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  1. Ben says:

    Every girl on this show deserves nothing more than a McDonald’s name tag and a kick in the &+)())^(++&(%_( NOT ONE of them is gorgeous. And GIA, the “Princess” mutt needs to consider herself extremely lucky as her attitude and demeanor do not qualify her as a diva or even a hottie. She is delusional to believe she deserves anything above retail sales clerk and they are even nicer than the waste-bag Gia.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Glad, soooo glad Chrissy is gone…hope she get’s a huge spoonful of her own medicine and I hope she’ll learn to like how it feels when people don’t respect her in any way shape or form…open up real wide Chrissy!

  3. Sweety says:

    I thik Gia is a dumb fool. Se is the worst mother I have eve heard of and if shes so freaking rich why doesn’t se get her grill fixed.

  4. John says:

    omg…i came home from work tonight and found my wife watching this show lol. You’d think that the rich parents of these girls could have spent a little more money on their educations because none of them are too bright or maybe their schools have let them down.

  5. MERCEDES says:


  6. Sandra says:

    How the hell does vh1 pic so many un attractive women? Gia is the most ugly of them all, Chrissy omg!! makes me want to throw up. And the Jewish witch, is typical Jewish women, bitter and angry…all the other girls are nice and deserve the best for making a change.

  7. lena says:

    Jess needs to be cut off again!! she makes the whole show.. she is funny, i need to see her again!!

  8. First Lady says:

    Chrissy was a mess, a hot A$$ mess! I hope she realized (like the rest of America) when she looked at the taping of the show that she looked a lot better w/out the clown face that she was consistently putting on!lol..And No, I’m not hating homie, just keeping it real. And that attitude of yours really made you look like the animal you were acting like (A donkey). For future reference don’t you ever get on TV with a so called driver and allow him to push a CLS 500, at least get him a S550, or do it big and get a maybach! You the $$$ for that, right? lol

  9. amy says:

    i know this girl who is super snotty and even ten times meaner towards her own mom and dad/friends her name is kayla mari willard

  10. i Love Juicy & bebe says:

    Ok 1st lets start with Erica I think she’s another Paris, which is glamorous. No I dont think she a pain in the `!#)$&*~@#`#)!@ from looking at the show she handled what needed to be done , I think she did great.

    2nd Jessica was fake to me, I think she’s an nobody and want attention for the way she act.. no princess acts like that!! and she was just doing everything for attention also kissed Gia’s `!#)$&*~@#`#)!@ 3rd Gia I think that she’s dumb and shouldnt blame her baby for being here… I mean what is the little girl going to think when she’s older!! and her husband should leave her because he deserves better!!

    4th Jacqueline was pretty and I thinks she a princess, she did great, and she continue doing her

    5th courtney was pretty had a great personality and she’s smart and she’s a hard worker, she’s mature and I think that she’s a nice young lady..also carrys herself well..

    6th Crissy looks like a devil just missing horns.. no she’s not pretty at all.. she sould be on ru paul and theres no chance for her!!

    The rest did great too but big fan of erica! I truly think gia was very jealous of her!!

  11. Austin Tyler says:

    I know of one pretentious, know-it-all, do-gooder that clearly does not play by the same rules that she thinks everyone else should play by. Behind her phony veneer lies one confused young lady, full of negative energy and fame-mongering. And that person’s name is LAURA BARON! Someone please cut her off from doing TV – Sgt. Harvey Walden would have been a MUCH better choice.

  12. Alyssa says:

    I loved how at the end of the season finale they said what the girls are doing with their new lives now. I feel everyone of the girls (accept Chrissy) made a HUGE progress and that every single one of them changed enormously!! I am so proud of all the girls!! I can’t wait till the next season if they have one. I hope they do!!
    Congrats- Gia, Courtney, Jaquilyn, Pamela, Jessica, Amber, Erica, and Leanne!! Hope you all enjoy your new life.

  13. LinaDoll says:

    Awhh the ending was amazing, though. I’m really gonna miss this show and these girls. They all had super different personalities, which made this show interesting since they were all living together.
    One of my favorite shows. Although I’m kinda glad that Chrissy left, but at the same time, she only had like 2 or 3 more episodes to go. Oh well.

  14. blahgirl says:

    Ok, erica is an idiot, rite? but shes ma fav charcter lol.
    Gia and jessica r fine, there just kinda coo koo.
    Courtnee i believe is actually really pretty
    Leanne is fake when she tried being ericas friend in like the third eppisode and then bailed.
    Ambers pretty laid back
    Im back and forth with pam and jackie.
    Chrissy was the biggest brat, but she was funni(:

  15. alexia says:

    i think all the girls need a little more time in this program, maybe an extra month. i just saw the finale and i don’t think it’s done enough. gia still wants her housekeeper, erica got more surgery, and so on.

  16. Tatiana G. says:

    i love this show so much i watched every single episode it was cool when the girls all decided that this is for their own good

  17. Andi says:

    I need to be cut off!My boyfriend is a great guy. A phycian who has enabled me throughout our relationship.

  18. Kelli Hilll says:

    Kelli Hilll is a stuck up little gurl who has a budget of $5,500 a day and spends almost all of it on make up and shoes. She has 589 pairs of shoes she has bought in the past month. She likes to steal turtles from the pet store so she can save that money to buy cocaine. She is addicted to male prostitutes in which she wears all the shoes she buys. She doesnt have a job and never cleans. She is also looking to buy a pound of ham.

  19. debby says:

    my wife is a spoiled *(~^)&%%!**&$`!#^ she is &~_&+~@+)`$+)&)@ ing brat she is always telling me what to do and spending my paychecks on shoes and clothing she will never do any chores or change a diaper she’s been like this for 7 years please change this &~_&+~@+)`$+)&)@ ing women please help

  20. chanel says:

    i think my daghter should be cut off

  21. Jacqui Smith says:

    I would deffinately nominate myself. I spend every dime of my parents money that I can get my hands on and I live a very fabulous life.I’m a pageant queen and an aspiring model. Although I LOVE my lifestyle, I think it’s time for a change.(I just don’t know how to.) I believe this show would be an excellent way for me to start over;To become a new Jacqui.

    P.S. Look at how many times I said “I”.lol. FAB-U-LOUS!!

  22. Carl says:

    I think VH1 needs cut off.Clearly this show helped no one.If anything you should do a show where the perants are cut off.SO please Don’t do another one or truly we should cut you all

  23. Jax Tran says:

    i love jackie and pam! they are so great! i love them!they were divas but kind, though. they were poised….mostly. good luck to all the girls…!! :D Love ya’ll!!

  24. johnson says:

    Courtney is fine!!!!! High maintenace but not dilusional like those other psychos. Any way I can get in contact with Courtney?

  25. Trish says:

    Erika!!, let those girls hate. girls who talk %$^$%(`@#+!)(~)* on others are JEALOUS!

  26. Richard says:

    I really really like Erica. She is a pacifist, she doesn’t really want to hurt anybody. From what I’ve seen, other people attack her and she retaliates. I don’t think she needs to change her personality, but mainly her spending habits. If she were to get famous off this show I would be very happy. I would love to spend time with her and get to know her, which is a good sign. Because I don’t like a LOT of people.

  27. Feathered Fox says:

    OMG!!! I jumped up and down when they finally put a well deserved “Highly Polished” heel up Chrissy’s faux glam @!##. This chick really thinks she is the bomb? She’s the bomb alright, the bomb site. Her face is just wide and uneven enough for that to be true. The ONLY one of these women who showed class, grace,respect, understanding,empathy,loyalty, and outright taste is Courtnee. Other than spending out of control, I really don’t see how she was even grouped with this bunch of lunatics. One question, do you think they are injecting botox in Erica’s brain by mistake or is it just me?

  28. Amy Woodworth says:

    My best friend has a totally out of control 24 year old daughter. She is completely disrespectful even though her mother has let her back in to try, yet another time to get her act together. It is an ugly situation and I’m not sure whe would want to go public but I think she’s at the end of her rope and am concerned how these lives are going to end up. The daughter thinks she some hot shot tought Jersy chick that looked like a few of the girls on your show. Ironically it caught my eye after seeing the name of the show when I was scrolling. I had to cut off my own niece once and it was a horrible experience.

  29. C Purvis says:

    I have a cousin, male, who is still living at home at age 24. He’s flunked out of college 3 times, lost every job he’s ever had and refuses to grow up. His spending habits are insane and his poor parents still put up with it. He seriously needs to be cut off and the sooner the better!

  30. Kati' says:

    I liked the way Gia handled everything. Although she seemed like a no good +_^&%@#@*&)+%%_#! in the beginning I think she improved a hell of a lot more than Erica plastic surgery girl. I think Courtnee was the prettiest of all. Leanne second. Gia third. Erica fourth. Jacqueline LAST.

  31. Michelle says:

    Your Cut Off is definitely a show that I have been waiting to see! There are so many spoiled brats out there for sure! I know of one that constantly gets what she wants when she wants it, and with sooo many bad things she has done she definitely does NOT deserve it!!! She is only 20yrs old and has not had a real job among other things. She’s definitely not a glam girl but needs to be taught a lesson of reality! Thanks for doing the show VH1=) Some of those girls may not of changed but, i’m sure there were some that did and that’s better than nothing!

  32. Jikuyema Namouna says:


  33. hailey says:

    u rock gia

  34. Mike says:

    Since this is the only email address I can find to contact VH1 you really should have one where people can sen suggestions send this to the proper please. You need to create a Behind the Music Remastered The black Crowes

  35. Tyrone says:

    Something is very very wrong with the country and it’s not just the fact that the Republican Party messed up this country and turn a surplus into a debt. Or the fact that a war was started in Iraq for NOTHING by Republican President G.W Bush! The rich and super rich did well under President G.W. Bush and continue under President Bush to do even better! I see the rich and the super rich are not effected by the condition the country is in! They still spend money like water they still purchase extra homes! On MTV there are shows like “MTV Crips” or My Super Sweet 16″ that the rich and super rich fount their money and wealth! Money that they made off the back of America’s poor and middle class! On MTV “My Super Sweet 16″ children are rude and disrespectful and hateful to their parents and the money is spent! Anywhere from $250,000 to a million dollars for a 16 year old disrespectful and rude child who curses like a Sailor at their parents! These are the same children that will inherit companies and will also have the same disrespectful toward business and the employee that work for them! On VH1 “You’re Cut Off!” the program showcase rich and super rich’s female children that are spoil rotten with know respect for money or their family! They spend money like normal people drink water and could careless about how the money is made or who pays the bill on their credit cards! The middle class and the poor should take notice these children could effected your life and future in this country and your children’s future! On “You’re Cut Off!”one of the rich spoil girls was Jessica Cimato! This girl is in her twenty and tan like their is know tomorrow! She looks like she is in her forty! This is the same female that was on Dr. Phil that got over 60 ticket for speeding! She could careless about the 25 miles speed limit or the children in the neighborhood! She turn her car over in a dicth and total it! Her parents purchase another car the next day!

  36. andres says:

    it is sad that these girls think this show will lead to acting opportunities. they will never become respected actors in the industry. they are a joke in real life and now they are really a joke to the whole world.
    you can wear a 20,000 dress but doesn’t mean you have class!

  37. Joseph says:

    I watched the show and enjoyed it. I am amazed at the amount of money these ladies can spend. I am a 20 year old fashion student and artist. I just started a new clothing line of T-shirts call: “THE SPOILED ROTTEN LIFESTYLE”. I need a sponsor, why not let these ladies order some T-shirts from me for the show? My website address is: Thank you and much success with the show. Joseph

  38. Bob Lasher says:

    These are the ugliest, most unappealing women I’ve ever seen. Not physically, mind you, but personality wise. I wouldn’t want to be seen with a one let alone date them.

    Bottom Line: If they thoroughly repulse a fat, balding, middle aged nobody like me, how exactly do they expect to land some hot, young, rich guy who can have any woman he chooses?

  39. f carver says:

    whats wrong with the blondes teeth. she should spend a couple hundreed thousand and get all of that repaired as to where it is somewhat presentable. shame on you vh 1 for allowing the girl and i use the term girl not lady or woman to display a wrecked grill that bad!!!!!!!!!

  40. oldmandancing says:

    Why waste your time on such superfluous and fellacious
    dribble…??? Pull from the Discovery Journal vault and air the documentary “A Time Of Aids”..Bill Curtis is incredible and it follows the ‘crisis’ from Geyton DuGaus to Acyclovir…Worthwhile, informative, a credit to OUR generation who had to deal with Reagan and his mindless sycophants. The fates are JUST; but, unkind. Reagan himself succumbed to a disease entity which has no ‘cure’ and his loved ones were remanded to sit back and watch as our beautiful, apolitical fellow human being faded away. ‘Disease’is still the ‘great
    equalizer’ in our society. PEACE and play more B T R from NICK…….Please.

  41. Samuel Bua says:

    oldmandancing here:There seems to be NO parity with the episodic rotation of the videos played.(3AM till 8AM)
    Heavy soft rock, which is fine; but, if revenues are generated for vh1 by commercial advertising revenues (which you know they are)the audience who watches the
    ‘phru phru stergis’ that ‘Who Needs Cut’ attracts are not those with the greatest purchasing command of our economy. The captains of the current economy are the (we) ‘techno’ and medical geeks who are in the CLUBS dancing, sweating, displacing our aggression physically rather than climbing a tower or showing up at work with
    a ‘high power weapon’ like our beer drinking pool shooting ‘tea partying’ counterparts who may like to hear and watch ‘MUMFORD AND SONS’ SIX TIMES IN TWO HOURS!!!!!!For heaven sakes..have a ‘techno’ or ‘danceable rock’ programing format (Grace and the Nocturnals) fantastic beat, Sick Puppies, two thumbs up !!!!If vh1 has a ‘vested’ interest in only playing certain videos or music MULTIPLE times in a given time period; I might remind your legal department that ALAN FRIED served jail time back in the 50′ for just such activities……..oldmandancing………PEACE…

  42. SB says:

    I have a reality show.. a single working mom, raising a 15 and 18 yr old boy, a 16 yr old boy over the weekend, a 19 year old niece with a 5 week old baby. You talking about a crazy non stop life.. come to my house..

  43. olivia williams says:

    i’m a real big fan of your cut off but u guys really need 2 give these girl time make it hard for deem………………………………………….

  44. Doug baldwin says:

    opps , Sorry I get carried away sometime,I appoligize for my spelling, but my god…I had no clue till I looked closer and saw that the episode I just saw on TV was another season from the clips I’m seeing here online, (online must be last season) but who ever convinced Lorin (the host) to have whatever procedure(s) she has had done to herself should be Drug out into the street and SHOT!…that woman now looks hiddious..who ever in Hollywood is deciding what looks good and what does not, that clown would probbaly think RUHE PAUL was the perfect woman for him, (penis and all..LOL!)
    ohh well nobody accused them of having inteligence, but I thought some taste might be a given……obviously not!

  45. James says:

    VH1 (Video Hits 1), huh? Shouldn’t it be RTV2? (Reality TV2… MTV has seemed to suck at RTV1)

    What happened to playing music videos? ALL of these “reality” and non-reality should be CUT-OFF.

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  47. Hassan Williams says:

    They should air my show “My sister and me” much better than kardashians. 19 year old guy Hassan Williams and 22 year old girl Latoya Cokely…Living it up….Hassan’s laid back player type while the sister has dramtic life issues. Reality show. Hassan’s smart remarks make the show funny also the things he do are sometimes ridiculous but I love it. VH! needs to add this one…Will get alot views.

  48. CC says:

    You should get Gigi from the Shah’s of Sunset!!

  49. Debra Bolden says:

    Basketball wives cast mates Tammi , Evenlyn and Shaunie are promoting Bullying! Bullying is very serious and to promote this is Horrible! That young lady last night should sue VH1, Tammi, and Shaunie for how she was bullied on last night episode. I am launching a boycott of this show because bullying has caused some to take their own lives and for you to air this shows me that by making money by any means is just that! I don’t care what legal contract they sign! It is appauling that you would even throw that up when Jen file suite against you all! Tammi and Evenlyn derserve jail time for their behavior! When Evelyn threw that wine bottle she should have been charge with attempt murder cause if she had hit that girl she could have seriously hurt her.