Dad Camp Recap – Episode 7 – Adding It Up


When Dr. Jeff first said this episode was about the dads pursuing their dreams, I was like …

…because their dreams could involve not being at Dad Camp. But by the end I was more like…


But they (mostly) did great. I’d trust them with my baby haircut any day!

It’s about time the dads became trustworthy too, since, as Dr. Jeff tells them at the beginning of this episode of Dad Camp, they only have three days finish his program. This was the week to take action: Donta signed up for college classes, Aaron met with a financial planner, Wes signed a new apartment lease, Elliott interviewed for an internship, and Brian became even less interested in moving closer to Christina’s family. But if anyone thought meeting Christina’s family would warm Brian’s heart, one look at his where his score’s headed (south) would set them straight.

Brian and Christina
After hemming and hawing all season, Brian is ready to jump in the van and head to Christina’s hometown. +1

But when Christina’s mom wants to know if he’s coming back…



he’s all ” …” -1

And, like Candace, Christina seems to reach a moment where she doubts whether she even wants to continue with Brian. -1

Total for this episode: -1
Total for the series: -9
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: “…”

Donta and Bri
Donta thinks it’s hilarious when Dr. Jeff wants him to “make [his] dreams come true.” -1


Donta’s job interview strategy: “I’m a charismatic person, a real personable person trying to show him the realness about me.” I enjoy the poetic repetition here. +1
Donta is a natural barber. +1
Donta also signs up for college. So it was, as Bri says, a “positive and productive” trip for him. And that almost brings Donta into positive numbers. +1

Total for this episode: 2
Total for the series: 0
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 2:1. Though his point total’s only at 0, Donta’s on an upward trajectory.

Elliott and Tiffany
Elliott says going after the job he wants is “…a whole other level of manhood.” And he says “love you guys ” to the other dads before he leaves. +1, for recognizing that manliness doesn’t necessarily go with aggression.

Elliott gives us a speech on hard work and dreams. It’s a remarkable dad speech from a guy who never got any dad speeches growing up. +1


Elliott sets up a crib, changing table, and a rocking chair at his mom’s place. With his mom. You know what makes being a good dad easier? A good grandma. And a good changing table. +1


Total for this episode: +3
Total for the series: 8
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 3:1.

Wes and Cheryl
Wes makes a joke out of the list. And when she gets angry, Wes blames it on her hormones. -1


But Cheryl greets him like this when he returns. +1, for not brooding.


That’s even before he tells her about the apartment he’s rented. This is telling her the apartment he rented:



Total for this episode: +1
Total for the series: +9
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 4:1. I worry about how Wes handled the first fight we’ve seen between him and Cheryl on the show. But they made up quickly, which is a good sign.

Aaron and Shell
Aaron sneaks “working out” on the list. Getting ripped = being a good dad. Oh, and he’s the only one who mentioned marrying his partner and a college fund. +1


His financial planner says he’ll have “no problem” buying a house, starting a college fund, and going on vacation with the kind of money he and Shell will make. Maybe he could start a college fund for Donta too. +1
Aaron on his parenting skills: “…Give myself a little credit. I got it.” I’ll give him a little credit too. +1
Aaron says, “I think this kid is going to change my life.” +1, though this is the understatement of the show.


Total for this episode: +4
Total for the series: +9
Chances of making it to the end of Dad Camp: 5:1. Behind Aaron’s sense of humor is a responsible, solvent dad. Behind Shell’s façade, is, a placid lake, surrounded by pine trees and a little cool fog.

Austin And Candace
As I mentioned, Austin and Candace left the show last week, so they don’t get to graduate. On the plus side, they do still get a baby.



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