The T.O. Show 2 Recap – Season 2, Episode 7


This week’s T.O. Show 2 finds Terrell Owens and friend/publicist Kita Williams traveling together again. This time they’re down in Miami, attending the Miami Masters and cheering on Terrell’s friend Andy Roddick. Andy and Terrell used to party together, until Andy got married and settled down. Later, over dinner, Terrell says seeing Andy so happy makes him think, once again, about settling down.

Many have wondered if that means settling down with his friend and constant companion, Kita. Especially since she just broke up with her boyfriend, Joe, during last week’s episode. After a night of partying in Miami (tequila shots and Serena Williams included), even Kita’s sister BJ tells her that Kita could be — and maybe should be — with Terrell. This is how Kita takes this suggestion:


As you can see in the above clip from this week’s episode, she hates when people think she and Terrell are together. But she protests just a little too much.

Both Kita and Terrell seem to have other ideas. Back in L.A., Terrell invites Joe to Mo’s baby shower to hopefully get something — a reconciliation, or closure — out of Kita. She’s furious with Terrell for going behind her back, but not as mad as she still is with Joe, who vows to do everything he can to get her back. It looks like the first thing he’ll have to do is give her more space.

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s T.O. Show 2 at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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  1. blondie says:

    i see the next flavorflav in 2012 looking for another 20 year old. he could not get a chick like me without his money but he looks so much better with it

  2. BRENDA says:


  3. Col says:

    Wow, the live version of the “chatty cathy” doll – KITA! T.O. can you please come back to YOUR show! I am sick of Kita, her mouth and her stories. This show is about you- I do not wait up for The Kita Show – uuuggghhhh! And NO, I am not an angry sista, she is cute, but get your own show! Go see Bethanny Gets Married on Bravo, the two of you can talk all night. By the way, Kita your married man ain’t fine…where are his eyebrows!

  4. Col says:

    The hair is Yakki Perm or Yaki. It is the best weaving hair around! LOL

  5. Denise says:

    Is it me or is it obvious that Kita is acting like a girlfriend? She likes him, it’s obvious she’s attracted to him…she got so offended when her sis suggested a relationship between Kita and T.O….they are ALWAYS together….and they do act like they’re in a relationship. Just get it on! Geez!

  6. Alison says:

    ~~UgH…Once again, Kita not only takes over the show, but she makes sure to mention her goal to see Terrell with a “Black Woman”…You know, if this was a white football player’s show; or better yet, if Terrell’s publicist was a white woman, constantly talking about how she wants to find him a “Strong, Good White Woman”, there would be a racial ~OuTrAgE~…Again, this is absolutely ~PaThEtIc~…I watch this show because I am interested in the daily life of Terrell Owens, not his “Publicist” Kita’s daily life. And again, I wish he would find himself a publicist who knows how to treat him with respect…for real…she needs to be bumped off the payroll if she can’t keep her opinions and disrespect toward him to herself…I hope he ends up staying with and marrying Kari. She is the one who has shown him unconditional love simply by staying with him, or at least entertaining the thought of staying with him, even after the mess he has put her through…~~

  7. katrina mcquay says:

    love’kita she make the show better i hope she get back with joe they look so good n he make’s her happy .i know love is hard to fine if he make u happy stay with him omg kita look like terry ellis to me.i think they are gone get married on the low i know u are hurting right now give him a chance to show u what he’s about.

  8. Col says:

    THE KITA SHOW! uugghhhhhhh clearly I have too much time on my hands!

  9. Makwells says:


    Why don’t you date Kita??? She is a beautiful woman, and I love to watch the way you interact with each other. You are looking for the perfect woman, and the answer maybe right in front of you.

    P.S…. I love the show, my husband and I watch it every week!

  10. Moet says:

    I am going to be real sometimes in life we are busy looking for love in all the wrong places. saying this to say Kita and T.0. are a good couple together they just need to settle down and forget the dramas of the world you two need to start looking deeper on the possibilities of you both being together. T.O. is too caught up with all these white, mixed whatever girls they are, he needs to embrace his own black girls with nappy hear or extension whatever they need love too. i’m not hating just making a factual statement. Forget the drama T.O. come to Jamaica on a trip and I will show you love. Kita forgive the man they only come around with a level head once in a blue moon.

    Peace Jamaican Moet

  11. Confused says:

    aww Kita, If Joe is really in a divorce and seperated for 3 years you can give him a chance. Also if it was just the T O show I would not watch. I get sick of our men chasing European American azzez all the time looking for love. I tired of looking at mixed little girls in Wally World with hair bushed on thier head because E A moms don’t know how to grease scalps a comb naps. lol

  12. jazz says:

    I don’t thing Terrell is feeling her, that’s why he had Joe come over. I do think she wants him, but it will never happen, he is just not into her. I don’t think she is attractive, nose smashed in, no shape, too much Kentucky horse weave, bob square pants head. Yea Mo you said it right, she acts like a disgruntled girlfriend.

  13. olivia says:

    i do not think kita should give the married man another chance. they were together a YEAR he gave stupid BS speech about honesty and all this other stuff, when he’s been lying for a year and not telling her he was married. what else will he keep from her? the jerk even tells her after they sleep together like he wanted to get some just in case. how can you be with someone for a year and not mention you are married? whether he is with his wife or not is irrelevant he is legally married.

  14. Myra says:

    Kita Kita Kita…I am so tired of Kita…I knew she wasn’t going to have a relationship with this guy. And all the drama..crying and having T.O run after her..oh God…I thought this was the TO Show..where is Mo..and why is it that they keep showing Kita and her she is ruling everything…this is the reason she cannot keep a man because she is so busy worring about what the H%&L T.O is doing in his personal life…GET A LIFE KITA..and stop adding hair each episode.

  15. Madison says:

    Execuse AAALLLL OF YOU!!! Kita is AWESOME! She helps make that show. They are awesome together and including Mo. I love this stupid show. I laugh so much at their antics and their stories. He needs interaction and it should be with the very people that know him best. Kita and Mo. Them dating…never thought about it until everyone started tossing the idea around. It would be cute, but why mess up the dynamics of their relationship? They are so cool together, they act goofy just alike, they get at each other, wait a minute, okay, they COULD date. Skip that part, keep making the show funny and fun!!! I love the show! AND KITA you could get your own show. You and Mo’s have the fire hair. Please believe it! I LOVE Y’ALL MAN!!!

  16. col says:

    well VH1 has not posted the new clips from The Kentucky KITA Show, but i will comment here..Kita go away! This is The T.O. Show! Go eat because you need some meat on your bones and lose some of the hair! I was tolorant of her in blogs back, now she is just getting on my nerves. Whether T.O.likes sista’s or not, HE IS FINE….I want to watch him, not your Kita drama. I actually think they are together and the show is just warming setting us up for that – uuugghhhhh!

  17. Drama Free says:

    Keita we love!!! you girl….we hope VH1 gives you! your own dating/reality show! and we love! your mama and daddy….smile….God Bless them both….

    Keita if it were not! for you girl T.O. and the pregnant one would not! make for good t.v.!….it really should be called the keita show….because were tired! of seeing T.O. run behind that tired! ass girl….and were tired! of seeing the pregnant one being Jealous! and Miserable!…..girl we all tune in for you!…you go girl! and give that fine tall brotha another shot!….and next time ask the important questions first!…like …”are you married”!?????….. but keita give em another shot at the title…smile…take care girl.

  18. Drama Free says:

    to alllll the Keita “hater’s”…..Stop! hating….like I stated if it were not! for keita….I and many other’s would…not!!! watch the show…so they better keep….Keita!….she makes it worth! watching…yea let them take her off for two weeks and see how many people watch that bull s&%!….

    Keita like Kat Williams says….”let the haters hate….I love the haters the more the better”….”That’s how you know! that you are doing…you!”….you go girl! and it’s probally the pregnant one writing all the hate! comments?????

  19. col says:

    It’s not hating on Kita, she is pretty, smart, and SHOULD have her own show. No one is hating but we all tuned in to watch the TO Show. Despite the race of women he likes, apparently this is mostly female viewers; many of us want to see a hot baller. Those who want to watch her will wait for HER show. That’s all we are saying – if I may speak collectively.

  20. lovelylady says:

    Okay yall, is it possible T.O. may like Kita? Clearly T.O. cares for Kita because he sticks to her like white on rice. I think the love thing is mutual between the two. I think yall T.O. stalkers are trying to hate because you can see they’re falling for each other. So stop trying to put it all on Kita. T.O. don’t need Kita or Mo, as much as they argue with him, he could have been found another marketing firm or whatever they do. He obviously keeps them around for a reason, mostly because he genuinely cares and loves them as friends, but if he wanted Kita to go away, he could easily snap his finger and say poof like he does with all the rest of his gals.

    It’s funny how yall trying to hate on Kita now because you’re starting to think he’s falling for her. I really think they’re truly friends that may end up together in like 10 yrs, but right now I think they’re just friends.

    By the way Kita is GORGEOUS, yall getting yall hate on something serious.

  21. Pinnkworld says:

    To add, I think T.O. doesn’t date Kita because he doesn’t want to hurt her and I think Kita wouldn’t date T.O. because she doesn’t want to get hurt. When T.O. grows up, they might be meant fr each other.

    But I think they like each other, it’s not one sided like you all are trying to make it seem. T.O. can easily find another publicist to be on his show, like he did his body guard. Just like Kita and Mo can easily use another one of their clients to promote their business, they have other clients that are bigger than T.O., so clearly all of them are in this together because they care about each other. WHY WOULD YALL HATE on that?

  22. Li-Li says:

    Mo is too quick to get nasty. We saw her go off on Kita last season for no good reason. She had Kita thinking about not being in the wedding.

    Here we are a few months later, and Mo is making wild accusations at Kita. If anyone likes Terrell its Mo. Did she really meed Terrell for the Childbirth class?

    Get over Mo! You are a jealous, evil, mother of three (and soon to be 4).

  23. COL says:

    First of all, NOT everything is “hating” none of the comments elude to hating Kita, as a matter of fact, we like her and YES we would love to see T.O. with a sista. No one is hating on her, if they are in love or forming a relationship – FINE..DO THAT. But otherwise, the show is not about her! Also, no one is “stalking” T.O. – ahhhh, he created a show about him. Why I am wasting my time blogging who knows, but know – NO one appears to not like her.

  24. ShiningStar says:

    Dear Terrill,
    It is obvious that you and Kita belong together. Stop fighting it.

  25. brandyonmylips says:

    she is to good for don’t need a ready made family

  26. CARLA A MARY MILES says:


  27. HotCaddyGirl says:


    Love your show, but get real! You need grow up and leave these groupies alone. You need to act like a grown man and stop acting like a spoiled, egotistical brat who thinks everyone else in this world owes him something. No one owes you s@#t! Stop wasting time on all of these tricks and devote your time to developing relationships with your children, which you clearly have not done. You can’t get back the time that you miss with them! When are you going to get it playa???