what people think you should do.

  77. niecie says:

    I also think Chad has some race issues he is not dealing with. Even the way he speaks of Jasmine, who, in my opinion is clearly more beautiful than Angie, who in my opinion is boring looking and needs some collogen in her lips and to grow a personality. Yet, he kept going on and on about Angie’s looks and putting JAsmine down. Self hating N3gro. I’m so through.

  78. Lenya says:

    I was thinking the same thing but WHATEVER! It’s just one guy. We can all tell that hispanics with black hair are his type. 2nd Blondes, 3rd…white, lastley… black. I’m not offended. I don’t want him. Hopefuly when he finds a girl it’s not just for his “Preference”. It’s for real chemistry.

  79. angie says:

    lol yeah he may pick a non- african american /but guess what he will be cheating and hooking up with a sister. Look at his kids the proof is in the pudding. Other then that he’s in he’s 30″s he needs a women night a baby. Most likely he’s messing with eva from basketball wife’s. @the person who said that the most of the women boobs were real-child please( real boobs jiggle,bounce, and nips get hard.)

  80. Boo says:

    EVERYBODY JUST CHILL!!!!!! Ochocinco can do whatever he wants to do he can pick and choose who he wants to date. WE have nothing to do with that…..let that man be. If he wants to date white women then hey that’s Ocho. To be honest I really can’t see Ochocinco dating a black woman, I really can’t. But he also has to remember that ALL women has issues, drama, and sometimes NO CLASS!

    Hey Chad, do your thing boi you are too fine, too chocolate (MMMM)and too sexy. See you in the football season. And ur game better be on!!!!! :)

  81. BeSmart says:

    Ochocinco is a classic case of an insecure, weak minded, self hating, and dim-witted black man. Just look at what he named himself??? He then says that he is part Mexican. He says he is joking, but he hates his blackness. Unfortunately, he was not raised by a black man. He was never shown that black women should be put on a pedestal and valued. White men for the most part value their women and children or at least they pretend to display it. Ochocinco is so ignorant that he can’t even conceptualize why this topic is stirring up so much controversy. Why are we as black women expecting any intelligence to spew from his mouth? He has 4 kids by several different women and he is always acting foolish and grinning for the cameras. He is on this show because he fits the stereotype of what white America truly feels about black men that they are highly sexualized, ignorant, not good with money, and after white men’s most prized possession-a “white woman”. This stereotype has unfortunately been realized by a lot of black men in the media. I am not saying all black men. The fact is black people are at the bottom of the list for almost everything bad in this country–from diseases, educational achievement, poverty levels, and our high numbers in prison. And because of this, when we have a black person that achieves some success–we want this person to share their success with another black person. Just like, whites, jews, asians and latinos do. These other cultures know how to elevate their people. The other races generate money and keep it in their communities. When was the last time that the Bachelor Show had a white male have any black women on the show after the second episode–never.
    Until black men start standing up for their women and children like other races do, we will continue to be on a downward spiral into poverty, non-education, unhealthy behaviors and fatherless homes.

    So people who are of other races and you don’t understand why this is so hurtful, please understand that your people were never enslaved in this country and left with no culture and traditions. African Americans are still trying to create these things and we are not collectively doing so right now. Other races in the country have had a 300 plus year start on blacks and some of us are trying to catch up. In order for blacks to be successful in the country we need to come together as black men and women. And there is nothing wrong with a successful black man and woman being together, just look at the Obama’s. See black women know this, we know how beautiful it is too see an intelligent and strong black man love a black woman and his children. These black men do exist, but the media is not going to show these men. An educated strong black man is feared in this country because of what he can achieve. Ochocinco unfortunately is neither one of these things and he is doing his best to fit the stereotype. Black women he is not someone in our race that is to be respected because doesn’t respect himself! I will not be watching this show or T.O.’s.

  82. Big Al says:

    How can anyone get so angry about a show as silly and trite as this??? LOL! C’mon people, it’s a black version of Bachelorette and the other reality shows where one is seeking a life-long mate. If he prefers non black women, so what? Ocho is not trying to lead a Million Man March, and if he was, who would follow him? Myself, I would prefer NOT to see black women running around making fools of themselves, fawning over an athlete because of his money and fame. Lighten up! (no pun intended)

  83. Grata says:

    This guy is too ignorant. Never heard of other races complaining about dating outside? How about some of your ancestors who were lyunched for that?

  84. Liz Blunt says:

    I am a fan of Ochocinco and I can understand what he said, but I do tend to agree that he is not thinking about his own race. I have a huge problem with black men dating us and having babies with us while they are broke and as soon as they make it in whatever arena they are in they take interests and their money to other races. I have no problem with interracial dating, but you should really question a woman that wouldn’t give you the time of day when you didnt have the papparazzi surrounding you.

  85. codee says:

    I REFUSE to watch UR show, because ur attitude is garbage! Out of 85 women you only saw 2 black women that you would “prefer”..c’mon with that dude! Like you said, you have a preference..good for you, but i highly doubt it’s black women “Ochocinco”. Then the black women you pick to be on ur show WILL GET CUT because they are def. women you prob. would NOT date if you saw them on the street, so that tells me he just picked them for “diversity” hahahaha…HE’S A JOKE!

  86. Tempest87 says:

    Anyone who has ever seen this mans many children would know that not only does he like black women..he likes dark women.. Its not really shown on the show but all his children,that I have seen anyway, are his color.

    But lets be real many men who are his shade had a very rough time growing up. Black people understand skin tone issues and it cuts the men just like it cuts the women. Black women can not look at that man and say when he was 13 and trying to date what type of things were said about his complexion… lets please be real

    As grown ups his color is fetishized and his body is as well so he gets to pick the “top” women… half those women look silly to me but I take pride in knowing what his children look like and the woman he is vibing the most with right now on the show

  87. you a mess says:

    This country bumkin has no clue what’s it’s like to be with
    a REAL SISTA as with all of the other guys like him who do
    this, he does’nt have the qualities a real sista need or
    want so if he picks one of them then she deserves these
    damaged goods, because as we know he is damaged and guess
    what, damaged goods go for HALF PRICE in any meat market.
    So go on I guess his last name was too black for him so he
    changed it to sound HISPANIC maybe so he can appeal to the
    hispanic race who ever gets him will have to put in a lot
    of work to deal with THESE DAMAGED GOODS yeah I said it.
    You are damaged.And no GOOD sister needs that. Look how
    unhappy he looked when he was with LISA RAYE he had issues even T.O. said it when he left a message to one of
    his POST he told him to TAKE HIS MEDICINE it’somewhere on
    YouTube forgot what it was on, but it’s on there. This man would be TOO MUCH WORK FOR A REAL SISTA so Oncho
    a man who can’t SHAKE THE PASS.

  88. robins6 says:

    All I have to say is the black women on that show should pack their bags he is not going to choose them. Chad talked about using the race card shhhhh thats what he did the few black women he have on that show is only to get a certain kind of audience to watch. He shows more affection towards the white women than the black women… I am not saying he does not like or even love black women but he prefers to date white. Thats his choice hell good riddens. I would not date him if he paid me. arrongant a– I would prefer to date someone who I know like me and want to be with me

  89. Deidre says:

    He is a perfect example of self hatred! He clearly has issues being black. Do these men know there are actually ivy league educated hot black women? What’s with the ghetto Latino women? He chose 3 black girls? WTF .. This guy is +$)@*!@%`%#)^~**&! ed, doesn’t he have 2 dark skinned daughters? How would he feel if someone treated his beautiful black girls the way he looks down on the rest of the black female race? You don’t see many black women getting rich and fleeing from black men – we actually crave our men the higher up the ladder we go! I love my black brothers but Chad (I feel silly calling him 85 in Spanish) he breaks my heart coz he reminds me of the effects of slavery=self hatred. These atheletes are programmed to think money= blue eyed blond woman. What a shame.. I’m so proud of prez. Obama, lebron james, usher- men who love their black women!

  90. Liza says:

    OMG!! I just knew I was gOing to read this crap after watching the Wendy Williams show. I don’t get why people are sooo offended!!and the person who said that they walked with them and stuck with them through slavery and blah, blah blah, really sh it! you must be really really old if you were around back then. Plain and simple GET OVER IT! How does it affect you personally who the man prefers? I’ll be watching the show Ocho Cinco and so far the prettiest girl is Ruby!!

  91. Bev says:

    I just want to say that YES everyone has a preference. But what is unfair is that Black men get to choose. Black women do not. White men are not lining up at the door to date Black women. In fact, many are repulsed by black women. It is a deep stab in the back for a Black woman to see Black men ONLY choosing White or Hispanic women because we only have ONE choice MOST of the time: Black men. Black women are constantly left out. The show exemplifies this. Peace to all. If a White guy would date me, I’d date him. Find me one. Then Chad can have his line up the way he wants. Until then, he is living a lie.

  92. Reggie says:

    I am a Black male and I agree with essence. Why so few Black women on the show. If Chad would take notice, our race probably has something to say about dating outside our race because of all the groups, a very high percentage of Black men are moving over to something other than their own. He didn’t even have Black fans at the tailgate party – sad. I will continue to however watch the show because I am a huge fan of his. I’m glad Angela was eliminated, her voice was extremely annoying, Enick? looks like a drag queen. So far, I am rooting for Jasmine. She is the real deal and very sexy and fine. Good luck to her on the show.

  93. steven says:

    As a black man that supports the black family unit and who is a professional I have to say that the time has come for people to understand u love who u love. Race should not matter. Are these same people mad at Chilli for picking a white man? silence. I think it is more culture than race now. I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO but now I live in LA. I feel closer to hispanics here in LA because they have more close nit family units like what I was used to back home. Its the culture not the race.

    Also, the way some of u black women sound on here, who would want to date you. Sounding way to bitter for real.

    Also, black women need to stop being so damn ghetto, stop wearing weaves or stop being so white you hate ur blackness. Its hard to find a middle of the road black woman. The truth is we r not the far removed segregation and slavery and have never really delt with the fact of our unbroken homes. You need to stop being so mad at the consequences of events that happened before we were born. How can you be mad at a man who doesnt know how to be a family man when he never had a family?

    i met a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, sista last nite. Both inside and out. 25 y/o teacher. She has a boyfriend who she has been with for 5 years who has boatloads of money but she told me she has never talked to him like she talked to me. He doesn’t know she wants to open her own business; they don’t have intellectual conversations; why? because she is scared to show her true self b/c she has been a dingbat the whole r/ship b/c that is what he wants. She feels its to late to flip the script and he wants a housewife.

    Now whose fault is that **`!!#`(@()$&_&)

  94. gman says:

    No one is downing Ocho for having a preference (he entitled to like what he likes. It’s just the way he went about it – treating the Black women as though they were second class citizens. If you don’t like Black women why bother putting them on the show – are they token Blacks? For the record, Ms.Jasmine is fine as wine. I’m sure she won’t be picked for Ocho’s love interest because she doesn”t fit his preference (white or Mexican). Maybe in his next life he can come back as a Mexican.

  95. Samira says:

    Its okay to have preferences.
    You love who you love. True love doesn’t care about superficial things like “race”. Unfortunately, however, most white women who date black man date them only for their money and their fame. And its true that mostly black women stand behind their men when times are rough.
    Lets face it. Chad is not on the TV-Show to find Love. Its just for entertainment and publicity. I cannot remember that anyone ever found true love on a dating show. Most contestants on these shows are in fact only there for the two mentioned reasons: money and fame. If Chad doesn’t realize this, than he is naiver than he looks. He seems to be a little bit superficial himself since he judges the women based out their “looks”. He “is a man of class and distinction.” Well, there are a lot of classy, educated women with personalities in every shade.

  96. c says:

    My thing is if you’re going to date a white woman ATLEAST date someone who’s cute! Now if he was choosing women like Katie, I could see it more b/c maybe he sees her personality, she’s pretty, and that she’s an athlete like him or April- both have the healthy lifestyle; I can deal with that. BUT Erika, Candice and Tara CMON they’re SOOOOO FAKE how are they even attractive too you!Candice would have given her number to TO if the camera’s werent there but you kept her?! A lot of those girls are ugly on the outside OR REALLY ugly on the inside – that’s what turns my stomach as a black women. Chad you can do better- seriously….

  97. zbaby2121 says:

    @terrie…Truth b told. The reason why these football,basketball,baseball and actors go to another RACE when they get rich an famous is b/c they use the excuse like WESLEY SNIPES did… back in the day (when they were a nobody) every time they tried to get with a sist’a we paid them no attention and didn’t want them.

    So now they make it BIG and this is how they call themselves punishing us by getting with another RACE. Now they hollar well that is what i’m attracted to; all of a sudden… Then they should have been like that also back in the day! CHILD PLEASE!!!

  98. Ella Jones says:

    We African Americans tend to forget that we did not make it out of slavery without the help of other concerned people of other races. As a middle aged African American who experienced the black/white water fountains etc., I know that there has always been the other side. I know women and men who were at the March on Washington and all the faces were not just us supporting us!

    When are we going to realize that the truth of the matter is when relationships work, they work mostly for the fact that people are with people for the way that they make them feel. You can’t place a color on that!

  99. Vivian Helper says:

    Chad is one handsome African Warrior! Wow! Stop criticising him! If you don’t like the show, change the channel! I hope he and Ruby get together, she has class, intelligence and beauty. Like she said, the whole package.
    The women on the show appear to be diverse to me. What are you all talking about?
    I agree with a previous opinion that love has no color.
    Go Ruby!

  100. Drama Free says:

    I stopped wacthing the show….day 1!…and wendy williams put his !!`%(`^@~_!*!~` in a cross! and he couldn’t get out! you go girl!….

    These Black men know! that many of those woman would not! even look! at his !!`%(`^@~_!*!~` if he wasn’t paid!…but this is what I think….let those woman take! those type of self hating “blackmen”!…to the cleaners!!!…I loooove!!!! when they have to give allllll that paper! to those woman after a divorce!….ie: Tiger Woods!….I just smile and say…serves there !!`%(`^@~_!*!~` right!…for trying to buy into…white!….good for them.

    use your remote! don’t watch it if your truly! offended.

  101. Donna Jackson says:

    I think Chad is so hot! It’s just something i like about Chad.

  102. 3153959 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3153959! SCK was here

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