Kerry Schwartz: From The Basement To The Bug Nest



People love to talk about all the germs and diseases you can catch from reality dating shows (to a played out extent — if I have to read one more person exclaim, “I caught herpes just from watching that!” I’m leaving the Internet and never coming back). Putting a new, entirely disgusting spin on an old cliche, A Basement Affair‘s “winner” Kerry Schwartz caught a bug, all right — or rather, a nest of them. Kerry told TMZ that after a bump on her leg grew to the size of a handball (!), she went to the emergency room on Sunday, where doctors found that a nest of insect eggs (!!!) had been embedded under her skin. A two-hour surgery removed the invaders. No word on why or what the hell this is all about, really, but you can check out pictures of Kerry’s post-op leg at TMZ. In addition to the reality-TV-gives-you-cooties trope, this is also very similar to that urban legend about a girl hosting a cockroach’s nest in her tongue. All the good stories are coming together in one woman. [TMZ]

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