You’re Cut Off! – Where Are They Now? – Jessica


Watch the video above to hear Jessica talk about her life after You’re Cut Off, and find out whether or not her mom’s rules stuck.

Update: Jessica will be holding a live chat on her Ustream tonight (Wednesday, July 28) at 10 ET.

Click here for more from the girls regarding where they are now that they’re cut off (or not!).

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  1. Holy Moly says:

    Wow – without the cigarettes, the attitude, and the loud voice, you are one unbelievably hot woman!

  2. Dwayne says:

    Jessica is the best. I love her. I knew she could change. I’m proud of her.

  3. Mike says:

    OMG! she looks amazing!! wow , good for her. The no smoking and tanning really worked for her! god bless

  4. Angelene says:

    Jess you were a little loud mouth but I liked the attitude at certain times it was needed but I am so glad for you an good luck with your journey

  5. Veron says:

    She’s lying. She was literally just on USTREAM last week smoking a cigarette!!

  6. Aimy Moler says:

    Jess You ROCK!!! You made the show worth watching! You should really get your own show!!! Dont listen to any of the comments on the blog. Your beautiful, sweet, and sooo funny!!!

  7. Sedona says:

    Definitely, ya know….

  8. KEISHAV says:

    Good luck Jessica…GREAT JOB ON STOP SMOKING

  9. Linda says:

    Please advise what happened with Chrissy. Hopefully her grandmother REALLY Cut her Off. But there has been no update on her. Please advise.

  10. Toni says:

    Thanks for the video, you seem much nicer and you look beautiful. I’m glad you learn your lesson on being grateful and knowing how your mom has done all this for you because she loves you and wanted the best for you, so now that you have completed the course I’m so glad that you are happy and that you are doing things for the better. Hey, don’t worry about the cooking stuff at least you follow the directions to the recipes you will be fine, hey I started cooking since I was 11 years old for my family and I’m 46 years old now and sometimes my food are not the greatest, but edible so not to worry you will be just fine. Keep up the good work, doesn’t it feel much better when you appreciate everything in life even the little things that you might not even think about, it’s so refreshing, I’m proud of you, Jessica.

  11. lindsey says:

    i follow Jess on twitter and she really has quit smoking! Im so proud of her . you can tell she hasnt gone tanning either! she is a wonderful person! i wish her all the best! She hope she try out for SNL, she has what it takes.. she is hysterical! I LOVE HER! Way to go Jess

  12. pattie says:

    we will see her temper is out of control , time will tell tempers like hers take time and sometimes years, i hope she has changed, but i don’t believe in it 100% not trying to knock her down. but change REAL CHANGE is hard and its a everyday thing you have to work on, but i wish her all the best.

  13. kammie says:

    she was probably the only reason i watched youre cut off. im glad she quit smoking and tanning, if she can do it, i think i can quit smoking too. its the hardest thing ever! good for jess :)

  14. Mandy says:

    LOL…ok I think some of these girls are fake- That picture on the wall behind her came from WALMART! I have the same one hanging in my kitchen. If she was so well-to-do, she wouldn’t set foot in that kind of store.

  15. neil says:

    who cares if her MOM shopped at wal mart. My family has tons of money. im 20 and my mom is a defense lawyer and my dad is a CFO of a major corp. we live on 3 acers of land, have 2 summer homes and our home is HUGE.. my mom loves Martha Stewart and shops at Kmart for all martha stuff. So it doesnt matter. You can have money .. and still bargen shop.. Thats a ridiculous statement .. Love you Jess!! you made vh1s ratings what they are. That show would be lame without you!

  16. Katie says:

    I still want to know why this ‘rich’ girl was on the Tyra show two weeks ago crying that she works two jobs to pay off student loans?!?!

  17. jessica says:

    the show helped a lot. congrates on quiting smoking. hope you can acomplish all that you want in life.

  18. Lori says:

    You were my favortie on the show, i dont know why and i hope things are doing good for you

  19. Nancy J. Hall says:

    I am very proud of you, Jessica! Keep it up.

    Nancy J. Hall

  20. Heather says:

    Jessica is full of it !! After watching today’s Dr. Phil show, aptly named “repeat offenders”, (original air date 2-25-10), I see this girl and her mom for what they really are, reality t.v. sluts ! OMG !!! People ,I hope some of you saw the show today, it was great to see what this duo will do to be on tv. Jessica’s repeat offense, 3 car accidents and some 60 tickets due to speeding! And of course Dr. Phil gave Jessica’s mom some advice, “stop giving your daughter the keys to the car.”
    The Jessica I saw on Dr. Phil was a stranger, it took a while before I could believe it. She was quiet, reserved, somewhat apologetic… I guess . It wasn’t until I saw her reaction (vacant stare), to the terribly sad story of a couple who’d lost their 2 teenage sons when the car they were in was destroyed by another speeding car. After seeing how little impact the story, or meeting the parents, had on her that’s when I realized it really was Jessica and her mom. My goodness, what people will do for their 15 min.

  21. Heather says:

    LMFAO !!!!! I just noticed Katie’s comment, the Tyra show, Ha ! Really? I mean really, seriously, she’s broke , she said she was a RN, (registered nurse), on the Dr.Phil show !! Do any of these so called “reality” shows actually check these peoples stories out. Well I guess she’s used up 14 min 59 secs, she can still squeeze in JERRY SPRINGER. To be honest, each and every one of the cut off witches belong on Jerry’s show. They were the most delusional, white trash, freakish, “rich” folk I done ever saw He Haw !!!! ROTF LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Bobbie says:

    Jessica needs to go to community college and take Freshman English or find a tanning salon that also offers grammar tutorials. How many times did she say “you know”? I know what you were talking about. Absolutely nothing…. but do you know what you were talking about? How to complete a sentence? How to project a full thought?