Real And Chance: The Legend Hunters, Football Wives, Fantasia, Bret Michaels Coming This Fall



The excitable, Yeti-obsessed Stallionaire brothers Real and Chance, who first appeared on I Love New York and hosted two seasons of their own dating show, Real Chance of Love, are coming back to VH1 in yet another spin-off this fall. Real & Chance Legend Hunters will follow the boys as they investigate mythic and bizarre creatures from around the world. Yes, you read that right. Read more on Legend Hunters and find out the premiere dates of a slew of previously announced shows in the press release below…

Let VH1 keep you cozy this fall with returning favorites and new faces this September and October. Beginning in September, follow NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony and television personality La La Vasquez as they tie the knot in one of the biggest weddings of the year. Then, catch up with American Idol winner Fantasia as she juggles her professional and personal life during the second season of Fantasia For Real.
Just when it starts to get chilly, VH1 heats it up in October with a new season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew featuring Rachel Uchitel and all-new series Football Wives following a group of women who are the wives behind some of the hottest professional football players in the league. Then, pick up right where you left off with Bret Michaels and Brandy & Ray J on all new seasons of Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It and Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business.

Full list of premieres below:

VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time premieres Monday, September 6 at 10 PM ET/PT
It’s the definitive countdown of music —from rock to pop to rap to metal. This 5-hour special will rank the biggest of the big: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Madonna, Jay Z, Led Zeppelin, Beyoncé, The Rolling Stones and others are all vying to be named the Greatest Artist of All Time. Who better to crown number one than VH1? Determined by a poll of musicians and music experts, the series will premiere over four consecutive nights. The countdown will include special, rarely-seen performance footage along with brand new, totally original interviews with music’s most famous faces. For decades there have been countless arguments about the greatest artists ever. Now VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of All-Time is out to settle them for once and for all.

Real & Chance: Legend Hunters premieres Sunday, September 19 at 9 PM ET/PT
Man has always been fascinated with Nature’s Animal Tales. Some are real: the man-eating Catfish of the Kali River, the Mega Shark, Hogzilla, Super Crocs, and the Giant Squid. Some may be only myth: Bigfoot, the chupacabra, the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti. But two men believe in the stories and they intend to find them all. Their names: Real and Chance. That’s right, Real and Chance: Lovers, horse-breeders, recording artists, Stallionaires. Neither of them are scientists, nor investigators. And despite their claims to the contrary, they’re no outdoorsmen either. They’re scared of bugs, bats, frogs and almost anything that slithers or crawls. They can’t take a fish off a hook because slimy things scare them. But they are believers and by the end of the show, they may even make believers out of you.

Fantasia For Real Season 2 premieres Sunday, September 19 at 10 PM ET/PT
Season 2 of Fantasia For Real follows American Idol and Grammy winner Fantasia Barrino as she balances her complicated personal life with her desire to connect with her fans through music. As Fantasia works with her record label to promote her long awaited new album, she continues to attempt to instill values of independence and integrity into her life and be a positive role model for her daughter and the rest of her family

La La’s Full Court Wedding premieres Sunday, September 19 at 10:30 PM ET/PT
Former MTV VJ and television personality, La La Vazquez is set to star in a new series about her wedding, including all the planning and festivities leading up to her big day. The series begins with La La meeting with Mindy Weiss, A-list wedding planner to the stars, and follows her through all her wedding planning activities and Las Vegas bachelorette party. Viewers will ride along as La La shops for the perfect designer wedding dress, chooses the wedding venue, picks out the ultimate wedding cake and menu, plans their honeymoon, and contemplates the guest list.

Don’t Forget The Lyrics premieres Monday, September 20 at 7 PM ET/PT
Don’t Forget the Lyrics is a musical game show that tests contestants’ knowledge of song lyrics from different genres, decades and artists. Don’t Forget the Lyrics is the ultimate rock star fantasy taking viewers on a dramatic, heart-pounding, roller-coaster ride of music and edge-of-your seat entertainment. Mark McGrath, a member of the multi-platinum group, Sugar Ray, hosts Don’t Forget the Lyrics, where he brings ordinary people center stage for a chance to win a fortune – just by knowing the words to the biggest hit songs ever recorded.

Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It premieres in October
In this first-look docu-series, viewers will not only get a taste of Bret Michael’s life on the road, but also for the first time ever, get a look at his home life, a sprawling compound where his daughters, Raine and Jorja, and their mother, Kristi Gibson, reside. After the lights have dimmed on stage and the music stops for the night, Bret rolls off the tour bus right into the loving arms of his daughters Raine and Jorja, who affectionately refer to him as “Poppa Rocka.” But raising two little girls and being a rock icon don’t always go hand-in-hand. Now fans get to take a peek at what keeps Bret going. Is it the hoards of wild fans, the glory of super stardom, or is it the unconditional love from his family? Watch as Bret juggles life on the road, his career, raising two kids and managing his on again off again relationship with their beautiful mom, Kristi.

Football Wives premieres Sunday, October 24 at 10:30 PM ET/PT

Some players hit it big on the field and some are taken out in their prime by a big hit. Whether a player is in the zone and bringing in the big bucks on and off the field or struggling just to make it through a world of pain, it’s the amazing women behind them that are the driving force in their lives. Picking up the pieces, raising their families and reaping the benefits of the tough lives their men face every time they step into the game. These are the FOOTBALL WIVES…where Dallas meets Dynasty meets the Gridiron. But living the high life is not all glamor — it’s frequently fleeting. Football players are often injured so their partners are forced to not only play wife, but also be a mother or nurse to their men. The careers of these modern-day gladiators span only a few years on average and unlike basketball players, football stars travel less for games and are expected to be home with their families. But do they live up to those expectations?

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew premieres Monday, October 11 at 10 PM ET/PT
VH1 has once again partnered with Dr. Drew Pinsky for a fourth season of the hit reality series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Similar to the first three cycles, the fourth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew will follow the real-life experiences of celebrity patients undergoing detoxification and treatment at the Pasadena Recovery Center. The series will chronicle the patients’ intensive 21-day program with both group and one-on-one therapy and non-traditional therapies like art and music. The show will include Jeremy London (Party of Five, 7th Heaven), Rachel Uchitel (infamous party planner), Eric Roberts (The Dark Night and Heroes), Janice Dickinson (The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency), Leif Garrett (musician), Frankie Lons (Keyshia Cole’s mother), Jason Wahler (The Hills) and Jason Davis (socialite).

Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business Season 2 Premieres in October
Brother and sister duo Brandy and Ray J Norwood are back and ready to get down to business for the second season after taking the reins from their momager, Sonja Norwood. Brandy steps back into the music scene in preparation for her new album, all the while raising her daughter Sy’rai. We’ll also see Ray J stepping out of his notorious bad boy image and collaborating with Rodney Jerkins and other popular R&B heavyweights for his upcoming album.

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  1. jack says:

    vh1 when will you learn? If you wan your ratings back you need new york or Charm School back.

  2. Dale Jones says:

    VH1…, I have been and still am a big fan. I am quite disappointed that you at VH1 who claim to be up on the “green” factor for the ecological system of the planet…, yet you continue to lay a video by Travie McCoy, called “Billionaire” that BLATANTLY SHOWS A GRAFFITI ARTIST THROWING AN EMPTY CAN OF SPRAY PAINT TO THE BEACHES WATERS EDGE!!!! What is that about? I’m quite surprised that it is still being played AND it actually made it to the Top Ten AGAIN last week. Also, you’re playing a video by the new Black Keys, that insinuates SEX AMONGST SMALL CHILDREN!!!!! WHY IS THAT??? My kids and grandkids AND I, will STOP watching VH1 unless these 21 videos are pulled from your show.
    If you don’t stop playing them, I will voice my opinion on every internet site I can put it on!!!
    Those videos should not be played anywhere and should be boycotted from national and local TV!
    Thank you,
    A VERY concerned fan and VH1 viewer!!!

  3. Dale Jones says:

    ps: sorry about the couple words missing a letter…

    Bret Michaels, you are and always will be the #1 Rock Star in the world!!!

  4. Olivv says:

    And still no new york, i love money, charm school, or ashley, megan, farrah… the list goes on and on. all the possibilities and you guys just ignore them. LISTEN TO YOUR VIEWERS! I really want charm school to come back, same with i love money, and we NEEED new york. PLEASE!!!!

  5. xBenji65 says:

    Real and Chance, those boring and annoying clowns are back. LAME.

    We want I Love Money.

  6. Comeon says:

    OH MY GOD come on VH1.. The Stallionaires are weak and old. Its time to get a NEW SHOW for hell sakes.. WHY keep using these two? Their 15 are OVER. There is a ton of others that have more personality in their little finger then both of these guys together. ENOUGH already.. Let’s get some white girls to get their own show.

  7. Norma says:

    I agree w Jack! or bring on some other dating shows. (Was not interested in TO)

  8. Jo says:


  9. Evs says:

    hahhahahah real chance!

  10. keesha smith says:


  11. lauren says:

    I havent watched vh1 in months because all the shows are boring!! You need to bring I love money, I love new york, or Celebrity Fit Club!! But I love money was the best!!!

  12. toogie says:

    mmmmmm vh1 love this network but where are the dating shows?? real & chance sounds promising, but I think Fantasia with her publicized problems and upcoming court maybe should take some time out for herself. I never saw this show much. I loved the rock of love shows but Bret should concentrate on his self right now. Not really sure who Lala and Carmelo are. The lyrics show looks promising as well as Dr. Drew. I never got into the brandy/ray j show. More dating shows with new people and personalities VH1 please!!!!

  13. wanda smith says:

    i personally cant wait til another bret michaels life as i know it new episode comes on after bret heals from mid fall heart repair surgery first.yo bret are you ever getting married to kristi and have a i hope baby boy but girls ok too.wanda smith

  14. Sandra says:

    I’ve been waiting since the last episode of celebrity rehab for the next one to come. I see its finally coming in Oct. I simply cannot wait!!!!!!!!! I love the line up. Im always soooo pleased at the outcome of the show!!!!! Dr. Drew does a surpurb job with EVERYONE!!!!!! Everyone of them always leave happy and satisfied. Except Carri Ann. I myself didn’t trust her from the start. She just didn’t seem to really want the help…… matter what anyone seem to do to help. But, other than her……..I’d say those were fantastic odds, wouldn’t you! Dr. Drew is the best! I wish I were able to watch it TONIGHT! I’ll be as patient as I can. Oh! My fav is Eric Roberts!!!! I LOVE HIM! Always have! I wanna see him push thru this with as much ease as possible.

  15. TheAmazingSoAndSo says:

    Can’t wait for the new BART MICHAEL show.
    I’m just counting the days, ahahaha.

    Also- I wonder if Chance and Real still ride goats? Where the hell is Jolena?

  16. Malakia M. Sullivan says:

    I would like to enjoy your reality television show i bet it will be awsome it seems like theres some action to your new program . I get ready tp wacth and I love each n 1 of ya’ll rememeber me kia aka pooh take care love ya

  17. Alison says:

    Has there been any word yet on when Bret Michaels show will air?
    I’m looking forward to it.

  18. Rene says:

    lol @ real and chance gettin another show. I think the only show I’ll be watchin this fall is bret’s show

  19. Alice says:

    VH1 please bring back New York, give 12 Pack a show, give Heather a show and bring back charm school and i love money….things just haven’t been the same since these classics have disappeared from the viewing line up!

  20. monie valentine says:

    I was wondering if Let’s Talk About Pep was returning this season? I hope so I loved that show.

  21. Teri says:

    SO disappointed!!! I used to love watching the VH1 shows and did so religiously but there is nothing ever on. Bring back I love money!!!! bring back some of the dating shows!! What about another hot old rocker like Tommy Lee or something like that for a dating show?? Real and Chance? That show sounds soooooo stupid!!! Come on VH!!!!

  22. Lii says:

    The whole reason most of us started watching the reality shows on this channel was because of the extreme, entertaining personalities you found and cast. How exactly does it make sense to stop showing things that brought you viewers in the first place, and switch to stuff that is almost guaranteed to be boring to your average VH1 viewer? We LIKE scandalous, ridiculous people and situations. It entertains us. What we DON’T like or find entertaining is shows about the personal lives of D-list celebrities. Think about it. Consider what your viewers are saying. The one show people ARE saying they will watch is the one about Bret Michaels. You want to know why? Because he is entertaining! His confessionals are entertaining, his life is entertaining, and he is not afraid to incorporate the ridiculous into his shows. Compare that to the response you’re getting for “celebrities” (and I use that term VERY loosely) like Lala, and some random sports player’s wife, and the extremely-boring-at-confessionals Real and Chance. We know you freaked out when all that drama surrounding what’s-his-face from MWaM hit. We understand. We even understand your decision to pull MWaM and ILM3 because of it, although we disagree. But letting that situation turn you completely away from the type of program that got you the followers you now have? That’s just bad business.

  23. Julie B. says:

    I tried to read everywhere on this site but I didn’t find information about when Bret Michaels: Life as I know It will start…?…I know he was sick but somebody told me that many episodes were already shot…Maybe someone could tell me when it will start for good…I already saw the first episode…Thank you…
    Julie Blanchard, Montréal, Qc Canada
    P.S. In montréal, we recieve all estern us tv channels..( 1 hour of New York state)..

  24. Julie B. says:

    Sorry, I made a mistake in my previous comment…Montréal is 1 hour FROM New York state…

  25. GW Stein says:

    This series is great, I love it. The production of the show is super. It is scripted, directed,and filmed very well. The “noodling” episode is pure entertainment. Honestly, you two were the last ones I ever expected to see in a river “noodling” let alone “chewing tabacco.” I’m a fan who can hardly wait for the next episode and I have no idea of what to expect next. Congrats!
    PS – Here are my demographics; Widowed, 59, white, conservative, from Omaha, Nebraska.

  26. bigfan says:

    VH1 you have to do i love money 5!
    we all love i love money!

  27. fanfanfan says:

    VH1 listen to your viewers!
    we want i love money 5!

  28. Sandy says:

    I just turned into Brets new show and OMG that little kid of his is a very whiny brat. Where is a 5 year old getting names like “LOSER” in her vocabulary. Does not sound like such a great dad to me. All she does is run around and cry…BRAT is all I can say. Both those kids will probably be in rehab as teenagers. Very sad. Spoiled totally. The parents will pay for this later…guaranteed…

  29. 1920752 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1920752! SCK was here

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