Kerry Schwartz: From The Basement To The Bug Nest



People love to talk about all the germs and diseases you can catch from reality dating shows (to a played out extent — if I have to read one more person exclaim, “I caught herpes just from watching that!” I’m leaving the Internet and never coming back). Putting a new, entirely disgusting spin on an old cliche, A Basement Affair‘s “winner” Kerry Schwartz caught a bug, all right — or rather, a nest of them. Kerry told TMZ that after a bump on her leg grew to the size of a handball (!), she went to the emergency room on Sunday, where doctors found that a nest of insect eggs (!!!) had been embedded under her skin. A two-hour surgery removed the invaders. No word on why or what the hell this is all about, really, but you can check out pictures of Kerry’s post-op leg at TMZ. In addition to the reality-TV-gives-you-cooties trope, this is also very similar to that urban legend about a girl hosting a cockroach’s nest in her tongue. All the good stories are coming together in one woman. [TMZ]

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  1. Evs says:

    OMFG. What kind of bug was it???!

  2. toogie says:

    you dont think you got it from that basement do you? lol seriously sorry to hear this, hope you are better, and wow it is very scary to hear this!

  3. Chaim Patterson says:

    You are an exciting actress to watch. Still(4/2/12) grinning with pleasure from when you called me your boyfriend the other week as the Bill Cunningham show.Did you see my other fan mail? Did you taste the liver and split pea soup I brought you;or did you toss it. Maybe you weren’t in the mood for something heavy that early in the day. Do your feet ach after working on the set all those hours? Dr.Schoul’s inserts might help.

  4. Chaim Patterson says:

    Glad you are ok now the muffinman