The T.O. Show 2 Recap, Season 2, Episode 6


Mo and Kita said for weeks that Terrell Owens needs a new personal assistant, since without them, he wouldn’t eat or make it to appointments and events. On this week’s second episode of The T.O. Show 2, they finally find him one, going by what they want (someone maternal) instead of what Terrell wants (someone hot and young). In this episode clip, Mo and Kita let Ms. Rosaline surprise Terrell with an early morning (or afternoon) wake-up call and a hot breakfast. It’s no surprise that Ms. Roseline is more than an assistant, she’s another way for Terrell to work on his family and relationship issues — he even says that Roseline reminds him of his strict grandmother.

Kita, however, doesn’t want to give Terrell time to work on his issues. She meets with Terrell’s ex-fiancé Felisha (for the second time this season), to convince her to get back together with him. Once again, she’s not interested. But when Terrell finds out about their meeting, he has a suggestion: if Kita thinks Felisha should give him a second chance, then Joe deserves a second chance with Kita too.

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s T.O. Show 2 at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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  1. valerie crane says:

    First you got too many women with too much control in your life. I don’t even fool with women. Your friends are not professional. They atr too close to you and they use their own influence on you to control you. Keeta thinks its called the Keeta show and it’s all about her. That women of yours just wants to get married for her own selfish reasons. She doesn’t even care that the relationship is in the crapper. That it self letts you know that she has personal reasons for wanting to marry you. The other women on the show said if it ain;t right im off. Not carrie she has her own agenda for wanting to marry you. You don’t need that #`!^%$%&$_@@*~+^ in your life. Stop trying to people please or you will find your self in a worst place tan you already are.Get a real women and some real professional people that can help your career. Carrie will be the biggest mistake you could ever make unless you love drama. It seems you do. Man up and take your life into your own hands. Forget what every body else wants what does T. O want. Carrie is immature and a drama queen. She’s actually ignorant and a nightmare wanting to happen. If you marru her she will devorce you as soon as she can sue you for everything you have. If no one else thinks about you and your happiness, you go for what you want.

  2. Arlene says:

    You are an awesome man, I like your personality, you are sincere and you seem to be a very good friend. You are really a great guy, the woman who ends up with you, the more mature you is going to be a very blessed woman. You seem to have an issue with women, it is quit obvious being faithful is a little difficult for you. But if you could get over that and have a closer relationship with God, I would marry you myself : )

  3. Col says:

    T.O.I am glad to see that you are accepting therapy, many Blacks (and I am) do not go because they feel it is taboo. Keep working on yourself and quite frankly you may want to stay out of a relationship for a while. As for Kita, that is awful about the man, but that is more common with women between 30-40 so keep looking…As for Keri, GET RID OF HER! She is just making everyone sick and wasting your time. You are spending more effort with this GIRL than your daughters!

  4. Jerome Rice says:

    I want to say I’d really enjoyed seeing TO having a senior citzen as his ~*!&)*$+$(`#&@# istant. How appropriate considering he was raised by his grandmotherr. Kudos to the show for such a choice move. Thould certainlyhelp the brother with his “bad Boy” imgage

  5. CHRISTINA says:

    tis is to T.O. Keri is got in it for love and its obvious every time you two have this serious conversation she always get up and leave if she do it now she’ll do the same thing if you marry her but on the other hand I don’t believe in all that cheating- you need to control that and as for Kita thats who’s in love with you and I think its kinda mutual. Mo she’s cool and thet are professional girls. Kita don’t think the show is about her, her love for acting out but Ilike her though.

  6. Joy says:

    I am looking forward to seeing more of Ms. Roz in the show. I can see her being a big help to Terrel ( I hope I spelled that right).

    I would like to know more about her.

  7. LINA says:

    Hello I would like to comment on T.O and Kari, First off T.O I feel Kari is not the woman for you because you guys argue too much and I feel she puts to much pressure on you. I feel you need to think about your children, ask yourself is that gonna be a healthy enviroment for them to be around.. I love watching your show but get upset everytime I see you and Kari’s clearly a doomed situation!!! I want and wish happiness for you and feel you need to take some time to re-evaluate what’s really important and needed at this point in your life, Good Luck and God Bless……

  8. toogie says:

    I have liked watching this show this season, I like the 2 (+#$!!*@__))~** istants, they really make the show.

  9. tara says:

    i love the show all my friends laugh at me because im 41 years old i just wonted to comment on kita and to i think there a wonderful chemistry between them that they dont see i would love to see them togather

  10. Col says:

    I actually do not think Kita and T.O. would make a good couple; first of all I am a Black woman so from a sista, she talks too much. She is always yapping about something; Kita I do think you are a beautiful woman but be quiet sometimes. Even during the horseback ride before she even knew the guy was married, she was yapping her mouth off. T.O. would never put up with all that chatter.

  11. Doris Mae says:

    I think there is a hidden chemistry between Terrel & Kita. It seems like they would make at least a good looking couple. Kita is a beautiful, intellegent and strong black woman just what Terrell needs. I think Terrell is missing what he needs is right infront of him. Ms Kita Williams

  12. Doris Mae says:

    Terrell needs to get in touch with his son, he is doing the samething to his son that his dad did to him. Break the cycle. Re – evaluate your life and relationship with God and open your heart and mind for what God has for you.

  13. Lisa says:

    I Just Love Terrell, Mo and Kita Relentionship…Kita I know alot of people wants you to take it there with Terrell but I wouldn’t do it yall have the perfect relentionship as Friends.. I have a Friend Guy that resembles Terrell and your Relentionship and I can’t go there I know his History….Kita the Baby Shower looked cool But next time Let me hook up the Diaper cake girl.. Maybe when you and Joe get it together and have a child you will let me DO THE DIAPER CAKE.. Enjoy your week All.

  14. Lisa says:

    Check out my Website Order to day do not delay…

  15. F. Mooney says:

    Hi T.O.

    1st of all I’m glad you did this show, It made me see you in a different light. I like seeing your more sensitive side of you. I told my husband your are my new athlete crush. If I was not married I would love to date you. I must tell you though give us sista a break, this is not high school any more. I think that any young lady that did not want ot date you missed out. Let it go, all I can tell you from experience. Last but not least I think that you and Kita would make a nice couple. Oh yea stay in therapy it worked for me and my husband and he was a real womanizer in his own right

  16. Paula Flynn says:

    I just watched the T.O. show for the 1st time. I was channel surfing and caught the episode with the hiring of his new +_+$%)__()@!^** istant Roz. I think she is great and it is good to see someone mature on these reality shows that is not acting foolish. I hope she continues working with T.O. Good job VH1

  17. kwik says:

    Anyone know the name or artist of the song thats played at 16:58 that has the lyrics.. “nobody move, nobody get hurt, thats what I say with a smirk when Im doin my dirt”?

  18. AWhite says:

    making good decisions and proposing…. hope she says yes and everything works out fine with yall… you and kita may look like yall are a couple but i can see the friendship there cuz i got the samething going on… since your with her I can fly to LA and hook up with Felicia… She is such a perfect lady