The T.O. Show 2 Recap – Season 2 Episode 3


At the end of his disappointing football season, Terrell Owens said it was time for him to try other things, like modeling. Of course every celebrity tries modeling, but not every celebrity is 8 feet tall and has 15 abs (I checked his stats). So for this episode of the T.O. Show 2 he and Kita fly to New York for Fashion Week (Mo stays behind because she’s pregnant and “too big,” which is enough to get you kicked out of a Marc Jacobs show). Terrell is in town just to meet up with his new agent and watch some shows, but he is asked to walk the in Heatherette show just hours before showtime. In this clip, Terrell prepares for the show, while comparing runway modeling to the thing he knows best: football. The Heatherette show is like the Superbowl, and the chaotic backstage is just like the locker room, Terrell explains. It’s also probably hard to tell which event sees more butt pats.

Kita also grabs coffee with Terrell’s first season love interest, model Jessica White. Together they discuss Terrell’s issues, which includes his inability to find and date a black woman, according to Kita (something others have noticed as well). White says that Terrell just needs to do whatever works for him. Apparently what works for him just doesn’t work for Kita and Mo.

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s T.O. Show 2 at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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  1. La Keyah says:

    LOl hahaha

  2. rhoda d. says:

    I think you did a good job, for your first time on the runway as a model. you definately have the body for it. i am also a friend of your cousin who lived and live in Michigan. i will not name the city, because it is a small town. but you can email me. and i will tell you their.

  3. Sophia says:

    You can’t fool me – it’s obvious Kita likes T.O. and it’s starting to get annoying. Mo is mature, Kita still stuck on the high school sweetheart crush thing. She’s the girl that keep stalking and trying even when the guy says “NO”. A grown woman will take NO as an answer and move on but Kita makes it so obvious she likes him to the point where there’s no challenge even if he did like her. Give up hun.. it’s season 2 and he still doesn’t want you. Kita is a hater, it’s not about race, it’s who you like and what you want not what Kita wants. Shes just so annoying because she acts like a child. And what about the idiot comment on Perry Ellis? – so embarassing. He wants a business lady, a grown, intelligent, mature lady. Kita GIVE UP! quit trying to be friends with all T.O.’s ex girlfriends just to get information out of them because you like him. You’re not fooling me at all.

  4. Independent lady says:

    I agree with Sophia to a certain extent. I do believe that Kita has a small crush on TO, but probably isn’t going to say anything to him because he’s TO (with enough $ to be a world star HO lol). Plus it is obvious that he suffers from a color complex himself so ofcourse he would date outside his race. Kita may seem a little playful around him, but I believe it’s because she’s probably nervous. She doesn’t strike me as someone who’d chose to chase after a man. She’s definately a pretty girl and I actually think they would make a cute couple if she would step her game up socially and chill with the attitude; oh and that’s if he’s interested and wants to settle down. Drop the bro and sis act, Kita I saw how you had to run away from looking at them sexy &$~~!*`!+_%&&~^ abs. lol girl stop playing yourself and say what you really want to say. I know what I would do if I were you!!!!! You have a problem with him dating white woman then date him yourself.

  5. tine says:

    I disagree with Sophia. After reading Kita’s bio she seems to be very intelligent. She has her MBA and is very business minded. Just because she is single and black and is friends & business partners with a professional athlete doesn’t mean that she has a crush on him. It is possible for a black woman who is single not to like every black man she sees. The other reason I don’t think she likes TO other than being firends, is because she has a lot more intelligence than TO. Many professional college educated black women don’t want to settle with a man that has 2 different children by 2 different women. That’s a lot of drama by itself. Maybe she comes from a home with a mother and father and she doesn’t want deal with TO’s issues beacuse he didn’t. Plus if her opinion is that TO should settle down with a strong black woman, that’s okay too–that’s just her opinion and maybe she has seen things that would warrant that opinion. Not all single black women are desparate to settle down with any black man, no matter how much money he has. Black women do have standards.

  6. Shannon says:

    I do not know what T.O. is doing with Mo and Kita as his publicists. He needs publicists who know their role. There is no publicist on earth who would think that the star should have the small room while the *staff* takes the big room. There is no publicist on earth who would not understand that she could not sit in the front row at Fashion Week. The clothing designer’s publicists have to make sure that the front row is filled with big names, she is not the star, she is the staff. She didn’t do her homework at all, and asked the stupid and embarassing question about Perry Ellis. And then, at a time when she really should be there – during the fitting, in case there was negotiations that needed to be made or boundaries that needed to be set … she takes off! She may have an MBA, but she needs to act like it and be professional on the job.

    I can’t wait for next week to see Terrell at Mo’s childbirth class – that’s awesome.

  7. Kim says:

    I agree with Independent Woman. It is obvious T.O. has a color complex. He even mentioned it in season 1 about kids joking him about his skin color. As far as Kita, I believe she has a strong crush on T.O.! She is so transparent. By the way, has anyone noticed how beautiful Kita’s weave is or is it real?

  8. Renee C. says:

    TO, you did a fabulous job on that runway. I can’t believe that Kita didn’t do her homework to know that Perry Ellis had passed away awhile back. She is so ghetto and immature. I don’t know why she felt she needed to sit in the front row with Terrell and the other designers.

    Terrell was nice enough to take her on a helicopter ride and she screams almost the entire time, talking about she’s gonna die. Does she understand she is 10 times likely to die on the ground then in the air. I think that Terrell could be a lot further in his ventures if he had folks working for him that were more professional and well known.

    I think he made a bad decision allowing his friends to work for him. It appears that Kita wanted the NY trip to be about her instead of Terrell and why would you have your friends involved in your personal lives dictating what and who you should date. Kita needs a life of her own. I have to wonder if she setting Terrell up for failure.

    I loved the Perry Ellis fashion show, but the Richie Rich? was a bit out of his comfort zone, obviously.

  9. Rita says:

    I honestly think there’s a strong connection between Keita and Terrell. It’s just that neither one of them wants to see it.

  10. kyra says:

    I actually think Terrell and Kita would make a cute couple. They seem to have fun together and are comfortable with one another and I would like for them to give it a try at dating one another.

  11. mae phillips says:

    We do not always can help who we love. Please, tell me are there any available, attractive, successful, qualified Black Females for TO and the many of the black athletes.


  12. Efe says:

    T.O.your wife is right by your side, in your face all the time. KITA! Yes, it’s your Publist, KITA. You two look so good together. She understands you, she’s very supportive of you, she believes in you and your Career. You need a women who’s in your corner, and Ktia is. I believe she loves you deeply in her heart, and you’re in love with her too. You just have to STOP CHASING THOSE OTHER CHICKS & TAKE A LONG HARD LOOK. You two were made for each other. She’s pretty too.
    Why do people always feel a Black Man must have a White woman to be successful? That a LIE. Our President has a beautiful Black Wife. Why not you? My son plays Foot-Ball too, and I pray everyday God will give him a wife black-like-me. I am sure your mother is prying too! Just remember, you will not continue to succeed with SELFISH WOMEN, BLACK OR WHITE, and especially that one you trying to make-up with. Forget her and ask God about Kita, (your Publist). You will have some beautiful children together. So, pray T.O. Please don’t let her get away. I am praying for you also. God Bless you. EfeA

  13. toogie says:

    It seems I am enjoying this show the second time around; wasnt sure who TO was first time around (not big football fan lol) but I like the drama , Mo and Kita are great

  14. Stephanie says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Kita and Terell are cute together? The fashion show, the helicopter ride, and last season at the bed and breakfast. Random thought…

  15. Trina says:

    Kita may have a crush on Terrell…but I think thats a good thing. He needs a good black woman that can keep him grounded…not that I have anything against his current female companion but she is toooooo emotional! She just doesnt seem like the one for him although she seems nice. The show has changed my opinion of Terrell though. He seems like a really cool guy and very caring dad. I wish him the best in finding true love and being sucessful in his career.

  16. Mz jazzy says:

    Kita is a beautiful african american woman who is educated,smart and very attractive. SHe does a wonderful job with managing TO’s career! She keeps him grounded and despite his celebrity status, she is always geniune and honest with him! Kita continue to do an AWESOME job as TO’s publicist! I love and appreciate your honesty! Bottom line Kita keeps it real! She is not fake! As for Mo is concerned… she does a good job as well! The difference is that she is not as direct as Kita! KITA keep up the good work!

  17. Mz Jazzy says:

    @Stephanie…YES T.O. and KITA would make a beautiful couple!Season 1 validated that thought! TO if you read the blogs at all just know she would make you a beautiful wife! Hmmm not sure how Kari factors into your life!

  18. Bink Barbie Doll says:

    I know Kita is not feeling Terrell too much when the “couple” question comes up. But they do make a nice looking couple and love is loving your best friend. Why not….. @binkbarbiedoll

  19. Sophia says:

    Okay, I was a bit too harsh on Kita. A beautiful, intelligent black woman?-YES! but a MATURE, intelligent black woman? -NO! She just fails to realize some of us were in high school once and it just kills me how she pulls the whole kiss $@_!)^_*@`^)%(& and become friends with whoever has dated or gets close to T.O. It’s like these fake fumes in the air and I just don’t like that feeling. Just keep it real mama – you don’t have to let it be known you like him but you don’t have to stick your nose and feelings and thoughts in his relationships neither. It’s like the fly that you want to quit bothering you.

  20. Sophia says:

    Shannon – I agree with everything you said! that’s another point I meant to make myself.
    Independent lady – I agree with you too! “(if she would step her game up socially and chill with the attitude)”
    Tine – Intelligence to a certain point. Who sets up an intro to modeling for a Perry Ellis collection but doesn’t even know if the man is dead or alive. She’s supposed to be a what? ….A PUB-LI-CISTS… gotta do that research if your going to be involved.

  21. Alison says:

    ~~After watching this particular episode, I simply can’t hold my thoughts back anymore;
    KITA, perhaps you could be one of the PRIME REASONS why Terrell doesn’t want to date black women. Between you and Mo, with the constant b*tching, not to mention how incredibly rude both of you are to him on a regular basis, or at least on EVERY episode shown, how dare you @(&(@*)^(@+#)!+ ume he would even entertain a thought of dating a black woman? He has put the both of you on his payroll, not to mention the fact he has now made the two of you very famous; how about both of you start showing some appreciation instead of complaining everytime you don’t get your way or making rude comments in regards to whom he dates and what race he chooses to date? That is absolutely none of your business. I also want to give recognition to Jessica White, for putting you and your racism on blast!! Kudos to her. Terrell, I really hope you and your current gf on the show work things out. Kari is her name? You obviously love her and she has apparently put up with a lot from you, but is still there. She is a keeper and is very good for you. Please don’t lose her. God bless us all…~~

  22. Zelda says:

    Terrell, baby you look so!!!!!!! sexy walking down that runway looking so edible, than took the wig off and threw it in the audience, that was so funny. You did a wonderful job modeling that was a good choice for you. Would you considered modeling a second career choice after football, you would definitely be the perfect candiate for the position? I didn’t like when Kita left you high and dry at the show that was foul, disrespectful, unprofessional and unacceptable, things didn’t go the way she expected so she walk out like a child with a H.S. crush. What’s wrong with her she talks too much, she’s always telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, she is not your mother she’s over stepping the boundries. You don’t need to be around someone as negative as she is, she needs to go. Hit the road Jack!