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We finally caught up with Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch‘s lighting rod Lisa, who talks below about leaving the show on account of her grandfather’s cancer, her frequent arguments in the house and why she still thinks she’s the best girl for Chad.

How was your time on the show?

Short-lived. I felt like I should have and could have stayed a lot longer. It was a lot of fun. I would definitely do it again. I would love to come back and see those girls a second time, after seeing what I’ve seen and hearing them in their interviews.

You left the show because of your grandfather’s cancer. How is he doing?

It’s funny how God works. My grandfather is still living, but my grandmother fell last week and she passed away. So even though my grandfather’s still alive, I feel like I was still supposed to leave the show because, for whatever reason, it was my last chance to spend time with my grandmother. It’s really bittersweet.

What did you think about Ericka and Tara cheering when they found out you were leaving the show?

It disgusts me how phony and fake Ericka and Tara are. When I made the announcement to Jasmine that I was going home and I was getting in the car to leave, Tara started singing, “Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.” I ran up the steps to confront them, like, “How dare you say those things to me at this time when someone in my family is sick?” It didn’t surprise me that they went on to cheer when Chad told everyone I left. I’d love to see them again and let them know how I feel.

The fact that you were in a rival clique, though, couldn’t have made their antagonizing too surprising.

It wasn’t surprising that they would act that way toward me, but I was shocked they acted that way about my grandfather, and were laughing about it. No matter how much you dislike somebody, it’s surprising when anyone is capable about that sort of thing. I can’t even say how much it angers me.

You referred to yourself as “Mussolini” at one point during the show. Did you feel like you were running the house?

I know I was running the house. What they show on TV in the short amount of time versus how things really went down is completely different. I know that I ran that house. Girls would start to bring up things to confront people and I would shut them down. I know that no one had the upper hand over me. They would talk about me behind my back, but they would never say anything to my face.

It seemed like every episode you were arguing with somebody. Was that stressful?

I wasn’t stressed out the entire time — only at the end when I got news about my grandfather. All of the fights I got into were from sticking up for myself. A lot of the girls thought they could come together and crack jokes and be cute and funny, and that’s just not me. I’m nice to everybody until you piss me off. It wasn’t stressful, it was necessary and second nature to stand up for myself, and I wasn’t going to back down.

Any thoughts on your argument with Angela?

I don’t have any kind words for her. From the time I met her, she was showing her true personality. She’d talk about money a lot and how she was rich. She would talk with contempt toward Jasmine and myself. She’s just a s***ty person. She obviously grew up with a sliver spoon in her mouth, and I wasn’t raised like that. I can’t relate to that and I don’t have tolerance for people like that. The fight that we got into I knew was going to happen. It was just a matter of time. I don’t like her. I don’t like her as a person. I would never be her friend. People like that make me sick.

What about Rubi?

Rubi was very phony. I’m a smoker, and so is Rubi. She was smoking at the Rose Bowl, but as soon as we got in the house, she quit smoking and was talking so much s*** about me and Candice for smoking. When the cameras weren’t around, she was very approachable and nice, and when the cameras were around and she got with her little posse, she thought she’d crack jokes and be funny, and I saw right through that. I wasn’t intimidated by her being No. 1. I never looked at the board one time. I paid no attention that board. That was all done on first impressions. She was just another girl in the house who was phony.

What about the avocado-throwing argument you had with her?

You’re not gonna sit there and talk about my surgery or talk about me not being a lady without me sticking up for myself. She tried to say I had a weave in my hair and my hair clearly isn’t phony or fake, so I had to stick up for myself there. They didn’t show that on TV. There was a bunch of s*** that just kind of piled up and then I exploded. They said I was a lush or drunk. I can only hear that so many times before I get frustrated and lose my temper. And it took a long time from the time the argument about the avocado to about 13 minutes later when I poured the stuff on her. They just kept antagonizing me and finally I just lost it.

Any thoughts on Chad?

I think Chad wasn’t in it the whole time. I think he’d recently been with Cheryl Burke and his feelings were with her. I think that he is a nice person, but when the cameras weren’t on, he would not talk to us. We’d say, “Bye, Chad!” as he was walking out the mansion door and he wouldn’t even turn around. He’d just throw his hand up in the air and walk away. I’m not saying he’s a bad person, I think this was bad timing.

At one point you said you were the best girl for him. Do you still think that’s true?

Yeah. I am the best girl for him. I’ll stand by that. Maybe not in a relationship, but I think I could relate to him the most, but I think those girls are phony and they’d reveal their true colors eventually. I had a talk with Chad and we were on the same page about being yourself no matter what. If we were in a room and there wasn’t the pressure of the TV show and no one was trying to date anybody, I think he and I would get along the best.

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