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Since even before Day 1, the issue of race has factored heavily into discourse regarding Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. To hear many tell it, Chad Ochocinco is a race traitor who couldn’t be bothered to host a racially diverse cast on his dating show (black women are in the minority of the 17 women he picked for his show). Essence.com cut right to the chase and asked him about the brewing controversy. Here’s part of Chad’s response:

“I deal with all types of women. My mind set is that I think outside the box. I’m all over the place and I want to experience everything. There’s nothing wrong with [Black women] at all. If I did it the way they wanted though, there still would have been something to fuss about. It’s a lose-lose for me because no matter how I do it, there’s going to be an argument. I did Wendy Williams yesterday and I said for those who are offended about it, I apologize. But if you ever run into me, you’d date me…I’ve never heard other races complaining about their men dating outside of their race besides Black people. I hate that we continue to pull that race card.”

“Pulling the race card” isn’t exactly the same thing as forming a dialogue when one sees fit, but OK! The important thing is that we’re talking about this. We’re all trying to get through this reality show together.

There are more of Chad’s thoughts on the racial makeup of his stable of women at Essence.com.


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