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Instead of recording a video like many of her You’re Cut Off peers, Gia opted for an interview and judging by the way she came off as we talked, she made the right choice. Appreciative, humble, capable of admitting fault, Gia sounded much different than the difficult diva she appeared to be on the show. She even agrees with her online haters! Whether or not Gia believes what she says or if she just knows the right thing to say is for you to decide — regardless, the fact that she could even say a lot of this stuff in the first place signals some sort of progress…

How was the experience for you overall looking back on it?

It was a great experience. I just learned to appreciate family more and not take things for granted. I just want to spend more family quality time. I learned a few good qualities.

Are you now spending more time with your family as a result of the show?

Most definitely. The more I was away from them, the more I wanted to be with them. I don’t want to be separated from them again so I take this experience as a learning experience that I can’t be away from my family. We woke up really early every day and those couple of hours that we were supposed to be sleeping, I was up all night crying because I missed my daughter. The producers of the show know very well that every night I wanted to quit the show because I couldn’t stand being away from my daughter, especially after this entire postpartum thing I went through six months after she was born. I wanted to quit the show almost every night and they talked me out of it every night. This is why I had bags under my eyes. This is why I looked so stressed out. This is why I was so angry. That’s the number one thing that people have been commenting about on Twitter and Facebook: “Oh you’re so ugly,” and, “Look at those bags under your eyes.” But to me it wasn’t a beauty pageant show. It was about literally being cut off and how you would react towards that so I wasn’t trying to be Miss America on the show or anything. Other girls were waking up three hours early to do their hair and makeup and to look fresh on the camera and put on a bikini, but it wasn’t about that for me. To me it was about really missing my family and realizing I can’t be without them.

Was the separation what made the biggest impact in your life?

It was the separation along with how people interpreted my behavior. What people commented on the website, what people commented on the show just made me realize that the whole world was seeing something that I wasn’t seeing myself.

Do you agree with the negative things people say about your behavior, then?

I definitely agree. I know people judge really fast, but I definitely see where they’re coming from because all you see is me being angry in every single episode. When you get to the episode before the last where I have a breakthrough and I talk about postpartum depression, it kind of shows people a softer side towards me and they start to realize why I have this attitude and this is why I wasn’t really left alone too often with my daughter.

Was that difficult to talk about such a sensitive topic in front of cameras?

It was difficult, but at the same time after a couple days of the cameras being around us, we forget that the cameras are there. I was in the house for almost two months and it was closer to the end and I just needed to let it out. I felt like it was a perfect opportunity — I was left alone with Courtnee.

Would you say that your relationship with your daughter is better since the show?

Most definitely.

What about the stipulations your husband gave you before returning home. Are you living without a housekeeper now?

No, I definitely still have my housekeeper and I’ve actually added more days to her schedule, but I also earn my own money. I also have a restaurant that’s fully in my name and I work hard and I run the business. I believe that I’ve earned what I have and getting a housekeeper and getting a nanny is not something that I’m milking my husband’s money for. I also feel like I do work hard and I’m not like other people where they’re just living off of their family’s money and they can just cut them off and they’ll have nothing. I actually do have a lot of assets in my name that I am responsible for and I have learned how to budget a lot more after the show.

Have you taken on any chores after the show or is that all left to your housekeepers?

No, I haven’t really done any chores. I can’t lie. It’s not just that I just choose not to, but if I have somebody there to do it, I just chose to read to my daughter more and spend more quality time with her, not cleaning downstairs, not cooking, or doing chores. I am still with the family, but I just chose to do other things besides cooking and cleaning.

Did you end up employing the homeless guy you offered a job to at PATH?

I spoke to him on the phone several times [after the show]. When I offered him the job, it was completely, 100 percent sincerely from my heart and I did explain to him that I was still going to be filming for at least two or three more weeks and gave him my number and said to contact me after I was done filming. After the show, he did leave me several messages so I contacted him and set up a time to interview. He never showed up for that, but I still stayed in touch, and up until today I actually still keep in touch with Sylvester from PATH.

Do you have any regrets as far as what went on in the show?

I do regret the way I handled certain situations. I think a lot of girls were doing things on purpose to hype me up and get on my nerves, but I think that being a mother and being married and trying to be a good example, I should’ve handled it a little differently by not saying anything. Being the bigger person that I was raised to be as well as the oldest one on the show and being married with a child, I think I should’ve handled it a little differently rather than being angry and stooping to their level.

You’re admitting fault. That sounds like progress right there.

Yeah, definitely. I just realized that fighting and having enemies isn’t going to get me anywhere. Obviously, I was on the show for two months and I was separated from my family from the outside world so I felt like I didn’t want to come out of there empty handed and that’s something I told Laura Baron that I want to take something out of this experience. It’s not just a waste of two months for me to be here.

Have you kept in touch with any of the girls?

Definitely not. I choose not to stay in contact with any of them, but I wish them all the best and I hope they do mature in their own ways. I don’t need any friends when I have my family and my business. I think that’s all that matters.

Would you say that your relationship with your husband has repaired as well as a result of the show?

My relationship with my husband is great. I think he realized while being without me for two months that he really can’t live without me. I think that’s about it. It just made I’m realize that all the times we used to fight and he used to say that [our marriage] was not going to last, he realized that he really can’t live without me. He can’t handle everything on his own. I do bring a lot to the plate. A lot of people don’t see that. They just think I’m a spoiled, princess diva, which I am, but I also work hard.

Did you ever replace your hookah?

Of course I replaced my hookah. As soon as I left the show and came to my restaurant I ordered the hookah, which was delivered within 24 hours, and I ordered the hose. I replaced it all. Now people come to my restaurant and my fans are like, “Oh my gosh, that’s the same bedazzled hose that you had on the show!” but I’m always like, “No, it’s a different one. The other one I gave away.”

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