Scream Queens 2 Recap – Episode 4 – Snake Charmers



You’ve got a little something on your teeth.

Nope, still there.

We open this week’s Scream Queens 2 with the rest of the house learning that Karlie has left. Their mourning is brief and poignant:



Allison interviews that she knows what Jamie’s talking about when it comes to her angry face. “But I don’t know how to fix it” she says. “Don’t do that,” seems to be the easiest way how. I hope that she discovers that by the end of the episode.


For this week’s challenge, Jaime says they have to be “drop dead sexy,” while playing a classic horror film character. This sounds like a great challenge for someone like Sarah, whose stills have been awesome, but whose scenes have been less than. The winner gets a guaranteed call back, and a spread in Fangoria magazine. Here to help coach is B-movie legend and Fangoria editor Debbie Rochon:


Sarah says that before coming to the house she bought lots of issues of Fangoria and studied the pictures really hard. This may explain why her stills have gotten more compliments than her acting from the judges, but for this challenge, this is perfect preparation.


Unfortunately for Allison, she has to dress as the mom of a possessed child. Moms are, in general, not styled to be sexy. So while the other girls get “their t**s up, and their asses out, and their stomachs showing.” She gets…


A “potato sack”. “I like dressing slutty. That’s like my thing,” she laments. As far as potato sacks go, this is very slutty, though.


Christine doesn’t know how to look sexy, but with some encouragement, she at least looks crazy. And crazy is kinda sexy. [Editor's note: It's cool, too.]


Jessica is told to look less sexy, and more dangerous. The trick? Turn that syringe from a phallic symbol into a stabbing symbol.



Gabby gets Psycho, and gets a flesh-colored bodysuit to wear. This seems conservative, even in 1960.


The other girls say Sierra’s overacting in her scene, but I say she is over-wigging.



Tai is supposed to be a sexy Bride of Frankenstein, an oxymoron if ever there was.


Sarah, as predicted, looks “like art” in her shots, according to Gabby. So she gets the callback and the spread. I hope she inspires a future Scream Queens 3 contestant.


Before letting them go, Jaime says Sierra and Christine will get makeovers. Not all the girls, just Sierra and Christine. Sierra is grateful (the wig they gave her for her photo shoot must have been a clue), but Christine is less so. Because makeovers for just some of the girls? Not the biggest confidence boost.

Cutting her hair could affect Christine’s mental health as she interviews, but she’ll do it if it shows how dedicated she is to Scream Queens. Or to acting. You have to change your appearance quite a bit in movies, or so I’ve heard.


Notice that Sierra is there to comfort. This is a pattern for her.


On their return to the house, we learn that, of course, Christine’s red hair was simply made bigger and redder. Sierra gets a shorter bob.



…which she doesn’t seem excited about until….


Homa lays eyes on it. It’s Homatime!

“He’s just so powerful and talented. Just thinking about it I get all…flustered,” Sierra interviews. Hot for teacher? Seems so. It’s good, because this week’s class is a lesson in seduction. Homa asks the girls to make margaritas, but to make them as sexy as possible. Nothing’s hotter than frozen fruit and salt right?

Some girls are excited by today’s class, while others are terrified of having to seduce Homa.



Jessica is first, and her natural sexiness can’t overcome an uncooperative lime.


Christine’s bedroom eyes mostly look sleepy.


I think Sierra wanted to gently suck on a lime, but instead she looks like Marlon Brando at the end of the Godfather.


Maybe she gets panic attacks, but Sarah is pretty confident in her sexiness. She goes up to Homa and puts a (lime? salt?) covered finger in his mouth. Too bad there’s no 3-D in the world that allows actresses to stick their fingers in the audience’s mouths.


“What I just saw is seven girls pretending to be sexy,” Homa says. And what I see is Homa pretending to be annoyed.


He tells them to not be slutty, but to be sensual, and “subtle.” What makes a girl look sensual? Hair flipping. It’s the key to sexiness. Perhaps someone should have told Sierra before she chopped her long hair off.

With Allison he’s more specific: “Relax your face.” Her face looks like a girl being forced to act sexy for a serial killer. It’s totally sexy! If you are totally a serial killer!


They send this guy to deliver the scripts for the Director’s Challenge. He’s got moves, observes Christine, even if he doesn’t have hair. Again with the hair!


For the director’s cut, they will have to do a sexy scene with a snake as their co-star. The story involves a stripper who is part reptile, which makes several other things about this scene hard to stomach. Tai is scared of snakes, which makes it hard for her to picture making this “sexy.” But, as she has a few times this episode, Sierra steps in to comfort her.

First up is Jessica, who smartly uses the snakes movements as cues for how she should move her body. Sierra, nice girl that she is, notices how good:



Gabby gets hung up on the technical aspects, moving before her cue.



Snake charmers:




Because of her dance background, Allison predicts she’ll “f***in’ rock this bitch.”


But her eye movements and expressions get in her way again:



We learned last week that her predictions aren’t very accurate.

Tai considers this her fear challenge: she doesn’t like showing skin, and she doesn’t like snakes. Though her performance is shaky, it’s not because of the snake. So her fear was conquered, even if the scene wasn’t.


Back at the house, Christine tells Gabby that the other ladies were making fun of her performance. “I want to be liked. I want people to like me,” she says. It’s an adorably naïve statement. But she picks herself up and confronts the other ladies:


The other girls (including Allison) demure, but Tai steps up to argue. But Gabby’s nonconfrontational manner makes this a nonfrontation, though I think Tai comes off looking like the cattier girl.



Jessica, Gabby and Allison are on the List to stand before Jaime, Tim, and Homa.


Jessica gets leading lady, because, as Tim simple says “You’re a star.” A part of it? She takes Tim’s re-directions and improves her performance.


And now for two ladies that have trouble with this:


Gabby is called out for her tendency to go into “Gabbyland,” i.e., forget all cues and direction and meander about. Some weeks she’s great. Other weeks, she’s gone.

Allison’s problem is her expressions. As the judges say, her body movements are great, it’s just her twitches.

Allison doesn’t cry much, but hearing Homa tell her what her issues are, breaks her down.


Allison gets the axe. Before you pity her too much, remember her reason for why she deserves to stay: “There’s a lot of girls upstairs who are a lot uglier, and suck way more than I do.” Aim high, Allison, aim high.


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  1. Sara says:

    Poor Gabby. Tai is such a witch, and some of the other girls (Sarah, for example) seem cold toward her and magnify whenever she fails because they’re threatened by the fact that judges see something special in her. The way that Tai egged her to discuss what she was upset about, then proceeded to cut on her and make things personal despite the fact that Gabby simply wanted to address that the others talking smack about her hurt her was really classy. NOT. Of course, that’s why Allison went home…why keep someone who makes somewhat harmless catty comments behind others’ backs when you have someone who’s full-on confrontational to the point where she’s trying to make people “step to her?” Fail on making yourself likable, Tai. Team Nice Girls (Gabby, Christine, and Sierra) all the way-none of the girls have been perfect (with the exception of maybe Jessica), and some of the other girls’ condescending attitudes toward Gabby when she makes a mistake really irk-especially because she’s right, she DOESN’T ever talk about the other girls or act mean toward them, but they constantly do it to her. Tai’s been nasty to Gabby since day one…remember her cutting Gabby down after her first challenge win? Jealous much? Hater, keep hating….you may be pretty on the outside, but you’re showing some deep ugly on the inside.

  2. Scalper says:

    Boo to the mean girls. Tai, go home…or onto the Bad Girls’ Club. She even appears to be dragging Christine into it next week too! I hope Gabby wins even more than before now, just to spite Tai.

  3. AshleyBunny says:

    Classic Allison!!! I love it!

  4. AshleyBunny says:

    Going to miss her commentary best part of the show.

  5. H. D. says:

    Like Gabby’s my favorite. Send Ti home because she thinks she’s special. Christine or Ti will probably win it though.

  6. Jocelyn says:

    Ding dong, the wicked witch (Allison) got axed! Finally! Love Team Nice Girls, except Gabby plays the pity card, and needs wayyyy toooo much direction to be considered a real actress. Gee, I could do it too if I got chance after chance to get it right. I don’t think directors are gonna put up with that s&!%t when it’s costing them $$ on the set. Hair adds to sexiness, and poor Sierra had none to flip for Homa! Tai was right about one thing…it’s an acting competition, not a modeling competition, so that leaves us with just three viable contestants…Sierra, Jessica, Tai. Good luck!

  7. Josh says:

    From an editors stand point this show is really bad. It is obvious that they leave out things that could make or break a scene I have seen the same reaction faces repeated in the exact same way a couple of times on this show. Episode 1 I saw Jessica do the same motions in the beginning and Tais face when she was talking to Sarah in the killer meat episode and in the argument with Gabby and Tai if you watch it you will see how choppy it is. What are you leaving out VH1? And they loop Gabbys facial expressions as well. The audio is streaming together. I think there was more to that argument than they wanted us to see. Remember you all are seeing what Vh1 wants you to see. Not all of what really happened. Be a nicer to the girls you all think are so mean.

  8. Jordan says:

    Yea lets take attention away from the fact that Gabby cant act and turn her into a victim so that people will like her. Real smooth move and yet you fail. Gabby has zero acting ability and she cries over everything oh wait except when she is told to cry in class.

  9. Milly says:

    agreeing with Josh, from an editors stand point this show is really bad. In the first and second episodes Rosanna’s acting scenes and reactions were cut together so badly I got distracted. I want to see want really happened. I caught 4 *&%$%% audio level changes in her opening statement. They played with her. I don’t like it. Tisk Tisk Tisk VH1

  10. Dan says:

    Editing someone to look like a villain is one thing, but Tai has consistently shown that she’s nasty to/jealous of Gabby. I’m sorry, but they can’t create someone acting mean out of edited pieces, they can only simply place said mean pieces where they want to in a series. And trying to make Gabby step to her? How is that not mean-um, that’s threatened physical violence. And Gabby CAN act, as she’s clearly shown in both the first challenge and during the week when she won leading lady-she’s unfortunately ditzy and misses her marks technically sometimes, but that doesn’t negate her acting ability. She makes mistakes, but at least she’s not uber-critical of others. I, for one, can’t root for a heroine in a horror movie knowing she’s really a mean girl in true life.

  11. toogie says:

    Sorry Allison , I thought you had a good chance of winning . You were the prettiest girl there and I think you did some good scenes. I think you are sincere and made me laugh more than once. Do you like babies> NOOOOOOOO lol Best of luck to you !

  12. Jeanne Marie says:

    This is why Gabby has survived the show. People feel sorry for her. She always looks miserable. Even in the first episode her hair was in a mess, her clothes looked messy and she always looks depressed. She is a downer. Even in the first challenge they didn’t say they liked her acting ability they said they liked her essence. Gabby is one of those typical reality show girls who takes everything as offensive when it comes to her competitors. Like on a ANTM when the judges give a girl criticism and one of her competitors try to help her fix the problem, they get all attitudinal with them. Like why are you teaching me, your not a judge.

  13. Maria Elena says:

    to Josh, a truer post I have never read!! You are right people are hating what they call the mean girls (Allison and Tai) the point is these girls are all friends in real life . This is a SHOW !! Lighten up, they show what they have to to bring the storyline around the way they want. It is after all their show. Dont take these things so seriously…I know Allison as I have worked with her..she is funny and sarcastic, but loyal and extremely talented. Enjoy the show and lets wish All the girls the best

  14. Cheeseball says:

    Alison got the axe nooooooo!!!!

  15. Shauna says:

    I don’t think Allison was a mean girl, I think she was just snarky. Tai, however, is a mean girl…she’s only served to prove it more this week (the “camp” episode, when she basically told Christine she should ditch Gabby), and seems to be getting in Gabby’s face even more in next week’s previews. Gabby can be dippy and mopey, but she’s at least nice. As others have said, the editors can’t make stuff up, they can only change the order of things-so there’s at least some nasty there. It seems Gabby stands up to Tai next week…then maybe things will change and I can like Tai again.

    Ironic: Tai giving Christine a bunch of crap about being too nice to Gabby, but then she went and did the same thing with Sarah (ran to her when she got a little water in her mouth)! Methinks she shouldn’t give advice she can’t heed. She says this competition’s not about making friends…but, apparently, to her, it’s just about not making friends with Gabby.

  16. marcu alexandru ionut says:

    i can’t understand how much endurance has gabi…love her.
    P.S:josh,i belive that you are an editor just only you give us more information about this show that you affirm that is bad(“really bad”)…..”Episode 1 I saw Jessica do the same motions in the beginning and Tais face when she was talking to Sarah in the killer meat episode and in the argument with Gabby and Tai if you watch it you will see how choppy it is”-josh………be more explicit,more precise…please

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