Sneak Peek Taylor Swift’s “Mine”


The last time we sneak peeked a Taylor Swift video, it was for “The Best Day,” a warm and fuzzy song about her relationship with her mom. Now it’s for “Mine,” a warm and fuzzy song about a boy — a boy who “made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter.”

Like “The Best Day,” this video cycles through images that highlight the relationship. But an engagement ring is the most important prop here, not baby toys. Yep, country’s brightest little star is all grown up.

The single “Mine” is from Taylor’s new album, Speak Now, to be released October 25. Check back Friday, Aug.25, at 8:30PM EST to watch the video’s full world premiere.

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  1. taylorswifts1fan says:

    i love love love it!!!!!! its a awsome video!!!! i cant wait for the premere next week!!!! love love love, TaylorSwifts1Fan!!!!! Forever & Always!!!

  2. Meaghan Davis says:

    I’m totally excited about the video and I can’t wait for the good video of “Mine” and I love the song:)

  3. Deb says:

    I’m sorry, but this is the same thing as all her other songs. There is nothing new or fresh about this. She is a talented song writer, but not so much in the vocal department. You have to listen for 45 seconds just to determine if it is an old or a new song. Sorry.

  4. kpickles says:

    same as every other thing she has done. noting fresh at all

  5. lifetime says:

    Love Taylor and Iam sure this video will be AMAZING just like all of her other ones…..can’t wait Iam so excited…..Friday can’t come soon enough for me!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. rohitsharma says:

    really taylor swift songs are commentable…her voice touch my heart…

  7. jaymar_taylor says:

    @deb & kpickles
    don’t you believe that nothing beats the classics?
    love themed songs are TAYLOR SWIFT trademarks.

  8. BradCullmanAl says:

    still the most beautiful girl in country music by far.