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Courtney, another girl who was eliminated this week on Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, tells us below what she thinks of Chad, why she’s delighted with her reputation as a crazy cat lady and why she thinks Chad’s reason for sending her home might actually be valid.

How was your time on the show?

It was interesting and long. I don’t know, it was cool in the beginning. It was intriguing when I didn’t know what was going on. But as it went on, I wanted to get out of there.


I’m completely in control of my life at home, and being there I had to listen to whatever everyone else was telling me to do. I couldn’t say what I wanted to say and I felt like I couldn’t act the way I wanted to act. It started to drive me crazy. The whole situation with Chad didn’t bother me. It was just me not being in control of my life.

So when Tiphani said you didn’t want to be there, she was right?

Yeah, she was right.

What did you think of your portrayal?

I thought it was fine. I don’t think I’m very good TV, ’cause I’m so laid back. But I’m happy with the way they portrayed me because I wasn’t dramatic, I didn’t talk bad about anybody, I wasn’t on anybody’s bad side. Tiphani had a hard time figuring out what to say about me to get me to leave because there wasn’t anything bad to say.

What about the implication that you’re a crazy cat lady?

I think that’s hilarious. I love it. I hate dogs, they’re terrible. You know what? I am a crazy cat lady. I used to have six cats and I love them. I hope people think I’m a cat lady. I want my cats to be famous.

You should put them on YouTube. Cats can be sensitive – were yours mad that you were gone for the period of time you were filming the show?

No, not really. I had a friend that was coming over and watching them. He would play his guitar and sing to them (laughs). It’s so ridiculous. They had a lot of attention while I was gone, so they were cool. I can’t believe we’re talking about my cats.

They were a memorable part of the show. What about your inability to joke along with Chad. Are you generally humorless?

I’m really sarcastic and I have dry humor. That’s what makes me laugh. I can joke around with people that I think are funny, but when you tell me a joke, like a straight-up knock-knock joke…I don’t know, they’re usually not very funny to me. But if you’re a stand-up comic and you’re telling a story, and you’re laughing at yourself, it’s hilarious. I have a lot of humor, but talking about mice and cheese didn’t make me laugh.

What did you think of Chad’s sense of humor?

It’s a fake sense of humor. He’s faking. He has no sense of humor.

What do you think of him in general?

I think he was doing what he had to do. He signed on for this show so he’s got to put on a façade and act a certain way. Whatever. I would do the same thing. I’m sure he’s cool in real life, but whatever. You gotta do what you gotta do.

It did seem like you were interested in him sexually.

I was interested in anybody sexually. The girls started looking good in the house. I was away from that for so long, it drove me nuts. It wasn’t even Chad, it was just that he was the only person there with a penis besides the crew.

I think you were the first person on the show that he kissed.

That is correct.

That’s an achievement.

I guess.

Was it not anything to you?

No. It was nothing at all, actually. I didn’t like him. I really didn’t. I’m sure he’s cool and a great person, but I wasn’t really physically attracted to him.

Did you know that from the jump?

Yeah. In the beginning, everyone was excited. They pumped everyone up, like, “Chad! Yeah!” I think everyone getting riled up made them think they liked Chad a lot more than they probably did. In the beginning it was interesting but it died.

How familiar with him were you going into the show?

Not very. I didn’t try out for the show – I got called to do it. I knew who he was, I guess, but I never watched him on TV and sighed and said, “Chad.” I just did the show because I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was super excited to move on with my life.

So you weren’t out to find love?

No. Nobody found love. Nobody wants him. I mean, I’m sure somebody out there does, but not any of us in the house. We were all there for our own reasons.

Are you interested in a career in entertainment?

I don’t know. Sure. Why not? If you put me on a dating show, I’m going to be weirded out because that’s not really my scene. But if you put me on a show like Rob and Big or something like that were you go out and do stupid things and act like an idiot, I love that. I’m a model. I’d do that, too.

Chad dismissed you for being overly physical. Did you buy that?

Actually, yes. Most of my relationships have started with me having sex with them, straight-up. They always throw themselves on me, and I just go along with it. So, I mean maybe. He could be right. But I could keep his interest till the day he dies, let me tell you. I’m cool and I’m funny and I’m like a dude. I’m not even like a girl. I’m sure he’d be like, “Hell yeah, she’s the full package.” He had to have some reason to let me go, whether it was my cats or because I’m too sexy. I don’t know.

It’s interesting that you have this very free attitude toward sex. Typically, people on reality TV who feel that way make it very clear via the way they dress and the poles they swing on.

I’m just so calm, I guess. But when it comes to sex, that’s my subject. I’ll tell you all about it. I’ll give you pointers. I don’t dance on bars or grind up on girls or anything. I think it’s sexy when you’re chill.

You didn’t have beef with the other girls, did you?

No. I made friends with Katie. She’s the s***, literally. She’s the coolest person I never met. I wish they would have shown more of us on the show because we were so funny together. Heather’s really cool, too.

Being the drama-free person that you are, what did you think about the drama that ensued in the house?

I didn’t notice it. I didn’t even know that certain things happened until days later.

How was that possible? It seems like it was so loud all the time.


Were you sleeping?

I actually got in trouble for sleeping too much. I would go out in the back yard and sleep in the grass and put my microphone in another part of the house so that no one could find me. I stayed away from everything.

Are you happy that you did the show?

It was irritating, but not to the point where I was like, “Holy s***, I’m never doing this again.” It was bad, but it wasn’t that bad. I’m happy that I did it. I’m glad I got to meet Katie. And it’s kind of cool. People are like, “Hey, you’re the girl from the show.” I’m like, “No I’m not. What are you talking about?”

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