Dad Camp Recap – Episode 8 – Adding It Up



Witnessing the miracle of birth isn’t as good as witnessing a pregnant couple imagining the miracle of birth.

Dad Camp began with six couples, and this week it ends with just four. One-third of the couples didn’t make it to the end of Dr. Jeff’s thirty-day camp, though only one couple, Elliott and Tiffany, left because they had to. That’s the last episode’s biggest surprise — that Elliott, who had shown so much progress, has another blow-up that includes yelling at his housemates and drinking at the hospital while Tiffany’s getting examined. We learn that Dr. Jeff sends them both home with addition one-on-one couples counseling and anger management classes for Elliott. Tiffany is just 19, and she and Elliott got pregnant three weeks after they started dating. The odds are still against them, so that they made it this far into Dad Camp is still an accomplishment.

The rest of the episode is happier: Brian — surprisingly — agrees to move to Tennessee (for the birth of the baby, an important qualifier). Aaron and Shell get engaged. And Donta and Bri wear matching colors. That’s a lot of momentum heading into next week’s reunion episode.


Brian and Christina

Brian is reading books for the baby. And for himself (Baby Bargains). +1

But Brian uses his baby video let his son know that if Brian isn’t around, it’s his mom’s fault. -1
Christina is adamant that her baby get circumcised. Minus one foreskin, plus one point. +1


Brian decides to move to Tennessee (“for the birth of the baby”). +1

Total for this episode: 2
Total for the series: -7


Donta and Bri
Bri takes care of Tiffany when she breaks down. +1


Bri example of how Dad Camp has helped: “Donta stopped screaming at me.” +1
And they’re in tune with each other. +1


Total for this episode: +3
Total for the series: +3


Elliott and Tiffany
Elliott cries again when told he should make a video diary about the kind of father he wants to be. I get now why it was okay for Elliott to cry and not for Austin. Austin only cries when thinking about himself. Elliott cries when thinking about Tiffany/Cash. +1


But then Elliott “freaks out” during the night. “Freaks out” may even be an understatement. This may be an understatement. -1


His freak out includes drinking alcohol inside the hospital. -1
Then Elliott leaves the house in the middle of therapy. I hate being right. -1


And then Dr. Jeff doesn’t let Elliott finish the program, with just one day left. So ominous, this. -1


Total for this episode: -3
Total for the series: 5


Wes and Cheryl
Wes and Cheryl look psyched about giving birth. -1


Wes gets on one knee to beg for a place in his kid’s life. Cheryl once again enjoys watching him suffer. +1


Total for this episode: 0
Total for the series: +9


Aaron and Shell
Aaron says that he’s no longer an immature goofball and is ready to step up and be a provider. I say he can be/do both! +1


Aaron proposes to Shell. Someone in there, Shell says yes. Aaron ends Dad Camp as the show’s most capable father and husband. +1


Total for this episode: +2
Total for the series: +11

Here’s where the Dad Camp couples are leading into the reunion episode:


Check out screen shots from this week’s Dad Camp below.

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