The T.O. Show 2 Episode Recap – Season 2, Episode 5


Many viewers have wondered why Terrell Owens struggles with his relationships when he’s got a beautiful, smart single lady — Kita — by his side. On this week’s T.O. Show 2 we learn one very good reason why they’re not together: Kita already has Joe, her boyfriend of almost a year. Another big thing we learn about Kita: she has her own trust and intimacy issues, so she hasn’t slept with Joe yet. This week she finally does, after he takes her on a romantic picnic date. But Joe later tells Kita that he’s still married, though he’s about to get divorced, and it makes Kita feel used and distrustful. The lesson here? Never sleep with anyone, ever. Keep those walls up!

Meanwhile Terrell has his own relationship issues to work on. Kari walks out of a Comedy Central show taping after the comedians make jokes with Terrell about cheating on girlfriends and football groupies. The text message from an ex-girlfriend that Terrell received on the way to the taping didn’t help either. In the clip above, Terrell visits his therapist, and explains how Kita’s intimacy issues make him wonder how he’ll ever gain Kari’s trust. And as you can see, he sheds a few tears over it, and for good reason: only one relationship looks like it has any chance of surviving by the end of this episode.

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s T.O. Show 2 at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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