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  1. nicejob says:

    i love how vh1 researchers are so not in touch with the music they’re dealing with that they wouldn’t know that offhand, and on top of that, they’re not good enough at their jobs to catch the error.

  2. Bink Barbie Doll says:

    I knew that was false as soon as they said it. My mouth drop like “oh no they didn’t”. Chilli and Dallas had a handsome son, but wedding bells never rung. And I am sure during “What Chilli wants,” she mention wanting to get married and only having bad sour relationships but no marriage. Wow, VH1 how are you going to mess up on a woman marital status when she have a show on your station about finding a guy to love. Research people, research. I am sure Chilli made sure to address the correction. #letsgetit

  3. Keterrioun says:

    Thanks for the correction, because I know that my cousin never mentioned that she and Dallas were married to me!!!

  4. Debora Ferrell says:

    Hi Chilli, All the things that you want in a man, points back to Usher.
    example: nice body – Usher
    pretty smile- Usher
    sense of humor-Usher

  5. kaymani says:

    Chilli doesn’t really know what she wants because after Usher its kinda hard to fine a man like him. I don’t think she looks any good anyways, she must be half Indian or something cause that chick looks tow up….

  6. john smith says:

    Hello. I had being watching Chilli’s show recently. I live in Las Vegas and I have lived here for the past 7years. I like Chilli as an honest person and it really comes through on her show. But one of the episodes the last day showed her waiting for Floyd Mayweather? They were going to have a dinner together and she said that he has all the qualities in a man, that she is looking for???? WHAT… I could not beleave this, he is an absolute thug.. The stories of this guy around down is sickening. Especially his acts towards woman. I must say after seeing this episode, I will not watch another one. How can you like or even support this guy.

  7. pamis says:

    hello, I’m just like pamela say as I call it the song that usher Raymond atlanta contest als 13 years please answer me.

  8. Sandra says:

    Okay. Chilli you need to face the facts and stop playing. The truth and fact of the matter is, the reason you can’t find someone is because you still have your heart with Usher and there is nothing wrong with that. When you and Usher were together he was still just a baby himself. He made a mistake, we all make mistakes. Although it can be the worse mistake depends on what you had together. When you were with him you also made a mistake by holding on to the “bad past” which prevented the “good future”. Two mistakes, one love, two people along with one connection-each other. Both of you need to stop the bull and face the truth. The love you had was real as real can be and instead of working past it you ended it. Love can still be gotten if you both want it. Don’t keep making the same mistake. Go get the one you really love-Usher. He’s there, still there and always will be there.