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Click above to watch Erica talk about her life after You’re Cut Off, and whether it’s changed as a result of the show. Below, she further explains her time on the show in writing…

The show changed my life in the sense that now I know what is like to live without the things that I’ve been so fortunate to have. I can never go back to taking those things for granted or to taking my parents for granted again. I know how lucky I am to not have to stress financially and to be able to have and do the things that I want. I do my own grocery shopping now and I’m somewhat price-conscious whereas before I didn’t even look at or consider price. Also, I actually picked up a box of wine the other day and, much to their amusement, I served it to some guests the other night!

My mom really meant in when she told me that I can only have a maid once a week instead of two or three times a week, like I was used to before the show. I clean up for myself a little bit and occasionally attempt to make my bed, but around Day 4, my apartment starts looking pretty messy and could use a good cleaning for my maid. I must admit that if I’m really desperate, I hire another maid to clean my apartment another time that week and paying for it out of my monthly budget ;)

Subconsciously, I’ve become more resourceful as a result of the show. For example, I’m staying in L.A. for the summer and I drove my car out from Houston instead of shipping it and flying. I rented the cheapest apartment that I could find. Although it is still expensive, it is not as bad as it could be. The other day when I was meeting Jackie in Vegas for the 4th of July, instead of buying a plane ticked I drove. My friends were like, “What’s happened to you? The old you would have never have done this!” It made me feel happy to know that I have changed. One thing that won’t change is maintaining my appearance and going in for my Botox and lip injections every few months. I’m even discovering more things that need injecting! I don’t mind that about myself, since my dad is a plastic surgeon it is not too costly and he makes sure that I do not go overboard or anything. I do have a more positive body image though, because during the show I said I could loose 10 or 15 lbs. Watching the show I do not think that I need to and am happy with my body and the way it looks on an off camera. I am proud of my womanly body and curves and embrace it as Laura said to. I’m sexy how I am and do not need to be a size 0 or 2!!! I’m 5’8″ and a 34 DDD naturally so that is definitely unrealistic.

Since the show ended I taped for E!’s special about The Bachelor, which airs July 28. I was also on The Wendy Williams Show July 26. I’m planning on returning to law school at The University of Houston in the fall and am hoping my fellow classmates won’t be too upset at me saying they don’t maintain their appearance — because they know it’s true! I’m still looking for love and for someone to love me for me and I think the lessons that I learned on the show will only help me find true love. I would love to chronicle my search for my prince on TV so hopefully VH1 will be seeing more of T-Erica. I love doing reality TV and that is def one of my callings in life!!!

Click here for more from the girls regarding where they are now that they’re cut off (or not!).

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  1. Reid says:

    Okay Erica Just to let you know. You are very Beautiful alright. You are down right gorgeous, so don’t for one minute think that you are not. Just to let you know you have to know how to take negative attitudes and turn them into positive attitudes okay. Keep smiling and hold your head up. By the way Gia is not that gorgeous!!! She does have a kick ~)+^`@))$%@~!+@ attitude that you can beat with nothing but Kindness.

  2. Olivv says:

    please give her her own show! PLEASE!

  3. BornInTexas says:

    Several years ago, I went to college in Texas after growing up in Chicago. My family is much like Erica’s…but definitely with a mom much more realistic than hers. When I first saw this show, I said to my husband, “I will bet you our next cruise that Erica is from Texas”, and of course, I was right. She is such a stereotypical Texas diva of the sort that I hoped were dying out. But Erica is not the problem….it is truly her mother. Woman like that have truly given the rest of us (native Texans whose families are financially fortunate) a bad name. She has no grounding in reality, probably couldn’t exist from her own wits for more than about 3 seconds, and thinks that SHE is the norm. When one considers the history of the place, and how most of the Texas wealthy became so, it is not surprising….the rape of the land and its people of that magnitude could only have been perpetrated by people who believe they had the right. What is so sad about Erica and her mother is that, somewhere deep in them, there is probably much to offer besides manicured hands and fake blond hair. Erica probably COULD have been raised to be a compassionate and loving person. Her mother, may have been able to grow into a dignified and classy older woman, rather than that caricature of the bubble-headed, creature from the plastic surgery unit. It’s sad to think of all the resources that go into making them who they are. Would Erica, for one moment think of giving up one of her plastic surgery procedures to help a poor child with cleft palate? Would her mother pass on botox to help…well, ANYONE other than herself? The obvious answer is no…and THAT is what makes them both so pathetic and odious.

  4. Angelene says:

    Wow thought she wasn’t gonna change and she proved me wrong !

  5. KEISHAV says:

    good luck erica

  6. Alem says:

    Erica…you are rude, fake, and ugly from inside and out. I hate watching the show because of your ugly plastic face. Grow up *%#&&$^!`@$+(_!%*

  7. Bobbie says:

    An ounce of self-confidence would go a long way for Erica. Sometimes we got hints that Erica may have been raised with some values. Her recap shows that she does have potential to come to reality because I noticed that she was not wearing a tiara like an eight year old little girl. (design them, sell them, but don’t wear them after 10 years old unless it is New Year’s Eve). If she continues with law school and the bar, she could be a welcomed addition to the legal staff of an advocacy group or team up with daddy to aide children via reconstructive plastic surgery like cleft lip / cleft pallet.

  8. 799471 says:

    What a lovely day for a 799471! SCK was here