You’re Cut Off! – Where Are They Now? – Jaqueline


Watch the video above to see what Jaqueline has to say about her life after You’re Cut Off.

Click here for more from the girls regarding where they are now that they’re cut off (or not!).

Keep up with Jaqueline (and hear her new single) at her official site.

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  1. Angelene says:

    I am proud of Jackie she has changed and its or the better — u go girl and I will be looking for your music and I will be looking forward to meeting you too good luck and GOD bless you Jackie

  2. cecilia says:

    I do like Jaqueline, i think she is the nicest of all of them.

  3. KEISHAV says:

    she is another one who talks too much. couldnt watch the whole thing

  4. Jasmine Calhoun says:

    I really liked Jacqueline on the show,for the most part she seemed mature and willing to change.Hopefully she continues to grow as a person.

  5. Angie says:

    Um…why the )(@!^^@%+~%%^`%$ is she letting her dog walk all over that expensive car? idiot….

  6. bobbie says:

    What a cutie! She could be a great lounge singer – piano bar, or maybe the small stage. Get rid of the tiara and princess act.