The T.O. Show 2 Recap – Season 2, Episode 4


There’s been a surprising amount of cuteness on The T.O. Show this season — his cute kids, Mo’s adorable sons, bedtime stories, and princess dress-up parties. Where could the show go from there? It could go here:


That’s Terrell Owens high-fiving a Shih Tzu on a basketball court. There were many other cute puppies this week, because this episode of The T.O. Show focuses on Terrell’s search for a teacup dog — preferably a Maltese (Mo and Kita joke that he likes them small and white, not brown and black) — to help his house feel like a home. Kita doesn’t think he can take care of a dog, so he pet sits his friend’s Shih Tzu. You’d think the time he spends with Mo — helping her through a birthing class, then taking her to workout as per her doc’s recommendations — would show he was caring and responsible. But after, he decides that neither his friends, nor his girlfriend, nor a dog will make his house a home. He realizes that he needs to spend some time with his daughters. More cuteness ensues.

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s T.O. Show 2 at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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  1. Col says:

    It is interesting that T.O. surrounds himself with attractive seemingly educated Black women, like the gorgeous woman who dropped off her dog for him to watch; IF she is single, WHY not date her or even his ex that he apparently cheated on who was clearly a woman of color, INSTEAD of this no brain young White woman he is wasting his time with! Makes no sense!

  2. Green Eyes says:

    T.O you need to start loving who you are because you are a black man and you have a beautiful black princess in your life and you “act” like you dont notice her but you do. ” Stop Disrespecting KITA.” I dont like the way you talk to her and the other girl. The way you frown when you see them. You need to show them the same respect you show the white women. You are finding it very hard to get what you are looking for in the other women. Kita is right for you stop faking!! love always.

  3. Green Eyes says:

    T.O and KITA make a GOOD CouPle.

  4. Stephy says:

    Terrell’s daughter had it right when she said, goldendoodle! They are incredible little pups.

    Honestly, I have a feeling that the season finale will show the engagement of T.O. and Kita. Regardless, I would like to mention to previous posters, how can this world ever be color blind if we do not evolve in our way of thinking? Why must the color of any woman’s skin be mentioned as a reason to date or not to date? Why make black or white or yellow for that matter part of an insult? Terrell should be with a good woman, bottom line. If one believes that Keri is not right for him, state a valid reason other than she is white. If Markita is right for him, state all the reasons why she is an incredible woman. We need to think beyond the color of our skin as a basis for justification.

  5. Concern Watcher says:

    T.O. is seeking for something he already has: Love. T.O. has two beautiful little girls who need a DAD, that just not loves them but spend so much time with them that they know what it feels like to be loved by their DADDY. If T.O. put more time and energy into them, he will find peace within himself. And he needs to leave the young girls alone and find himself. T.O. needs to know how to make himself happy. Then, find someone for him. Right now he is acting just like the majority of athletes “searching for a trophy” and making sure it has no color.

  6. Alison says:

    ~~WOW @ some of these comments. @ Stephy; I couldn’t agree with you more. How sad it is to read comments claiming how important it is for him to date a black woman over a white woman. It is 2010 and it seems as if things have definately not changed as far as racism goes; only now it seems as if things are the other way around. Who he chooses to date is 100% up to him. As I mentioned in another post on a previous episode, perhaps he favors dating white women due to the constant DISRESPECT and JUDGEMENT he deals with on a daily basis from his “Publicists”; two BLACK women. Dealing with the two of them on a regular basis would be enough to make ANY man want to steer clear of dating ANY black women…And seeing as how Kita decides to become the bff to all of his ex’s…at least by dating a white woman, he won’t have to worry about her trying to befriend her too; afterall, she is extremely racist against (JEALOUS OF) white women; Pretty pathetic, but abundantly clear why he is not particularly interested in black women period.~~

  7. greg says:

    I’m loving the new season of the T.O. Show but I’m very interested in Ms. Kita Williams. Anyone know her actual status???

  8. greg says:

    OMG- my previous question has been answered… Joe is MARRIED… wow. I have a hard time thinking that she couldn’t tell. I know we all wanna be loved but I can tell when women are not honest about their status. I’m single and seem like only married women are chasing… Maybe since Kita is Single now- We can chase each other.

  9. Confused says:

    @stephy and alison be quiet and get your heads out of lala land. This is a racist world!! You got Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Money. Now that he’s in the money race he needs to stay in the Negroid catagory also.