Ochocinco‘s Tara Gets High-Brow Praise



“She’s spinoff-worthy. She may be sitcom-worthy,” wrote New York Times writer Jon Caramanica for the Los Angeles Times this week regarding Ochocino: The Ultimate Catch‘s resident smart-ass Tara. Comparing her to Megan Hauserman (as a compliment!), Caramanica rhapsodizes the woman that he considers the “breakout” in a group of “meandering, often dull set of characters”:

“She’s mastered the way certain people have of speaking with celebrities to make them feel comfortable, a sort of overconfident obsequiousness. She addresses Ochocinco by his first name in an authoritative way. She’s committed to eye contact.

Plus, she’s eager to rib. She teased Ochocinco about her being white and him being black. ‘Baby like chocolate?’ he asked. She assured him Baby did. Then he asked what her mother would think if she brought him home. She replied, ‘Is he black? Is he robbing the place?’ Potentially touchy, but she pulled it off without malice. (In the premiere, she toyed with the preternaturally dull Terrell Owens, another football player and VH1 reality star, who was helping Ochocinco make his decisions. When he asked whether her parents would mind her dating a black man, she replied straight-faced, ‘My parents are black. I’m adopted.’)”

These kind of odes to reality stars are not common, let alone for a paper as respected as the Los Angeles Times. It may be premature to say that Tara has arrived (we can reexamine after a spin-off or two), but it’s safe to say that she’s well on her way. [Los Angeles Times]

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