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Since no reunion for You’re Cut Off is planned, we thought we’d take matters into our own hands and reach out to the girls on the show to see where they are now and how the show has affected their lives. We point to some answers below. Watching and reading this stuff is like seeing self-actualization in motion. How exciting for all of us!



Click here to watch Jessica’s update video. Among the topics addressed:

  • Her doing more around her house.
  • Her quitting smoking.
  • Her change in tanning habits.
  • Her interest in further outreach a la the work done at PATH.



Click here to watch Courtnee’s video and read her post-You’re Cut Off! thoughts. Among the topics addressed:

  • Her forming her own production company.
  • Her new pageant title (Miss Black Charlotte North Carolina USA 2011).



Click here to watch Leanne’s update video. Among the topics discussed:

  • Her new hair color.
  • Her new name (Kuukla).
  • Her new lifestyle (which isn’t very different from her old one).



Click here to watch Erica’s update video and read her thoughts. Among the topics discussed:

  • Slumming it in L.A. for the summer.
  • Her still-existing inability to clean up after herself.
  • Her evolution into a “somewhat price-conscious” individual.
  • Her new-found love of boxed wine.



Click here to watch Jaqueline’s update video! Among the topics discussed:

  • Her new-found appreciation for her parents.
  • Her new-found appreciation for $30 bottles of champagne.
  • Her new-found appreciation for being in the spotlight.



Click here to read Gia’s update interview. Among the items discussed:

  • Why she appreciates her family more after the show.
  • Why she agrees with some of the negative feedback she’s received online.
  • Whether she ended up hiring the homeless man she bonded with at PATH.
  • Whether she replaced her hookah.

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