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  1. Laura says:

    show is alright…girls too….only one who is missing is me :D

  2. Steve in NC says:

    Brittany seems good to go.
    Candice is a typical white chick.
    (im white btw… so racist.. just bein real)

  3. Breezy says:

    Candice is an idiot my vote is on Rubi

  4. Steve in NC says:

    so average…

  5. Yanks says:

    Child please!! you going to lose to the Ravens this Season!! You guys got lucky last year.

  6. neishbby says:

    omg chad is lookin so fine and i really dont feel he should choose ruby

  7. Steve in NC says:

    ruby and brittany… thats all you need … both have bodies.. candice… ugh

  8. mEli mEl says:

    ocho! why r u sleeping on the plane! there r two beautiful women next to u! lol. btw Rubi all the waY!

  9. steve says:

    of course TO signed wit the bangels

  10. HardAbs007 says:

    I would do dirty things to rubis poop chute

  11. steve says:

    yo OGO youneed to get on out of da buckeye state bro, Dallas need some help y brotha

  12. vellsea says:

    Rubi is a biiatchh!

  13. ochouno says:

    can i have Rubi?

  14. Ann & Al says:

    Ruby thinks she’s ALL THAT…and she aint

  15. Kara says:


  16. blacksteel says:

    yo son pick rubi

  17. sky says:

    candice is goin home saw it earlier..

  18. vgirl says:

    vote rubi. she’s the best and prettiest.

  19. Tiannah says:

    i think you should keep Rubi. She would be the best possible decision because Candice, however you spell that chicks name is just a fun college party girl that honestly doesnt know what she wants in life. Rubi is a better role model also.If you keep Candice, i’m sure you’ll regret it.

  20. Denetria Johnson says:

    I’m really not feeling neither of the two girls…I still trying to figure out their true intentions for true love with you

  21. Tricey says:

    Send Tara home!!!!

  22. Cheryl says:

    Out of the three I would choose Heather. Out of Candice and Rubi I think it should be Rubi.

  23. Chela says:

    its me your look’n for ochocinco!

  24. Cheryl says:

    My bad it should be Candice that goes home.

  25. Cheryl says:

    I think Rubi would be a better pick.

  26. MsShaylicious says:

    keep my girl Rubi, Candice sucks!!!!!!!!

  27. Meghan says:

    Really Ochocinco is the finest black man to walk the face of this earth. His skin is just so beautiful. Love it!

  28. Jazze says:

    Send Candice home!

  29. Wendy says:

    Hey Ochocinco,

    I do not feel that Rubi is that into you because when you were all playing soccer and you stated that the first girl to get the goal will get a kiss and Rubi did not kiss you. If I was on a reality show and the opportunity came for me to kiss you I would have jumped on that opportunity to kiss the man of my dreams and she didn’t.

    Hope you make the right choice!!!

  30. Rudy jr says:


  31. Meghan says:

    Rubi is really hot but I dont know about her personality yet. Has she even laughed out loud in the past 24 hours. Ocho dont pick her pick me.

  32. Babs says:

    Jasmine is my favorite

  33. Meghan says:

    Rubi needs to step it up… Chad just tell who you picked… I wont tell. Then you can pick me instead!

  34. mathias says:

    go ravens

  35. hey says:

    wait for ocho to call at 11

  36. Kcameron says:

    Ocho, ya KNOW you are gonna pick your #1 seed, she is beautiful,confident and has a head on her shoulder to go with it…the rest of those women really don’t hold a candle…but i guess you have to play the game, but do me a huge favor and get RID of TARA, that broad is see thru….love ya chile…lolak

  37. Gannon08 says:

    TO — wish you would have picked the yorkie!

  38. billybam says:

    wth is this

  39. fatdaddy says:

    he need a bigger dog!

  40. nichael clark says:

    im the same die hard dallas fan but i am still representing T.O

  41. michael clark says:

    OchoCinco u made the right decisions today

  42. michael clark says:

    T.O and Kita that would be funny lol

  43. Sandy says:

    thank you for cutting Candice, she should have been cut when she was trying to holla at TO….there was never any trust and she disrepected you when she was cut, never showed any type of sportsman ship….bye bye sore loser.

  44. babi84 says:

    i love u chad but u know these hoes aren’t here for u so keep it 100 in reppin yaself! don’t let stank lil hookers make u look bad! show them hoes who run that house

  45. babycakes92507 says:

    Chad I hope your training is going well. I can’t wait for the season to start.

  46. babycakes92507 says:

    I do agree about not letting those girls run stuff. You have to remember that girls are petty and especially when in a competition they say and do what ever it takes to win and you really have to look at that quality in the women because you don’t want a sneaky backstabber who will throw whoever under the bus just to get a little camera time.

  47. Deborah says:

    T.O., your girl Mo is wrong you need to keep Kari around she is beautiful!!!

  48. Kojo says:

    Tara is a fake. she is there for the sake of making the show go on. she is the catalyst of drama

  49. deedee says:

    Chad, you have a serious complex!!!!

  50. qbminican says:

    ha!! heather is a prostitute from miami..tootsies cabaret, her pimps name is sly from that group git fresh

  51. STACY says:


  52. partygirl says:

    love ocho!!!!!!!!love lem yellow pants lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Nikkidee says:

    Tara needs to go, i agree. and brittany deff is materialistic. I deff. need to come see u, i would wipe all these girls out of the water :)

  54. ms thickness says:

    chad baby these girls r a hot mess really there r 4girls that r pretty evey1 else must go asap dnt wry when it dnt work ut iam still here lmfao

  55. Brandi says:

    I like him wiht TIf

  56. Rick says:

    Who Dey!!!!
    Bengals Super Bowl Champs this year, Biotchessss

  57. netifne says:

    its sad to see all this ladies vowing for your love,yet cant cook chad a good meal.I know im cute and smart.But my ma always tech me how to do chores and cook.Dats de way to a man’s heart ladies!!!!!chad hit me up.real girl.

  58. T-BONE PHILLY says:

    HEY T.

  59. d.russell says:

    watching the t.o.’s funny he’s in my hometown playing in the hall of fame football game!!

  60. lovlygirl says:

    i love the ochco show and now i am lovin da t.o show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Kathy says:

    Terrell, I am so proud of you, I commend you for going to therapy to help deal with your issues, and I think you have great friends who love you dearly, listen to them they will never steer you wrong….Kari I don’t think she can handle your life style, if she got real busy she would be better. Believe me emotionally she is not ready.

  62. Cardboard Shell says:

    I think he should just choose by watching the videos of the way they act when he’s not around. Good chance to uncover the crazy and evil. They all say “I’m just real” but there are real people who aren’t total arseholes too.

  63. One Blessed says:

    I think its fd up how he got rid of jasmine. Couldnt he not see that she was tryn to to fit in with the white chicks. It’s obvious that’s what he wanted from the start. Why wast a sistas time. He just want a Hoe anyway. I hate him now

  64. get real says:

    just watched a clip of T.O. show…told his friend to ‘mind her own business’ when talking about a son HE has never seen?…smh…how ignorant..more and more i watch these reality shows the more i see how immature they are..running around, making babies and don’t wanna take care of them and don’t have any concern for literally makes me sick..and really, they shouldn’t put these reality shows on these supposingly high profile players..they WILL lose fans..esp knowing a knucklehead has no compassion for a son he has never seen..

  65. get real says:

    sometimes we put SOME of these athletes on pedestals and in reality they really don’t belong there..i love sports andi love watching them..again, like i said, showing who they really are takes them off of their pedestals..and i don’t care how much money they have a guy like ocho cinco that loves attention sooo much he is willing to go on national tv to find a mate for 4 kids he probably doesn’t spend a whole lotta time with…yet he wont pick someone with one son…how hypocritical is that??..we all life can be funny..he may find picking a woman with no kids could have been the wrong choice versus picking someone with a child…ocho cinco also has growing up to do and i truly believe he has some self hate going on…
    T.O….has lotta issues…..he seems like he needs to take a yr off somewhere outside of football, find himself and figure out what he really wants without all of the distractions..cuz it appears like he doesn’t know what he is doing from day to day…

    on a positive note though, T.O. was a great pick up….good luck to both peeps who want to be known by a ‘number’-85, and ‘initials’-T.O.

  66. tiye says:

    TO Please get rid of both of you so called angel. Both are very ungrateful
    You are so good to those girls. Both are always in your business

  67. ray-dok says:

    t.o. in order to find love,first u gotta let those two workers of yours to kick rocks and go getta a job and quit working u.