Who Will Come Out On Top Of VH1′s 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time?



Starting Monday, September 6 with back-to-back episodes at 10/9c and 11/10c, VH1 will count down its 100 Greatest Artists of All Time (the five-part countdown will continue every day at 10/9c through Thursday, Sept. 10). VH1 has revealed the Top 5 (although their specific ranking will remain a secret until the final show airs). In alphabetical order, they are:

The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Michael Jackson
Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stones

Below, check out the actual rankings of the other 95 artists on the list, and make sure you tune in Monday, September 6 for expert commentary from artists on the list, artists not on the list, writers, critics and comedians alike…

6. Jimi Hendrix
7. Prince
8. Elvis Presley
9. James Brown
10. Stevie Wonder
11. Bob Marley
12. David Bowie
13. The Who
14. Nirvana
15. The Beach Boys
16. Madonna
17. Queen
18. Pink Floyd
19. U2
20. Marvin Gaye
21. Bruce Springsteen
22. The Clash
23. AC/DC
24. The Velvet Underground
25. Chuck Berry
26. Neil Young
27. Aretha Franklin
28. Elton John
29. Radiohead
30. Aerosmith
31. John Lennon
32. Black Sabbath
33. Guns N’ Roses
34. Tina Turner
35. Johnny Cash
36. Paul McCartney
37. Fleetwood Mac
38. Sly & The Family Stone
39. The Kinks
40. The Police
41. Van Halen
42. Metallica
43. Ray Charles
44. Joni Mitchell
45. Al Green
46. Ramones
47. Jay-Z
48. Rage Against the Machine
49. Parliament-Funkadelic
50. Sade
51. Billy Joel
52. Beyonce
53. Little Richard
54. Public Enemy
55. Peter Gabriel
56. KISS
57. Iggy & the Stooges
58. Cheap Trick
59. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
60. Whitney Houston
61. Cream
62. Genesis
63. Notorious B.I.G.
64. Talking Heads
65. The Doors
66. Justin Timberlake
67. Coldplay
68. Otis Redding
69. Tupac Shakur
70. Def Leppard
71. R.E.M.
72. Janis Joplin
73. Van Morrison
74. The Cure
75. Rush
76. Run-DMC
77. Lynyrd Skynyrd
78. Judas Priest
79. Eminem
80. Mary J. Blige
81. ABBA
82. Steely Dan
83. Earth Wind and Fire
84. Curtis Mayfield
85. The Band
86. N.W.A.
87. George Michael
88. Bee Gees
89. Beastie Boys
90. Elvis Costello
91. Green Day
92. LL Cool J
93. Pearl Jam
94. Mariah Carey
95. OutKast
96. Journey
97. Pretenders
98. Depeche Mode
99. Hall & Oates
100. Alicia Keys

- Voting was conducted by Shugoll Research. The list was determined by a poll of musicians and music experts. Over 200 artists voted including Alicia Keys, Diddy, Ozzy Osbourne and Carrie Underwood, as well as members of U2, the Police, Metallica and Aerosmith.

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  1. Brandi says:

    So I’m think you should put the Backstreet Boys on this.. I mean they are the greatest selling pop band since The Beatles and they are still going strong after almost 2 decades.. How many pop bands can say that. .How many still sell out areas.. They ae not only talented and great guys.. Their musc inspires and is truly amazing.. I mean “I want it that way” is probably the best pop song ever….

  2. Jenn says:

    I agree with everyone except Eminem in My opinion hes not in the others league

  3. John says:

    Since The Beatles are confirmed to be in the Top 5, isn’t including Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s solo careers somewhat redundant, or more accurately, stacking the deck?

  4. Corby says:

    Prince and David Bowie should be ranked higher. REM should be ranked MUCH higher.

    Michael Jackson and Led Zepplin could drop down quite a bit.

  5. Megan says:

    I think Hanson should be on this list..been a fan for 14 years and they just keep getting more and more amazing with each album. i mean if Justin Timberlake is on this list i think Hanson should be.. just sayin

  6. Megan says:

    but other than that.. great list

  7. Emma says:

    Im guessing that the Backstreet Boys are not in the top 5…but they well should be in the top 10-20. They changed the music world for lots of people…they have sold more records than half the people on that list! They are an unberlievable group that have kept the career going through horrible times, and had some of the best selling albums, tours also. They are known worldwide and i think its disgracfull that they dont get the respect they deserve. And most of all they attracted so many veiwers to your channels…MTV also, and all the shows they have been on and they just get thrown off the list like they are nothing. Its horrid!! Show them some respect, they deserve it after 17years of working hard.!! BSB fan since the start till the end….The Backstreet Boys are ‘Unbreakable’ Emma, 24, UK

  8. Brandon says:

    Prince ahead of ELVIS. Really? SERIOUSLY? You people are idiots.

  9. Gustavo says:

    Where is Iron Maiden???????

  10. whfan says:

    i really do know who voted for this ridiculous unfair list,

    Prince ahead of Elvis?

    Beyonce ahead of WHITNEY?

    Sade ahead of WHITNEY or at all on the list?

    No Celine or Barbra?

    Even Mariah 94?

    Bee Gees 88? come on……….

    Shame, shame, shame!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jeff says:

    Uhh… the Eagles??? Seriously, this list just lost all creditability for me… Seriously, the #1 best selling album of all time and they aren’t on the list!

  12. travis says:

    First off…

    Eagles don’t have the best selling album of all time, MJ does… over 70 million sold globally. Eagles aren’t even close.


    MJ should be #1, nobody is bigger then him. Love the man or hate him, every single star in today’s industry is inspired by Michael and credits him as a big part of their success. His talent is unmeasurable, and his effect on the music industry unmatched.

  13. Vikki says:

    Rick Springfield should have been on this list too! His videos on MTV were groundbreaking but he was never recognized for them, his music evolving and exciting and he’s still producing memorable rock music.

  14. Billy says:

    No Janet Jackson? Why is Justin Timberlake on this list? And why is it not Destiny’s Child in place of Beyonce. VH1 sucks.

  15. olmick says:

    MJ is the greatest for all of time!!!!!
    Love you MIKE forever!!!!
    I and millions good people miss you
    Thank you for everything you gave us.
    Happy birthday KING – KING FULL STOP!!!

  16. phill says:

    wheres barry manilow?????????????

  17. blackboab says:

    prince is a musicial genius….can do it all….elvis couldnt even write a song and was a limited musician….great singer and had a big impact in the 50s but in no way does he compare to prince as a musician,songwriter or performer….bowie should be higher as well….michael jackson is too high….apart from that….not a bad list of greats…

  18. TommyHawk says:

    No Alice Cooper?

  19. withalove says:

    I love music, many enterteiners are great,
    but there is only one the greatest:

    Michael Jasckson

  20. Stuart Moser says:

    Message for Brandi….Backstreet Boys, what bloody planet you on….
    A quote from you
    ‘they are the greatest selling pop band since The Beatles and they are still going strong after almost 2 decades.. How many pop bands can say that. .How many still sell out areas’


    Okay, so you think that cos they have been going around 20 years, that they are the second best….try The Bee Gees who have just celebrated 50 years in the music business, are number 4 in the world of most successful and infuential artists, have had more consecutive number ones than any other artist….The Bee Gees are the Brothers of Pop, they are up there with the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson….where are the Backstreet Boys, quite far down the line.

    Sorry it is just I cannot see how you can say that about the Backstreet Boys when the Bee Gees have been around for HALF A CENTURY. They still sell out arenas around the world, their music lives on and will always be remembered…sorry the Backstreet Boys would never ever have the same affect and impact that the Bee Gees have brought to the world….they are they only artist where almost all other artists have sung a Bee Gees song….

  21. Mirko . H from germany says:

    Michael jackson is the biggest sellin artist in the history of music !! he sells more records as anybody in lifetime or karrier !!!!!!
    We looKING in 30 years after his death !!!!!
    Sry my english is not the best , i hope you understand me !!!!!
    With the love : L:O:V:E !!!

  22. Blah says:

    Jimi Hendrix should be in top 5.

  23. Rick Vendl II says:

    Some more notable omissions…

    Electric Light Orchestra
    The Spinners
    Paul Simon
    George Harrison

  24. snubbed says:

    Ridiculous not to include Carlos Santana or the Santana band somewhere on here. A big F/U to whomever put this thing together!

  25. S. Flanagan says:

    Well put Stuart, The Bee Gees definitely put the Backstreet Boys to shame.

    Also, I am pretty sure that ABBA, and not the Backstreet Boys, is the greatest selling pop band since The Beatles. ABBA didn’t need the United States to boost sales numbers, they had the entire world.

  26. snubbed says:

    And Sade anywhere near this list, and at 50?!? GMaFB!

  27. Dianne says:

    I think it’s obvious who should be #1!! No one has come anywhere close to selling as many albums as Michael Jackson and who else can claim that they could sell out 50 concerts in less than 2 hours?! That has to say something about his fans and what they think of him.

  28. leonardo says:

    This is looking pretty good but what about the promises??? you VH1 dare to pick eminem, jay z, outkast and left out the greatest pop is willing to give: christina aguilera and britney spears: both in the way running for madonna’s crowd. im glad you di not pick gaga

  29. Sharon says:

    It’s quite clear that there are quite a few ‘twenty-something’s” compiling this list, otherwise you’d know just how uneducated some of these rankings — and even more surpriseing omissions — are.

    There’s not a chance in this world that Elvis ranks eighth — and I’m not even a fan — but, certainly not over Prince (and I am a fan).

    To insult the BeeGee’s 50-year career with placement at 88 is nothing less than sacrilege. I’m so angry I can’t even put together a sentence to explain what I think about that stupendously stupid error.

    Hall & Oates, a 30+ year career– and still packing them in — influencing younger artists, frequent “vee-jays” on MTV early years & the most successful duo of all time at 99th?

    And where in the hell is Smokey Robinson? Being an incomparable and consistent hitmaker & vice president of MoTown not influential enough for you?

    I could go on and on, but it would be a waste of breath. If you were interested in accuracy and truth, you wouldn’t have compiled this list in the first place — at least, not in its current form.

    This list deserves & will get no respect from anyone over 30. All you’ve done is show your own ignorance about the ones whose careers gave you a career. And that’s perhaps the most disrespectful of all.

  30. Neil Hamilton says:

    Where is Yes? 35 years of producing great music. Some of the names on the list have only produced one or two albums.

    Likewise, where is Oasis? No one can deny ‘Whats the Story’ as a good album.

    The list is poor.

  31. Janet says:

    #88? Oh come on. The Bee Gees should be #1 Not only are they the best singers out there but they wrote songs for half the people on the list and the other half have made covers of their songs. I don’t know who made this list but they need to open their eyes and ears.

  32. David says:

    The Rolling Stones should be #1 on any list involving Rock & Roll but they always seem get beat out by the Beatles on these stupid things. They have been an important “main-stay” in RnR for alomst 50 years now. The Beatles broke up in 1970 because their massive egos got in the way. Longevity and playing your music live for all these years should count for something.

    A few thoughts on this ridiculous list:

    Michael Jackson was #40 on the 1998 list and death has brought him up to the top 5! ridiculous! He should be no where near the top 5. He was bad and out of the music scene for a lot of years.

    Janis Joplin would be turning in her grave if she new Justin Timberlake was ranked higher than her!

    The Doors at #65 is a complete joke! They were #19 back in 1998. What did they get worse since then?!?

    My list would be:
    1. Rolling Stones
    2. Elvis
    3. The Who
    4. Bob Dylan
    5. Led Zeppelen

  33. groogrux says:

    There are a lot of very obvious and significant omissions from this list. The following belong on this list:

    1) Dave Matthews Band – successful for 20 years; still touring and packing the venues that they play at. They became successful with a sound that was unique and refreshing, and mainly through word of mouth (not radio play)
    2) Grateful Dead
    3) Credence Clearwater Revival
    4) Eric Clapton (solo)

    While there are many greats on this list there are also too many “flavor of the day” artists who had maybe one or two successful albums.

  34. Willy says:

    This truly is a completely compromised list. Everyone has their favorite (omitted) artist, and I agree with many of the comments above that this must’ve been the result of “raters” with about 10 years of perspective at most. My favorite omission? One of the most influential groups ever and R&R Hall of Famers, The Byrds. Please retire this asinine idea.

  35. Zachary Tolbart says:

    and once again Meat Loaf gets snubbed

  36. groogrux says:

    Willy – I totally agree. I am sure there are a lot more noteworthy omissions..I think when you see VH1 or MTV affiliated with any list you have to immediately question it’s credibility. I think “Greatest of All Time” is laughable (time must have begun in 1965). Also they completely leave out the greats in the areas of Classical music and Jazz. Also if you don’t write songs and/or play a musical instrument you can hardly be called a musical artist (singer, performer maybe.. but not artist).

  37. groogrux says:

    here are artists who made the list who i think don’t belong:
    N.W.A. (is this a wrestling association?)
    Nirvana (maybe top 200)
    The Clash (too short of a lifespan)
    Guns N’ Roses (good not great)
    Van Halen (maybe top 300)
    Ramones (small cult audience – top 300 maybe)
    Jay-Z (rap?)
    Beyonce (singer not artist)
    Public Enemy
    Iggy & the Stooges (idk why – never listened)
    Cheap Trick (one hit wonder?)
    Notorious B.I.G. (rap?)
    Justin Timberlake (disney character?)
    Coldplay (top 300)
    Tupac Shakur
    Def Leppard (a passing fad- 80′s band)
    The Cure (top 200?)
    Eminem (rap?)
    George Michael (singer not artist; 80′s star)
    Beastie Boys
    LL Cool J (good actor)
    Mariah (singer)
    Outkast (one good album?)
    Depeche Mode (idk – top 400?)

    also Elton should be higher (top 10); Prince lower (80-100?); Doors higher (top 30).

  38. tacobreath says:

    Dave Matthews Band doesn’t belong on yor list!!! Thank you!

    Taco Supreme

  39. adam says:

    OMG , HOW COME THE CURE ARE ONLY 74 ? THE DOORS ONLY 65 WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ms. Taylor says:

    How did Jay-Z get on this list? What has he really done for pop culture? Why has Beyonce been placed ahead of significant artists like Whitney Houston, the Bee Gees, and Janis Joplin? She’s only had one big break-through single, which is “Single Ladies.” Other than that, what has she really done?

  41. mike says:

    any list of all time that does not have elvis at 1 or 2 is bogus and should never have dylon ahead of the king.your list is a sham and a shame

  42. Jenn says:

    where the heck is Alice Cooper? why is Judas Priest so low on the list they should be higher they are the metal gods. where is Maiden, Dio, Scorpions & Deep Purple & Whitesnake. This list is a crock of crap.

  43. James says:

    Nirvana should be in the top 5. they reinvented the wheel with the grunge scene. even when he is trying to sound horrible (the in utero album was kurt cobain trying to screw things up) he sounds AMAZING. Nirvana is the most influential group of the past 20 years…hell anything past 99 shouldnt be considered music. in 4 short years nirvana captivated a global audience and never sold out or conformed. for that they deserve to be in the top 5.

  44. Noelle says:

    WHERE IS BON JOVI??????????????

  45. Chris says:

    Number one has to go to The Beatles. Biggest selling artists of all time with over 1 Billion and most influential artists of all time. Also, Nirvana OVER U2 and Bruce?! Pearl Jam should be way higher.

    My top 5 would be:

    1. The Beatles
    2. Bob Dylan
    2. Michael Jackson
    2. Led Zeppelin
    2. The Rolling Stones

  46. Jennifer says:

    C’mon people,accept that Michael Jackson is the GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME,OF ALL TIME!!!He revolutioned the music,the dance,the videos,the live performances,the costumes,EVERYTHING!!!Nobody has influenced the popular culture like MJ did,and still doing so!Just look all the singers or artist of this times,it’s undeniable that all of them are influenced by Michael Jackson!Also,NO ONE has sold more albums worldwide as MJ.He has the tittle (one of them)of the BEST SELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME,THRILLER.And that will remain in the same way for a long loong LOOONG time!!!Count on it!LONG LIVE THE KING MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

  47. jess_San says:

    1.Michael Jackson

  48. Monique says:


    Michael Jackson should be the first.. He’s been entertaining and performing since he was FIVE.. The Beatles are good.. But Michael Jackson is the King Of Pop… He’s the greatest.. How many records has he sold..??? Billions..

    No offense but Bob Dylan (I’ve never heard of him)..
    Who ever made this have you seen THRILLER???

  49. Eliot says:

    i think mariah carey should not be number 94 atleast in the top 20 cuz look how mant albums she has sold and how many number 1′s shes had 18 so far and shes like the biggest selling female artist and i thought paul McCartney and whitney would be higher to

  50. Mark says:

    Eminem and LL Cool J over Hall and Oates, what the hell is this the rock and roll hall of fame. When is the greatest duo in rock and roll history going to get some damn respect.

  51. John says:

    No Diana Ross? No Gladys Knight? No Supremes? No Temptations? No Patti, Dionne, Chaka, Mahalia? THIS LIST SUCKS THE BIG ONE!!!!

  52. Bluedog says:

    Where is Cat Stevens? People will be asking Coldplay who? and still be listening to Cat Stevens 20 years from now.

  53. Shostakovich says:

    This is a list of modern music. I don’t see Mozart, Jelly Roll Morton, or even Louis Armstrong. “All Time” needs to be edited. Do not look at history through the wrong end of the telescope.

  54. Mike says:

    My two big omissions are:

    Morrissey / The Smiths

    Perry Farrell / Jane’s Addiction

  55. Anna says:

    Are you kidding me. Corrections. Michael Jackson should be number 2. the beatles can stay number 1. uhm. how the hell is madonna before aretha franklin? not possible. come again. Next. how is tina turner after madonnna ? NOT possible. Ray charles should be head to head with elvis presley so i dont udnerstand why he is all the way at number 43. Whitney housotn at 60? Unbelievable. Tupac after Justin Timberlake? Absolutely not. He was going head strong before JT went solo. RIP. much love. Anyways. Why are the beastie boys at 89? uhm no they should at least be in the top 30. Green Day at 91? not loving that. they should be in the top 40 or even 50. LL Cool J, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys should deff be replaced by other artists. They arent the greatest artists of all time. I rest my case (:

  56. Anna says:

    I agree with John. Mariah Carey should be replaced with Celine Dion and she should be placed in the top 20 and Janet should defff be in that list. No supremes ? What the hell. Are you guys sure yaul did the right list because you guys lost me affter the 1op 10. Where are the temptations ? Coldplay isnt all that. A great artist of all time would be examples of the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles. It sbeen prob 30 to 50 years for most of them and some of us still know their music. 20 Years from now no one will be asking who is LL COOl j or Mariah Carey or Alicia Keys we dont care. I want my supremes, celine dion and my janet jackson on that list.

  57. Paul says:

    Would liked to have seen Depeche Mode a hell of a lot further up than 98 but at least they are there…

  58. El Cantante says:

    As Always, controversial list.

    My top 10
    1.Ray Charles
    2.Michael Jackson
    3.The Beatles
    4.Stevie Wonder
    5.James Brown
    6.Bob Dylan
    7.Bob MArley
    9.Rolling Stones
    10.Elton John

    Who should NOT be on that list:
    Justin, Public Enemy, NWA, Alicia Keys, LL,Beasty boys,Radiohead,Depeche Mode,Eminem,Kiss,Elvis Costello,Outkast.

  59. John says:

    My top ten
    1) Michael Jackson
    1A) The Beatles (Both could be number one, they influenced music and pop culture more than the others)
    3) Led Zepplin (Best in hard rock)
    4) The Rolling Stones
    5) James Brown
    6) Elvis
    7) Chuck Berry (No respect)
    8) Bob Dylan
    9) Stevie Wonder
    10) Prince
    *Whitney should be ahead of Beyonce (shouldnt be here) ,Sade, and countless others , at least top 25.. she blew up the music scene when she first hit.. and one of the purest voices ever influenced everyone, crossover artist.plus even rockers had to like her voice

    * Where are the Eagles, Greatful Dead, Fats Domino, Muddy Waters,Buddy Holly, Jefferson Airplane and Sam Cooke? Cmon no disrespect but they can replace many artists

    *Again Beyonce cant be on here!!! she has barely had much of a solo career, she is successful but she hasnt influenced or had that one magic moment, she is not even critically acclaimed

    * JT ?NO NO!!! Only 2 albums and his sales dont compare to these other artists

  60. John says:

    plus this list must have been made by biased, young people. They dont know how BIG these artists were in their hey-day. I love MJ but Prince, whitney , and madonna were ALMOST up there in success in their day. Plus no respect for motown or the San Francisco 60′s scene

  61. James says:

    Eminem is number 79? What the hell, Vh1. You lost your credibility years ago anyways.

  62. Mikey B says:

    OK, so people saying MJ should be number one is a bunch of BS. Sure, top 5 is fair but come on the beatles have been around since 63 and people still listen to them all the time, I doubt MJ will be on the radio in 50 years and if so, not that often. MJ has at most 10-15 good songs. Also a lot of people are saying MJ because he died, and so he gets sympathy. Its the same reason why Paul Mccartney is behind John lennon.

  63. Leonnie says:

    to the people who think that Celine Dion should be on this list: You are wrong, she is really not that good.

    However, a quarter of the list wouldn’t be top 100 in their own time and another quarter is saved by the shortsightedness of the list makers (Beyonce, Alicia Keys, KISS, George Michael). I can’t name 100 artists greater or more influential than Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, or Frank Sinatra, (seriously how did you miss Frank Sinatra?, noone doesn’t like Sinatra) or B.B. King, or.. I could go on but my point has been made. VH1 should fire some people over this.

  64. john says:

    I feel sorry for anyone taking this list seriously.

  65. Amy says:

    My top 5:
    1. Rolling Stones
    2. Led Zeppelin
    3. Bob Dylan
    4. The Beatles
    5. Michael Jackson

    BUT i have a strong feeling that either The Beatles or MJ will be #1; the beatles because it seems to be rule that they always top ‘Greatest Artists’ lists (even though many think they are undeserving) and MJ because he died recently and suddenly everyone appreciates him and think he was ‘like, the best artist ever’ even though a month previously, he was dubbed a pedophile and a creep.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see, but chances are, i ain’t gonna like the outcome

  66. DEE says:

    When people say that the only reason ppl say MJ is becuz he died is bull…. I was old enough to remember the Beatles, MJ, Led Zepp… etc and even though im not a huge fan he deserves his spot in the top 5 maybe even one… back in the day he changed culture and music just like the beatles.. when his thriller video came out he put MTV on top… plus he has other great albums such as off the wall, bad, and history… many ppl think this is sympathy for him but could it be that we are just now giving him the respect he deserves? i wouldve always ranked him high when some things are said too much like his Thriller album and video ppl get tired and he becomes cliche but honestly he is one of the top 5 artists.. he wrote 9 #1 songs and over 20 top ten hits so you cant say he couldnt create music… THIS IS ARTISTS not musicians and he petryed art as good or better than anyone else… plus what puts Elvis over MJ? what music did he create? please tell me what talent he has over MJ? With that being said Whitney , Aretha, and Ray Charles should be higher on the list…. No Sam Cooke,Eagles, Jefferson Airplane, or Eric Clapton? Cmon!!!
    My top ten (non biased)
    1) MJ
    2) Beatles (they can be number one too)
    3) Led Zepp
    4) Stevie Wonder
    5) The Who

    Please tell me what u think?

  67. Annie says:

    i dont wanna talk about “who did the best clips”, or “who did the best dance”..that would be only one artist, but the question isnt who is the biggest artist of all time :-) .

    we just are looking for the best musician, with the biggest number of qualitativ hits, of course who wrote and compose the most of his songs.

    I think everyone had and have the opportunity to bring his hits to the people and to their hearts, and making hits and good music is just talent, not promo or other reason.

    billie jean
    beat it
    heal the world
    earth song
    they dont care about us
    man in the mirror
    smooth criminal
    we are the world
    black or white
    you are not alone
    dirty diana
    stranger in moscow
    rock with you
    wanna be startin somethin
    dont stop til you get enough
    who is it
    will you be there
    give in to me
    the way you make me feel

    who the sh.. has made more world hits?? and where are these big hits??!!

    no one has so much quantity and quality. no one.

  68. Alfred says:

    New age artist’s should not be included on that list! I’m happy lady gaga isn’t on there.

  69. Kaue says:

    mariah is freakin 98??????????????
    LL cool J before her?
    AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA who makes this cr*ap????
    what a joke

  70. I la LeToya and Mariah says:

    How is Mariah Carey #94? I know this decade has been somewhat of a lackluster for her but I think she should at least be in the top 50.

    One the best selling artist. Best voice in the music industry..and the list goes on…. whatever, I’m grateful that she’s up there at least but clearly she should be higher.

    Ms. LeToya Luckett will be up there one day, that girl is a broke down version of Mariah Carey; I mean that as an extreme compliment. Have you heard her recent album “Lady Love”, that girl can BLOW! “MIIIIIIIIIINNNEEEE!!!!” – Good to Me lol

  71. Lambie says:

    It´s quite the joke that Eminem comes before Mariah.
    She has released like 160 million records worldwide, I mean COME. ON.
    And please put some Sam Cook in there aswell.

  72. LikeWhat says:

    Mariah Carey has had 18 nr 1 hits throughout her career and even surpassed Elvis friggin Prestley!

    When are people gonna start recognizing her contribution to the modern music era?

  73. MC says:

    #1 Michael Jackson
    Has outsold everyone in everything on a worldwide scale
    #1 down loaded artist — new news Have you heard?

    #2 Beatles eventhough I never paid them any attention and own nothing of theirs and don’t care. They just seem to survive the time.

    #3 What is this vote based on popularity, talent, sales or world wide appeal or length of time popular?

  74. Matt says:

    A few too many rock artists on this list. Some deserved, others maybe only had a couple of good tunes. As a result, some important people in other genres of music were forgotten. The Supremes, Streisand, Luther Vandross, Temptations, Frank Sinatra…

    I agree that if Whitney and Beyonce are going to be on the list, then Mrs. Houston should come before Mrs. Knowles. Similarly, if Whitney is on the list, then Mariah should be as well, although she seems to be unpopular here. Mariah debuted in 1990 with Vision of Love. It is now 2010. So it’s not quite fair to do the “no one will be listening to her in 20 years” bit, since she’s already done well enough for 20 years already. In that time, she racked up 19 number ones as well as the most popular song of the decade with We Belong Together. We also have Mrs. Carey to thank for every other female contestant on American Idol doing melisma like it’s going out of style. So I’m not fond of her either, but I wont go as far as to deny her a spot at #96.

    Also, I have never heard of The Band, Steely Dan, Rush, and Cream in my life. While that might be a reflection of my ignorance, I do think the average clueless joe should at least have heard of everyone in the top 100. Also, if you are on your sophomore album (Timberlake), you shouldnt be on the list.

  75. Anonymous says:

    This list… this is too much.

    I am definitely not going to waste my breath on this. As someone already said “I feel sorry for anyone who takes this list seriously”.

    groogrux is quite ignorant as well.

  76. BLACK says:

    List is crazy, im soo happy i didnt see lady gaga and britney spears name on the list.

  77. black says:


  78. JR says:

    Actually, Mariah Carey appearing at all is good for her, as she usually doesn’t fare well in these kinds of things. She has not enjoyed much accalim in her 20 years as a recording act. Some others on the list haven’t, either- i.e. Journey, Sade, Whitney Houston, etc. Beyonce has had a few acclaimed singles, but No. 52 is a tad high for her.

    Madonna, Aretha and Joni are the three most acclaimed females in general, so no surprise to see them fare well. Tina Turner not so much as a solo act, but she was on the last 100 Greatest list, and also finished No. 2 on the 100 Greatest Women list back in 1999.

    It’s different industry people making up these lists, so things are bound to change some. This list has 36 acts who were not on the 1998 list.

  79. Tyler says:

    I’m sorry but this list is ridiculous. How is Mariah Carey, who has written AND produced all of her own material lower ranked than people like Beyonce and Whitney Houston? It’s unfathomable. We’re not talking about singers. We’re talking about “artists” and their artistic contributions to the music industry which include all the background effort that goes into making music like writing and producing. 18 #1s and 175 million + albums sold and Ms. Carey is still being snubbed. I don’t get it.

  80. Svanna says:

    This list is incredibly sexist. Why are there so many male bands and male artists? The greatest female artist of all time is Madonna? And at the same time she’s not even in the Top 15. WTF? It’s like VH1 took the best-selling rock bands and male singers of all time and threw in a few popular females here and there. Terrible list.

  81. William says:

    Dudes, this is one silly assed list. I need some of whatever ya’all were smoking when you wrote it up. Had to be some goooooood stuff :)

  82. Marc says:


    You have lost ALL credibility. This list is a total publicity stunt. I won’t even dignify pointing out the disgraceful positioning of artists because you got what you wanted, which was controversy to create attention for your FAILING channel, plus promoting this countdown special. VH1, you have been dead to me for years but this pitiful list pretty much affirmed your demise!

  83. john says:

    there is a reason bob dylan is the most covered artist ever.

  84. jakesville says:

    some of the artist on the list sucks….

  85. Kent says:

    Michael Jackson is deserving to be top five. There’s more symphony for him now these days. But what did he do that the Beatles never did? Innovation? The Beatles had Tomorrow Never Knows, Rain, A Day In Life (which has the greatest ending of all-time), the Abbey Road Medley, Please, Please Me, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Dear Prudence, Nowhere Man, Norwegian Wood, etc.
    Even the Stones should be considered top two because they also made a similar impact as the Beatles (though they admired them for being the first to do about EVERYTHING).
    Bob is well deserved after many controversies because of his songwriting. He practically broke the rules of songwriting and made it modern music. Top three or close.

  86. KKKKKK says:

    1 Micheal Jackson

    +_+ Only One

    King of pop !

  87. BedBeats says:

    Bee Gees? Red Hot Chili Peppers? The Smiths? Jane’s Addiction? Supremes? Smashing Pumpkins? Motorhead?! Sex Pistols?!(though thats debatable).

    Terrible list…and even more idiotic rankings.

    Journey??!! Really??!!!

    Why not throw some REO Speedwagon, Night Ranger, or some Stone Temple Pilots in there to complete the idiocy??!!!

    And the continued overrating of Biggie.

    I dare you to address the comments section. Other folks here are all pretty much saying the same things.

    Looks like the coordinator for this project should be reprimanded.

    While i certainly do not take any stock into these kinds of lists….at least put some goddamned heart into this sort of thing.

  88. Julia Camille says:

    WTF ?! Mariah Carey at number 94? Who made this list ? Who ever did it, must be a FREAK !!! She deserves something like top 10 or 20 !! Jeez people.

  89. BedBeats says:

    The Pixies? Sonic Youth??!


  90. Lambie says:

    groogrux you´re entitled to your opinion, but every now and then a hardcore lamb steps in to defend their Mariah, and I just gotta say that you´re wrong entitling her as “only” a singer: she has written and co-written most of her material wich has sold an enourmous 175 million copies and rendered 18 #1´s (more than Elvis).
    And even as “only” a singer she has such a trademark voice and influence on the modern Idol-era, so not including her would be kind of silly.

  91. Susan says:

    16? Madonna at 16? She should be higher. Much higher. She should be at 5. After 28 years in the business she is the hardest working, most successful female artist in the business. Nobody and I mean nobody can rock out a tour like she can. She’s in the Guinness Book of World Records twice as selling the most records by any female, ever. She writes and produces her own music. A singer, song writer, dancer, actress, trend setter, author, entrepreneur, humanatarin, model, mother, etc. I could go on all day.

  92. JF says:

    Why is that Mariah Carey is at the 94th place! Don’t you see it! You gotta be kidding me! She is the biggest selling female artist of all time! She has 18 number 1 singles! She is the 90′s artist of the decade! She has the 90′s and 00′s song of the decade!

  93. kenza says:


  94. ssss says:


  95. soland says:

    Where’s celine dion?????????? Who did that? o my god!!!!!!! TOP 10 Celine dionnnnnn IS THE BEST SINGER OF ALL TIME

  96. Bob says:

    Mr googrux, why shouldn’t Mariah Carey be on the list? Get your stinking facts right first. Did you know she “writes” and “produces” all the songs she “sings” save from 12 covers in her? Aren’t those the qualities of a true artist. She wrote 17 of her 18 #1 hits! Surpassing “Elvis Presley” in 2008, only rival “The Beatles”!!!

    “All I want for Christmas is you”, a song that is mistaken to be an old Christmas classic – well it is kinda now – guess who wrote that? Ms Mariah Carey. The sing is likely to be sung for centuries to come, as are christmas carols. Funnily enough, Ms Whitney Houston has only co-written two songs (not even singles), so maybe you also need to reconsider your list.

    Pathetic list VH1, seriously…

  97. Bigsteel says:

    Mariah Carey, #94, and she’s the biggest selling female artist of ALL TIME, with more #1 hits than any other artist – EVER, except for the Beetles… THIS list is a JOKE – Truly.

  98. sebas says:

    Mariah carey on number 94????? that is soooo wrong!!!

  99. Timothy Frith says:

    Did Britney, Christina, N*Sync, Backstreet Boys and Destiny’s Child make the list?

  100. JR says:

    I don’t know why some go on about commercial success- that has nothing to do with greatness. Someone like Mariah Carey- who has enjoyed loads of commercial success- doesn’t fare all that well on critical features and lists, because she’s viewed as a lightweight act compared to others. Simple as that. It’s fine for her to be one’s favorite and loved, and it’s great that she co-writes/co-produces her music, but it’s light material, and that’s partly why she and her work have never been big critical favorites (see the Acclaimedmusic.net site to get an idea). Even on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers list (not an *Artists* list), she couldn’t fare any better than the low 70s.

    This list- like any other- is not perfect, but there’s no denying the acts ranked in the top 20/30, even 40 deserve to be where they are. It’s after the top 40 that things get iffy (i.e. Beytonce’s high placement, Justin Timberlake’s appearance, The Pretenders ranked below Carey and others).

  101. Ben says:

    Whether you like her or not, everybody has to admit that Mariah at #94 is a joke, she has been much more succesfull than most of the artists that are higher on this silly list!

  102. Kev says:

    JR… you’re an idiot. Aretha at 27? Wow?!

  103. Joe says:

    This list is missing the true #1, Ms. Diana Ross

  104. Tony Guerra says:

    How can Diana Ross be named the most succesful entertainer of the century and then not be on this list. Goes to show just how much out of it VH1 is these days.

    F— this list!!!

    Diana Ross will always be #1 and facts confirm it.

  105. NC says:

    vh1 is pathetic! who watches this channel anyway? i dont for the last at least 10 yeas…. i dont even know it exists anymore till someone posted this “chart”! haha… Mariah Carey at #94?? thats why vh1 didnt & doesnt do well, they never played or play the right things right! such a JOKE! the BEST selling female artist, who writes, produces, directs her own music, 18 #1 songs, which 2 made it to 2 DECADES biggest songs.. vh1 where have you been?? is this the come back statement which trying to get the attention?? try harder! so not gonna watch vh1 tho i have not been watching it for like at least 10 years! good luck! :)

  106. Sara Jo Peters says:

    VH1! I would really like it if you would put Michael Jackson at the number one spot on your list! As I don’t really think that people treat him with enough respect than what he has been given! He is an incredible musician! Singer/songwriter! He has become an incredible humanatarian with all the charities that he has contributed to, for example the ”Heal The World Foundation” that he personallly set up for very sick & poorly children all over the world! Plus other charities & as a huge Michael Jackson Fan thinks he really deserves to be at the top! No disrespect to the Beatles they very good musicians too! But I would really like it if you rethink your list! Michael for number one! Thank you VH1! I really appreciate it! Xxxx

  107. el drago says:

    por que beyonce esta aqui y delante de MARIAH CAREY por lo demas estoy deacuerdo

  108. eua says:

    this is crap…Mariah Carey at 94 position and Beyonce higher???com on..where is Diana Ross???this is not a good list!!there are many artists here that shouldnt be included..Beyonce is even higher than Whitney…com on..As i read the rest comments almost everybody disagrees with Mariah’sposition..of course she should be higher.She is one of the greatest vocalist and she also writes and produces..20 years of great career!!and excuse me whre is Celine Dion???i cant believe this..Mariah.Whitney & Celine..should be very close..Beyonce is listed with 3 or 4 albums and celine with 15 and so..albums is not!!My God..you’d better stop that list here VH1..is crap..

  109. Dana says:

    How “expert” can your panel of experts really be if they only ranked Mariah @ #94? This industry still won’t give credit where credit is due!! Who else can say they have been artist of a decade and have had a #1 hit song in every year of that decade and single handedly changed the music style when merging Rap/Hip-Hop with Pop and R&B? Michael Jackson didn’t even do that neither did Prince, although I love them both as well and feel they deserve to be @ the top of this list, too; and come on Beyonce is ranked higher than Mariah? Give me a break!!! And what other solo artist can say they have the most #1 singles, She must be doing something right? Give her, her props!!!! And how is Tupac ranked lower than Biggie? Overall this list is very disappointing!!! As, ‘vh1s been failing for years’ says, “Epic Fail”!!!

  110. casi says:

    Mariah Carey #94 – WTF? Are you kidding me? What was your criteria? Or is it just VH1 favorites 100?
    Is JR correct? This is list is not about commercial success it’s about not being a ‘light-weight’ act? That’s why the list is dominated by rockers? So this list is about who can rock the hardest not sing the best, be a successful and prolific song writer, produce, break records and outsell. That explains this assinine ranking. I won’t be watching.

  111. Lambe says:

    As with alot of great persons, I believe Mariah will be truly appriciated for her contributions to the music world after her time. Wich is sad.
    Like someone posted about her material being “lightweight” – that´s the common critics stand, although it´s far from the truth and obviously based on what “others think others think”, and not well listening to her albums.
    Perhaps it´s her somewhat girlish manners, perhaps it´s the heavy lovetheme in the music (like that´s not the case with…let´s say, Elvis?). Perhaps it´s the overdose of butterflyes.

    It´s still an insult that one of the most succesful female artists of all time is ranking below much less accomplished contemporaries.

  112. maureen says:

    GOODNESS Mariah Carey’s number 94?!HELLO?! that is super funny whatta big joke.obviously you guys should do a little more research about her! even a non mariah fan will disagree w/ that.very disappointed.I mean it’s okay if Mariah’s not no.1 but hey you guys shouldve given her a decent ranking.credit to where it’s due mann!disrespect

  113. jai says:

    so not credible!!!mariah#98 inspired artists like beyonce who has a higher ranking?!and she’s being copied by younger generations?what?THIS IS SO BIASED

  114. AT EXPC says:

    This list is definitely not credible. I’m sure those who voted LIVED AHEAD OR AT THE SAME TIME WITH THESE OLD AND DYING, IF NOT DEAD, ARTISTS, that this new generation doesn’t even recognize anymore…And they’re proclaimed as ALL-TIME GREATESTS??? JUST FOOLISH!!!

  115. Ben says:

    Most funny is someone calling Mariah a lightweight and then see Madonna at #16.

  116. Janin says:

    COME ON!!!!!! musically speaking this list is crap.I understand the Beatles & MJ but Where is Bryan Adams, Barbara Streisand? Mariah Carey 94?!!!!! WHAT?next to Outkast !!!!RIDICILOUS
    She is the biggest female selling artist, artist of a decade & so on.She writes her own music and Her voice is like one of the most incredible i ever heard with crazy vocal abilities . (5 OCTAVES / WHISTLE REGISTER?) I havent heard Madonna or Beyonce hitting those notes!lol She should be in top ten . Why real female artists do not get any credit for their work . Whitney deserves also much better position in my opinion. Powerful Singers like Whitney & Mariah are example to next generation singers .They have inspired most of the young singers we have today .
    I dont know what criterias u were using making up this list but u should be ashamed. Cause obviously this list is far from real artistry and talent. I recommend to take some musiclessons and reserch music history littlebit better.

  117. ANDREA says:

    Why is mAriah 94? she has been singing for 20 years . Her vocal abilities as a SINGER are wayyyyyy stronger than majority names on this list . She has made some classics like that Xmas -song i still hear from the radio every Xmas time! And im sure that will be one of the most favourite xmas songs like for ages! I hardly believe that songs like sexyback or dangerously in love will be classics for ages??????! There is no logic at all that Beyonce is ahead of Whitney, Mariah & so on …IF u call Mariah Carey lightweight , u better check your music ears . Shes one of the best Singers IN THE WORLD. Its true & i dont know why people has problems to recognize real talent. Where is Janet? Barbara? Phil Collins?

  118. kenza says:

    wawwwwwwwww MARIAH CAREY est la meilleur, meilleure que beyonce ou justine timburlake…. mariah merrite de se retrouver parmis les 2à premiers du classement avec celine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Juan_Antonio says:

    JR, you may like Mariah Carey or not but you can’t deny talent and her influence. Not only she writes and coproduces her own material but she also can sing, something that some “artists” placed above her never learned to. You say her music is light but please be honest, do you think every artist that ranked higher has better music material? actually some of the artist that Mariah inspired are higher. I agree with you that sales doesn’t make a certain act better than other and I’m happy seeing Bob Dylan at #2, but then why they picked someone who is far away from talent as the top female artist at #17?. Sorry, but this list it’s a joke, they surely interviewed some middle aged stupid rock folks who feel like they know music for dropping names like Dylan, Black Sabbath, U2 or even Ramones, the latter mostly remembered for doing the theme of a Spiderman animated series. Where’s Eric Clapton or BB King? Where’s The Supremes, Diana Ross or Barbra Streissand? according to this list Beyonce and even Justin Timberlake are both greater than all of them. They should cancel the show because this list is a disgrace.

  120. DEE says:

    I agree that the Beatles made a huge impact on music. but i remember that they started out with covers in their early years like “Twist and Shout” and even Paul said that Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Band is based off of The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”. They have Brian Wilson to thank for that = ).but they made many strides and innovate music making the first hard rock and songs with distortion. they are the greatest band for sure. but MJ did things nobody had heard before.. and mass appeal not duplicated til this day..he was the first to mix RB, pop,rock , and funk together so you cant say MJ doesnt belong in the same league as them ..they are the greatest

  121. Says: says:

    Why isnt John Mayer on this List!!!!

  122. pf says:

    This lists sucks!

    Pink Floyd is so underestimated in here, they should be in the Top 10! Putting them behind Nirvana is like saying Justin Bieber is better than The Who! BS!

  123. JS says:

    This list is a joke. You have on YOUR (VH1) list of 100 greatest artists of ALL TIME, Eminem? Justin Timberlake? Beyonce? Lists like this are REALLY ONLY OPINIONS OF OTHERS, I’m sure that I like SOME music by all 3 artists mentioned prior BUT to have them on a list of THIS magnitude…VH1′s 100 GREATEST ARTISTS of ALL TIME… ALL TIME??? Where is Alanis, Where the HELL is JANET? Mariah Carey # 94? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE next to THE DOORS is a SIN!! Shugoll Research and 200 artists involved… either put down YOUR BONG and/or leave the LIST MAKING and artist placement ON THESE LISTS to US… THE PUBLIC ( you know… the people who sign your checks)

  124. ultravioletrae says:

    There is no question that Michael Jackson and the Beatles are the most outstanding and influential musicians of our time. Hands down. No one else comes close. They not only had an unprecedented effect on music history from a global perspective, but they influenced the human consciousness of the planet in a breath taking way. Their message of goodness and love was felt all over the world. Their tremendous creativity and artistry were dazzling, both were game changers as far as everything else in music that followed them. I am leaning towards Jackson for the #1 spot because of the way he heavily blended visuals into his sound respresentations and for his humanitarian efforts to raise awareness in protecting the environment, eliminating world hunger, promoting racial and religious harmony, protecting children, and inspiring future generations to make the world a better place.

  125. Grumpy says:

    I may not know art but I like what I like.

    I don’t think a list that fails to note the Sex Pistols or the Pet Shop Boys can be taken too seriously, can it? Tupac? Who was he before he died? Justin Timberlake! Gimme a break. Next thing you know they’ll be withdrawing the list because they’ve realised they overlooked Lou Vega and Steps. And, where the hell are the biggest selling Aussie act of all time? (The Wiggles for all you ignoramuses).

    Didn’t spot Moby, Queen or Dire Straits either, but I’ll bet that’s because they asked the wrong people.I’m winding myself up into a righteous frenzy here. This list is bollocks.

    There, I feel better for getting that off my chest. I’m off for a lie down and some more medecine.

  126. MAS says:

    Ok why is Mariah Carey #94? She is one of the legends in pop music! She has 18 No. 1′s, the most of a solo artist, sold over 175 million albums, a 5 octave vocal range, a No. 1 single for every year of the 1990′s, pioneered remixing, etc. Why is she so under appreciated? This list mainly has rock and roll men too. Where is Celine? Diana Ross? Barbara Striesand? Smokey Robinson?

  127. Reg says:

    hall and oates, Curtis Mayfield, Earth Wind and Fire
    2Pac, biggie, the doors, little richard, Parliament-Funkadelic, Al Green, ray, van halen tina and aretha should be higher. WTF is bob dylan and faggot beatles doing here is mj isnt #1 im thru wit vh1

  128. Reg says:

    led zp mj and rolling stones are the only ones in the top 5 to be #1

  129. Madonna says:

    I agree Mariah at number 94r is so wrong – she shoudl not be on this chart!! She is not worthy of this.

    Nice to see Madonna is the #1 female artist!!:-) Eat that lambs!

  130. Madonna says:

    Shut up lambs – to many silly lmabs on here writing the same comments – get over it – mariah is a sucky artist.

  131. ShakeMyHead says:

    this list seemed to have been conducted by old old old very old people who doesn’t understand the word “Greatest” and “All Time.” It’s a blunder of bitter folks who think they know artistry like it should be meant. Lots of artists you don’t even know or if ever you google them, they don’t appear to be “great” on their artistry. TSK. Maybe they should have just labeled it as America’s Greatest Flop Artists of All time. The world doesn’t even recognize 50% of them. Whatta shame. And what is Shugoll Research? Never even ring a note! “The list was determined by a poll of musicians and music experts.” okay i get it… you are composed of old old people.. although i have nothing against old people.

  132. Juan Carlos says:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? MARIAH CAREY ON 94TH PLACE???!! She is the top selling female artist of all time! She has spend more week at number 1 than any other artist in the history of recorded music, she has sold more than 160 MILLION records… Really? 94th?! I MEAN REALLY?!

  133. BHenns says:

    The Dave Matthews Band most definitely deserves a spot on this list..

  134. annamay says:

    1. Michael Jackson

  135. Coco says:

    Please, someone said Mariah Carey’s music is lightweight. It doesnt get any lighter than Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. These are jokes. Even Madonna does not deserve to be in the top twenty. Her music has done nothing to affect culture. Madonna is just a dance music artist: she doesnt play well, she doesnt sing well and her songs are not memorable or weighty. Much of this list is a joke.

  136. TULA says:

    MADONNA IS THE BEST SELLING female artist of all time.


  137. TULA says:



  138. DA says:

    Females make up only 10% of this entire list. The rankings are flawed just as much as Vh1 is.

    Mariah Carey is not a “light weight” she is a formidable music artist with 20 years of experience…18 #1′s, over 100+ million albums sold…true raw talent 5 octave vocal range. There are only a few artist on list who are above Mariah.

    They tried to copy Billboard’s 50th anniv. last year except they (Vh1) belong on the epic fail list for coming up with such a crappy compilation.

  139. YRTOGIB says:

    this list made me think of this article:


    this list is as bogus as they come.

    PS: you sound like a RollingStone critic (i.e. narrow-minded and just plain dumb)

  140. Hanad Farah says:

    Mariah at #94 is an Outrage! She is one the greatest artist of all time and probely the best vocalist.

  141. AussieP says:

    Prince before Elvis
    Mariah at 94? what a joke
    Why is beyonce listed?
    And Mary J? what the hell?
    What a BLOODY JOKE!

  142. Erica says:

    This list is not good. Not that Vh1 holds any real music merit anymore, I mean the station has been reduced to sleazy reality and dating shows when it was once a music haven. The first issue is that artists like Celine Dion, Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan, Patti labelle and Diana Ross are missing among others. The next issue is that acts like Justin Timberlake and Rage Against the Machine should NOT be here. The last issue is Mariah Carey. I almost choked on my coffee when I saw her at #94, with other acts like Beyonce, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Justin Timberlake, Eminem and Mary J Blige all ahead of her. In addition to being an amazing vocalist, songwriter and producer, Mariah single handedly made the fusion of pop and hip-hop popular. She is the reason American Idol contestants over-sing. Her influence and impact cannot be denied, and Vh1 is not right for putting her @ # 94.

  143. Jane says:

    VH1 -HELLO????!!U put Beyonce higher than MARIAH CAREY???? qUE?
    THIS IS SO WRONG. She has over 20 years of succecful singing career and she is top selling female artist right after Madonna . She should be in top 20 at least. I noticed someone called her music “lightweight”. Maybe this someone isnt well familiar with her production and vocal abilities. She is very talented from musical point of view u know. So those kind of comments are stupid and unprofessional

  144. lena says:

    how is this of all time? of all time doesn’t equal from about the 1950s to the present.

  145. Netta says:

    What about Simon & Garfunkel?

  146. harry says:

    Beatles-number 1 selling act of all time–Elvis should be in the top 5–

  147. tommy boy says:

    hmm hall and oates 99 huh .. lets see still making music more people sample and sing there songs then anyone i know why even put this up if your gonna do a half ass job they got some right on here but at least 30 shouldnt even be on this list and another 30 or so are way too high geez

  148. Bella says:

    What ?? Jay Z & Beyonce are higher than LEGENDARY Whitney Houston and Ms. Mariah Carey? Embarassing from”musicexperts” Come on..Mariah is next to ll cool j and Outkast?! ITS A JOKE. Like my old grandpapa knew who is Mariah Carey , but he surely didnt knew what is outkast or Jayz. I would like to have some explanations here? and Diana Ross ? Phil Collins?Songs like Against all Odds are immortal .

  149. sendy says:

    Michael Jackson is the number 1 !!!! WHINEY HOUSTON IS BETTER THAN Beyonce !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She did not deserve the number sixty!!!! OMG I don’t belive :’(

  150. forrest says:

    First thing.. MJ has not sold more albums than the Beatles.. The Eagles should be in the top 30 at least.. and yes their album their greatest hits has sold more in the us then thriller but thriller has sold more worldwide.. Backstreet boys? r u serious? compare the sales to the Beatles 1 album to the bs boys album in 2001. Beatles will be #1…

  151. Katja says:

    Michael Jackson natürlich!!

  152. Marcus says:

    WTF. Mariah Carey and Whitney need to be in the top 20!. This list is incomplete and fraud! Who the F is chuck berrY and Ottis Redding? They beat out Mariah, VH1 you suck!

  153. Andrea says:

    Who else than Michael Jackson?????
    Michael was and IS our angel and he deserves it more than the rest!
    Michael Jackson forever!!!
    I love you, Michael!

  154. Draco Maldito says:

    I think Jay-Z and Beyonce should be lower at #80. Their tenure in the music industry is that established yet.

    Whitney Houston should be at #20 up!

    Twitter: @njaymaldito

  155. Tom Foolery says:

    Where is Janet Damita Jo Jackson? The one that paved the way for Pop-R&B artists of today? The one that created Rhythm Nation 1814 and Control?

    How can you sit there and tell me that Beyonce, Sade, Mariah Carey, Eminem, Whitney Houston or Alicia Keys are better artists than Janet Jackson?

    That doesn’t even sound right.

    Janet deserves recognition for her impact on Pop and R&B.

  156. Tony says:

    Are you kidding me? This is why VH1 is a joke. Beyonce ahead of Eminem and 2pac!! WTF?? Wheres Usher?? HES WAY MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN BEYONCE AND MADE WAY BETTER MUSIC. Beyonce is over rated and this list is a joke.

  157. ashleymjj says:

    michael jackson has got this in the bag. his album thriller is the #1 selling album in the world, with 1.4 million, and rising, albums sold. now think of his other albums, like BAD and HIStory. they’re legendary. he was officially named the most famous person on earth. he gave billions of dollars to charity, and even had his own charity. he was a musical genius and really came a long way from 2300 jackson street. when he died, the internet shut down, LAX shut down, streets were blocked in all countries from fans mourning. he was truly a household name. everyone knows who michael jackson is, and everyone knows he is truly not just the king of pop, but the king of music.

  158. ashleymjj says:

    whoops! made a mistake. thriller sold 104 million copies, not 1.4 SO THAT MAKES HIM EVEN BETTER

  159. Gennesis says:

    I am surprised Lady Gaga didn’t make the list. Sure, she hasn’t been around half as long as most of the artists but she’s a great performer, nonetheless. The Beatles should be number 1, no doubt about that, but VH1 is going to give it to Michael Jackson. Michael already got the Most Shocking Music Moment; give someone else a turn.

    David Bowie and Queen should have been in the top 10.

    Does the public vote for these lists?

  160. cryptus says:

    Michael Jackson the King of Music

  161. Dan says:

    Jimi Hendrix should be #1.He changed rock and music in general. His performance at Woodstock is legendary. He is the only artist who has never had a song of his samlped

  162. scourgeofhumanity says:

    Where are The Eagles and Garth Brooks? The Eagles have the biggest selling album in the U.S. and Garth Brooks is the biggest selling country artist of all time.

  163. Jackson says:

    Where are The Eagles and Garth Brooks? The Eagles have the biggest selling album in the U.S., and Garth Brooks is the most successful country artist of all time. Johnny Cash should be in the top 10 and where is George Jones and Willie Nelson.

  164. John says:

    I’m sorry for all the people hating on Beyonce, but if you’ve ever taken the time to listen to her perform live (especially within the last 3 or 4 years)you’ll know she use’s her voice like and instrument. Her ability to use her voice to tackle very difficult vocal jumps, runs, and style is remarkable.
    She’s made a significant impact on the music industry, having hit after hit for over ten years. I for one thinks she should be higher.

    -this is coming for a man who plays classical music.

  165. juan_antonio says:

    John, to many people who isn’t brainwashed by what is “it” right now and by Sony propaganda, Beyonce is not that great. She is good, but there’s no way she’s on the league of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston or Mariah vocally speaking. What she got is the ability to get a successfull style, but personally I don’t like her diction, or voice fluidity, or how she shouts/screams the notes to make them sound louder or powerfull. Having said that, the fact that she’s placed higher than Whitney and Mariah is a big joke, and even worse when you consider that there’s plenty of other female singers more successfull and with bigger influence on music than her that weren’t included: Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Barbra Streissand and Celine Dion are just a few.

  166. Jane says:

    NObody here is hating BEYONCE! iTS NOT THE POINT.She is great in what she does but she is still young & she has all the way to go ! Singers like Whitney & Mariah deserves to be ahead of her. They have inspired singers like her like U cant say Whitney is worse singer than Beyonce come on!!!At her 20+ something she was even better. And Mariah SHE HAS MORE NUMBER ONES THAN ANYONE ON THIS LIST! except The Beatles. And her vocalrange with whistle speaks for itself. So for me this list says nothing , cause obviously its far from reality concentrating on classic rock musicians and the artists that just are IN FAVOR by music companies.

  167. Fifi says:

    The Beatles better be #1, I mean they are! But I’m a little afraid of Michael Jackson taking the crown from them, after his death EVERYBODY adores him, sometimes unfairly, so I hope whoever voted for these voted for the actual talent and success rather than for pity.

    Also, John Lennon and Paul McCartney down on the 30′s? Should have been higher, both of them.

  168. David L. says:

    Hall and Oates should be much higher on this list. Why do they never get the respect that they deserve. Only the best selling duo of all time.

  169. Poasa Fialofo says:

    This is a joke, Mariah Carey is the number one selling female artist of all time, with more number ones than anyone on this list other than the beatles and she’s number 94? You have to be kidding me.

    Madonna number 16? LMAO omg she can’t even sing

  170. DAFT says:

    Daft Punk should have been on here!!!!
    And Parliament-Funkadelic should hve been in the top 30!!!

  171. ELKE says:

    The point is that Michael Jackson has 40 plus years behind his belt as an entertainer, from the age of 5 onwards and never stopped (though people think so) his whole life was spend on music to entertain us. Who do you all know has such a long staying power??? From child star to adult Superstar!! Whether you all like it or not ALL TIME covers Michael Jackson to the T. There is no one else than can fit this category. Even at 50 the man sold out all his TII concerts in 6 hours. Yes Michael Jackson will always be THE GREATEST ARTIST OF ALL TIME!

  172. breezy says:

    It really doesn’t matter who is better than who. Each artist mentioned on here deserves it in some way or another. I’m just happy Alicia Keys made it on there. However, I will be a lil upset if Michael Jackson isn’t number 1. He has the best selling album of all time and he cared so much for everyone. I really think he deserves it! Miss u MJ!

  173. amy says:

    Michael jackson #1

  174. mr.white says:

    all anyone can say about michael is how much he sold.not downing the man but thats all anyone can say.he sold this and he sold that.what did his music (not his videos and dancing and image and his sales) do for you though?

  175. Annie says:

    Michael Jackson is undoubtedly the number 1.
    No need to care about the selling records, just take a look at what he has done and he has affected and inspired the world so much.

  176. Shish Kabob says:

    Where is Diana Ross? The theme song alone from Mahogany was inspirational and so emotional. What criteria are the people on this list judged on? It is very biased to have solely people in the music industry vote for musicians. Branch out to those who listen to the music and ultimately create the fame and riches of these artists.

  177. Lauren says:

    The fact that the Backstreet Boys aren’t on this list is a joke. How can a group that broke countless records, been together and still touring for over 17 years, and have some of the best songs of all time not be on the list. Whether you like them or not you gotta give credit where its due and they are one of the biggest selling groups of all time. Tell me you don’t think a band that has sold over 130 million records deserve to be in top 100, its crazy. A lot of other good artists are missing from here when some artists on there are a joke. I’m surprised Bon Jovi, Britney, and a bunch of others aren’t on here either.

  178. Aesop says:

    Where’s Alice in Chains, man? Yeah, Rage Against the Machine! Why is LL Cool J only #92? Who is Cream?

  179. Aesop says:

    N.W.A. in the house! Coming straight outta Compton! Where’s Dr. Dre? No Bon Jovi? that ain’t right. Love you, MJ. Depeche Mode is WAY better than Pearl Jam. Madonna should be in the top ten

  180. Aesop says:

    What about Red Hot Chili Peppers, man? Beastie Boys should be higher on the list. MJ #1! Whitney Houtson ain’ that good! Screw Garth Brooks. Country sucks! Madonna is a great singer but Mariah Carey should have been higher than Beyonce. Biggie beat 2Pac

  181. MO says:


  182. Roger P. 2 says:

    Hall & Oates is behind Judas Priest, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Depeche Mode? Give me a break! When will the most successful duo in pop music history (40+ million albums sold) get the respect they deserve?

  183. rayer says:

    madonna is no1 selling female artist of all time.

    madonna outsells mariah 50 million albums in europe.

    madonna outsells mariah evertwhere but japan.

  184. boyd says:

    WTF!!!!! they put the beastie boys and crappy rappers but no Bon Jovi! Does someone have to remind vh1 that Bon Jovi out sold more artists on that list and faster than even Led Zeppelin has, and I love Zeppelin. Come on VH1 if u put Eminem and Jay-Z u have to put Bon Jovi and they even put other bands form the 80′s HELLO!!!!! Bon Jovi out sold them and got more chicks!

  185. atj says:

    Michael Jackson will be number 1. The beatles number 2. the rolling stones number 3. bob dylan number 4. and led zeppelin number 5.

  186. atj3330 says:

    Michael Jackson has sold more than the Beatles, Zeppelin, the Stones & Dylan combined if you include his music with the Jackson 5/ the Jacksons in which he did all or nearly 99% of the Lead Vocals. He has sold close to a billion albums/Lps/digital and more….not to mention the millions in which mised albums have been made of in which doesn’t get counted. He has influenced more people than anybody in music and the Jackson 5 should have made your list too.

  187. Savannah says:

    WOOOOOOWWWWWWW….This is not serious. Im not even going to freak over this because its so fake

    -David bowie should be boosted up a bit
    -The Beatles I hope will be #1
    -Micheal Jackson is only that far up bc he died b4 that nobody was even thinking of him although he is a great artist
    -Why is MC 94 below BEYONCE and J-Z!!!
    -Why are the freaking Doors soooo low
    -LL cool J….COME ON
    -Why is Emimin on there

  188. atj4mainstreet says:

    Michael Jackson has had the Greatest Impact on Music than artist or artists, even the Beatles:

    The Beatles have had zero impact on dance
    Michael having 100% impact..try doing a dance move that is not influenced by MJ. You would have to go back to the 1950s and before. the robot, the spin, and the moonwalk signature moves.

    The Beatles did do music videos but Thriller and every video Michael has done blows them away like dust in the sand. No Comparison, even VMA’s moonman is given away around MJ’s birthday and is called a Moonman for the Moon walk.

    MJ has crossed over with every culture in the world bigtime and on multi-racial levels. the Beatles may get there one day?

    from the jackson 5 to the Jacksons to MJ’s solo career he is about the only person to have new hit songs in the 1960s, 1970s 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. and once his unreleased music of about 200 songs is released the 2010s and beyond will be no different.

  189. OSCAR says:


  190. Jesse says:

    how the hell is 2pac not in the top 10 look how many people he’s influenced and nas not even in the top 100 wtf

  191. Jules says:

    It’s not that I really care but there all alot of artists missing from this half-a@$ed list though some do belong but in my why did alicia keys make it, I just had to point that out and that’s my opinion.

  192. LTM41 says:

    anytime mariah carey ranks lower than beyonce on a list, theres something wrong. mariah has 18 number one singles, has sold over 175 million copies, has 5 grammys, 28 billboard awards, and is the most sucsessful artist of the 90s, and shes taking a back seat to george michael, the beastie boys, outkast, and sade?! carey and houston should be top 50 at the least. can you name anyone who can sing like carey? and wheres britney, nsync, and christina aguilera?

  193. LTM41 says:

    im dissapointed that christina aguilera wasnt on this list. she has sold over 46million albums, has 4 #1s and has won four grammys. she ranked #58 on rolling stones greatest singers of all time(shes the youngest and only person under 30 on that list). she is the #20 artist of the decade. christina should be at least in the top 90 over alicia keys

  194. ridiculous says:

    If the Beatles aren’t number one, I will watch Vh1 less than I do now, which is none. I’m 17 and I don’t give a crap about what’s on there. Where were all the Michael Jackson fans last year before he died? It would have been embarassing to call yourself a Michael Jackson fan. To the person who listed a laundry list of Michael Jackson songs and how no one else had a list lke that, I have one response: Rolling Stone Magazine-The Beatles 100 greatest songs. Every one of those songs is well known and there are some songs that didn’t make it. I couldn’t make it through thriller, it has two good songs. And to the Mariah Carey fans screaming, this list isn’t called Greatest Sellers or Greatest Singers, it’s called greatest artists. I have no clue, I can’t stand her, but she probably doesn’t play her instruments.
    I hope Bob Dylan will be ahead of Jackson too, but I know vh1 won’t let this happen. He created the most influential music of all time, every popular rock band in the 60s fell under his influence, but people usually have no respect for him just because of the way he sings. Which, I have no problem with his voice. It’s the people’s voice, it’s a voice that could come from you or me, and that makeshim even more special. Add this to the fact that

  195. gumpples says:

    ok no red hot chili peppers wtf? they are easily in the top 10 since they consist of the greatest bassist guitarist and drummer not to mention anthony keidis isnt exactly a bad vocalist

  196. Saerwen says:

    If Michael Jackson gets #1 instead of the Beatles I will be soooo mad…yeah he could sing and dance and sold a lot of albums, but it is impossible to measure the influence the Beatles had on rock music, in every form it takes. Their diversity of styles and the innovations they made in not even ten years, and the way music itself changed from 1963 when they started til 1970 when they broke up proves that they deserve the top spot.

  197. ridiculous says:

    If the Beatles aren’t number one, I will watch Vh1 less than I do now, which is none. I’m 17 and I don’t give a crap about what’s on there. Where were all the Michael Jackson fans last year before he died? It would have been embarassing to call yourself a Michael Jackson fan. To the person who listed a laundry list of Michael Jackson songs and how no one else had a list lke that, I have one response: Rolling Stone Magazine-The Beatles 100 greatest songs. Every one of those songs is well known and there are some songs that didn’t make it. I couldn’t make it through Thriller, it has two good songs. How does he go from 35th on Rolling Stone’s List (Which is much better) in 2004, to possibly number one in this list. He did nothing but die, and dying doesn’t make you a better artist (This isn’t historical times where Van Gogh wasn’t appreciated until his death, MJ was appreciated during his life). And selling records like crazy after your death doesn’t make you a better artist either, it just means you’ve sold more records because people get caught up in the emotion and media coverage. And to the Mariah Carey fans screaming, this list isn’t called Greatest Sellers or Greatest Singers, it’s called greatest artists. I have no clue, I can’t stand her, but she probably doesn’t play her instruments.
    I hope Bob Dylan will be ahead of Jackson too, but I know vh1 won’t let this happen. He created the most influential music of all time, every popular rock band in the 60s fell under his influence, but people usually have no respect for him just because of the way he sings. Which, I have no problem with his voice. It’s the people’s voice, it’s a voice that could come from you or me, and that makes him even more special. Add this to the fact that he is a lyrical genius, not writing simple songs which would do well in the charts, but songs that meant so much and was deep on so many levels. They weren’t nonsense, they were telling the story of the times in metaphor. And the songs “Blowin’ In The Wind” and “The Times They Are A-Changin” can be applied even to our modern times. He would be number one if his career hadn’t taken that fateful turn when he crashed his motorcycle,having created the greatest trilogy of albums ever (the only others in this class would be the Beatles-Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper) and the Stones(which you can look at as 4 great albums)-Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main St. And to the person who said you don’t even know who Bob Dylan is, you lost all credibility to comment on great musicians. Even Vh1 Classic, which I used to love, has lost it, with too much 80s programming and too many movies. I want to see the music. It’s slowly becoming an 80s centered version of the current Vh1. The Beatles should be number one, then The Stones and Dylan should follow. Move Elvis up, even though I’m not a fan and he didn’t write his music, without him most of these bands wouldn’t be here, so I respect him. Then you can place Jimi or Zep, whichever one. And Michael can be in the top 20, no higher.

  198. ridiculous says:

    To economic 09soup, why the h-e-l-l would the Beatles need to have any influence on dance to make them better artists. That isn’t even a valid point. Dust in the Sand? Maybe you mean dust in the wind, because sand would blow away with dust. Michael Jackson’s videos were a product of the times, it wasn’t common to make promo videos when the Beatles were coming up. And anyway, without them doing the videos, the craze probably wouldn’t have happened. And every culture has not been influenced by Michael Jackson or anyone for that matter. I don’t think native tribes in Africa give a crap about it or even knw him, so don’t make that generalization. And to say the Beatles don’t have the same worldwide effect or the same impact on music as Michael Jackson is ludicrous. Whether you realize it or not, The Beatles have influenced everyone since they came around, either directly or indirectly. And The Beatles still have sold the most records worldwide, but as you say, I guess they just haven’t crossed over into the world culture on different levels. And their sales are generated from material from a 7 year album releasing career.

    Aside from that, the people who are screaming bloody murder over Mariah not being higher, yet you don’t know Chuck Berry or Bob Dylan, wake up and listen to something besides modern pop, or as I like to call it, crap with a capital $$$. Don’t talk about someone be higher than someone else if you don’t know who they are, especially if they are in fact better.

    Yes, I have listened to Michael Jackson, but I can’t stand it. Thriller put me to sleep, it has two good songs, Billie Jean and Beat It (Which is just because of EVH), and I can’t even force myself to the embarassment of listening to anthing else. And I won’t listen to Carey or any singer(not musician) comprable, because sometimes I just know

  199. rockfan says:

    This list is a complete joke without the Eagles on it. I mean, come on. Leaving them off a top ten list would be one thing, but a TOP 100 list? There is no credibility to this as it’s clearly a political move of some sort. They have the best selling album of all time in the United States and wrote one of the signature anthems of the rock era in Hotel California. I’m not even a big Eagles fan really but this is a joke.

  200. cubuffs28 says:

    no eagles or motley crue? tragedy

  201. Lia Wade says:

    Why do people act like Michael Jackson had zero fans before he died? If I remember Neyo, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and many others were saying he was the best artist to ever live when he was alive. This is a man who sold 750 million records while he was alive! MJ may not have always been loved but please believe he was respected

  202. jin says:

    King of pop,rock & soul, Michael Jackson!

  203. Anonymous says:

    “And to the Mariah Carey fans screaming, this list isn’t called Greatest Sellers or Greatest Singers, it’s called greatest artists. I have no clue, I can’t stand her, but she probably doesn’t play her instruments.”

    Wow. Ignorance… on so many levels here – not to mention the rest of that comment.

    Also, why are you commenting on Mariah if you “have no clue”…? How ironic.

  204. Kent says:

    I am sure those who say the Beatles stink do not hear the current generation’s reaction to the surviving Beatles’ live performances. In Paul’s return to New York at Citi Field, thousands who came to see him live screamed for him as the 60s fans did when the Beatles first performed at Shea Stadium. They couldn’t even hear themselves. This shows the enduring influence the Beatles left behind after their glory years.
    Don’t forget that John Lennon was a peace activist and was influenced during the late-60s Beatles era.
    Elvis should be higher because he practically changed the culture of music with his wit, charisma, voice, and style. Even now, people still listen and dance to his great hits.
    The rest of the list doesn’t really matter (except Bob, the Stones, Aretha, and Jimi) cause it’s what the voters decided.

  205. Keenan says:

    wow this really disappoints me all vh1s list have been pretty awesome until now first of all mariah at 94 wow and if you gone put beyonce up that high why is alicia keys at the very bottom because she has sold more records than beyonce worldwide but the biggest issue on this list is WHITNEY HOUSTON AT 60 really are yall serious if you gone put madonna at 16 whitney should be right at 17 or maybe 15 heck I say throw whitney and madonna up there with michael and prince and the beatles crazy crazy crazy
    1 Elvis
    2 The Beatles
    3 Michael Jackson
    5 Led Zeppelin
    6 Rolling Stones
    7 Madonna
    8 Whitney Houston
    9 James Brown
    10 Prince

  206. ken says:

    i really cant get over whitney being so low she gave every single person on this list from 1985 til now a run for there money most consecutive number ones 170 million sold world wide the best debut albulm best movie soundtrack album she blew up quicker than any other person in hitory if it were not for her were is your beyonce mary j alicia keys toni braxton brandy monica jenefer hudson heck your christina who by the way should be on the list mane that really erks me might throw something at my tv when this comes on

  207. Amanda says:

    Beyonce is soooo OVERRATED & OVEREXPOSED. And its annoying. im defo gonna change the channel when they talk about her. How she got above Earth, Wind, and Fire, Little Richard, Whitney Houston & more beats me. I used to love Beyonce when she did r&b but now she become a joke to me. especially when she did that stupid ass vid with the equally overrated Lady Gaga.
    Anywway my top choices are: The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Rolling stones, Bob dylan, Led Zepplin.

  208. john says:


  209. Kwadwo says:

    MY VOTE :D

  210. Laurie says:

    Where the heck is BON JOVI???

  211. Goomba says:

    Elvis Costello, LL Cool J, ABBA, Sade, Beastie Boys…

    BUT NO STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN?????!!!! The man considered by fans and guitar greats alike as possibly the greatest guitar player who ever walked the face of the earth, and he’s not on this list????????? Eric Clapton had to walk away from one of Stevie’s performances because he “just couldn’t handle it”. He said “you cant expect me to follow THAT!”. Yet these DOUCHEBAGS at VH1 dont even have SRV on this list???? HOW DISRESPECTFUL! And just after the 20th anniversary of his death this past August! SHAME ON YOU VH1!

    Stop broadcasting reality show garbage and get back to the music, maybe then you’ll actually be competent enough to recognize TRUE TALENT. LOSERS!

  212. Jimmy says:

    Meh, okay list.

    No Iron Maiden? Megadeth? Alanis Morissette?

  213. Ryan G. says:

    My list:
    1. The Beatles
    2. Led Zeppelin
    3. Elvis
    4. Chuck Berry (pretty much founded rock and roll, should be higher up)

  214. jackson reid says:

    Im getting so tired of MJ, The Beatles should be 1 and Stones a close second. Mj did a lot but we have made him more important after his death.

  215. music-child says:

    the list is pretty good.. but wheres the grateful dead? they may not have had many number 1 hits, but they were one of the longest running, influential, most loved bands of all time. i also think fleetwood should have been on there somewhere, along with CCR… but that’s just me.. and beyonce…?? she may be one of the “best” artists of this generation, but i dont see how she’ll stand the test of time. overall, wasn’t as disappointed as i was with the “greatest songs of the 90s list”.. that was totally botched =)

  216. NowwhydoIneedaname says:

    So, I have a question, if you are going to rank Nirvana so damn high why not include the better grunge bands at a higher rank.

    Out of the big 4 of Grunge(Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Soundgarden) you left off two of them. It’s Pathetic, in the last 20 years, The Layne Staley/Jerry Cantrell combo is on of the best for song writing. You’d vote in Greenday over AiC? Or Eminem over Soundgarden. Congratulations, he hardly out sold The Beatles in a 10 year times span. Considering that they broke up 40 years ago, that’s just bad.

    As for the Number one’s

    1. The Beatles, they’ve out sold everyone, they’re the biggest band ever(yes bigger then MJ, about 200 thousand records bigger).
    2. Bob Dylan, Just Amazing
    3. The Rolling Stones- They helped create hard rock, and introduced a bit more darker type of rock
    4. Led Zeppelin- They are one of the highest selling bands in all history, they helped create metal, and everything else related to hard rock.
    5. Michael Jackson- He died recently, but he did sell a ton of records, and revolutionized pop music. For better or worse.

  217. caitlin says:

    Queen should be at the top of this list. Hands down. Also, The Cure, Rush, and Bowie should be higher than they are. But that’s just the silly opinion of a teenage girl, I suppose.

  218. daysman says:

    that comment by mike ament really REALLY struck me funny…I totally agree with HIM…HALL & OATS should be Number one…come on dumb people recognize…they have written more song that hit the billboards then all those on the list put together…guess you have to die for prople to realize what you are and how you have influenced so many…The song RICH GIRL is the best most simple piece of music ever created and all musicians could learn there ABC’s from that little piece of work.

  219. adree says:

    Beyonce before Whitney && Mariah ?! Tupac at #60 ?! This list should be burned never to be seen again…Next year theyre gonna have J Bieber at #1…SMH

  220. joann says:

    okay Justin T. better than Otis Redding!! REM and Janis Joplin!!! that is totally wrong…I see Justin as someone making a great Career out of TRYING to copy Michael Jackson

  221. What????? says:

    NO Usher! NO Al Green! NO Temptations!This list is a messy joke!

  222. salvatora says:

    seriously i get sad when i see someone like madonna above queen…in fact im even grateful queen is up there in the top 20 cause americans are not very fond with them…..and please bob dylan should be number 5 please!!!!!!!!!! he is the greatest mostly to musicians and americans not the entire world like the beatles, zeppelin and jackson, oh wait the rolling stones number 5 then dylan….thank you

  223. sofi says:

    You say the King of MUSIC is Elvis? but Did he write the songs? NO! A Black man wrote his songs for him, and the man died and was penniless cuz he never got paid. Thats who you call The King of MUSIC? Well Michael Wrote ALmost all his songs, Danced like NO OTHER! Was a humanitarian, LOVED People all around the world, He has the 1st and 2nd Best singles of all time (Thriller and BAD), He Gave 45 years of his life to the world, to us…Now that is A Legend, A King, A Man of Many talents!

    Michael, I love you! GOD Bless you! And thankyou! <3


  224. richard says:


  225. michael williams says:

    back in 1998 the countdown was totally differrent some of the artist should not be up there justin beyonce jay z eminem put miles davis john coltrane mudy waters

  226. Vinny says:

    well…I had to look at this list and there were plenty of changes from last time. Elvis Costello got the shaft as well as many others. Sam Cooke was left off and the Eagles too. If Vh1 puts Michael Jackson as #1 I’ll never watch this channel again-hahahah. Beatles are rightfully the #1 artists ever. Nirvana went from 42 to 14? What has Kurt done since Smith & Wesson? Nothing! Prince at #7? Horrible! And the voters? Diddy and Carrie Underwood should not have voted.

  227. Michael says:

    Dave Matthews, The Eagles?

  228. Craig H says:

    Okay people I grew up back in the day please tell me what you think?
    People who say that MJ shouldnt be in top ten, why should James Brown there either?
    He danced and sung just like MJ, both were songwriters and produced their own music
    But to be honest (unbiased) MJ had more talent than JB, even James admitted it
    And to the dude who said MJ had no talent, last time I checked this is greatest ARTIST, meaning portrays emotion so that people can feel it… and MJ did that better than any. Im not saying he should be number one but no one, I mean no one can deny how good he was… Elvis was great but he didnt write or produce any songs, and MJ was a much better dancer/singer/and entertainer…. And this is coming from a guy who grew up in the 70′s listening to The Band, Velvet Underground, Led Zep…. So im not a airhead teenager

  229. Rubberband man says:

    @Ridiculous Cmon bruh check your facts actually MJ was crowned an honorary King in an African tribe. look it up. so he was known around the world… They dont even know the Beatles in every country dont even lie

  230. juju says:

    JT at 65? a MJ wannabe?

  231. mrrio855 says:

    1.the beatles 2stevie wonder 3.prince 4.michael jackson 5.bob marley

  232. digman says:

    The Grateful Dead is the greatest artist. If you have been to a Dead show and go see anybody else every other band seems lack luster.

  233. Tim says:

    Michael Jackson is the greatest of all-time! No one else comes close.


    There are other singers who are just as good as singing as MJ and other songwriters who are just as good as MJ and there might be a dancer who can dance as good as MJ somewhere in the world but no one is the BEST at ALL 3 at the same time!

    For example, as somgwriters Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Prince, Neil Diamond, Enya, and Michsel Jackson are some examples of artists who all tie as far as songwriting but none of the other best-ever songwriters can also dance. And not only can MJ dance but no one can dance better. See what I’m saying here. MJ is the best at every talent. He does it all. Not just one thing, or 2 but everything! He puts it all together to create truly profound and life-changing performances.

    Countless people have been profoundly inspired and have had life-changing experiences from watching or listening to Michael Jackson’s performances such as myself.

    Long Live the KING! Thank you Michael!

    P.S. There are a lot of amazing artists not on this list and just remember that it doesn’t matter what this list says. All that matters is the effort.

    VH-1 did a similar list in 1998 and MJ was listed at #40 at the time and I was so upset. But I remembered it’s just a list and it doesn’t really matter.

    What matters is the effort. Whenever you do your best, you are the BEST!

  234. Monicalynne says:

    Okay. Where’s Bon Jovi on this list???!!!!????

  235. Rob says:

    Michael Jackson #1, enough said, period.

  236. Muse says:

    Where are we come on MOAR MUSE

  237. Nick says:

    This list is bogus! Iron Maiden is as good if not better than Judas Priest. Not on the list. Where is Frank Sanatra???? No Eagles? MJ is an over hyped pedophile.

    What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and a plastic bag?

    One’s plastic and dangerous for children to play with and one’s a plastic bag.. if I’m lyin I’m dyin

  238. Melissa says:

    His song and dance are loved by all ages, all over the world and always have been and always will be, Michael Jackson, in every creative musical catagory, he is number 1.

  239. JJ3 says:

    This list is pathetic without the Eagles or Sam Cooke.

  240. Jabnos says:

    RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not even in the top 100!!! WHAT!

  241. Dana says:

    The beatles, sublime, eminem, 2pac, bob marley, queen, nirvana, jimi hendrix, michael jackson and guns n roses are some of the best artist of all time! and my favorites :D but the beatles will always be my #1 !

  242. susan says:

    what? Where is Barbra?

  243. what?!?! says:

    Can’t believe the votes were from musicians and music experts and +200 artists!?!? Who are these so called “experts” and “artists”?? Tupac was also a poet, which automatically credits him to be a better ‘artist’ than B.I.G. I don’t think Beyonce should be on this but how can she be #52?? as a female “singer”, how can she be above Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey AND Mary J. Blige?? I’m sure she’s some of the voters’ friend, but COME ON?? must we make everything to be a joke??? Politics ruin everything!!!

  244. what's going on? says:

    Who are these “musicians” and “music experts”??? and +200 artists voted??? what is going on? Some of the voters must have been high and decided to make this a joke…. Come on people! or it has to be politics… Politics ruin everything!

  245. Rick says:

    No Eagles,Bob Seger or Rod Stewart! What a joke!!!!!

  246. Jordan says:

    Incomprehensible! I am a child of the 90′s, and even I know this list is bogus. Why is Mariah Carey at 94? Why is Celine Dion not present at all? Why are LL Cool J, Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Justing Timberlake, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Green Day, and SADE, on the list? Why were Diana Ross & The Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Patti Labelle left off? Why is Lynyrd Skynyrd above Hall & Oates, Journey, the Bee Gees, Elvis Costello, and ABBA??? Where are the Carpenters? The #1 music act of the 70′s? Van Morrison and Janis Joplin at 73 and 72, respectively? (Note: She shouldn’t be above him.) Where is Britney? She may be a joke now, but she was one of the greatest performers of the 90′s! Otis Redding at 68, Whitney Houston at 60, Little Richard at 58 is unfathomable. The list from 30 on up is okay, minor adjustments could be made. I really am just disappointed, though. I looked forward to seeing this show, but it is apparent that the list was comprised of immature artists (Carrie Underwood…where is Dolly Parton or Bonnie Raitt?) And, the list is heavily geared toward the Rock n’ Roll genre, which these lists usually are. I mean seriously, Aretha Franklin at 27? Aaahhh!!! I can’t take it anymore!

  247. Susie says:

    MICHAEL JACKSON is #1 with no doubt!

  248. branddude says:

    what kind list is this when JANET JACKSON isnt here, but Justin timberlake is?
    what kind of influence has he had on anyone.
    Janet Jackson is in the top three female artist rated by billboard. Why isnt she here. This is list is a joke!!

  249. wheres janet? says:

    where the hell is janet jackson! on this list?
    come on!

  250. Remixznflow says:

    whomever(s) made this list needs to take a bottle of bleach to the head ASAP…

  251. Marilyn Lindsey says:

    CCR–Creedence Clearwater Revival
    JPR–Journey/Perry Revival?

  252. julian says:

    This is a nice attempt to compile a list of all time artists but it is very incomplete and very inaccurate. The top 5 they have put together is ok but is not even close to greatest artists of all time. The true top 5 would look like this.
    1.The Beatles-With over 350 million albums sold worldwide clearly the most influential act of all time.
    2.Michael Jackson-With over 240 millon albums sold worldwide,the greatest innovator of music videos and biggest selling album of all time.
    3.Elvis Presley-Over 250 million albums and 200 million singles sold,King of Rock and Roll was a grest influence on American culture like no other performance.
    4.Frank Sinatra-Album sales of over 175 million,the chairman of the board was the greatest vocalist and performer.
    5.Bing Crosby-Singles sales total of over 150 million album sales over 100 million.He was the 1st international artist with dozens of movies,tv shows,and 100′s of albums released.

    This is the 5 top artists of all time. The order maybe disputed but the 5 performers are without doubt. Just below the top 5 would be

    Louis Armstrong,Madonna,Stevie Wonder,Bob Dylan,and James Brown.

  253. Nate says:

    Hall and Oates and Journey should be WAY higher on the list. They should be in the top 50.

    Journey= 25th best selling artist in the U.S. selling over 80 million albums, grammy nomination, and one of the best singers of all time. They have outsold many of the people ahead of them on this list.

    Hall and Oates= Most successful Duo of all time. Over 60 million records sold and still relevent today.

    Important Omissions:
    Eagles–5th best selling group of all time in the U.S. Still sell out arenas today and play a great live show.

    Chicago–Next to the beach boys have the most charted singles. Lasted from the 60-00s with various lineups. Had numerous hits and platinum albums. Over 120 million sold.

  254. Aaron says:

    Elvis Presley is no.1 for sure because while those artists are good none of it would of been possible without elvis presley’s contribution to the business and his rebellious attitude to music and putting him behind michael jackson is sad even though he’s maybe no.2 he does not match up to the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

  255. Vic18 says:

    Depeche Mode at 98?!?! They should be a lot higher in my opinion… A lot of todays artists have been influenced by them: Shakira, Linkin Park (heavily), Coldply, the killers just to name a few… and the fact that their songs are always being covered by other artists is also a factor…

    And P.S I havent even mentioned the fact that theyve had hits in the 80′s, 90′s and 2000′s how many artists can say that…

  256. steven says:

    how could the doors be at 65? an yeah were The Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Patti Labelle
    1. The Beatles
    2. rolling stones
    3. bob Dylan
    4. led zeppelin
    5. Michael Jackson
    i think this is how it should end i do like michael but their is just something about him

  257. John Cornell says:


    You gave your top 5 list by record sales but you forgot LED ZEPPELIN in yout top 5.

    Led Zeppelin have sold over 200 million records and almost all of them being albums because Led Zeppelin rarely released singles and sometime never in certain countries (like their homeland of Britain).

    Led Zeppelin also shattered concert attendance records almost everywhere they went.

    Led Zeppelin deserve to be in the top five. They are probably the only artists high on the list who didn’t need to make it big via big hit singles played on mainstream radio. Led Zepplein earned their dues due to releasing massive selling albums and playing live and for not following the established rules. Indeed, Led Zeppelin invented their OWN rules and they have the distinction of having the highest average concert attendance in musical history.

  258. A.S. says:

    Lists are stupid.

  259. Jodee says:

    This list shouldn’t be taken seriously. However, I DO think David Bowie should have been a little bit higher on the list. Without him, there would be no Madonna or Lady Gaga. Bowie has been underrated for too long and is DESERVING of credit and respect in the music world. As for the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, well, they ARE the gods and should be revered as such. The namby-pamby artists will have to wait.

  260. Angel B. says:

    What happened to R. Kelly and Janet Jackson????

  261. Bud Sanders says:

    Elvis Presley should be (but won’t be I know) #1.
    Elvis was and still is more than Rock and Roll.

  262. BetaRaySam says:

    Making a top 100 is foolish, I appreciate the attempt but really there is just too much music out there to do this with. Record sales really shouldn’t be a factor. Most of the people on this list would (or have) said that the best artists never get the big break. That said here are a few that should be on the list. Dolly Parton, J Dilla, Iron Maiden, Lou Reed (as a solo performer).

  263. Jeremiah says:

    Preposterous!!! Mariah Carey in the 90′s!!! I’m not even a fan myself, but Mariah carey should easily be in the top 20 if not top 10. The biggest ommission that no one has even mentioned BUDDY HOLLY!!! How the Hell do you have a greatest artist of all time list without Buddy Holly even on it!!! He should easily be top 10, in my top 3-5. Disgusting. I’d love to ask these “experts” how they can leave Buddy Holly out. You don’t know jack sh*t about music if Buddy Holly isn’t in your minumum top 10 of all time. That’s not just one man’s opinion, that is given fact throughout the history of rock n’ roll.

  264. wheres dave says:

    Okay Seriously Where is Dave Matthews??? this is ridiculous!!!!!!!

  265. Jessica says:

    why is journey #96 when “Don’t Stop Believin” is the most downloaded song on ipod? Easily should be top 10

  266. Daisy says:

    Werez britney, she might be a little kookoo but she is still an inspiring artist, AND LADY GAGA! SHE BROKE SO MANY RECORDS ITS COUNTLESS

  267. Toni says:

    Where are the motown acts? The Supremes? Gladys Knight and the Pips,The Temptations and Four Tops. Sade should not be ranked that high. No way should Beyonce be rated above Whitney or Madonna before Aretha Franklin who is timeless! What about Luther Vandross?? The Eagles should be on the list, too.

  268. deadtender says:

    **Sigh** As usual, the Grateful Dead passed over by those who THINK they know music. If they suck like some said, how come they remained prevalent for 30 years (and no, not just acid freaks….new people came on board up until the end)??

  269. vacc says:

    wheres there red hot chili peppers but coldplay makes it what exactly has cold play done? theyre not a top selling artist they dont have the most skilled bassist and drummer and formerly the greatest guitarist hows outkast 95 and hows alicia keys on this list same for green day bon jovi isnt on here either same for nas the greatest talents today not even here wow

  270. James says:

    No Chicago. You talk about a group that left its mark on the music world. They sold lots of albums and had over a dozen #1s.Plus they are still going after 25 years!!!! This list is good but not complete without>>>


  271. Bryan says:

    Love that Madonna is the Highest ranked female…but she should be higher than #16. Come on now…she is the only female that’s ever made it a point to knock down boundaries.

  272. Mycah says:

    Green Day at #91?! Are you kidding me?! They should be at least #25 or higher. What the hell man. . .

  273. tiana says:

    im such a HUGE fan of green day and eminem i cldnt be happier they both made it

  274. smart person says:

    all i have to say is, the pixies.

  275. Brittany Marah says:

    1. obviously Michael Jackson! He has done everything, from creating dances moves, writing songs, making the most epic music videos of all time, being in an amazing band (Jackson 5). Enough said..he is a legend!

    note to self: Beatles are ok, but if they beat Michael Jackson, I will NEVER watch VH1 again, seriously

    And… Janet should def be on the list!

  276. Derek says:

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Amazing diversity, complex and underrated guitar work backed by an amazing drummer. Billy Corgan is a genius!

  277. Martin says:

    Where are The Smiths? Morrissey has one of the most recognizable voices and is one of the greatest lyricists ever. Johnny Marr is one of the most innovative guitarists ever. Ridiculous.

  278. johnboy says:

    red hot chilli peppers, dave matthews band?

  279. erick says:

    um…where the hell are the red hot chili peppers at on this list? wtf?!? they are atleast in the top 25.

  280. Adam Hass says:

    I can’t even name one Bob Dylan song…. does not belong in top 5

    MJ will get number one

    Beatles suck…

  281. Sara Baker says:

    Michael Jackson owns the rights to Beatles songs, Paul McCartey was a backup in teo of Michaels videos.. I think we know that Michael is better!

  282. Chad says:

    I cannot understand how The Smiths and Joy Division are not on this list!

  283. xeromouse says:

    where’s Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails? there’s an entired genre of influential music that has been left out, again.

  284. me says:

    where the #%$@ is Janet Jackson? this list is WHACK! control , RN , janet, velvet rope, cmon now. this is WHACK!!

  285. ian says:

    These type of lists are disgraceful. After the obligatory first few they are almost completely arbitrary. What is the criteria? I’m a fan of punk/new wave, so I’ll offer an example. The list has all the usual critics darlings, the Ramones, the Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, the Pretenders, the Clash. I like them all, but were they actually better than Blondie from the same scene? Or more influential? But rather than thinking originally and reevaluating underrated bands this list just recognizes the same bands that have been recognized before. An ode to ignorance and conventionality.

  286. Irene says:

    Depeche Mode is # 1 in my book, and should most certainly ranked higher than The Cure for christ’s sake!

  287. PeginLA says:

    Come on! No CHICAGO?? (or early CTA?) These guys have continually sold out arenas, are still touring today, had platinum albums and are legitimate musicians and not just the “flavor of the month”! Sure, they went a little “soft” after the death of Terry Kath, but they deserve to be on this list. There are also other notable artist omissions too numerous to mention, but some of them have already been noted in the other comments below. VH1 your list is a sham!

  288. jessy says:

    the mars volta should be #1

  289. badazz says:

    the cure should be behind depeche mode. and the smiths should be in here -___-

  290. Jeff says:

    Ok… No Buddy Holly completely invalidates the list, PERIOD.

    I mean WTH! 3 of the top 5 artists on this list would tell you that Buddy was the reason they did music to begin with!

  291. ian says:

    Seems my first comment did not get published. Oh well. I know there is “list mania” nowadays, but these lists are always so arbitrary and the mistakes so indefensible that it is invariably offensive. How exactly can something like “the greatest artist” be quantified? And it would help if the panelists had more than a passing knowledge of music.

  292. Mexican Zombies says:

    This list needs some Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Soundgarden in here. Come on now, people! You can’t forget the grunge! Nirvana wasn’t the only grunge band back then!

  293. lily says:

    Bob Dylan #1

  294. Farrokh Bulsara says:

    Queen is only 17th!?! I was expecting them to be in the top five. Everybody is always overlooking there genius as individuals and as a group. You can’t measure there impact on the world!

  295. Koji Kondo says:

    What about Koji Kondo? You know, the genius who created soundtracks for every mario and zelda game? And where is John Williams?

  296. danny b says:

    what about the Eagles? Chicago? Steve Miller Band? and the rat pack? Mozart?

  297. Skink says:

    The Allman Brothers Band, the Grateful Dead, Warren Zevon and, get this, Eric Clapton are not on your list. If you turned this in as a paper in an institution of higher learning, you would receive an “F”. Actually, you’d probably be kicked out of school.

  298. Skink says:

    Thank you danny b! Here’s a question: What album sold more copies than any other in the history of recorded music? Answer: Hotel California. George Michael was a greater artist than Stevie Ray Vaughan? The more I look at this list, the FCC should take your license away. You know less about music than my sister’s 10 year old…she likes Warren Zevon.

  299. Skink says:

    On Warren Zevon’s last three studio albums, here is a list of volunteers that played or contributed at their own request: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Hunter S. Thompson, Carl Hiaasen, Mitch Albom, Tommy Shaw, Mick Fleetwood, R.E.M, Billy Bob Thornton, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, David Lindley, Ry Cooder, Don Henley, The Black Crowes, John Waite. How many people on this list have that kind of clout? Very few. He was respected by the greatest of all time.

  300. JJ says:

    What about Cher? She is the only female artist to have number one hits in 4 consectutive decades!

  301. Ashley says:


  302. Corrina says:

    MJ is a jok sorry. Bob Dylan will #1.He is the greatest American artist.He wrote over 500 songs.

  303. DONNA says:

    cant believe i wrote 2 comments and u only posted one. and my daughter wrote a comment and u wont allow them 2 b seen. Y ask for a comment if its not allowed 2 b seen? and do u think one artist is going to say something bad about another artist? Whats this world coming 2?

  304. Jennifer Clifton says:

    Here’s a list of who SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE LIST but were not:

    Dolly Parton
    Franki Valli
    The Four Seasons
    The Eagles
    Simon and Garfunkle
    The Sex Pistols
    Frank Sinatra
    Diana Ross and the Supremes
    The Temptations
    Creedance Clearwater Revival (CCR)

  305. peetMOSS says:

    This list is a joke! Led Zeppelin & the Beatles are the only two in the top 5 that should be in the top 5! Jimi Hendrix is head & shoulders better than Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones & overrated Michael Jackson! Not having Queens Of The Stone Age, Grateful Dead, CCR, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Them Crooked Vultures, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jeff Beck, The Yardbirds, Allman Brothers, Ten Years After & Stevie Ray Vaughn on this list is a joke!

  306. peetMOSS says:

    Michael Jackson sucks, & has no business being mentioned in the same breath as Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, U2, Stevie Ray Vaughn & countless others!

    1. Led Zeppelin – The most talented band ever! Music is just as good, if not better than the Beatles! Led Zeppelin changed the way musicians were paid, & they toured constantly. They created the best album ever (Physical Graffiti).
    2. Jimi Hendrix/Band Of Gypsies
    3. The Who
    4. Beatles
    5. U2

  307. lynn says:

    No Eagles, but Velvet Underground. No Diana Ross, but Beyonce. No Bon Jovi, but Cheap Trick. Hmm. Is VH1 even relevant?

  308. Mike Manzi says:

    How can the Eagles not be on this list.

  309. cj says:

    i love the top five Beatles #1 bob Dlyan#2 Michael Jackson#3 also it’s about time MJ is getting some respect!

  310. grungerocker420 says:

    I feel Nirvana should be closer to the number one spot. I’m not saying this because I’m a huge fan; I’m saying this because of the Nirvana’s accomplishments. Kurt was not only one of the greatest lyricists of all time but along with Krist and Dave Nirvana paved a path that most bands these days follow in and Nirvana doesn’t get the right amount of recognition they deserve.

  311. treycie says:

    Seriously!!!!UGH!!!!!…Queen 17??????Really folks???Freddie Mercury could sing circles around any of these people on the entire list!!

  312. Evad says:

    I guess I don’t know how Pearl Jam is lower than Green Day. Michael Jackson may have been a great performer and he sold alot of albums. A top five artist? I think it takes more than just selling albums and doing cool dances.

  313. george says:

    NO BOSTON ARGGHHHH… micheal jackson better not be #1 or i will be P.Oed

  314. chris says:

    I love that The Cure and Depeche Mode are on the list, but if you are going to include them, you have to give Joy Division and New Order serious consideration as well.

    Other bands that would have made my list:

    The Jesus and Mary Chain
    The Smiths

  315. peetMOSS says:


    They are the best band/artist of All-Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  316. Jason31 says:

    All i gotta say is Sam Cooke is missing from the list! the man who invented soul!!! lets see artists who followed Sam. beatles, aretha, al green, marvin gaye, jimi hendrix, sublime, otis redding, rod stewart, elvis, stones…… i mean come on. did hanna montana write this list?

  317. harry says:


  318. JEMK says:

    I didn’t think the last list could get worse but it happened. The Pretenders at 97!! Sade higher than Billy Joel. Janis Joplin in the back of the group, What the hell!! And where are Carole King, Cyndi Lauper, The Eagles, Blondie, Reba McEntire, Mellissa Etheridge, KD Lang, Roy Orbison, Joan Jett, Billie Holliday,and Louis Armstrong just to name a few that deserved a place on the list and were overlooked despite their achievements and inspiration to newer musicians. I keep hoping you’ll get it right, but you continue to dissapoint me!

  319. trish323 says:

    Where is Electric Light Orchestra ELO or the Moody Blues. They had greatest lyrics and sounds ever.

  320. d wright says:

    what about eric clapton, bad company, kansas, allman brothers, csn,ccr,motley crue,bb king, buddy guy, srv, bto, black crows, bob seger, boston, charlie daniels, deep purple, dire straits, dobbie brothers, eagles,
    foreigner,george thorogood, johnny winter,grand funk, grateful dead, heart, pat benatar, james gang, joe cocker, joe walsh, marshall tucker, outlaws, santana, sheryl crow, steve miller, styx, ted nugent, thin lizzy , 3 dog night, zz top

  321. slc says:


    or Asobi Seksu!!!

  322. nick says:


  323. Sophia says:

    How could Bob Jovi not make this list?

  324. Lisa Kay Barger says:

    Oh my bad Guns N Roses is on there but still lol!

  325. Dan9686 says:

    How can you make a list like this without including The Eagles, Creedance Clearwater Revival and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  326. Sergio says:

    Okay VH1. I’ll play your little game:
    5. Bob Dylan
    4. Led Zeppelin
    3. The Rolling Stones
    2. The Beatles
    1. Michael Jackson

    Perhaps you should have considered: The Smiths, Joy Division, or New Order

    Is Nirvana really a better band than Radiohead- I think not. Agree or disagree

  327. salvatora says:

    cheap trick, sade but not CCR¿?¿?¿?¿ i think some on this list are there because of their relevance but not their greatness

  328. james says:

    why would you not have ccr on the top 100 of all time they some of the greatest hit all whith the others.
    o the one song that tina turner was sing is form ccr. and meny other great sings have song. thank you for your time.

  329. CCR Forever says:

    What? No CCR? You gotta be kidding me! Tina wouldn’t been rolling down that river without them! Anyway, I know that this was an artist-based countdown, but some awesome stuff is missing. No Eagles? There greatest hits have flip-flopped with Thriller for #1 for years, that’s just wrong. No Simon and Garfunkle, uh-uh, no way! One last gripe, I don’t care if people think that I’m not cool after this one, where in the bleep is Neil Diamond?

  330. Celeste says:

    Really…Bob Dillion in the top 5! Really!

  331. Chuck says:

    The more I look at this list the more it is a joke!!!! How can the Eagles and Motley Crue not be on this list?? NIRVANA???? Higher the ACDC?? REALLY!!! It is only because the lead singer died and nothing else!!! This is sad!!! Time to get it right VH1..

  332. Valle says:

    They are hosting this at the formerly cbgbs. They have almost every great punk artist from the 70s.
    How is she not on here!? She made the closing speech to cbgbs, she’s considered the godmother of punk, without her where would music be today? She was just as influential as Velvet Underground, Clash, Iggy, and everyone on this list.

  333. Grayson Pirner says:

    no dead? ccr? i guess beyonce carries alot more weight than the dead following…ha

  334. Jeff Ernest says:

    Eagles???Bob Seger???Alice Copper??? REO Speeedwagon!!

  335. miguelsanchs says:


  336. Jeff Ernest says:

    VH1 IS NOT RELEVAN.Any list without Bob Seger,Alice Cooper or The Eagles is not a top anything.

  337. peetMOSS says:

    So many things wrong with this crap list:
    1. Prince ISN’T better than “The King” Elvis Presley!
    2. The Who should definitely be top 10, if not top 5.
    3. Jimi Hendrix is better than Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan & the Rolling Stones.
    4. Blues artists like John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters & Robert Johnson should be on this list. Bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones & Cream were all greatly influenced by these blues greats.
    5. No way in hell should Alicia Keys, Hall&Oates, Depeche Mode, Journey, OutKast, Mariah Carey, Elvis Costello, Bee Gees, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Tupac, Coldplay(Dave Matthews rip off), Justin Timberlake, Talking Heads, Notorious B.I.G., Whitney Houston, Kiss, Public Enemy, NWA, Beyonce, Sade, Jay-Z, Radiohead, Madonna or Michael Jackson be included on this list!!!
    6. U2, The Who & Pink Floyd are better than Madonna, Prince, Queen, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Prince & The Beach Boys.

    1. Led Zeeppelin
    2. Jimi Hendrix/Band Of Gypsies
    3. The Who
    4. Beatles
    5. U2
    6. Elvis
    7. Stevie Ray Vaughn
    8. Pink Floyd
    9. Stevie wonder
    10. Bob Marley

  338. TT says:

    Biggest selling album, longest running #1 single, longest career, most #1′s, most top tens, etc…
    Is sales the measure of the “greatest/best artist”?
    Sales is popularity. It means you appeal to a lot of people, and that’s a great thing. Does it make you the “best artist”?

    Is it influence on musicians who came after you?
    Is it creating something new that creates a trend or creates a bridge for other artists?

    Trying to create a list of “best, greatest, etc…” is great for fun and controversy. But, it does nothing to convince any one person, and it certainly can’t be said to be true of definitive.

    This list was selected by a group of current musical artists, so it doesn’t reflect the public in any true sense, nor would a public list.

    Music is personal. It’s artist/musician trying to connect with a fan or audience. Some artists succeed in connecting with millions, some succeed in connecting only with artists who later connect with millions.

    Music should be appreciated and enjoyed for it’s ability to lift a person’s spirit, to calm, to anger, to incite, to question, celebrate love, lament heartbreak, make you dance, jump, smile, LIVE.

    These lists can be fun, but taking them too seriously will get you nowhere.

  339. Tim says:

    Where is John Fogerty? or his band Creedence Clearwater revival? and Elvis is #8? Seriously? He should be at least in the top 5!

  340. timmothy says:

    1. the beatles
    2. MJ
    3. led zepplin
    4.rolling stones
    5. bob dylan???????in my opinion elvis presley

  341. skjellyfetti says:

    Here is a great link. Top 50 rock bands as far as total income.

    The Grateful Dead (#7), Eagles (#6) and Santana (#18) are just three of the groups that belong on this list.

    Personally, I think there were too many rap musicians who made it. I think taste in music had too much of an influence on this list.

  342. jr says:

    CHICAGO- terry kath, peter cetera, danny serphine, robert lamm, jimmy pankow, walt parazaider, lee loughlin. 150 millon record sales world wide, any questions? success speaks for itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  343. Donna says:

    IM BACK!!!!! Hands down to Edwin McCain when he said, “hands down that Ozzy created heavy metal”. How did John Lennon, Paul McCartney get up there seperterly and o the oz wasn’t? And “The Boss needs to go lay down.Billy Idol is bout useless with his top 5.
    What happen to Pat Benatar, Snoop Dog, Stone Temple Pilots, Motley Crew, Iron Maiden, Lita Ford, Usher, Little Wayne, Joan Jett, Sound Garden, Goo Goo Dolls, Bon jovi, Vixen, White Snake, Posion, Skid Row. Y couldn’t they b n the 100? This list is a big disapointment.
    My top 5 would b as followed:
    * Micheal Jackson (one heck of an entertainer)
    *Ozzy Osbourne( The God Father of Heavy medal and Prince of darkness and i love the oz)And keeps on going. Energizer bunny.
    *Pat Benatar (one hell of a singer)
    *Kiss (Gean is fire brathing, blood spitting demon)
    *Usher(Not one album sounds alike)
    Oooo Led Zepplin u guys keep on dream u aint got crap on the the oz. AHAHAHA

  344. Dasia West says:

    I think that Michael Jackson is the number 1 greatest artist of all time.That’s not a hard question.

  345. Donna says:


  346. Pyrrha says:

    Where is JANET JACKSON? This is ridiculous.

  347. moomoo says:

    Where is Barbra streisand?? This list is made by women haters (and drugs/ alcohol lovers)

  348. Dasia West says:

    wtf is they talking about. mj should be number 1. people is saying that because he is dead. thats not the only reason. he is the best entertainer in all time. he has the best dances. the best singing. hes the whole package. eminim and justin timberlake and colplay should not be on this list. this list is bs.

  349. ywtchr says:

    Bob Dylan? Really? You can barely understand what the hell he was saying? He ranks higher than Bob Marley? Stevie Wonder? Are you serious? The greatest should be someone that crosses color, culture and nationality in terms of their fan base.Many of the white artists you have on here DO NOT fit that category.

    So…what is the criteria used to voting process? I’m really curious for one because this list is compiled mainly of folk, pop or rock artists…which makes me think those voting weren’t fans of other genres.

    What constitutes the greatest in your definition? I think that’s necessary cause if Michael Jackson isn’t number 1 this list is BOGUS!

  350. dashorage says:

    Guns N’Roses belongs in the Top Ten, maybe the Top 5. As Joe Perry explained, their stature was reduced because the band broke up. But Led Zeppelin broke up early too, for different reasons, and they made the Top 5 — and they deserved it, but Guns belongs up there too.

    An early rock group was unfairly snubbed: the Zombies. They were headlining in England at the same time the Beatles were having trouble catching on, and had to go to Germany. The Zombies’ “Time of the Season” and “I Love You” are rock classics.

  351. yoda3414 says:

    were is Jerry Garcia and the dead

  352. Bill432 says:

    The top 5 is ok excpet for MJ…In my opinion Pink Floyd, Bowie and Marley should be make the top 5 but thats ok ….. and where is NIN lol they talk about Cash covering his song on the show but Trent doesnt make the list LOL this list is riduclous but what do u expect from vh1 I knew the list would be horrible lol Beyonce LOL WOW WTF!!! JAY Z OMG!!!GREENDAy WTF VH1!!!! EMINEM LOL!!! LOL ALicia Keys makes the list 2 lol BS… Theres lots of good ones on this list but wtf no NIN, TOOL, The Flaming Lips, PHish, The GReatfuldead, Red HOt Chili Peppers, The Pixies i mean WTF Nirvana pretty much ripd them off wtf is wrong with u idiots!!! I mean come on this list blows!!!!!!

  353. Ann says:

    No Frank Sinatra?

    Herb alpert and the tijuana brass?

    Where’s Santana?

    and surely, Peter Paul and Mary should get a nod somewhere…they were one of the great names in folk.

    I think the title of this little list was kind of silly. Greatest Artist of All Time?

    Why, that would HAVE to be Beethoven. With the 5th. Everyone, everywhere knows it. And dude’s been dead…not for a year, but CENTURIES. Seriously. That’s some Greatness, right there.

  354. Operasinger says:

    Ridicilous list..where are all the powerful ladies? Diana Ross? Celine? Mariah 94, with the greatest voice? WHAT? She writes her own music.. isnt that a sign of great artristry?18 number ones….There something terribly wrong here

  355. JustSinger says:

    Bon JOvi? Aretha FRanklin? Janet?No Doubt? JAY Z AT 47??? ARTIST OF ALL TIMES? HELL NOOOOO Beyonce & Justin higher than Alicia or Mariah . Theres something wrong here.

  356. Katja says:

    Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, Soul, Music and Life!

  357. Steve-O says:

    Where’s Winger? Mister Mister? Culture Club? DeBarge?
    But seriously, no BonJovi? Garth Brooks? Neil Diamond? Frank Sinatra?

  358. C in Pittsburgh says:

    I’m questioning the validity of this list for several reasons – starting with, how can artists (the Rolling Stones, Elvis, etc.) be ahead of artists who they acquired their entire acts from? Those acts would not have made it out of the gate without lifting the style, music, etc. from artists like Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf (both not on the list!) not to mention Chuck Barry who comes in at an abismal 25th! Yet another “what have you done for me lately poll! and by the way…….where’s Janet….

  359. Wes says:

    VH-1 should do a list of the greatest artist left off their list. (Santana, Temptations,Surpremes, Roy Orbison,Four Tops, etc.,etc.0

  360. Wes says:

    Annie, you should go look at the Beatles catalogue.Their hits list would 4 times as long as yours for M.J. Plus not only did they write their own music they played their own instuments.

  361. Fashionable Unfashionable says:

    The Doors, 65th!? One ahead of Justin Timberlake! Christ, music RIP.

  362. Isabel says:

    I really would like to know what criteria was use to come up with this or any other “TOP ARTIST” list. Since it looks like only the last 70 years in music has been taken into consideration. I don’t disagree with the list, these are great artist and they have left their mark in music. But to me this is a list of “English Speaking” artist. Since I’m from a Latin background my personal list is totally different.

    I appreciate the list, since there are a couple artist that I’m going to look up and enjoy their music.

  363. >:( says:

    …First off why is Eminem so far away from #1 and where the hell is Linkin Park?

  364. David R says:

    OK let me get this straight Justin Timberlake is a top 100 artist but not The Eagles. This list is a joke

  365. Kat Nova says:

    Two questions
    -Define Artist
    -Define Greatest
    Since you did such a poor job at defining the first, how can you determine the second.

  366. pat says:

    what about the eagles?

  367. Alyssa says:

    Ummm…The Smiths/Morrissey? hello? sorry thats friggin crazy though…

  368. Alyssa says:

    just read through some of the comments and i just left a comment anyways…and it doesn’t really matter just killing time. I just don’t understand how The Cure could be #74 and The Smiths not make it. I love The Cure but it’s not as if they forgot about that whole genre of music. So weird. The Cure and The Smiths are extremely different but you know, they get grouped in similar categories, sad 80s pop or whatever. Seriously crazy not to have The Smiths/Moz. That music has influenced sooo many and holds up so well, I should mention that I’m 24 years old and therefore just a baby when the Smiths were their biggest and that stuff holds up incredibly.

    But yeah whoever pointed out theres no Buddy Holly also an extremely good point. This list is pretty ridiculous. I think the Mariah fans posting comments are kinda sweet if not crazy. I like her okay, loved her in my early teens, but she’s not THAT good jeez lol. The Eagles are also a very good point if not my thing. Sade at 50 (if in the top 100 at all) is also pretty off. No offense to the girl, she’s a great singer but..really not that influential. Justin Timberlake is a talented fella but #66 is a bit high I would say. And where are The Replacements? I definitely think they belong but they’re often underrated. Radiohead top 30? seriously? I really never got the radiohead thing though. I think I’m done now haha.

  369. zhafire says:

    Earth Wind and Fire is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  370. For your consideration says:

    After watching a couple of episodes, I find it a travesty that Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band were left off. He fits all of the qualifications: great storyteller, voice of a generation (or two), super-long career, inspiration to other artists, tons of timeless hits. I don’t get it? Anyone disagree?

  371. michael says:


  372. Malissa says:

    Where is Duran Duran? They’ve been around for over 30 years and write all their own music. But people don’t want to take them seriously because they are so attractive. Also where is No Doubt, Barenaked Ladies, Harry Connick Jr. It’s also quite apparent that this panel is mostly male because of the few women on the list and the low rankings they received…

  373. Robert Chatel says:

    These artist’s are missing from this list Billie Hoilday,Buddy Holly and number one in my book Roy Orbison!

    Sorry this list of 100 need’s a update and throw out Jay-Z,OutKast and Beyonce.

    To make room from these “Legends of Music”:Billie,Buddy and Roy.

  374. Spencer says:

    Personally, I think that those of you who take this list too seriously have to realize a few things. For starters, as they say at the beginning of each of these episodes, they polled over 200 people in the industry (everyone from Gene Simmons to Mandy Moore). Secondly, it is amazing that some of the younger artists, like Chilli and John Legend are still influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan and the Beatles (which I am sure both are on his list). Music styles and artists change all the time and it is fascinating to see who is on this list and how it differs from the one in 1998.
    For example, my favorite artist of all time is the Rolling Stones. I am glad to see they are still in the top 5 and just as influential as ever (BTW a bit of trivia the first stones single was I Wanna Be Your Man written by Lennon and McCartney). I agree that a lot of great artists including some of my all time favorite are missing which includes Buddy Holly & The Crickets, Jackie Wilson, Barbra Streisand, Fats Domino, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Eric Clapton and Big Mama Thornton but they didn’t ask me. (LOL)
    I do find this list amazing to see the changes in music and who is still influential among the younger artists and who is currently influencing new industry people. I am sure if you spoke to John Legend or Mandy Moore and introduced them to someone like Muddy Waters, being music lovers, would be moved and inspired by him. It’s also amazing to see an artist like Otis Redding on the list (which I did not think he would make it at all).
    Again don’t take this list too seriously. My favorite artists may not be yours or anyone’s on this list but face it interesting to see who made on this time. Take it for what it is and don’t get emotional over the choices.

  375. reflections says:

    here the list for actual music fans

    Elvis Presley
    The Beatles
    Michael Jackson
    Frank Sinatra~(wonder who actually made this list that he wasn’t even on it)…
    Led Zeppelin
    Jimi Hendrix
    Stevie Wonder
    Bruce Springsteen
    Nirvana~(easily in the top 10 but some people think they’re as popular as they are because of the suicide)
    U2 (obvious)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers~(highest grossing venue ever for one and the most talented band in recent history)
    Bob Marley~(to be fair, but I’m not a fan because all of his songs are about drugs and hallucinations)
    Some artist that should have been on the list:
    -Red hot chili peppers, Nas, Boston… and many more
    Overrated/people that don’t belong…
    - Guns and roses(not that I don’t like them but there’s numerous better artists) Jay-z, Beyonce(doesn’t even come close to this list..), Alicia Keys(LOL?!), Coldplay(nothing against them), Green day(they kind of suck now), Mariah Carey(yeah wtf?, Justin Timberlake(I have no clue either..) there’s just too many to list
    ~Here’s some underrated people:
    Elvis Presley(Probably the biggest let down of the list that he isn’t no. 1),Pearl Jam, OutKast, LL cool J, Notorious BIG, Tupac(these two guys because of the legacy and standards they have left us that we have so soon forgotten..), N.W.A (yeah they should be in the top 30 at lest), Run D.M.C (top 20 right there), Billy Joel (yeah the piano man got beat by Jay-Z and guns and roses…
    In total this list was a popularity contest don’t look to Vh1 for anything else they’re 90′s list was about all that was good

  376. alrighty says:

    Artist is usually someone who writes their own music, half these “artists” did not

  377. Lori says:

    I can’t take any list of the greatest artists of all time seriously if Frank Sinatra isn’t included. Who are these music experts they asked? Where’s Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Sam Cooke? On what planet is Rage Against the Machine better than The Band or Otis Redding? Also where the hell is Clapton as a solo artist? Dolly Parton is missing as well. Stevie Wonder should easily be top 5. This whole list is an abomination. I will say that I am happy with certain artists who made the list though that I wanted to but didn’t think would, like Elvis Costello and Rush. I’m still furious though. They left out so many amazing people. Sorry VH1, but I just can’t take you seriously on this one. You obviously asked all the wrong people to vote.

  378. Paul says:

    No Scorpions? Over 40 years of rocking the Earth and over 100 million albums sold and we are being told they are not as great as Alicia Keys, Outkast, Coldplay, The Band, Sade and Jay Z? How old are these music experts? 15?

  379. Carly says:

    100 is too small a number to account for all the greatest artists. However, all of these artists do deserve their places in this list.

  380. adrienne says:

    1.The Beatles
    2.The Rolling stones
    4.Led Zepplin
    5.Bob Dylan

  381. Robert says:

    There are so many real artists, one’s who have actually created their own music.

    On the heavy front, where are:

    Pantera (only heavy metal act to have an album debut at No. 1 in the 1990′s….twice)
    Iron Maiden
    Nine Inch Nails
    Marylin Manson

    Where are The Supremes and The Temptations? When The Beatles hit America and took over music, it was only these two groups from Mo-Town who survived to make it to the 70′s.

    Where is Alice Cooper? His vaudeville style helped to inspire Black Sabbath to take the darker avenue of rock that gave birth to heavy metal.

    Frank Sinatra?
    Sarah McLaughlin?
    Celine Deon?
    ….and countless “non English” speaking artists?

  382. mike says:

    The Smith’s not being on list speaks volumes to what a true joke it is. No new Order, no Ministry, No Echo and the Bunnymen, No Eagles, no Jimmy Buffett, and how can teh Sex Pistols not make it???? Most the rappers were a joke Biggie who???? Outkats???? Beyonce??? Jay_Z and his recent hit was a joke and not anywhere near the Orginal of Forever Young!

  383. Mark says:

    Where is Janet Jackson on this list? Beyonce and Justin Timberlake made the list and no Janet. Who put this list together? It really sucks!

  384. Logan says:

    There’s a lot of people who are being ranked a bit too high for my taste. Justin Timberlake & Beyonce, they will go down as some of the greatest of all time, but they’re too young and haven’t been around enough to compare to the impact that other artists have had. Both are above Mary J Blige, who has 15 years of singing on these kids.

    How can Timberlake and Beyonce be on the list, but Dr Dre, Frank Zappa, The Eagles, Temptations, Supremes, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, The Fugees, Celine Deon, and the Allman Brothers not even be on the list.

    Obviously, the bulk of who voted haven’t a clue.

  385. nolan says:

    Bob Dylan should be no. 1. Without Dylan, music would not be the same. He influenced everyone from Hendrix to the Beatles (especially Lennon and McCartney) to Springsteen…the list goes on forever. His blend of writing, blues, rock and folk changed music.

  386. allen says:

    i know this list is a bunch of bull, no red hot chili peppers?? no soundgarden??, and no frank sinatra???

  387. Sue Ann Adams says:

    He created the longest running songs the radio stations refused to play them as the were 13 minutes This 300 pond long haired hippy in a tux!!!!!!!!!
    Oliva Newton John
    He video for Physical was the first ever banned by MTV for sexual behavior!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now they show pubic hair!

  388. Jamie says:

    Ok…no Babs and no Celine Dion? No Whitney? These ladies have voices that only come along once in a generation. Shame on those that voted!

  389. pedro g. says:

    What about Creedence Clearwater Revival? Grand Funk Railroad? this list is kind of a joke….

  390. Ricky sowers says:


  391. Cordie Ray says:

    All these lists are flawed by their very nature, yet this one is pretty good. There are, however, a few glaring omissions; Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley (guess lots of the experts don’t know Diddley) Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Allman Brothers, and CARLOS SANTANA, are some that I suggest should have been included. I think the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame would agree, as well.

  392. Chili says:

    No Chili Peppers?

  393. Peter says:

    Wow. There is no sign of the Temptations, Tony Bennett, or Frank Sinatra? Journey only being number 96 is also complete insanity. I am utterly disgusted by these omissions. No Frank Sinatra is actually so saturated in madness that it makes this entire list almost a comical joke.

  394. mrrio855 says:

    this list sucks if u can put justin t jay z beyonce on the list thats crazy no smokey no temptations no creeedance clear water no miles davis no fATS DOMINOE NO SAM COOKE this list is bull it tells u they want to eliminate legends

  395. jondon says:

    There were just a lot of great artists overlooked but I guess thats what you get when you only survey 200 people

  396. Kay says:

    The Beatles have to be number 1. They were simply amazing.

  397. Missy says:

    SERIOUSLY? Top 5 is OK but, of all time, or is this list greatest artists after 1980? To have Alicia Keys, Rush, Depeche Mode,Coldplay,Outkast,LLCoolJ,the Band,REM,Justine Timberlake, Eminem,Iggy,& the Cure,Velvet Underground,& Talking Heads, Radiohead but NOT Sinatra, THE EAGLES FOR GOD’S SAKE, James Taylor, Carole King, Temptations,Diana Ross, Ella Fitzgerald & BARBRA STREISAND & THE BEACH BOYS FOR GOD’S SAKE? No Judy Garland?Seriously? And Mariah on the bottom of the list? Prince in the top 10? I love me some Prince, but not ahead of Stevie Wonder, who should be top 5, not Dylan. And no Jerry Lee Lewis? And Lionel Ritchie basically wrote every song in the 70s & 80s. And taking up spots for every member of Genesis instead of just leaving Genesis, which is questionable at best.This list is BS!

  398. Sony says:

    i love you michael jackson u r number 1 and all the people say bad things about and dont like u can go kiss my black bootie.

  399. Jason D says:

    Sam Cooke, Bo Diddley, Simon and Garfunkel, Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hank Williams, Santana, Creedence Clearwater, Wu Tang Clan, Dr. Dre(separate from NWA), Miles Davis?? Fats Domino not on there, Neil Diamond, country not represented. Yet Justin Timberlake at 67. Eminem over 70 million sold, mutiple grammies, and an Oscar, 79. Where’s Buddy Holly?

  400. Colleen says:

    Where are the Eagles?

  401. Pepper Pots says:

    What no chili peppers, they got robbed. Really the Beach Boys help me Ronda if there in the top 20 and Chili Peppers are not. WTF VH1 you did say greatest artist of all time

  402. sickoflists says:

    I want to see the list of the people who voted. And the ballot. PLEASE! Were the people voting informed that it was an”ALL TIME” list and not the last 30 years. Who the hell puts The beatles at 1 John Lennon 2 and Paul McCartney 3? POP radio is a curse. I watch this show in disgust. The tops 5′s from random artists they keep showing are enough to make me puke.

  403. Carmelita says:

    alrighty says it true. “Artists” write and perform their own songs. Often, “bands” will sample or cover the Artist’s work.

    With that in mind, where the hell is Warren Zevon on this list? This guy was a seminal influence on the southern California “faux southern” scene back in the 70′s and 80′s.

    Pretty hypocritical for VH1 to do (what I consider to be) one of their finest documentaries of Warren completing “The Wind” while he was dying.

    Now that he’s gone, VH1 tosses him into the dumpster of history. What a friggin’ shame

  404. cddced says:

    WHERES LIMP BIZKIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  405. Jordan says:

    I have no idea MJ is in the top 5, I see him more along the lines of top 20. The only reason why he’s in the top 5 is because he just died, so everyone is feeling sympathetic.

    If anyone deserves to be #1 on this list its The Beatles. Why? I’ll tell you why. Every album they made was a HIT, not just a couple of songs, but THE entire album.

    The Beatles still hold the record for the most albums sold ever. The Beatles influenced ALL of music. They didn’t just do rock, they did pop, blues, folk, psychedelic, and much more.

    MJ was a good artist, but not top 5 quality. He made some good albums (i.e. Thriller) and a couple of others, but that’s it. His other albums were flops. How many of The Beatles albums flopped? None.

  406. Dan Clamage says:

    Deep Purple is missing from the list. One of the best Hard Rock bands, ever. DP defined what Hard Rock is. After 40 years, they’re still playing. Smoke on the Water? Most recognizable rock anthem? C’mon get real. But Justin Timberlake is on the list? Gimme a break.

  407. Soul says:

    Without Luther, Janet, Barry White, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Carly Simon, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Babyface, Rick James this will NEVER be complete. And how are you going to have Bob Dylan in the top 5. And again I repeat, WHERE JANET??!!! And do I dare mention Kanye West??!! And Prince should be in the top 5. Here’s my top 5!

    Michael Jackson
    Janet Jackson
    Mariah Carey
    Stevie Wonder

  408. Deann says:

    How can The Eagles NOT be on this list? Oh, I guess they were beat out by Alicia Keys. My bad…..
    Very disappointing!

  409. terry says:

    i don’t know what qualifications your judges were required to have but this poll was a joke outside the top 5 !!!!!!

  410. mb24 says:

    VH1 Does it again – How in gods name is Pearl Jam not in the top 50, let alone not in the top 20

    Mary J Blige? Are you serious? Talking Heads? Def Fn Leppard – really?

    Wake up -

  411. Larry says:

    Want proof of the Beatles domination?
    Michael outbid Sir Paul for the rights to the Beatles catalog. Even Michael knew that they were the greatest.

  412. really!! says:


  413. Natasha says:

    I don’t give a crap what people say I am glad that micheal jackson didn’t come out on top because he wasn’t that great of a singer anyway!

  414. Tim Turner says:

    Whoever is responsible for this show doesn’t know music. How in the world can the Beatles beat Michael Jackson. There is nobody better than MJ and that is a fact. The list itself was bogus. The top five was just sad and where were the other greats such as Korn, Billy Idol, Disturbed and Linkin Park who are all greats in their own right. VH1 never do another top 100 again because you guys don’t know what you are doing.

  415. Kari says:

    VH1 should make an MP3 CD set of the “Top 100 Greatest Artists of All Time” songs played during the shows! If a set like this is out there, I’d lay down the cash for it!

  416. morecowbell7 says:

    It’s an absolute travesty that Coldplay is the 67th artist of all time, yet Frank Sinatra and Buddy Holly are left off. Amazing how a catalogue of four crappy albums can outrank two of the most influential musicians in history.

  417. javier says:

    wtf!!!! tupac on place 69 and jay-z on 47 tupac should make it to the top ten halest

  418. britt says:

    im sorry but somebody said on here mj didnt deserve to be on the top 5..what the heck are you talking about. he was revolutionary in his work..thriller is the top selling album ever.he told great stories in his songs..he had people pulled away in ambulances over him.he crossed like every race of ppl and more people know his songs and like him generation after generation…i dont know much about the beatles and other ppl up there but i think of them as great because thats what ppl say. but i know mj, my lil cuzins know mj, old lady next door knows mj. he transcends and will continue to throughout time. and he is not top 5 because he just died..he could be alive right now and still will be up there..but a lot of other people is missing big time.

  419. Anne says:

    The list of voters should be disclosed. This list is appalling and it seems the only way to understand why the voters contributed the ‘artists’ they did is to know who they are and their possible motivations, knowledge of music and influences. Simply because Carrie Underwood performs does not make her a qualified candidate to decide who the greatest of all time is.

  420. AgentSteph says:

    The Eagles?!?!

  421. Got Led? says:

    Led Zeppelin #3! WHOO!

    And Missy…are you watching the whole thing? Like half of those bands you said aren’t on there appeared on the list…and it most certainly isn’t a list of “greatest artists after 1980 as you said…only about 30 are from after the 80s…

  422. shane says:

    Most albums sold…BEATLES
    Greatest album ever….BEATLES
    Best Artist Ever….THE BEATLES

    If you took away MJ’s dance moves, he wouldnt even be in the top 20

  423. Paul says:

    How can you have this list and not include the Moody Blues. Their music crosses over generations. It was ground breaking. All the British invasion groups went out of their way to spend time with one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. It just shows how little these new age artists know about the roots of rock and roll.

  424. Gretchen says:

    Many songwriters missing. also, where’s Neil diamond? The Eagles? James Taylor? Carol King.

  425. kenny says:

    the foo fighter, red hot chili peppers, and jayz should of been on the list

  426. ELKE says:

    Michael Jackson No. 1 there is no contest period. People fail to understand that he changed the music, video, dance, the entire entertainment scene, I know a lot of you cannot swallow that pill but they are the facts. A man that simply devoted himself to music to entertain for more than 40 years, from child star to SUPERSTAR ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Beatles were important but because of their fight for supremacy between McCartney and Lennon made their music career that much shorter. Elvis what music did he ever wrote, none, but used all the music that was written by underprivileged Black Artists, the rest on the List all came after Michael Jackson so there you have it. And no like some of you think that if he did not die he would not be on the list, what with all the records he broken?? Come again, you all got to stop this crap when it comes to Michael Jackson and learn to appreciate the change he made especially opening doors so others can walk through and still walking through! MICHAEL JACKSON YOU WILL ALWAYS BE NO. ONE THEY CANNOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU!

  427. ELKE says:

    What happened to my comment???????

  428. Michelle says:

    Elvis, number eight, your kidding me right.

    Years down the road half of the people on this list will have been forgotten while names like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Holly, BB King, Eagles, Grateful Dead and so many others not on this list that there is not enough space here to mention them all.

    and where is ZZtop?

  429. lala says:

    i can’t believe they have Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Jay Z on that list and Janet Jackson who opened the door for a lot of black women is not there….=/…what about Whitney?….this is a stupid list!

  430. Tony Carter says:

    Elton John is # 28…..wtf he is more sucessful sold more albums and had more hits than almost any of the artists higher up.Come on VH1 this countdowm shold be based on facts not personal favorites!

  431. jose says:

    The vagueness of this list is what allowed VH1 to get in artists such as Beyonce (and ranked higher than the Doors, no less!) Alicia Keyes, OutKast, Coldplay, Mariah Carey, Tupac, Biggie and Sade into this list while leaving off Kurtis Blow, Frank Zappa, Blondie, the Four Seasons, Sex Pistols, KRS One and Kraftwerk.

  432. zee says:

    OMG…WHERE IS JANET JACKSON ON THIS LIST??..and you dare put Beyonce, Jay z and Alicia Keys on this list…like seriously…and Jay Z before Tupac?…hehehehe..what a joke

  433. Jeff says:

    Hank Williams is the most obvious omission.

  434. MJ_duuuuh says:

    Michael Jackson rules the world forevaaaaaaaa
    he is the best period, NUMBER ONE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  435. Nani_tx says:

    Why is Elvis being hated on so much?? The man (RIP), has been dead for 33yrs and still ppl visit his grave, home, impersonate him and still listen to his music… he should’ve easily been in the top 5

  436. Mantha says:

    There’s a ton of people left off that should be on this list, and several that shouldn’t have made it(Coldplay… please), but to me it’s nothing new. VH1 always botches its countdowns, and anything with the words “All Time” in the title isn’t going be literal. I’m just happy to see something on the network that isn’t complete reality TV garbage, because let’s face it, that’s all this channel is anymore. It was nice to see some old faces, it’s been forever since VH1 has done a show featuring commentary from actual music artists and not second-rate comedians or random bloggers. TAKE NOTE VH1!!!!!

    Oh, and to the moron who said Michael Jackson is only getting props because he died, what rock have you been living under the past 40 years? Even if you haven’t been alive that long, I know in my 23 yrs of life I have never NOT known of Michael Jackson. There’s a reason he’s called the King of Pop, and that title existed long before he passed away.

  437. Denise says:

    Eric Clapton?

  438. Lia says:

    The Beatles shouldn’t be number one. They were not that damn great and their music is overrated

  439. Spencer Gordon says:

    No Gaga, sure she is new but she is more artist than anyone out there right now.

  440. HEY!!! says:

    For those who say MJ is not an artist and just a dancer is dumb. If thats true why is he in the SONGWRITER HALL OF FAME? he wrote 9 number one hits and 20 top ten hits. how many ppl except lennon and mccartney can say that. he wrote billie jean, beat it, dont stop til you get enough, the way you make me feel, bad, dirty diana, i just cant stop loving you, black or white, and we are the world…… 9 of his 14 number one hits.. plus other songs like wanna be startin somethin, another part of me, the girl is mine, they dont care about us,can you feel it etc.. he wrote the whole bad album.. plus how can you say he is not influential? just bcuz you dont like themdoesnt means millions heck billions love him. how can that many artists and fans love you and you dont influence them. influence is only determined by personal opinion and the plenty of ppl including mccartney, prince,stevie and mick jagger loved him so plz stop it!!!


  441. WATUP123 says:

    MJ wrote billie jean, beat it, dont stop til you get enough, the way you make me feel, bad, dirty diana, i just cant stop loving you, black or white, and we are the world…… 9 of his 14 number one hits.. plus other songs like wanna be startin somethin, another part of me, the girl is mine, they dont care about us,can you feel it etc.. he wrote the whole bad album.. plus he is in the SONGWRITER HALL OF FAME (how are you there if you cant write or produce.. cmon he could write and produce so plz tell me how is not an artist.. plus he influenced alot of ppl.. u can only tell influence by opinion and by all accounts most of todays artists are so plz stop

  442. Jeff says:

    Eric Clapton was ROBBED!!! although he made the list as a member of Cream he has done so much more as a solo artist.

  443. Me says:

    UUUUH. Michael Jackson was number TWO not number THREE! AND! HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!

  444. Brett says:

    List is ok and shows were great but a few things seem to stand out.

    1. How is Elvis not in the top 3 with the Beatles and MJ?
    2. Nirvana is top 20 for sure but with only a few albums how do they land higher than Madonna, Springsteen, U2 and Elton John?
    3. Mariah Carey at 94? More top hits than all but the Beatles!!!
    If you combine greatness with influential then here are 12 who should be on the list without question
    The Grateful Dead
    Diana Ross/Supremes
    Lionel Ritchie/Commodores
    Frank Sinatra
    The Eagles
    The Jackson 5 (Michaels there but what about the rest)
    James Taylor
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Paul Simon/Simon and Garfunkel
    The Sex Pistols
    The Temptations
    Bon Jovi

    Here are 12 they could replace who have no business being on a list like this

    Peter Gabriel
    George Michael
    Iggy pop
    Alicia Keys
    LL Cool J
    Depeche Mode
    Curtis Mayfield
    Cheap Trick
    Justin Timberlake

  445. Omar says:

    the top 5 i am happy with. but you are missing some great artist. for example red hot chili peppers, santana, eagles, iron maiden, frank sinatra, buddy holly, rick james, and whats the deal with journey at 97?!?!?! they are at least top 10. there really needs to be some revisions to this list

  446. Jeff says:

    Led Zeppelin should have been at number 2 and not Michael Jackson

  447. Denise says:

    Jesus people, the list is subjective and compiled from 200 people. Of course, everybody isn’t going to agree. Take a breathe and relax, it’s not written in stone. Some genres didn’t get much respect. there are fusion jazz musicians that have just mad skills but nobody has heard of them. Country didn’t get much respect. I hate country but that doesn’t mean none of them have talent or haven’t been influential. Very pleased Van Morrison made the list. I know the eagles were big but popularity does not equal talent. Brown Eyed Girl over Hotel California any day.

  448. Adam Mason says:

    I should have know better than to view this countdown. To think the voters know a thing or two about “art” is hilarious to me. Looks to me death and album sales played a gigantic role in this list. Where the f**k is John Coltrane, Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez, The Incredible String Band, or FRANK ZAPPA!!!? The list goes on. The Velvet Underground got disrespected. I enjoy about 20 or so artists on this list, But don’t agree with the placement. For me Dylan is by far number one. And i’m sure if you told Dylan he got voted number one he wouldn’t care. True artists have an understanding that most of us will never grasp. And i’m tired of us trying to wear out something special, beautiful and pure. Like rock and roll for example.

  449. Matt O says:

    No Duran Duran. My god. What a crime. Devo also a true testament to the evolution of modern music that goes without accolades. At least The Cure made it.

  450. atj says:

    you’ve got to be kiddin…the beatles number #1, lol.

  451. Coco says:

    This list is really a testament to the popular artists. At least Sade made the list. And how did you mess up this one? Maybe BET, Si, and Fuse need to do a 100 greatest artists and see what they come up with. Beyonce is okay but she’s more of an entertainer than artist.

  452. Inaiah says:

    Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, Tom Waits, Hank Williams, The White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age, Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, Jimmie Rogers, Rosco Holcomb, Woody Guthrie, Slayer, Fugazi, Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, Roy Orbison, Pixies, Odetta, Otis Reading, Nina Simone, Muddy Waters, Fleetwood Mac, Louis Armstrong, Linda Ronstadt, Blind Willie McTell, Sonic Youth, Lightning Hopkins, Leon Redbone, Fugees, Jeff Buckley, Daniel Johnston, Django Reinhardt, Howlin’ Wolf, Etta James, George Harrison, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Willie Nelson, Elton John, Elliott Smith, Elizabeth Cotten, Devo, Creedence Clearwater Revival,

  453. kevin says:

    Shouldn’t a list of the all-time greatest have a place on the list for God? That’s just crazy he’s not on there, certainly Slowhand merits a spot on the list. Also, so many names left off, and rankings all wrong(Prince ahead of the King, what world is that the case?). VH1 has no idea what they’re doing.

  454. susie says:

    to jordan
    Please name one MJ’s flop album. I bet you can’t. All MJ’s albums successfully sold worldwide. 5 of them among best selling albums of all time included Thriller hold a record of best selling album in history of music with 105 millions copies sold worldwide (this record has existing 27 years and will never be broken, believe me). Beatles is good and may equal MJ in something such as writing and composing, but generally NOBODY can compare to MICHAEL JACKSON. MJ’s great in everything: talent, charisma, style, influence and impact…A GREATEST!

  455. huong says:

    to jordan
    Please name one MJ’s flop album. I bet you can’t. All MJ’s albums successfully sold worldwide. 5 of them among best selling albums of all time included Thriller hold a record of best selling album in history of music with 105 millions copies sold worldwide (this record has existing 27 years and will never be broken, believe me). Beatles is good and may equal MJ in something such as writing and composing, but generally NOBODY can compare to MICHAEL JACKSON. MJ’s great in everything: talent, charisma, style, influence and impact…A GREATEST!

  456. Michelle says:

    Everyone saying that Michael was robbed of the Number 1 position needs to cool the eff down. The Beatles did more in their ten years then Michael did in his entire career. Was Michael an incredible artist? Absolutely! But no one, and I mean no one, can top The Beatles.

  457. MusicPhan says:

    How can there be a list of the 100 greatest artists of all time that does not include the Grateful Dead. the dead should have been top 10 on any relevant list, they were the first great jam band. Jerry Garcia is one of the most talented guitarists ever in the history of music. Coldplay, Greenday, Bruce Springsteen… are you kidding me?

  458. jp says:

    Nothing against Beyonce but she should not be on this list, she is just slightly better than a boy band, or her boy friend or husband Jay Z. They are pretty good but not top 100 of all time.

  459. jp says:

    OMG people quit whining about MJ not making number 1 he is really good but the top 10 are all really good i would say they are all equal i dont know how you could really say one is better than the other. They are all awesome and to put one in front of the other is personal opinion.

  460. zp3cial says:

    the doors 64 wtf? jayz and big are good and all but they dont come close to doors :S and it was funny one 1 african american said good things about the beatles xD Mj is a god but come on just because hi died made him top 2….

  461. ray rose says:

    where the hell are the sex pistols??

  462. Denise says:

    How can Bon Jovi not be on this list at all? For George Michael to make the list and not Bon Jovi then something is very wrong..Bon Jovi has sold, toured and been around longer than him. Just don’t understand it.

  463. Heather says:

    First of all, I did enjoy watching this even though I may not have agreed with everything. Although there are many that I don’t think should have made the list and I don’t agree with the placement of many, I am more concerned with some artists that didn’t make the list at all. I was surprised that there wasn’t much motown like The Supremes or The Temptations, but even more than that I am shocked beyond words that we didn’t see Eric Clapton on there apart from Cream considering what he did either solo or with other bands, Buddy Holly, Simon & Garfunkel, CCR or Bon Jovi. How could any of those not make the Top 100, when they all should have been at least in the Top 20?

  464. SHROUD says:

    I just can’t believe Justin freaking Timberlake made the list and Santana didn’t!!!There are alot of notable names missing and thats to be expected but if it’s like they said and real musicians voted on this list I don’t see how that could have happened

  465. SHROUD1 says:

    I was really surprised that hippy icons The Grateful Dead or Willie Nelson didn’t make the list

  466. Jeff says:

    Actually this list is for the most part pretty accurate. Remember this is VH1 which is a Rock & Roll venue. The top 20 are a pretty good bunch. The top 5 are all worthy. Whats missing from the list are The Dead, The Chili Peppers & a bunch of 50′s & 60′s rock pioneers.

  467. Picture-Me-Rollin says:

    Okay I am one of the few people who don’t like the beatles but I can understand why their in the top 5. The one thing that blows my mind is they have jayz as the highest rapper on the list. when the guy isn’t even influential. the artist most people say would be the king of rap is tupac and he’s behind jayz and biggie? How the hell is biggie better than pac? just because people think he has a nice flow? that’s bs. There are many rappers like krsone and nas who say tupac is the best, biggie even said tupac is his fav rapper. eminem said tupac is his hero, who he looked up to. Tupac style of writing is taught in college classes. His song dear mama was inducted Into the Library of Congress Registry. He sold more than 80 million albums. He has song’s like ghetto gospel feat elton john. he is one of the most influential artists. He got killed for speaking up because he knew to much. He never got special treatment , he faced police brutality. He was a poet. I could go on and on. It’s just pure bs biggie is higher than him aswell as jayz, and of course “DIDDY” is one of the voters.

  468. SHROUD1 says:

    I was glad to atleast see Pink Floyd make the top 20 and Johnny Cash actually made it

  469. David says:

    This list blows

  470. Bob says:

    Definitely underrated is ELO.

  471. Kimo says:

    NO RHCP…r u serious? Their influence on the music scene, not to mention their uniqueness, over the past 25 years is one of a kind. It’s a total joke that they are not on the list. Radiohead at #29…WTF.

  472. The Nati Rocks says:

    I agree with Jeff….LZ has a longer legacy with more music lovers.

    Where were the Eagles on this list? I mean, here’s a band that has been playing together for four decades, has the best selling album in rock history and two of the artist, Don Henley and Joe Walsh are rock legends. Thought they should be in if freaking Fleetwood Mac and Cream are in the list.

  473. The Nati Rocks says:

    WHAT??? NO SANTANA???? No Red Hot Chili Peppers???? Here’s a band that has more stage presence than about 90 of the bands on the list! And, Santana is a freaking musical genius. And these bands have never sold out like Coldplay.

  474. ben says:

    how can a greatest artist list not have cinderella on it tom keifer vocal range is incredible he plays every instrument know to man and they still put on one hell of a show pound for pound the most under rated band of all time

  475. NDMETAL says:

    Whoever put this list together knows NOTHING about musical talent–LLCoolJ, Alicia Keys, MnM, Notorius BIG, JayZ, Public Enemy, Outkast–get real! I like the previous list that was done a long time ago–the aforementioned people suck! but when you look who “voted”, Carrie underwood, Diddy, HELP!

  476. RoMaN says:

    ROTFLMAOO where wa Britney Spears in This LMFAOOOX12345674788974923834080….. As A Huge Beyonce Fan.. ii think she do deserves to be on this list bcuz her shows are encredible, her award show performances are epic, she got so many awards and people love her.. she always sell out her albums do well her singles are amazing she makes Millions Every Year.. She have amazing fans she is loved and hated by many. This CountDown Would Be Biased With Out Her… But seriously Jimi Hendrix b4 Prince.. SMFH

  477. Gerson says:

    Beyonce was also listed as the most powerful and influential musician in the world last year

  478. DAONE says:

    To me the MJ can be up there with the beatles.. the beatles inspired rock, folk, and pop music… MJ built upon that and changed pop ,R&B, soul music …. both are music video pioneers… And BOTH influenced culture .. before MJ there was no superstar ever that BIG, not even Elvis… to jordan he has had no flops ..his lowest selling album sold 10 million copies.. plus he only had a solo career with 7 studio while Elvis had over 50 wiht countless reissues and complation albums so you cant compare numbers.. per album Michael Jackson has the highest average.. He is heavily influential and is highly respected by all genres music.. say what u wana say about him being eccentric and weird but the man could make music better than any other…. you dont win 8 grammys in one night for music videos.. you have to have great MUSIC!!! billie jean is held as one of the greatest songs of all time along with beat it and man in the mirror so stop saying his songs were unbearable… the beatles were only around 6 years so dont say that they have come out with more quality albums than MJ.. if we can show respect to the beatles, led zepp and others.. plz show respect to MJ

  479. PD says:

    ppl who dont like MJ and Prince being up there only hate it cuz they dont like thaqt style of music.. so dont even get mad… remember even if dont like the style of music you must respect the work they have done.. Bob Dylan cant sing but i still give the man mad respect for his songwriting ability and how he has influenced others after him….

    Chuck Berry should be top ten

  480. james says:

    mj number 1 and tupac b4 big and jayz definitely

  481. Michelle says:

    Where’s the Chili Peppers? Foo Fighters? Creedence Clearwater Revival? BonJovi? Smashing Pumpkins? The Eagles? Nirvana at 14? They created a genre of music and still influence the music that is created today! Nirvana beats out Michael Jackson anyday!

  482. Capver says:

    Pretty sure the host (or one of the guests) commented that Bob Marley was murdered by his father. HOWEVER, his father died when Bob was much younger. Bob Marley died of cancer.

    Having a ranking that doesn’t please everyone is one thing, but to mess up on major facts is a pretty big deal.

  483. D Ballard says:

    This list is basically bulls____, and represents the tripe that is being sold to the mass media market these days. How is NWA related to Joni Mitchell? Why are there NO progressive rock bands represented on the list? TELL ME THAT KISS is better then such groups as Dire Straits, Jethro Tull, ELP, Yes, The Moody Blues etc…??? Moreover, To be honest, I don’t even see rap as a specific music form- it is generally more like angry beat poetry- very talented artists- of course, but many on the list are PERFORMERS and do NOT represent good examples of accomplished musicianship. Also, why didn’t William Johnson the original blues man or L. Armstrong make the list? They were the original artists that started this wave Way before Chuck Berry.

  484. Sarah says:

    No santana, no bon jovi.. there were others but really i was shocked not to see bon jovi they have been around for so long and they still making hits

  485. Shayna says:

    Im so upset with this list I can barely right my comment. This list was so disrespectful and disgusting to the real artist that actually impacted the music world. Beyonce and Justin Timberlake should be no where near this list. Their music did not impact a generation or inspire and uplift millions of people. They are way too young in their careers to have been on this list. The list left out so many other great REAL artist that actually write their own music and play their own instruments. Anyone can shake their ass and say put a ring on it or tell everyone theyre bringing sexy back. Also the order of the list was HORRENDOUS and absolutely RIDICULOUS. Justin Timberlake over Otis Rediing, Journey, The Pretenders and Hall & Oats. Its a joke. It just doesnt make any sense and their is no way “The WHO” should have been off the top ten. Im only 26 and I still listen to “Teenage Wasteland”. Prince could have been in another spot on the list. An what happened to Carol King and Carly Simon, Bonnie Rait, Dusty Springfeild, Cher and Dolly Parton they had just as an impact on the music industry as some of the men on the list that should not have be on their in the first place. I am so done with Vh1. They actually stood for something a long time ago. I also think that maybe when you have Mandy Moore, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Lil Jon, Kelly Rowland, Chili and Adriene Bailon voting these are the results your going to get. Their not even real artist themselves! What a joke!!!!

  486. Bushy says:

    I cant believe that OASIS, one of the best rock & roll bands in the world didnt even make it onto this list. Queen at #17??? Didnt these guys ever see Live Aid?

  487. Nate-Dog says:

    Parliment-Funkadelic would have out played any of those other bands. Maggot Brain, Cosmic Slop, and Atomic Dog alone are better than any of that other stuff. Sound like they got a “3″ on them to me. VH1 is full of infideles. The “P FUNK” said it best! “Let’s take it to the stage” Suckers!!!!! Free your Mind and Your Ass will Follow!!

  488. SuzyQ says:

    No Frank Sinatra? No Ella Fitzgerald? Those omissions alone make this list a joke, with zero credibility.

  489. gary watkins says:

    TOTO was the greatest and I’m an artist, BOZ was #2

  490. william jacobsen says:

    ok so this list was meant for the greatest artists of all time some just don,t belong( eminem, notorious big, beyonce, etc! but yet missing from the list was the following iron maiden, chicago, pat benetar, reo speedwagon, kansas, motley crue, loverboy,rod stewart, the eurythmics, molly hatchet, poison, bon jovi, jethro tull, deep purple,alice cooper, joan jett& the blackhearts, heart, jeferson airplane/starship, thin lizzy, boston, inxs, john cougar mellencamp, lenny kravitz, the black crowes, lionel richie/the commodores,kool & the gang, elo, america, asia, argent, 2 live crew,billy squier, megadeth, the eagles, night ranger, huey lewis & the news,live, dead kennedys, red hot chili peppers, sex pistols,cinderella, kc & the sunshine band, the village people, the captain & tenille, janet jackson, the moody blues,j geils band!

  491. andrea says:

    Mariah at #94 is scandalous!! Also Alicia at #100!!

  492. Ted says:

    Rush is not in the top 10?!? Neither is Grateful Dead, Steve Vai, Judas Priest or even Queen?!? Queen had the greatest band vocals ever, one of the greatest guitarists ever (Brian May) and you’re telling me the crappy over publicized Beatles get #1? And Rush got 75?!? Rush is the greatest 3 man band hands down. The Beatles have hair, that’s it.

  493. JJ says:

    Where in the hell was Buddy Holly? Seriously!

  494. Jo says:

    Hey NatiRock: I agree. The Eagles should’ve been listed. But then, if the Eagles were listed, then Rick Nelson would need to be listed. As would Creedance Clearwater. Afterall, Rick Nelson created the whole “country/rock” genre.

  495. Mary says:

    Bruce Springsteen #21? Are you freakin’ serious? His own satellite radio station, his own exhibit at the R&RHofFame, all the music he’s written, performed for the last 35 years? Should be at least in the top 10, not #21. Would love to know who the voting panel is.

  496. Cody says:

    Ok first of all Dave Matthews Band should be on the list and towards the top, and second i believe Lil Wayne should be on this list somewhere he loved by everyone

  497. Jordan E. says:

    No offense but I think this list is a load of crap. Coldplay? Beyonce? I love all types of music but a bunch of people shouldn’t even be on this list! Where is Roy Orbison, Sam Cooke, y’know those real meat and potatoes singers. A lot of artists on this list and their rankings have me doubting the intelligence of its voters.

    Also, as for Michael being number 1, I happen to disagree. Michael was amazing and there will be no other like him but the Beatles were more influential on music than he was. As for the list, as music fans, instead of duking out on the web, we should just go enjoy the music we love so much and not let a list determine the importance of our favorites on music or in culture. We are all educated people. Let’s not waste our time with one out of thousands of lists. As human beings we naturally compete and rank things. When are we going to stop putting numbers on beauty?

  498. BudCollinsNOT says:

    Are 1 billion dead heads dead wrong?

  499. rich says:

    Other notable ommissions from your list include Allman Bros, Bob Seger, Geo Thorogood, The Hooters, Cindi Lauper, Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Buddy Holly and 38 Special…

  500. Nick says:

    I love these things because it makes people crazy. Did u count how many times the same people said “this was the greatest band ever”? However, there are some crazy wrong things with this list. NO WAY that Prince is in the top 10 or 15, I mean c’mon and get real. Bruce at 21?? Every been to a Boss show?? Top 10 material no doubt. Where was James Taylor, Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra or RUSH?

  501. Robert says:


    Where’s Bo Diddley!

  502. Haley says:

    Yea, These are some good artists.. But there are some important ones left off.. My personal fave is DURAN DURAN and I listen to them religiously and cannot believe they are not on here!!

  503. ivan obregon says:

    One would have to reveal one’s ignorance and naivety of music as art, popular culture, and history if anyone but the Beatles were thought to be the greatest artists of all time, and that even if one were born after 1970. There has never been such a unique, impactful, and influential musical phenomenon as the Beatles. They literally heralded a second cultural renaissance and changed the consciousness of the world. This is not just an “opinion” for anyone with any sort of knowledge of what the Beatles musically accomplished but a fact. The union of such genius, mass appeal, creative longevity, genre-breaking diversity, and innovation was the most breathtaking feat of any artists ever, miraculous even. In a unique and special class of their own, they changed, expanded, and liberated the possibilities of music as an art and popular form in such a short period of time forever and immortalized their significance to anyone who values and knows about the best, or at least the most consequential, musical work ever accomplished. Truly special.

  504. Steve says:

    Dont Agree with most of this. AC/DC,Queen, and Elvis should of been ranked higher. Micheal Jackson does not deserve to be 2. Where is Frank Sinatra

  505. chauncy says:

    gotta have the eagles in there hotel california is one of the best songs of all time. Bruce should have been higher. Billy Joel should have been much higher than 51, and i think Bon Jovi, Donna Summers, and Frank Sinatra should have all made the list but it was one of the most entertaining Vh1 lists

  506. Hana says:

    What about the Carpenters? Duran Duran? Eric Clapton without Creme. What happened? But I do agree that The Beatles should be #1

  507. Dave C says:

    JT 66? I mean, he has the album sales if you include NSYNC and he has put out some good solo songs but still wtf??

  508. Amy says:

    I agree with what Jo said about the EAGLES and also, I can’t believe you left out the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS…they are Rock/Rap/Funk all rolled up into one and they have been making AWESOME music since the 80′s and continue to do so today!!

  509. anonymous says:

    No solo Eric Clapton? Beyonce, Alicia keyes, Mariah Carey, ABBA, Justin TImberlake, Coldplay but NO CLAPTON??? OMG Pathetic.

  510. Doug says:

    Where in the hell are the Eagles?????? They founded Country Rock………….

  511. summer says:

    what about the Foo Fighters?!

  512. Cory says:

    Ok, a couple really bad misses that need to be added:
    1) The Allman Brothers. I mean seriously? Seriously?!? This is the worst omission of all.
    2) The Eagles. See Jo’s comment.
    3) CCR. Also see Jo’s comment.

    Oh, and Lynyrd Skynyrd shoulda been much higher than 77. You’re telling me Justin Timberlake and Coldplay (combined, even) are better than any one of these bands? I think not.

  513. CW says:

    WHERE ARE THE ALLMAN BROTHERS?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

  514. Amy says:


  515. Aaron says:

    Johnny Cash should have been in the 10 ten this list is a joke

  516. jeff says:

    Let me start out by saying most deserved to be on list but lets be real how can Michael Jackson be ahead of groups or individuals who have had several decades of multiple hits. MJ was good in the 80s but come on hes not better than half the people in the top twenty on this list. It is also pathetic to include one country singer and not more. George Strait has had over 50 number 1 hits MJ doesnt. Reba has more number ones than Michael also. Lets face this was a popularity contest that let MJ get more votes than he deserved. Great entertainer but plenty more have had more success. If he hadnt died he would have been farther down on the list. By the way how do the Eagles not be in the top 100. Do a true list of all genres by number one hits and see how it turns out.

  517. anthony says:

    anyone out there who ever heard of frank zappa?

  518. chris says:

    lynyrd skynyrd number 77??? i am speechless

  519. Jeff says:

    How can outcast be one th list but not the eagles

  520. Bill says:

    not mentioned, but should be there:
    Bob Seger
    Sam Cooke
    Buddy Holly
    Just to name a few!!!!

  521. cheeps says:

    WHERE IS PAUL SIMON?!! also frank sinatra, CCR, and cat stevens?!

  522. smfh says:

    this list is crap. where is wu-tang? pac should be higher, and jay-z should be lower. instead of getting Mandy Moore to vote on these artists, they should’ve gotten people with more musical knowledge, smh.

  523. smfh says:

    oh and where the f***ck is Lauryn Hill

  524. christopher rodgers says:

    what is this ameteur hour!? WHERE IS JON BON JOVI??????

  525. Sharron says:

    James Taylor should be on this list. 40+ years and still amazing poet, singer and entertainer

  526. Rachel says:

    I think Celine Dion should be on this list. She should be in the top 40.

  527. Leo says:

    Where are the ALLMAN BROTHERS??? And the Dead? How can the Grateful Dead not be here? And Clapton? one of the greatest guitarists ever. And CCR should absolutely be here. This list is just bad. No Sam Cooke either?

  528. Dad dude says:

    No Tool or slayer or Red Hot chili peppers but you have Justin timberlake. I mean really? Prince #7??

  529. Nelson says:

    I can agree with all of the mentioned artists. What I can’t agree is how can TOM JONES not be on that list. I have yet to witness an artist with voice and range of this man, not to mention his ability as a dancer. Without him this list faults enormously.

  530. Rachel says:

    I just can’t go into detail about the rankings- it is too messed up to even get into, but here is my list of people who have been left off that should be considered:

    John Denver
    Bon Jovi
    Matchbox 20
    Sarah Maglachlin
    Alanis Morrisette
    Celine Dion
    Barry Mantilow
    Bryan Adams
    The Eagles
    Rod Stewart
    The Grass Roots
    the Mamas & the Papas
    Dolly Parton
    Willi Nelson

    Who should not have been on the list:

    Curtis Mayfield
    Justin Timberlake
    Little Richard
    Iggy & the Stooges
    Rage Against the Machine
    The Velvet Underground
    Elvis Costello
    Sly & The Family Stone
    John Lennon(Solo)
    Peter Gabriel(Solo)
    Jimi Hendrix
    Guns N’ Roses

  531. Austin says:

    No R. Kelly? wtf. Forget about his personal life and concentrate on his music, he definately should have been on this list, he is undeniably one of the best artist ever.

  532. konman says:

    Justin Timberlake!!! I think I’m gonna throw up!!! Where is Sinatra, Sam Cooke, The Temptations, Coltrane, Miles Davis. I glad I didn’t watch this crap!!! Justin Timberlake!!! LOL

  533. Not Sure says:

    I understand the concept of the beatles being the most influential but they came from a time when there was not alot of diffrent styles of music. When I am looking at the greates of all times I look at how they reached across the spectrum of all music. I dont see any country music artist on here either so I am not sold on how true this list is. I am sure Garth Brooks and Alabama should be on this list. I am not a country fan but if we are going to rate lets be across the board fair. One more thing I thing that Eminem should be a little higher up on the list. When he hit the main stream, he had everyone saying his name good or bad he was and still is in the minds of people.

  534. Jody says:

    Who votes for this? Where are The Eagles? Where’s CCR? Where’s Iron Maiden? Where’s Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams, B.B. King, or even Snoop Doggy Dogg? I mean come on we won’t agree on everything, but Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, ABBA, Mary J. Blige just to name a few, are you kidding?

  535. Anthony says:

    This list is pathetic.
    Ray Charles @ #43? That is the biggest load of bullsht*** I have ever seen on any type of list.
    Take off Jay-Z, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Coldaplay and Alicia Keys. They just came onto the scene in the last decade. They have not been around long enough and they really aren’t that impressive of artists compared to who is on the list and who SHOULD be on the list. Maybe through time will they become great, but currently they just don’t belong. With that being said, where in the hell is Frank Sinatra? I could name others like Neil Diamond, Simon & Garfunkel, The Eagles, etc. The ridiculous omissions are endless almost. This list is almost an insult to the intelligence of people who KNOW music.

  536. HughFire says:

    In addition to the many other omissions I have seen on this list I was kinda surprised that heart wasn’t on there – they were big for 3 decades at least. The other obvious omissions: eagles, grateful dead, celine, cher, and many more were just beyond the pale when it was obvious with some of the people they were trying to dig out a song more than there one MEga hit to feature in the bio.

  537. wes says:

    ok…i’m not getting into trying to re-order this thing. it’s ridiculousness speaks for itself.

    however, i’ll say 1 good thing about the list. Beatles at #1 is dead on. I’m only 30, so they broke up 10 years before i was born. But, they pretty much invented “Pop” Music, and no one has made pop that good with such variety since then.

    now…the bad: First, I don’t care what anyone thinks of “country.” Garth Brooks has sold like 100 million records, and he belongs on this list. Is anybody listening?

    Second, The Eagles have one of the 2 best selling albums…ever. where are they?

    Third…Red Hot Chili Peppers…so many great songs…so influential

    4th…no Frank Sinatra? What? Poll some people over 60…enough said.

    Last but not least…No Neil Diamond… R U Kidding Me? The man is still tearing it up.

    Take off Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, The Pretenders, Outkast and The Band.

  538. Gitykins says:

    Can people honestly shut up? Nobody actually cares about your recommendations and they are all terrible. This list is horrible but it’s an extremely daunting task to make a list of greatest artist. Music taste is subjective and VH1 or whoever voted are entitled to their opinions. Just because you like Matchbox 20 doesn’t mean they should be on the list and since the Beach Boys are 2deep4u doesn’t mean they should be taken off.

  539. wes says:

    ok…i’m not getting into trying to re-order this thing. it’s ridiculousness speaks for itself.

    however, i’ll say 1 good thing about the list. Beatles at #1 is dead on. I’m only 30, so they broke up 10 years before i was born. But, they pretty much invented “Pop” Music, and no one has made pop that good with such variety since then.

    now…the bad: First, I don’t care what anyone thinks of “country.” Garth Brooks has sold like 100 million records, and he belongs on this list. Is anybody listening?

    Second, The Eagles have one of the 2 best selling albums…ever. where are they?

    Third…Red Hot Chili Peppers…so many great songs…so influential.

    4th…no Frank Sinatra? What? Poll some people over 60…enough said.

    Last but not least…No Neil Diamond… R U Kidding Me? The man is still tearing it up.

    Take off Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, The Pretenders, Outkast and The Band.

  540. CJG says:

    2300 plus concerts over more then 30 years. One of the if not the only band to encourage recording thier concerts by the fans. The death of Jerry Garcia made a country morn and placed his face on the cover of Time magazine. VH1 you should be ashamed of yourself for not acknowledging the Greatful Dead and the effects that had on our society. VH1 you sold out.

  541. Tim says:

    well michael looks like you’re going to have to settle for second place.the beatles are forever no. 1. also, i don’t see how they can leave off the eagles, and the supremes.

  542. michael bolton says:

    where am i on this list.

  543. Steve "Dr. Hotlips" says:

    so why don’t I see “the Guess Who”,”Peter Frampton”, “The Eagles”,”Heart”,”Toto”,”Iron Butterfly”, “The Moody Blues”, “Chicago”,”Carlos Santana”,”Stevie Ray Vaughan”and what about Annie Lennox and “the Fine Young Cannibals” on the top 100 of all time list. I’m curious did you allow the musicians to write-in their favorites or did you give them a list? and I only scratched the surface with these next time It should be the top 200 artists of all time.

    P.S. I can’t believe that two of the greatest from you know, back then they are the great B. B. and Fats. whats up with that?

  544. Chris Goca says:

    After hours of thought and frustration this is all I can say. VH1 how can you not acknowledge the effect of Jerry Garcia and the Greatful Dead on society music and the lives of the billions of people they touched.

  545. David Mahler says:

    There’s plenty of odd omissions.

    The ones which scream out are:

    Sam Cooke ……..to not have him here is truly strange considering Al Green and Otis Redding are listed and Sam Cooke is more important than both. Coincidentally I don’t recall Cooke being on their 1998 list either.

    Buddy Holly……Not having him on this list but Chuck Berry at #25 is totally nonsensical.

    Brian Eno……….surely he’s influential enough that had they polled a better survey of artists he’d have cracked the top 100.

    The Sex Pistols…….maybe they only had one album, but come on….if you’re going to put Clash in the top 25, you must include the Pistols in the top 100.

    Frank Zappa……..Um it’s Frank Zappa……top 50 material here.

    Britney Spears…….if you’re going to start including Madonna and Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, you may as well just include Britney Spears….yes its horrible stupid teen pop, but essentially Madonna is the same crap and she’s like in the top 20, either take that crappy music out or put someone in that is clearly on the same level.

    The Grateful Dead……….I don’t know if their inclusion is pivotal, but they certainly belong there over Cheap Trick or Def Leppard…..their career spanned over 30 years and they were continuously popular with 3 generations.

    The Smiths……….had this been the BBC instead of VH1, the Smiths would have placed in the top 5. Just sayin’

    Kraftwerk…………maybe they’re not beloved, but surely they are more important than 90% of the artists listed.

    Frank Sinatra…………not a rock artist, but I think the genre should be stretched to include Ol’ blue Eyes, he’s certainly impacted a number of artists on that list.

    Simon & Garfunkel……….a lot of people would deem Simon as the greatest American pop song writer after Dylan, not having him here in any carnation is a little ridiculous.

    Eric Clapton should be listed alongside Cream. Eric Clapton is 90% of why Cream got the votes, but Eric is nowhere to be found on the list and his career spans 50 years almost.

    Elliott Smith, a personal favorite of mine…..no where nearly as famous as anyone included, but time will show that he deserved to be on the list more than most.

    Patti Smith…….Patti Smith deserves to be there over The Ramones even, so not having her at all is just weird.

    Take LL Cool J off and put Nas……LL Cool J wtf?

    Take Tom Petty off and put The Byrds

    Take Cheap Trick off and put Big Star…..vastly more important.

    Take Kiss off and replace it with anything else, even a poop sandwich would do:-)

    And lastly, Ray Charles and The Doors are misplaced…….both should be in the top 30 and Ray should be in the top 10 in my opinion.

  546. Lisa says:

    Come on, you put Beyonce on this list but not Britney Spears? KISS is down on the list as number 56? Who in the world voted. This list should have been based on the fans not the artist themselves. This list is a joke.

  547. Rachael says:

    Beatles???????????? Okay they are good, but not the best. Johnny Cash and Kiss should be way at the top. Britney Spears was left off, but you put Beyonce and Justin Timberlake on there? You really screwed this list up. Oh, did you forget Twisted Sister?

  548. Philip45 says:

    Here’s the top selling artists..ever.


    (Ok, i won’t go off and say Ozzy in the top 20, but as a solo artist and with B. Sabbath, he’s in the top 60. Even as a solo artist..alone, he’s top 70. Combined w/Sabbath he’s top 50..just in sales, and that says nothing about being a pioneer for metal)

  549. Dr D says:

    This list is bogus. Nice to see the Greatful Dead mentioned on this blog, (Chris Goca- cheers!) As well as Brian Eno and Kraftwerk, and Patti Smith- cheers David Mahler). Indeed Clapton has to be one of the all time greats. As for M. Jackson- he is a great entertainer- dances and sings- but he’s NO Marc Knoffler or Ian Anderson!

  550. marc thompson says:

    where is iron maiden and tool?????? what a bullsh***t list

  551. Marcia says:

    this list kinda broke my heart, so many that were on the first version of the 100 greatest didn’t make it to this one…the eagles, donna summer, jeff buckley, sam cooke, janet jackson, the jackson 5 all being left off was a shame, but relegating janis joplin at number 72…SEVENTY TWO?!?!?!? U2 at 19??!ARETHA AT NUMBER TWENTY SEVEN?!?!?!? okay, i’m off my soapbox now. you blew it, vh1.

  552. Darlene Lee says:

    While I agree wholeheartedly with number 1…anything after that can be debated forever, I am shocked not to see Chicago or The Moody Blues on the list anywhere. Both groups produced music that was uniquely their own and used instruments not usually used in popular music.

  553. Darlene Lee says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with The Beatles as #1…though like everyone else I have other spots I disagree with. I agree with Chris Goca…no Grateful Dead? But also no Chicago or Moody Blues? Both groups had a sound uniquely their own and used instruments not normally found in popular music.

  554. Chomper88 says:

    I totally disagreed with 3/4 of this list. I liked the top 3. Elton John should’ve been in the top 10. “Greatest Artist” of all time means any kind of music. So why was Johnny Cash the only country singer on this list? How come people like Stevie Ray Vaughn, REO, Styx, Grateful Dead, Buddy Holly, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Frankie Valli, Boston, Kansas, Janet Jackson, Kid Rock, Tim McGraw, Barry Manilow, Reba McEntyre, Barry White, Tom Jones… I can keep going on & on so many great artists overlooked, & too mnay made the list that shouldn’t have.

  555. Rick Umali says:

    Someone else has mentioned this artist’s name, but I thought I’d mention it again: Tom Waits should be on this list.

  556. Allen Reed says:

    No Eagles?! You guys are ou of your mind.

  557. Mikaela says:

    Does anybody know the name of the song nirvana was singing when they were featured on vh1s 100 greatest artists af all time? It wasnt teen spirit..it was a different one and i loooved it

  558. Kurt Raios says:

    Seriously no Bob Seger. He is iconic throughout the midwest as well as John Mellencamp.

  559. matt says:

    Can somebody tell me who the brilliant mind is that profiled the Guns N’ Roses with 2 songs… Live and Let Die, and Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door?!?!?! You have artists singing the praise of their musicianship and feature 2 cover songs?! Not very well though out VH1. Granted, both songs were written by amazing artists (Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan) but maybe next time you give them their own music.

  560. phil says:

    Alright I dont understand how SUBLIME didnt get on the list

  561. Jack Price says:

    To exclude Paul Simon is criminal he is one of the most influential songwriters of our time. VH1 another meaningless list.

  562. mel1978 says:

    omg really this list isnt right at all madonna at #16 under nirvana lol what a joke she is easy top 5 material but #1 in my book but if michael jackson can be top 5 madonna shouldve been there aswell . elvis below prince hes #2 easy

  563. karl says:

    ridiculous list.

    Many should be eliminated just because these are supposed to be “artists.” Man of the manufactured pop entertainers do not even write their own songs or music.

    How are the Ramones not in the top 10? They influenced most of all rock bands that came after them.

    ColdPlay and Justin Timberlake before Green Day?

    Tupac and Nirvana overrated as usual.

  564. Carol says:

    I can’t BELIEVE you didn’t include Heart. Talk about UNDER RATED!!! Heart has done more for the sound of the reinvention of rock and the creative stories of their songs have followed me through all my growing up. Ann Wilson has the voice of two people. Heart is one of the ALL TIME GREATEST ARTISTS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  565. Mariah says:

    This list is (for the most oart) spot on! The Beatles are the most influencial band in the history of music and I was SO SO SO happy to see them make it to number one! They are my all time favorite band, so I was probably a little biased, hehe. (: I think Billy JOel should be a bit higher on the list and The Eagles should be included somewhere on there as well.. All in all I was very pleased!!!! BEATLES FORVEVER! <3

  566. RachelleK says:

    Where are the Red Hot Chili Peppers on this list? Are you serious? They have been around for 25 years and are AMAZING!!!!!!! How is Alicia Keys or even Beyonce better than them? Sorry…NO!!!! The list is so wrong it’s not even funny! Where’s Sam Cooke and Frank Sinatra? What on earth is happening here…and BTW, No rapper is better than Tupac Shakur…NO ONE!!!! Eminem is the best rapper alive now but no one will EVER be as good as Tupac…sorry!

  567. RachelleK says:

    Oh and yes The Beatles do deserve #1, but Elvis should have been #2 not MJ…but MJ is top 10 for sure.

  568. RachelleK says:

    So VH1, maybe you should get a smarter group of people to take the music survey next time…this list is so wrong, rain man could have made a better one and he was a retard. Yes, the Beatles should be #1…that’s about it oh and Zeppelin is where they should be, but everyone else is out of wack and there are so many bands that were left off that are amazing…left off for Alicia Keys and Beyonce? You people are on crack!

  569. Kirsten says:

    I would really like to see the 1998 list and compare, considering vh1 of 2010 is totally ignoring the beginning of the 20th century and country. Not all artist have to be breaking the mold- because some of them actually made those molds.

    Who started modern music? The Big Bands, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, and artists such as Etta James and Louis Armstrong. They are not there.
    Where was country? Yes, there was Johnny Cash, but what about Patsy Cline, one of the greatest voices of all time? Or the other top-selling country artists, such as George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Reba?

    Or the 50s and early 60s. The Righteous Brothers? Franki Valli? And barely any Motown is just terrible. A lot of artists would never have been if Motown hadn’t paved the way.

    And B.B. King- such an amazing man who’s still going strong.
    Or Jimmy Buffet- a guy who has a whole genre?

    Then there is Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney, Sammy Davis Jr., and many other people including FRANK SINATRA. To not have him at all, as he should be in top 5, is a total disgrace.
    This is musical common sense.

  570. Kirsten says:

    Or what about Dave Matthews Band?

    ..And to strech it- the Goo Goo Dolls. Tose guys have always had hits.

  571. katherine lloyd-knox says:

    where the hell are the red hot chili peppers, queen, and phil ochs. talk about forming my soul.

  572. CWilsonFAN says:

    Ya, im sorry but this list does have some good names and bands but really there alot of much bigger and better names that are not on the list that should be. VH1 Failed on this one. And for the poeple who voted…. Cmon really why is Alicia Keys even on the list? I just changed the channel.

  573. JoAnne says:

    I think this list overlooked alot of artists .Where are Bonjovi?

  574. Elizabeth says:

    If it wasn’t for you guys putting the Beatles at number 1 I may have disliked this list. But THE BEATLES ARE NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!! DON”T DENY IT, YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  575. MaJesty says:

    #1….VH1′s 100 Greatest Artists Of All Times Are “The Beatles” , This Is A Tribute To George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals) of The Beatles,Plus Prince (His Purple MaJesty) Is #7,But 7 Is A Lucky Number And On The 7th Day He Made Me……I ? ???¡©,? Out !!! * RePost*


  576. Brit says:

    Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and ABBA made the list, but not the Eagles or Eric Clapton? Something’s wrong with this list.

  577. mama says:

    This list was just a plain ‘ole crime. Are you kidding me?? How in God’s name did some of these people even make this list. Alicia Keys?? Outkast?? Coldplay?? TImberlake?? You mean to tell me, VH1 panel of musicians and music experts, that all four of these artists rank above The Eagles, The Temptations, and (the biggest travesty of the whole darn thing) Frank Sinatra???? I’ll bet some of these people are ASHAMED to be on the list while these ESSENTIAL members of music history have been left out. Shame on you VH1.

  578. kvp says:

    #52 Beyonce? #51 Billy Joel? Who the hell voted, deaf people? I’m pretty sure their contributions to music and performing out do Sade any day of the week! Holy lord VH-1 your countdowns really need some sort of editing by people who have the ability to appreciate music.

  579. DonLV says:

    Obviously the people polled just arrived on the planet and have no real sense of music beyond the past couple of decades. Some of the following are not my favorites, however, they all left their mark! Great talents left off the list include (no particular order):

    Simon & Garfunkel
    Grateful Dead
    The Eagles
    Frank Sinatra
    Neil Diamond
    Buddy Holly
    Linda Ronstadt
    Bob Seger
    John Mellencamp
    Barbra Streisand

  580. be4urdone says:

    I agree with the posts that the so called music experts totally left off artists that deserved to be on this list. How could they leave off Frank Sinatra, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and others that deserved to be on this list. The artists who should have been closer to the top are Madonna and Elvis Presley. We as music fans should make our own list forget vh1.

  581. sebastian says:

    i think SUBLIME should of came out on that list!!!!!!

  582. steve says:

    Your ‘experts’ should try to google some names when they sober up. A few suggestions: Garth Brooks, Patsy Cline, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, Donna Summer, Shania Twain, Dionne Warwick. That should keep them busy for a couple weeks assuming that anyone they know can type in the names & read & explain the info to them.

  583. Shawn says:

    I think a lot of strong arguments about the stupidity of this list have been made but I’d just like to mention one group that seems to have been overlooked by the commenters on here… why were Pixies not on the list

  584. Frank says:

    This list is either titled incorrectly or complied using a limited and misguided group of “music experts” who, collectively, do not represent the true music experts. The true music experts are the people that have spent their hard earned money buying the music they love, the music that moves them, the music that helps set the milestones of their lives.

    How can Garth Brooks have sold the second greatest number of albums (only The Beatles have sold more) and not be on the list. I understand VH1′s “experts” aren’t country fans, but country artists are great artists also. In addition to Garth, there is George Strait, Kenny Rogers, Shania Twain, Alan Jackson, Reba McIntire, Tim McGraw, and Willie Nelson who are all in the top 50 of album sales. And this isn’t even including Hank Williams, Jr. or Patsy Cline.

    Then there is Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion – both in the top 25 of albums sold, but not on the list. Also, along this line is Neil Diamond and Kenny G, 25th and 26th on the all-time albums sold list. Oh, and I guess they never heard of Frank Sinatra? This represents other genres of music which VH1′s “experts” must not think doesn’t have any great artists.

    So, I understand Vh1′s “experts” have limited and prejudiced opinions. But what is their excuse for the unbelievable omissions? They have The Clash, Steely Dan, Cheap Trick, The Cure, Radiohead, and ABBA, but not the Eagles. The Eagles have sold the fifth highest number of albums of all time, yet the VH1 “experts” don’t think they are great? Then there other groups the fans love – Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Chicago, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, The Dave Matthews Band, Boston, Poison, Tool, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    Then there are the solo performers they simply forgot about. Peter Gabriel but not Phil Collins? Elvis Costello but not James Taylor? Justin Timberlake but not Rod Stewart or Paul Simon? Alicia Keyes but not Linda Ronstadt? The refreshments given to the VH1 “experts” must have been really good – it sure messed with their sense of judgment.

    Maybe they were combining GREAT with also having influence on newer artists. No – that can’t be it because they missed Santana, Eric Clapton, Simon & Garfunkle, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Jethro Tull.

    Oh well – the VH1 “experts” have their opinions, as warped and misguided as they are, and I have mine. At least they got 2 of the top five correct.

  585. Bryson Atud says:

    If Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce is on this list, why in the hell is Usher not in it? Hell! Usher should of been in Justin’s spot or Alicia Keys’ spot cuz Usher was one of the most successful R&B artists in the 90s. Speaking of 90s Beyonce should of been in the 90s spot, not 52. How the hell she beat Mariah Carey & Whitney? Mariah Carey was one of the most successful female artists ever with 18 number hits and she landed at 94? She could of at least made Top 50

  586. Thomas says:

    I can’t believe the Temptations were not on this list.

  587. Michelle says:

    I am very disappointed that The Temptations and The Jackson Five were not among the list of The 100 Greatest Artists. How can you show  movies about The Temptations and The Jacksons peridoically,but not include them..  Both groups combined had a list of hits spanning over the last 45 years.   After all, Michael Jackson’s solo career was lauched by a being a member of the Jackson Five.  But yet, Paul Mccartney was included twice on the list as a member of the Beatles, as well as his solo career. Nothing against the Beatles they defintiely deserved to be on the list. But be consistent..if you are including persons as a solo artist, acknowledge the whole history to include groups they began withwhich contributed to their success as an artist for example:, Cream was recognized, but not Eric Clapton, Genesis was recognized but not Phil Collins,but yet Peter Gabriel was, what????…does not make any sense.
    Other artists that were omitted and deserved to be on the list…Smokey Robinson,in addition to his 50 years of beign an artist, written and produced many  Motowon songs, Diana Ross and The Supremes,Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, The Platters,Janet Jackson, The Sylvers, Brittney Spears, Jery Butler Natalie Cole,( daughter of the legendary Nat King Cole), Nat King Cole, Minnie Riperton Shalamar,Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane,The Mamas and The Papas,Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles the list goes on and on.
    In addition, The Sylvers should have been considered as well. They had many hits, very popular in the 70′s and their musical career goes back close to 40 years of songs,written and produced by Jerry Butler as well as the eldest brother of the group Leon Sylvers III, but you included the Velevet Underground, Radiohead, The Cure I’m just saying…excuse me for being naive, no disrespect to the artists,I am appreciative of all musical talents. Today, many people remember The Sylvers,for their hits, but everybody danced and roller skated to Boogie Fever, Hotline,etc. viewed them on Soul Train, American Bandstand, Midnight Special along with everyone else.
    I was under the impression that the Top 100 Greatest Artists were going to recognize artist that had an EXTENDED history as far as contributions.   

  588. Max says:

    EXcuse me but.Beyonce 50 and One of the best singers in the world with number 18 ones Mariah Carey in the bottom? WTF?? What is Justin doing here? Jay Z? LL cool J the also actor one?Outkast? AND WHERE IS JANET, BON JOVI, PHIL COLLINS, ERIC CLAPTON, NO DOUBT, DIANA ROSS, BRYAN ADAMS?!!!

  589. Jonny says:

    Alright VH1, I’m taking time out of my day to sit and explain some things to you. How did you manage to come up with such a cool concept and completely botch the finished product? This show looked like it was produced by a team of monkeys.

    First, and foremost, your list was absolute RUBISH! Whomever complied this list of garbage should be sent to eastern Siberia, where he will spend the rest of his days herding Yaks?

    PS Why is Justin timberla

    Second, most of the people that you had describing the artists, were either complete idiots, or you edited out all their relevant comments. I pray for the future of America that it is the latter. I mean how many times are they going to tell us that a particular artist was influential? We got it. How about grabbing a couple more people that actually know a little something about the music they are describing? I could go on, but if you hadn’t figured that out by now, your not worth the text…

    Third, how did you manged to pick some of the least influential songs from these artists? That was the easiest part! Somehow your panel of morons manages to get Joan Baez on the list… Kodos, and you don’t play Diamonds and Rust. Ummmmmm

    I think you should fire some people and get it together. Cause this was bush league

    PS Justin Timberlake # 66 ahead of Van Morrison and Pearl Jam! You guys are either way to high or way too sober

  590. Chris Ward says:

    Eric Clapton? Stevie Ray Vaughan?

  591. PO'ed in Indy says:

    Billy Joel only making it to 51 ?? Skynard only to 77 ?? While a big mouthed 1 hit wonder made it to 50 ?? Gimme a break…and a new judging panel!!!

  592. UPSET says:

    Buddy Holley didn’t even make the list ? You’ve got to be kidding me. The music didn’t die in that Iowa corn field…because everyone who is anyone still plays it.

  593. Chrystal says:

    I CAN NOT Sade came in ABOVE Billy Joel. Actually I can’t belive SHE made it at all. A big mouthed, no talent , one-hit-wonder ? with KISS in 56th and Skynard in 77th, but Bon Jovi and Stevie Ray Vaughan not even making the list ? Give me a break…and a new judging panel, this one sucked.

  594. shawn m. says:

    This list is just crazy. i mean i understand its very hard to determine who is the best of the best bc the list is endless when it comes to talent and greatness but serouisly. this is just somewhat of a disgrace. for starters fans should been allowed to vote. artists giving their votesa and comentary is fine and interesting but fans are who make these people great bc they are the ones buying the music and going to shows to support these people. Also Im a HUGE Hanson Fan and im happy to see that they have been included in giving their input on this list BUT why on earth are they only shown a limited amount of times but you guys show ALL These other people through out every single hour of these speacials.How many times do we have to see Bret Micheals or Lil Jon giving their insight but you guys cant give Hanson their moments in the sun and let them talk for once. Also The Beatles DO NOT out rank Michael Jackson BY ANY MEANS! Im sorry but thats just a joke. No one out ranks MJ. Michael is and will forever be the King Of Pop. He should be been NUMBER 1! No one is bigger then MJ and NO one has done what he has for music. NOT even Elvis.

  595. smplton says:

    What the F*!^ is this crap. First of all, Madonna #16, in front of Pink Floyd and U2, come on people. And as for the Hip-Hop genres representation, Jay-Z being the highest representative? How much crack have you guys been smoking!? Probably one of the most influential Hip-Hop groups of all time, Public Enemy, and they are not even in the top 50! They should have been in the top 30. And I mean no disrespect to these artists because they are deffinately great, but they do not belong on this list: Rage Against the Machine, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, ABBA, George Micheal, Green Day, Alicia Keys. Where the hell are Simon and Garfunkel, B.B. King, Dr. Dre(though NWA is there), the Grateful Dead, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, and the Pixies. Lastly, as long as the Beatles are #1 and the Rolling Stones #2 that’s all that really matters.

  596. Diane Naughton says:


  597. Jessa says:

    What about The Red Hot Chili Peppers?!?!?!?!?!?!?This list is a joke.

  598. Steven C. says:

    This list has a good chunk of the greatest of all time, but a good 25% of this list could be replaced with much more deserving and accomplished musicians. The order most of them are in is way off though. Louis Armstrong is a obvious pick for at least top 25, top 10 in my book. He influenced music in an unparalleled way. The Meters could have justified a spot somewhere. Paul McCartney and John Lennon both enjoyed and respected their music, as well as a lot of recent artists. Fats Domino was a big influence on all of the Beatles,so much so that they insisted on meeting him on their first visit to New Orleans. Some other obvious picks: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Grateful Dead, Phish(I know some would disagree, but musically they are on another level than most artists of this generation. Trey Anastasio is a guitar god, and he will get his due one day), Frank Sinatra(obviously!),Frank Zappa, to name a few. In my ear’s opinion 311 could be on this list, they are so kick ass and different than most, no one sounded like them in the mid-90’s or today for that matter. The head scratchers on this list: Coldplay (good, not great. Not even close to making this list or being 67th, yeah right!) and LL Cool J (Not to dis LL, but I’d put Eric B and Rakim before him, but neither deserve a spot on this list) They got the number 1 spot right, but Michael Jackson should be penalized a few spots for being a weird-o petifile and Led Zeppelin or Bob Dylan should be number 2.

  599. Penny Phelan says:

    Elvis is not #1, really?
    He’s only been dead 30+ years, and still famous as ever.
    MJ #2
    Hello, let me conduct this thing, good gosh!!

  600. Minette says:

    What? No Grateful Dead?

  601. Fancy says:

    What about Carlos Santana one of the most incredible guitarists of all time?!!

  602. AllanSu says:

    Um….top 100 and no Eric Clapton?…you’re kidding……right?

  603. Savin says:

    I know these lists are very difficult to come up with but … how the heck to you not have:

    Simon and Garfunkel
    Frank Sinatra (Not one of my favorites .. but comon.. he still has fans!!)

    I’m a kid of the 60′s — so maybe I’m bias, I’m also from the UK… but even so, how did these not make the top 100: (assuming we are looking for influential groups)

    Blood Sweat and Tears
    The Byrds
    Moody Blues
    Jethro Tull
    Creadance Clearwater Revival
    Crosby, Stills and Nash

    Those are just the ones that immediately pop into my mind. The funny thing is that when I saw the title of greatest artist of all time I was really expecting some others to be in the list …. Perhaps Mozart? Ok, I know that is a bit extreme — but there are a lot great artists from the 50s’60s misisng. Little Richee, Buddy Holly,

  604. minette says:

    Agree with much of David Mahler’s list. (see 9/11 at 3:30am)

    I’m mostly disappointed with omissions of

    Grateful Dead
    Eric Clapton (“Clapton is God?” anyone? helloooo?)
    Frank Sinatra
    Buddy Guy
    Allman Brothers
    Supremes / Diana Ross
    Lena Horne
    and more that will come to me…

  605. Savin says:

    Follow up point. I think they only allowed the 200 artists to pick their top 5 groups. I bet this really skewed things. It may be a good approach to get the top 5-10 .. but …\

    They should have asked each of the artists to list their top 25 groups with 25 for the top, 24 points for second, etc . The result would have been very different.

  606. Steven says:

    This list has a good chunk of the greatest of all time, but a good 25% of this list could be replaced with much more deserving and accomplished musicians. The order most of them are in is way off though. Louis Armstrong is a obvious pick for at least top 25, top 10 in my book. He influenced music in an unparalleled way. The Meters could have justified a spot somewhere. Paul McCartney and John Lennon both enjoyed and respected their music, as well as a lot of recent artists. Fats Domino was a big influence on all of the Beatles, so much so that they insisted on meeting him on their first visit to New Orleans. Some other obvious picks: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Grateful Dead, Phish(I know some would disagree, but musically they are on another level than most artists of this generation. Trey Anastasio is a guitar god, and he will get his due one day), Frank Sinatra(obviously!), Frank Zappa, to name a few. In my ears opinion 311 could be on this list, they are so kick ass and different than most, no one sounded like them in the mid-90’s or today for that matter. The head scratchers on this list: Coldplay (good, not great) and LL Cool J (Not to dis LL, but I’d put Eric B and Rakim before him, but neither deserve a spot on this list)

  607. Scott V. says:

    Wow!!! No Eagles. They had so many influential songs, and didnt make the list. No Bon Jovi, James Taylor, Bob Seger, or Alice Cooper. They missed some good ones. I’m glad to see Michael Jackson isn’t number 1. He’s a great artist but definitely not number 1.

  608. AJ101 says:

    Rachael your right but Elvis should be number 1

  609. AJ101 says:

    Elvis is number 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  610. maarisol says:

    i think that journey should have been number #2 and prince #1

  611. steve says:

    Elvis #1?? Yall must be crazy! He was the “king” but they had plenty of black musicians who never got any attention. If Elvis was black he would have never been given the national spotlight and he wouldnt even be considered for this list

  612. len says:

    Sorry there is only 1 king and he should be number 1 and that is ELVIS com on 1 billion records sold,,,,,,

  613. Guy says:

    I agree with much of the list but am amazed that there is no even mention of the eagles. there was too much early punk and pop, the stooges were not that great.

  614. guguytut says:


  615. musicman says:

    I was born in the early 60s I grew up listening to my dads albums nat king cole, dave brubeck,temptations,sam cooke,ella,platters,elvis,gene vincent,julie london,louie armstrong,jerry lee,chuck berry,bill haley,old stones(flowers,more hot rocks&glazed cookies),beatles,buddy holly,sinatra,bee gees(they made million$ b4 grease&sat nite fever)etc,then I got into ten years after,grand funk,alice cooper,floyd,csn&y,deep purple,doors,bread,don mclean,eagles,three dog night,allmans,smokey,styx(they started in 66)then kiss,bruce,ac/dc,journey(had 4 good records b4 perry),van halen,foghat,sweaty teddy,reo,and so on, so how did most of these aforementioned people not even make the list?alabama?garth?hank jr/sr?willie nelson? and 100s of others that were huge talents, I agree with most of the top 10 but after that no john melloncamp, rem,bon jovi,culture club(not a fan,but come on)stevie ray,(I knew him cuz I lived austin in the early 80s he and his brothers band played the bar I worked at about 20 times each) but the beatles should be #1 if for no other reason they did all they did with no explosions,no 20 dancers,no lazers,no foot pedals,no cock socks,no crowd surfing,no wardrobe malfunctions,no biting anythings heads off,no crotch grabbing,just talent, even though that would not have been tolerated in those days, they didnt need it anyways.About 20 of these groups had no business on the list, top 500 maybe, but iggy&the stooges/velvet underground?(I like iggy pop&lou reed alot SOLO!)&the n.y. dolls were easily that good, but a good portion of the list shows just how far most peoples heads are up thier asses and how biased these people are, p diddys list was something like m.j./ stevie wonder/ james brown/ nwa/ biggie, really? ***k you&suck it you low rent P.O.S. I dont listen to his music, but I thought he was cool, but if he was serious,and I assume that was the main idea, then I guess not.How could you be as intelligent&as well versed as I thought he was and years of exposure to the entire world of music& seriously think that? What they should have done was pick 4 random bar bands from each 50 states, gave them a list of 500 artists and said pick the top 100 and it would have been alot more accurate. If all the beatles were still alive they couid put on a 4 hour concert & play nothing twice&play nothing but hits, that you could sell MILLIONS of tickets for, how many of his top 5 could say that? All of them together couldnt do that, even though there are some very,very talented names on his top 5.They aint got squat on the beatles,stones,floyd,elvis, eagles, how many efing records did that top 5 sell/#1 hits?
    Now has this been a rant that would impress even Dennis Miller or what?

  616. HEY. says:

    They definately got it right w/ The Beatles being number one. No one else deserves it except for them. MJ is overrated all bc he died a little over a year ago. If he hadn’t, he would have been in the 20s or 10s. But people that should have been on it and arent are Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra, Greatful Dead, and more but I cannot think of them right now. Beyonce, Jay-Z, Eminem, Rage Against the machine, Alicia Keys, and Justin Timberlake do not belong. And Elvis should be like number two. But all that matters is having the Beatles be number one bc that shouldn’t even be a question=]

  617. JKeenan says:

    ok….1st of all, the list, and the show wasnt bad at all. I tend to agree with the majority. Pleased to see the Beatles where they belong, Super pleased to see Led Zeppelin beat out the Stones. Big problem is Elvis, who I was sure would be top 3. Elvis behind Prince, Bob Dylan? No way. But so happy to see Pink Floyd in top 20, exstatic to see Radiohead at 29, only ten spots above U2. I had the top 10 pegged except Bob Dylan. Though notoriously missing…Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, and didnt you guys think the Eagles would crack the top 100??

  618. susie says:

    Hey people, open your mind and your eyes!
    Who owns a best selling album of all times?
    Who owns a best selling music video of all times?
    Who owns a highest concert film of all times?
    Who owns fastest sold our 50 live concerts in ONE place?
    Who is most downloaded artist of all times?
    Who has highest music contract of all times?…..

    No one more then MICHAEL JACKSON
    Why he’s not listed as #1??? because of BIAS!!!

  619. Keli'i Mundon says:

    I agree 100% with Mariah Carey needing to be high on this list. I mean sure alot of you guys don’t agree because she lost alot of things that made her famous, but you should know that Mariah existed in them music business way before Beyonce or Justin Timberlake made the scene. She influenced alot of singers in the 90s. Also too, she is the most successful female artist of all times with 18 #1 hits! Michael Jackson & Madonna more successful than Carey but yet both don’t have that alot of #1 hits. The only artist that beat Mariah are the Beatles, so in this case, she beat everybody. Mariah should at least make Top 50.

  620. Shaq. Not really though says:

    Where in the duck is CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thank you and they are No. 1 far and away.

  621. Baseball Purist says:

    The voters must have confused the word greatest with the word favorite. If greatest means most worldwide impact on popular music throughout the years, the top two spots have to belong to Elvis and the Beatles. That is a fact, not an opinion. I would not argue which order, but any list where they aren’t 1 & 2 is just plain wrong.

  622. ackridgek says:

    I’m an avid music lover..so I get the “list”, but come on son every body on the planet knows who Michael Jackson is, but not everyone on the planet knows who Bob Dylan is,or Led Zepplin…they are acquired tastes, people hatin on Mike’s talents…even Paul McCarthy had to give Mike his props…reluctantly. Mad bias…for the #1 spot…hell you could even say Elvis, but if it’s a battle for the #1 spot you gotta give it to Mike. He’s influenced generations of artists…they all want to be like Mike…JMO.

  623. Jenna says:

    I’m really upset with this list. Where the heck is Dave Matthews Band????? This list is whack!

  624. becca b says:


  625. Andy says:

    What are they going by with this list? I do not see how Biggie Smalls is ahead of Tupac and Eminem. Eminem has way more record sells then Biggie and Tupac and Tupac has way more sells than Biggie in life and in death. Michael Jackson has had way more sells than Bob Dylan. And so has Mariah Carey who is way down on the list. Mariah has also had more sells than Biggie, RadioHead, and Def Leppard. This list is bias if they are not going off of actual record sales.

  626. freddiemercury says:

    What is this garbage, no cooper, eagles, creedance,buddy holly. And someone tell me how skynyrd, sabbath, and acdc are so far from the top this list needs to be redone

  627. Sean says:

    Obviously great music is not appreciated, such as
    only to name a few

  628. JIMDEL says:

    I know i’m getting older, but is it me or are THE EAGLES NOT ON THIS LIST. Don’t they hold the record for all-time sales for Greatest hits or something, maybe second to Mike Jackson……..you have got to be kidden me, who are the jag off’s that left them off………I need to know…….

  629. JIMDEL says:

    I can’t believe you let this be printed VH1, you should be ashamed of yourself. I will never watch your freaken show ever again………EVER….UNLESS THERE IS A TYPE_O

  630. Jennifer says:

    Where the hell did this list come from??? Where is Frank Sinatra, Eric Clapton, & Simon & Garfunkle? You simply can NOT include artists from the 70′s and leave off CCR! Where are the Mama’s and the Papa’s? Bob Seger, Bad Company & The Eagles aren’t top 100 of all time? & Coldplay ABOVE Otis Redding??? Phu-leeeease! I love some Justin Timberlake, but rating him above a classic duo like Hall & Oates – VH1, I am appalled. At least somebody did have enough sense to include greats like Johnny Cash, Neil Young, and Chuck Berry on the list. & R&B fans – you really think Jay-Z is bigger, better & more influential than BB King – who isn’t even on the list??? How did Radiohead get in the top 30? Didn’t they only have like 2 big songs? No Joan Jett, Blondie, or Pat Benatar? I can’t believe Elvis is only #8. VH1, please take a mulligan on this list & let the FANS vote, I feel your results will be much more accurate.

  631. Suisei H says:

    what happened to the contribution that The Moody Blues gave to music in the 60′s. A totally new sound that astounded the music world. Not saying they should be #1 but they should be in the running.

  632. Ummmmm.... says:

    OMG…Where the hell is Janet Jackson? I find it interesting that she did not get a nod but Justin Timberlake did. Who in the hell did he influence? Justin Bieber??

    Janet Jackson kicked down the door for black female entertainers. Her career is the model for many, if not most of the female pop stars (white/black/other) out today — including a couple that made your “list”.

  633. Jeff says:

    No Paul Simon or Dave Matthews? Really?

  634. pliquong says:

    this list sucks! where is janet jackson or tlc! mariah carey #95? whitney #60? madonna #16? they put bob dylan and led zeppelin in the top 5?! its time to leave the cave age and broaden their horizons, whoever voted on this were morons!

  635. ponymony says:

    this lists sucks somethin awful. where is janet jackson, mariah is #94? whitney is #60? madonna is #16? they should be in the top 10! whoever made this list has no taste of true music, or actual popularity. bob dylan, led zeppelin, what? theie career lasted 10 years at most!

  636. damola says:

    if 21st century artists are being considered definately alicia keys and eminem deserve places but i think lady gaga should have been named. louis armstrong should be in the top 30

  637. DJ says:

    this list is a joke…the great artists that were left off this list should feel grateful because the outcome of this list is an embarrassment due to it’s inaccuracy.
    To leave off people like Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Barbra Streisand, Muddy Waters, Carol King, Allman Brothers, Eagles, CCR, Roy Orbison…shameful.I know these are older artists but they all stand the test of time, are still great after 20,30,40 or 50 years.
    Just a note, Mariah can sing and can hit a vey high note but she’d never win in a contest with Barbra and who wants to listen to a record that could make a dog howl?

  638. ake says:

    what???? No Monkees? What is this?

  639. Jus says says:

    ok, if Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Madonna made the list, where the heck is Janet Jackson…. She’s missing out of the females that dominated the 80′s, 90′s and early 00′s… She influenced the 52 artist on this list-Beyonce as well as other urban dance female entertainers such as Ciara, Mya, Cassie, Brandy and the late Aaliyah. Others artist that should be on the list – Santana, Eric Clapton, Frank Sinatra, Sex Pistols..

  640. Kathy Marshall says:

    Where are the Eagles? I do not accept the validity of vh1′s survey since they included Eminem, who motivated a fan to murder his expextant girlfriend based on Eminem’s violent lyrics. However, the Eagles, and Don Henley, who has elegant, life changing, positive lyrics, and most of all, no pregnant significant others who have to be murdered in their/his music . Is it unacceptable in the qualications of your list for an artist/band to have a positive influence in order to be on your lame list?

  641. Chad says:

    i really just think trying to stake a list of importance is stupid.
    Everyone is going to complain b/c everyone has a different taste on musical importance
    for example i think Bob Dylan has influenced most people even the beatles and michael.
    But as i cant control what people think (not even vh1). I will respect other peoples musical opinions but look down upon people who try and state musical as fact.

  642. Charles Griffin says:

    Well, I have to say I’m disappointed with several omissions on this list. But especially the snub of Creedence Clearwater Revival. I don’t get it. How can these people leave out one of the greatest bands of all time?

    Is it because they just aren’t popular? That can’t be right as much of their music is used in film soundtracks and radio play to this day. Their greatest hits album CHRONICLES Vol 1 is still one of the biggest selling albums out there.

    Is it because they have no iconic songs? Of course not. Your number 2 on the list (Bob Dylan) called CCR’s “Proud Mary” the best record of 1969. Mick Jagger called “Fortunate Son” one of the greatest rock songs of all time. “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” and “Down on the Corner” have become their most popular over time.

    Is it because Creedence isn’t deep enough or socially and politically relevant? Not only is “Fortunate Son” considered one of the greatest political rock songs of all time, but many of their songs have social/political themes like “Don’t Look Now”, “Run Through the Jungle”, “Wrote a Song for Everyone”, “Effigy” and more.

    Is it because they aren’t influential? That’s a tough sell considering they are pioneers of Southern Rock (despite being from Cali). Many bands have cited CCR as a huge influence, including those on this top 100 list. Skynyrd, Bruce Springsteen and Nirvana (yes, Nirvana was once a Creedence cover band!) have all been influenced by CCR.

    Is it because they are known more for their singles than their albums. Well, they did release a lot of singles. They have more well known songs than most of the artists on this VH1 list. Somewhere between 12-15 different Creedence songs get regular air play on classic rock and oldies radio. Yet their COSMO’S FACTORY album is considered one of the greatest rock albums ever, with BAYOU COUNTRY, GREEN RIVER and WILLY AND THE POOR BOYS all considered classic albums.

    Finally, are they just not “cool” enough? Well, the list includes ABBA and The Bee Gees, so that can’t be it. No offense to those artists, whom I actually love, but c’mon!

    So what the heck is it? Why snub these guys? If this list was comprised by other artists opinions in the music industry, it’s a sad day. In a very short period of time, John Fogerty, Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford created some of the best rock and roll music every played. It wasn’t acid or psychedelic, just good old fashioned, butt kickin’ rock and roll. I’d hate to see them taken for granted, let alone forgotten completely.

  643. Seth says:

    Really? What happened to the Eagles? one of the greatest bands ever…You have Coldplay on the list and not the Eagles? Haha this is completely ridiculous.

  644. jc says:

    What Jay Z, Justin, Ll cool J ,Outkast, Beyonce are doing here?THEY ARE NOT ARTISTS OF ALL TIMES! YET at least..if u put them u must also put acts like Britney Spears, Backstreet boys, No doubt , Gwen Stefani & so on..
    Where are PHil Collins,Janet? BOn JOvi? Mariah has existed from the 90s, SINGING OVER 20 YEARS . SHe was THE ARTIST OF THE 90s! Vocally one of the most talented singers who writes own music and has influenced hundreds of singers like Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Beyonce. For gods sake that woman has more number one hits THAN EVERYONE IN THIS LIST EXCEPT THE BEATLES! Im not crazy Mariah fan but please give some credit here. That woman has definetely deserved that. She should be in top 50 at least!!

  645. Jeannie says:

    Seriously, is this a joke? What about The Eagles? The greatest American Rock band of all times not the mention the best selling album of all times and they are not on there? IN addition what in the world is Alicia Keys and Hall & Oats (the best duo of all times with hit after hit) doing at the bottom. Something is wrong with this pictures.

  646. Shawn says:

    I can agree with some of the others comments……I was really disappointed to see rappers and singers like Jay-Z and Beyonce on the list but not Janet Jackson and Britney Spears….

    Quite disappointed with the list…….Justin Timberlake- give me a break :o(

  647. kendra bethune says:

    u don’t think outcast is good jc why not because their black and llcoolj i disagaree with you i was into them before i was into nsync and the backsteeet boys jc that’s not cool with your racism attuide i’ll throw away my nsync self titled cd right now

  648. Bob says:

    The Eagles, Heart, Credence Clearwater, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks… I could go on and on about who is missing from this list

  649. Smelley says:

    some people just couldn’t accept the fact that Michael Jackson is the best. Why does MJ need to be in this list at all? His music and his fan speak for everything, no need to list Michael with anyone else.

  650. musicman III says:

    I think it only fair to say a lot of very deserving artists were left off this list or not put in the order seemingly all of us think they should be.Im not going to say anymore about how I think the 200 artists who made up this list, made the choices that they did,Im guessing they made the picks they did because thats the opinion they have of the question at hand.I think this was a daunting task that would bring out the critics no matter what the order, that is why there are fans of country,hip-hop,rap,rock,alternative,ska,samba,bluegrass,etc.I have dissed the list all along,but to be honest if they cared what I thought,or valued my opinion,they probably would of asked me what my order would be and I have checked my email several times and nothing…..maybe they lost my it. oh well p.s. but nobody mentioned mozart/or Nero I heard he was a decent harp player, just had a timing/priorities issue. layda

  651. Alice Martin says:

    How could you not pick the Eagles and Smokey Robinson.

  652. tom foster says:

    Firstly, what is the criteria we are judging by?

    I am torn, because there are a handful of artists that deserve to be on this list that are not, and a few that have absolutely NO business being on this list at all. It’s just plain silly. How is it that the Eagles & the Red Hot Chili Peppers did not make this list?

    Based on revolutionary sounds for the times…(and even now) Beastie Boys, Curtis Mayfield, The Doors, Pink Floyd, & especially Black Sabbath (Godfathers of Metal) should have finished higher in my book.

    If you invent a sound that becomes a genre, you should be deserving of a top 20 finish here. Improvement on an otherwise existing sound is perhaps worthy of a lower finish.

    I myself, am a lifelong Hendrix fan. I own nearly everything he has done musically….ever. Even though he is #1 in my book, I am happy to yield to the the 5 other artists that finished higher than he did…because it makes sense. They had a greater impact on music.

    My only contentention is those artists that made the top 100, when they have not yet proven the test of time…or good taste.

    Props go out to Neil Young, Radiohead, Bowie, Chuck Berry, & Bruce Springsteen for cracking the top 30. It’s good to know certain judges weren’t completely asleep at the wheel. But Jay-Z at #47 & Coldplay at #67? Really? I like some of their songs, but they don’t belong on this list…let alone Beyonce, ABBA, or Mariah Carey. Jesus effing Christ!

  653. tom foster says:

    Oh Yeah…

    What about the jazz & blues influences that were the basis of many successful rock’n roll & rap / pop sensations? I’ve heard nothing of the influences set forth by blues greats like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, or Bo Diddley to name a few. Acts like Eric Clapton & Cream, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin drew heavily from the nitty-gritty sounds set forth by the aforementioned blues legends.

    Where is any mention of the jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Count Basie, or John Coltrane?

    I could go on, but what’s the point? The judging criteria is clearly flawed, and the majority of the judges have recently sustained some sort of head injury. What qualifications were required for them to be considered “music afficionados?”

    Where the “F” is the Grateful Dead on this list? Not that I am a die-hard fan, but this is a band which did their own indiviual thing for 30 plus years, and had a devout following the entire time. I saw Sting & Traffic open for them on separate occasions…that’s respect.

    I don’t feel that old at 34 years, but I can’t help but wonder if real music is dead. What if EVERYONE was given a ballot, and told to vote for their top 10? What kind of mess would that be?

  654. Stew says:

    This list is so messed up it barely deserves reading through it. I’ve seen over 80% of the artists/bands mentioned here. To suggest that Iggy Pop and the Stooges are better live (or in studio) than the Doors, Ew&F, Green Day, Hall & Oates or a few dozen others is a joke. And, hey, I like Radiohead but to put them in front of Aerosmith is laughable. Count the number of hits by each and it’s obvious which band holds a higher place in the hearts of fans round the world. Pearl Jam back at # 93? Anyone that’s ever seen this band in concert would argue they deserve to be in the top 50 if not top 20 spot. To forget other legendary acts like the Eagles and CCR while allowing Depeche Mode also makes me wonder what these judges were thinking. Clearly, they weren’t thinking much at all…

  655. James says:

    What a disappointment and waste of time. Then again it was a top artists list not a band/group, singer, musician etc., so some allowance is tolerated. I myself am biased. At my age in the mid 40′s, my music selection does bot extend much past the 80′s and I think today’s music is not worth listening to. Seriously though, Prince before Elvis? MJ as number 2? Michael may be the top performer/ entertainer but he did not start a movement, or nearly have the influence so many others have had.

    My fiancee’s daughter (14) did not know of Elton John. This current generation does not know what music is. The good thing is that country music is starting to return to what it should be.

    Ask yourself, who are you going to remember in 30 years, Who would you most like to go see (living or dead) perform live and who do you listen to most often?

    We all have are own opinion and each generation will have its own list. Each list will have controversy but at least we can express our views and discuss them. Bottom line —- This list is terrible and VH1 did a terrible job.

  656. Nicole says:

    MICHAEL JACKSON is the GREATEST ARTIST of ALL Time! The Beatles, Elvis, and others are great in the own right! Michael Jackson was crowned The Most Successful Artist of All Time by The Guinness Book of World Records. No other artist or entertainer has been The Guinness Book of World Record as many as Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s Thriller album as set the Record for the The Biggest Selling Album of All Time (NOT The EAGLES). He has won more Grammy Awards in one night. He Carried VH1, MTV, and BET during the 80′s and 90′s. YOU GUYS ARE A JOKE!!! and Your Are Wrong. The Beatles has never sold out 50 date concert in one location in 4 hours… I mean seriously!!! (HA! HA!) LOSERS

  657. Matt says:

    Where is Björk on this list! Someone seriously screwed up doing this list!!!

  658. Steve says:

    I can’t think of any songs by a lot of these artists but I can think of about 20 songs by Chicago that are classics. Oh wait, they are not on the list.

  659. Clyde10 says:

    WTF. Guess the “voters” never heard of Paul Simon. Guess having hits in the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and 2000′s doesn’t count. Guess American anthems don’t count either. Why waste our time.

  660. PJ says:

    where is bon jovi? and rush is one of the best bands of all time…they shouldn’t be 75….they should be between 15-20 and im sorry but coldplay? and radiohead at number 29? idk about that

  661. PJ says:

    and i almost forgot….how could u leave out boston? they have the 2nd most selling album ever….and the eagles, creedence revival and chicago?

  662. Arnav says:

    Where is Janet Jackson?? Why is Mariah Carey #94? she was the best selling artist of the 90′s and has more number singles than any other artist on this list except the Beatles. she’s top 20! If you’re going to put Beyonce and Justin Timberlake on here than you should’ve included Usher because he’s better than both of them. Where’s Gladys Knight? Patti Labelle? The Temptations? Smokey Robinson?

  663. khemseraph says:

    i wish people would stop thinking mj is the greatest just because he sold a bunch of records.how much anyone sold does not equate to their talent.not saying he isnt talented …but if all you all can say is he sold a bunch of records and not talk about his actual music u cant call him the greatest.when people talk about say..prine,they talk about how good he music is .if u go bye sales then its like saying britanny spears is a better singer than aretha franklin because she has sold more.

  664. Nancy says:

    As much as I love Nirvana,
    there is no way that they should
    be before Pink Floyd, if anything
    Pink Floyd should be in the top 5!

  665. Lauren says:

    Elvis Presley at #8 is a joke. He should be ranked higher! Maybe top 3.

  666. Lisa Smorul says:

    I was watching your show vh1 greatest artist and REO Speedwagon was not on it, I was very surprised about this, it had to be a big mistake, they should have been on at least the top 20. I don’t think you peolpe know what you’re doing

  667. Jack Jackson says:

    Well, a little more info on the criteria would be nice…Did each of the polled artists name 100 Greatest or just 5 or 6.

    My own top 100 would have included ZZ Top; Squeeze; The GoGo’s; New Order and Chicago +/or Terry Kath. Simply ’cause he is my Guitar God.

    Also, wonder where was Santana; Return to Forever; Emerson, Lake and Palmer; The Grateful Dead; Buddy Holly?

    As usual, the final list seems a mixture of PR and marketing rather than real talent

  668. stephani says:

    greatest artist of all time:def leppard,johnny cash,janes addiction,sublime,korn

  669. Aaron says:

    where is alice in chains?

  670. RickStar says:


  671. MaZ says:

    is this a joke or something?
    Elvis Presley on 8?

    Sorry guys, this List is a big pile o’ crap

    Nr.1- Elvis or the Beatles- no MJ,no Dylan etc.

    Elvis Nr.8 LOL!!! made my day xD

  672. moose says:

    Well if u just want to talk about rap wich i like dont get me wrong. I grew up in the getto ,but my parents grew up in the 50s and I was raised on alot of good music. No one in rap should be on this list. Give them there own list but guess what u start with the best the ones that started rap music. Sorry JZ TU PAC Biggy Puff The magic Diddy you were about 10.

  673. LarryE says:

    After viewing this so called “greatest list” I don’t know whether to laugh of get angry. There are names that shouldn’t even be on it. But with some of the voters they used for it, what do you expect! This “list” should be based on actual statistics, chart status, record sales and gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards, not other artists or so-called experts opinions. If conducted this way then Elvis Presley is by far the greatest of all time! He had hits and millions and millions of record sales in rock,pop,country,r&b and gospel. No other artists on this “list” can claim this. Elvis has sold over a billion records, far more than any other solo artist! Has almost 3 times as many gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards than the Beatles who have the second most awards. He’s had more top 10, top 40 and top 100 hits than any other artist or group. And he spent more weeks at number one on the charts than anyone else. Elvis has 18 number one hits, second only to the Beatles’ 20 and Mariah Carey’s 19. Elvis is a cultural icon to say the least. Michael Jackson is a close second. There’s a small group of entertainers that set themselves above everybody else around them, and Elvis and Michael are among this group, along with Sinatra and Bing Crosby with Elvis being the greatest! There are other artists that should have been ranked much higher and others much lower. Still I look at this lists and shake my head and laugh! But, what do you expect when its put together from the opinions of idiots!!

  674. Dalton says:

    Really expected Madonna to be higher on the list…. she paved the way for basically every sucsessful female singer today. but oh so glad to see new singers like jay z and beyonce. but wheres cher and diana ross???

  675. Darren Johnson says:

    Buddy Holly, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and E.L.O. are far more deserving than 40% of those who made the list. I wonder what the top 200 looks like…

    I still loved the show and the concept. And you got the number one right! Beatles forever!

  676. Lincoln Paetow says:

    I kept waiting to see if the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be at least top 40 on the list (because I knew they would not truly get their due) but to not even make the list? After 25 years of making kick-ass music, with the lyrics to match doesn’t get you on, what does? They started their own genre of music, and have evolved with the times, but Outkast, Justin Timberlake, and Biggie make the list. Holy Crap!

    Then I was sure that Frank Sinatra would be top 10, as would Madonna, but she was further back, and he was nowhere to be found. Again, I guess being Chairman of the Board can’t beat Outkast.

  677. DaKing says:

    This list is better than some other earlier list but when you list Justin Timberland, Britney Spears and Madonna you just lose all crediblitiy.

    Even Beyonce and JayZ are much too high on the list. Along with these overrated rock and roll bands which all sounds the same.

  678. Bennie Visher III says:

    This ridiculously subjective list completely overlooks the Isley Brothers, the soul group that has more than 20 top 40 studio and live albums, and more than 50 top 40 singles on the R & B charts.

    Their music is so influential that even the Beatles did a cover of “Twist and Shout.”

    In case anyone forgets, the Isley Brothers are also Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees.

  679. Allen Reed says:

    No Dead, no Eagles, no Allman Bros. 100 greatest? Yeah, right.

  680. lee says:

    What a JOKE of a list…alicia keys,sade(one-hit wonder),coldplay, justin timberlake,beyonce,jay-z,hall and oats,notious BIG, are better than the commodores, CCR, the eagles,miles davis,

  681. YAm says:

    I can’t believe Janet Jackson is not on this list!

  682. sm says:

    I see this list as the greatest all-time singers/dancers vs. the all-time greatest musicians/producers. People like to say that Elvis should be put at #1 because of how many people he influenced. But I disagree because Elvis never played an instrument like the Beatles and he never created his own music like MJ. But at the same time The Rolling Stones weren’t good singers and The Who weren’t good dancers. So that’s why this list is a good one. I prefer the musicians/producers myself. Which is why I like the fact that The Beatles are #1.

  683. Luke Gillespie says:

    Eminem?, Alicia Keyes?, …u have got to be kidding me. What about Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox, Pat Benatar? Please rethink that list…so many more talented artists other than the above mentioned two and Beyonce. An image is not talent….a voice is the requirement. Maybe those who judged should be taken into consideration.

  684. Tony says:

    WHERE IS USHER?? He has sold 50 million records, has nine hot 100 number one hits, sixteen top-ten hits, and is way more talented than Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. Alicia Keys should be higher. They have JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, BEYONCE, AND JAY Z AHEAD OF 2PAC AND EMINEM!!!??? This list is a joke Elvis, 2pac, Eminem, and Usher should all be in the top ten. With Elvis at number-one.

  685. John says:

    I was very disappointed not to see Jimmy Buffett in the top 100. A perennial top concert draw, Jimmy Buffett is an American treasure. Truly unique, he has created his own genre and has a cult following like no other. They say Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, bs…it’s a Jimmy Buffett show!

  686. Jose Doval says:

    you forget one of the most influential bands ever The Smiths I dont agree with this poll alot of bands are to new.

  687. Abel V says:

    To omit the all so critical of genres of Jazz and Blues tells me that the level of musicianship and artistry from the panel is lacking knowlegde of history in this country. If it wasn’t for Jazz and Blues we wouldn’t have R & B or rock n roll. Where are the great like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washignton, Miles Davis, BB King just to name a few. To omit the first half of the 20th century shows the naiveness of the panel making this list.

  688. rush2112 says:

    Yeah, I’m actually delightfully surprised that Rush even made the list. But come on, look at the facts… A band like Rush is better than Justin Timberlake and Coldplay and should be WAY higher on this list. But then again, this is VH1. What should we expect?

  689. Shantai says:

    Janet Jackson?

  690. Andres says:

    Im sorry this list is a joke. How do you have Beyonce, Eminem, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, to name a few on this list? No offense to any of these artists, because they are great and they’re amazing. But no Etta James, Janet Jackson, Patti Labelle? THey are classics. And also Britney has been the most defining Pop star for the last decade mroe so than Beyonce and Justin. Christina Aguilera is definitely one of the most gifted singers and artist.

    Not only is this list a joke for the ppl it left off, but for its rankings. How is Mariah at 94?

    Vh1 needs to redo this list and apologize. And get a better panel and look at facts, performances, songs, lyrics, chart performance.

  691. JC1984 says:

    I feel that prince should in the top 5 and why isn’t usher on the list

  692. LisaG says:

    If the category was Greatest “Artist” of All Time, then Michael Jackson should have been #1. His artistry in music, dance and performance is unparalleled. In addition, he was influential in videos, fashion and humanitarian causes.

    By the way, I noticed that all of the second-rate performers–Alicia Keys, KISS–who acted as judges managed to weasel their way onto the list. To have a list with a no-talent-all gimmick band like KISS but omitting great artists such as Sam Cooke is hardly a list of greatest anything.

    Pity that VH1 spent time and money on producing such a shoddy and thoughtless list. That’s one hour (I only watched the last), that I’ll never be able to get back.

  693. Guest09003546553 says:

    Where in the free world are Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Cher, Eric Clapton, Patsy Cline, the Eagles, Merle Haggard, Hootie and the Blowfish, Whitney Houston Julio Iglesias, George Jones, Gladys Knight, Loretta Lynn, Barry Manilow, Bette Midler, Michael McDonald, Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Aaron Neville, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, Simon & Garfunkel, Barbra Striesand, George Strait, Sting, James Taylor, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hank Williams and ZZ Top? Every act I mentioned has made an enormous impact on American music.

    Must you be so disrespectful to country music? Johnny Cash deserves to be on the list, but so do Garth Brooks,
    Patsy Cline, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Shania Twain and Hank Williams Sr. Like Cash, they are iconic figures in the history of American music. I don’t care if you loathe country music, they are. George Strait is second to Elvis when it comes to gold records, while there wouldn’t be an Elvis, Haggard, Jones, Dylan, Cash, Brooks or Strait if it weren’t for Hank Sr. He set the standard for modern music in the Western world and like MJ and Elvis, died young before his time. As for Willie, look at all the people he’s sang with. In additiin, he is still playing sold-out concerts. No excuse for leaving out the man who wrote “Crazy,”

    This list is screwed up. If VH1 had called it the “200 Greatest Artists of All Time”, I guarantee you every single name I mentioned above would be there. Michael Jackson over Elvis AND the Beatles? Elvis outsings Michael by a long shot. Graceland is the second-most-visited home in America after the White House, and has sold more tham half of what Michael has sold. Elvis will always be “The King of Rock n’ Roll.”

  694. Hellhound says:

    ELVIS should be first on any list for the last 100 years. Lokk at your top fives opinions. Bob Dylan-
    When I first heard Elvis’ voice I just knew that I wasn’t going to work for anybody; and nobody was going to be my boss. Hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail. Mick Jagger-He was a unique artist… an original in an area of imitators. John Lennon-Before Elvis, there was nothing. Paul McCartney-It was a real thrill sitting there with the King. I mean he was always one of my favorites. I always knew that no matter how I felt if I played an Elvis record it would make me happy. I’ve always dreamed of producing an album for Elvis. And you guys are missing a few others like Sam Cooke and Cat Stevens. MJ? Seriously? If you asked him he would have said Elvis was the best too. He had already said it many times before.

  695. Kyrkos says:

    No Deep Purple, Phil Collins, Soundgarden, System of a Down, Sex Pistols. And you get LL Cool J, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. Enough said.

  696. Stevie says:

    This list is so messed up. First of all, Elvis Presley should have been Top 5 EASILY. There wouldn’t even be half the people on the list if it weren’t for Elvis. I think that the Top 3 should have been Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and the Beatles interchangeably. Second, Beyonce’s 52? And Whitney Houston is 60!? Beyonce shouldn’t even be ON the list at all if Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion weren’t on there. They can sing 10 times better, and are even more famous. She’s 40 spots above Mariah Carey?! I hate Mariah, but she CAN sing, and she deserves to be WAY higher. Third, Whitney should be Top 20 from voice alone. She’s probably the best singer the world’s ever seen. Fourth, if Madonna is on the list, Britney Spears should be. Fifth, Journey’s Steve Perry has an AMAZING voice. Everyone of their songs are great. They should be higher. Sixth, Frank Sinatra isn’t even on the list, which is down right pathetic. There’s Barbra Streisand, Patsy Cline, Garth Brooks, Nat King Cole, Bette Midler, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, and SO many more that should have been included in Beyonce, The Cure, NWA, Public Enemy, Jay Z, and Alicia Keys’ spots. What the hell have these acts accomplished? ONE number one? Ridiculous. This list is beyond messed up. VH1, you have officially lost respect for this one.

  697. erica says:

    hey wtf im watchin the top 100 songs on vh1 an i dont see no dig timers wats up with that…they not good enough or was?????!

  698. johnatan says:

    owww yeas my beatles are the 1

  699. allwaz3fan says:

    What Sade Radiohead Coldplay make the list and yet The Eagles should have been a top 20 Artist and dont make the list I cant believe I just wasted 4 hours watching the garbage Oh yeah putting Dylan ahead of Elvis maybe you should poll other people than Rockstars and musicians and rappers other substance driven minded individuals and next time poll real music fans

  700. ale says:

    ok, where is the eagles, bon jovi, and why is jay z in 47, what are you thinking?… and also beyonce before a lot of better artists… and music isnt only in english soda stereo, heroes del silencio, jose jose, luis miguel, osvaldo ayala, plastilina mosh, pinpinela, leonardo favio, juan gabriel, thalia, ricky martin, backstreet boys…

  701. Berri says:

    The Cranberries didn’t make it to the list and eminen did?

  702. Greg Lewis says:

    Grateful Dead should be in the top 10

  703. Joe says:

    He brought a tear to many eyes and that special lady into your arms but not his name onto this list . Almost brings a tear to your eye to think he’s not even mentioned, Luther Vandross enough said

  704. Jo says:

    I watched this yesterday and was shocked that Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, Roy Orbison, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, CCR and the Eagles were omitted. There were too many artists from the 90s and 00s, how can they be called among the Greatest when they do not have the longevity of the artists mentioned above? I was shocked that viewers were not asked to vote, 200 people is not enough of a sample for such a ranking. Next time ask the viewers, VH-1!

  705. Musicman says:

    No Luther Vandross???? WhAAAAA!?!?! I would not have any problem with Usher not being on here if Justin Timberlake wasn’t. Not saying he’s better, I love them EQUALLY..honestly they are like the white/black versions of each other…shoot they’re even from the same state

  706. seanboy says:

    Funkadelics,(Parliment and the Funkadelics)…needa be on here

  707. amalia central america says:

    Of course The Beatles are the number one, without discussion, but sincerely there are GREATEST omission, til today How can you forget to The Eagles, Santana, The Little River Band, America honestly, all the “musicians and experts in music”, I imagine are very young, and put it the most reconigzed in theis minds. This list it is very subjetive.

  708. zac says:

    i’m gonna kill my self pink floyd 18 !!!! ahahahhaah u r crazy !!! booom i’m dead !!

  709. ashley says:

    65. The Doors
    That’s so wrong!! lol

  710. Brian_444 says:

    It’s bad enough you don’t have Sam Cooke or Roger Troutman on your list,But R.Kelly is a top 5 artists of all time. Not to have him in the top 100 is an outrage!

  711. Shemp9971 says:

    Yeah, I would just like to say that my pick for greatest artist of all time would have to be Prince. He put my hometown of Minneapolis on the musical map. Any Twin Cities-based artist who doesn’t owe a hint of gratitude to the Purple One has got a hole in their soul.

  712. Andreia says:

    I like and agree with the biggest part of the list, but please! What kind of list is that with Justin Timberlake? I agree that he is a good artist, but not so good to be among the 100 greatest artists of all time…And where is Cyndi Lauper she was a very important artist in the 80′s, she marked a genaration with her different style and with her amazing voice, and she still doing it nowadays. I saw the TV show in Brazil wating to see her and I didn’t.

  713. Ashley Earley says:

    Aerosmith is the best band of all time. They should be #1

  714. randy says:

    No Santana or Clapton? Seriously?

  715. randy says:

    Sorry, my mistake.

  716. beatleschic says:

    wait, what? Abba is on here but no BB King????? or Willie Nelson???????????

  717. DIggyDOg says:

    This list is garbage they forgot to put singers like Rick James and Luther Vandros in it who ever made this list did a bad job and I CANT BELIVE BEASTIE BOYS ARE ABOVE Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE TOP 10 and WHITNEY HOUSTON SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE TOP 10 TOO NO disrespect but Michael Jackson should have been number one AND THE beatles should have been number 2 Michael Jackson been making hits since HE WAS a little boy and NOT TO FORGET WHERE IS Usher on THIS LIST they put justin Timberlake on the list and not Usher,Usher is 10 times better than Justin Timberlake LIKE WHERE DA HEK is Justin Timberlake now !
    AND jay-z on the list that is some garbage if it wasnt for his money and beyonce everybody would forget about him his songs are garbage most of them.AND WHERE IS 50 CENT ? YA KNOW WHAT THIS LIST SHOULD BE USED AS toilet PAPER !

  718. Yurpeter says:

    Tom Waits…

  719. KFAJ says:

    No pop artist should be on this list. Only good rock and roll artists. I mean, for God’s sakes, Justing Timberlake beat out Journey? In my opinion, Journey songs are the best that I have ever heard. I have many favorites, but Journey songs need to be on more of these lists. And pop artists over Bon Jovi? Someone somewhere has clearly reached a level of stupidity previously thought unnatainable by the rest of mankind. Whoever it is, I salute you . . . for being a dumbass. Thanks for reading!!!

  720. Eric hawkins says:

    2pac at 69 i feel he should be a head of biggie. they should switch spots.

  721. lonestar21 says:

    no rap or pop artist should be on this list at all.

  722. jill says:

    Where were the EAGLES??????

  723. jill says:

    And I would put ELO on on the list or Travelin Wilburys before I would have the BEASTY BOYS.

  724. Jill says:

    Roy Orbison????

  725. janeann hebert says:

    I just watched the Top 100 Greatest Artists of all times and wondered what happened to the Eagles and Eric Clapton. Clapton has done some fantastic solo albums and is a great artist. The Eagles have some of the best selling albums of all time.
    I know this is a late comment but it is the first time I have watched the entire count down.

  726. Edward Jerabek says:

    Got a curious question for everybody:

    Where’s the band Chicago?

    1. They toured with the Beach Boys (#15 on this list) and I heard the Beach Boys warmed up for them in 1975.

    2. They toured with Earth, Wind and Fire (#83 on this list) and often EWF warmed up for them. Oh, by the way, Rolling Stones editor and nemesis Jann Wenner said to Chicago, “Why don’t you get rid of the horn section and then we’ll put you in the HOF?” Um, Earth, Wind and Fire has just as much if not more horn-inspired music than Chicago.

    3. They were the only rock and roll band to ever play at Carnegie Hall.

    4. Jimi Hendrix (#6 on this list) said of the late Terry Kath. “You’re better then me.” Oh, by the way, Chicago also toured with Hendrix. Many guitarists of that time used to say the Kath played Hendrix before Jimi played Hendrix.

    5. I disliked post-Terry Kath Chicago for the most part, but if you’re going to put people like Madonna, Billy Joel, Cheap Trick, ABBA, and so many others on this list for their popularity, then please tell me why Chicago’s mega-hits of the ’80s leaves them off this list.

    6. People used to rush to see Chicago in the late 60s and early seventies as much as any act there was at that time.

    7. If you listen to every album, you would hear that they had their own unique style while also having songs in virtually every musical genre you could imagine.

    While deserving bands like the Beatles are headlining this list and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it’s the hoards of semi-talented pop stars that make it to these lists time and time again that make it a colossal sham in my book.

  727. Lowell Keppel says:

    Rod Stewart doesn’t make the list? Are all your expects smoking when the voted?? Rod has been making music since 1964. Unthinkable!

  728. Abelardo says:

    this is the metal/rock version

  729. Stan says:

    Jimmy Hendrix is a great guitarist!
    What the hell is he doing in the top 10?
    Hendrix was only known in the music world for less than 5 years. He did not even have one song in the top 10 and only one song in the top 40.

    No one can argue with the other 9 of the top 10 but Hendriz x is just a musician’s bias and emotions getting in the way of facts
    Have a top ten in guitarist and put Hendrix in there!

  730. suchapatty says:

    OK Top ten is not bad. BUT, Whitney Houston ( 2 albums really and sings flat or off tune at times ) and no Diana Ross and the Supremes???? Depeche Mode (seriously?) BUT,Clapton not on the list???? Carlos Santana not on the list?????
    The list seems to devolve from greatest artists to “whats on my I-pod” list.

  731. GigFCP says:

    Last night I watched this fiasco. About one half I could agree with while the other half is a joke. Perhaps the funniest aspect had to be the “experts” chosen to give their insight into a given artist. OMG, no wonder the Stones had a hit called “I know…it’s only Rock and Roll, but I like it.” Talk about nearly brain dead perspectives. I have sixth-graders in my classroom who can give more intelligent insight as to why this guy or that gal should be on the list. I found it nauseating.

    Oh, by the way, I had mentioned something about the band Chicago giving a rationale as to why they should be on this list or several others should be off if they’re off. It was curiously neglected.

    Yup, it’s only rock and roll.

  732. Elena says:

    Where are the Temptations?

  733. steve o says:

    wtf???? where Bone Thugs n Harmony ??

  734. brittany says:


  735. sushiguy says:

    really hard for me to belive that eric clapton didnt make this lis at all im incomplete shock

  736. James says:

    Where are the Eagles.. Please tell me that this is a mistake!!?

  737. Ricky says:

    I agree with some commenters that Eric Clapton should have made the list. But not on the list, or commented about….Red Hot Chili Peppers. Really? The are one of the only bands that if they came out with an album tomorrow, I would get it without hearing one song.

  738. M Leach says:

    Okay so I don’t think this list is terrible and I completely agree with The Beatles being #1 but…. where the heck are The Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Diana Ross, etc????!!! Justin Timberlae, Alicia Keys, LL Cool J, and at least Jay-Z should NOT be on this list at all. Journey should be sooo much higher, they have one of the most iconic songs of all time (Don’t Stop Believen’!) and Springteen should have at least been top 20. Ask the viewers next time VH1 instead of people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  739. Joe says:

    I cant believe the first all girl rockband is not on the list. The runaways should so be on this list. Whoever did this list should seriously need to revise it. What about Bruce Springsteen? All i gotta say is wow really!

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  753. Kristin says:

    Ok, most of those were alright (even if the order was off) but come on, Justin Timberlake? Sade? LL Cool J? What the hell! You put those guys up but Billy Idol isn’t even on here?! And I don’t think it is fair to put up the Beatles and then John Lennon. Don’t take up 2 slots!

  754. El Mobre says:

    This is why I hate these shows. You have Rage and the Beastie Boys on there, but not the Red Hot Chili Peppers??!

  755. Danny E. says:


  756. Danny E. says:

    What about OINGO BOINGO?

  757. Doogie says:

    i’m sorry, but i don’t think Michael Jackson should be as high as #2. sure, he was great, but people are forgetting that MJ never did much musically over the past 15 years of his life. in that time he put out only two crappy albums and never really performed much. people only praise him for his Thriller and/or Bad eras, which were long ago back in the 80s. for an artist to be #2, i think they should have done more over the last 15 or 20 years. MJ’s heyday was only in the 80s and early-early 90s, and nobody really cared about him musically after that (until his death, that is).

  758. wertger says:

    what about the scorpions??

  759. Daniel L. Coleman says:

    I can’t believe that New Edition or Bon Jovi were left off of the top 100 list. What would the 80′s have been like without them?

  760. Darrell says:

    This is absolutely rediculous!! If you have Prince, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan and a couple others above Elvis presley, then you must be on drugs. This is a no brainer people….Beatles, Elvis and Micheal Jackson are all top 3 and theres no question about those. Who did you ask for their opinions in coming up with this list. Anyway it was pretty sad seeing Neil Young and Velvet underground above Elton John. Not sure what the standards were but ok!?!?!?

  761. Yada Yada says:

    Interesting list! But wow… no-shows for Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams (who beats Springsteen any day in any decade), Tears For Fears, Chicago. You missed some heavy hitters.

  762. for real says:

    I’m glad I’m into jam bands like panic,mule and the brothers

  763. STUSH says:


  764. chris says:

    wow im just gonna say lil wayne is deffintly in the top 10 anyone would say this….also red hot chili peppers are defintly top 20 and top 10 bands ever they have 11 number 1 singles for alternative songs on the billboards top 100…..and yea wheres bon jovi he’s a huge name…..it seems like one person workin at vh1 made this list off of bias opinions and not reality…o yea notorious b.i.g and tupac are better rappers then jay z

  765. Gabe says:

    No tool? The only band playing actual music these days. Shame. Yet Elvis Costello haha

  766. Steve Keesee says:

    How could you have any list that did not include the EAGLES? They sill play to sellout crowds everywhere. You have bands like Depeche Mode, ABBA, Marvin Gay and LL Cool J , 1 hit wonder bands at best, on the list. Please respond to this so I can make some reasonible sense of your list.
    Thank you

  767. Keegan says:

    I sure hope The Beatles takes the top spot. Otherwise this would just be another egregious list tallied to suit the flavour of the week….

  768. TimeRider says:

    The Airplane, Steve Miller, Almond Joys, Credence, Chicago, Eagles, CSN&Y are chopped liver???? Oh, I guess you gotta please everyone but not meself, bo ho! Ahh the Beatles Dylan bandwagon!

  769. frank shute says:

    How can the Eagles and Creadence Clearwater Revival not be on this list? These bands not only had some of the greatest writers and musicians, they had an amazing impact on many bands. Just cant believe it. Wow.

  770. Lil wayne will be on this list EVENTUALLY

  771. Johanna says:

    I have a problem that the top 5 are all males and then hardly any females mentioned. What is going on? What is is like 10 females?

  772. josh says:

    i agree with most of this list..but 2pac is the greatest rapper of all time so he should be way before biggie by far.

  773. You'reKiddingRight? says:

    You’ve got to be kidding right? This is supposed to be a rock and roll list of all the greats and you’ve got hip hop and rap crappers? And what the ^&*( is a Radiohead? And Springsteen didn’t crack the top 20 but Princess and Nirvana did? What morons were on the panel? Nirvana?? the only thing you got right was #1 – anyone other than the Beatles and this would have been tantamount to heresy

  774. Tim Kane says:

    I agree. The Beatles are the greatest.

  775. Mike LVNV says:

    The only one i can think of that would be ahead of Elvis is Jerry lee Lewis and he is not even on the list. Hall and Oates are better than most on the list at # 3.
    So I have #1 Jerry Lee Lewis, #2 Elvis, Hall and Oates, and there are too many to think of that rate better than some mentioned on your list.
    The million dollar quartet in the Rock and Roll hall of fame and only one is mentioned.

  776. SAUL VEGA says:


  777. What a joke list when the band that sold the most albums in the US in the seventies is not on the list. The Eagles

  778. Erica says:

    I really do not agree with your order of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. You got Mariah Carey at 94 and Whitney Houston at 60. Those are two of the best vocalists of all time. Then you have Bob Marley at 11? Come on seriously? There is no way you can tell me that Bob Marley is a better vocalist than Whitney or Mariah. Some of the people you put on there, shouldn’t even be on there at all (George Michael) and there are also people that should be on there that aren’t. I think next time you make a list you should do a little more research.

  779. Anthony says:

    What about the Eagles, the Sex Pistols, the Almand Brothers?

  780. Lynn says:

    Okay so I agree with some of these but Pac should have at LEAST been in the top 50′s, and no Bon Jovi?!

  781. Sean says:

    How is Roy Orbison not on this list??? I mean I know it’s subjective but really….Alicia Keys, LL Cool J, NWA, Aerosmith, Sade….all better yeah??

  782. Sean says:

    How is Justin Timberlake on it, when you don’t have The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Santana, The Byrds, The Temptations, Roy Orbison, Mozart, Beethoven and more recently Arcade Fire.

  783. eric parker says:

    i do not understand why tthe Commodores or Lionel Richie were not even in the 100 list.

  784. Mia says:

    I’m confused on how Beyonce out ranked Whitney Houston? Beyonce doesn’t even have an impact on women. And her vocals are no where near Whitney’s vocals. That’s a true shame. Well actually they fact that she out ranked a lot of the people that she did is a shame, cause she just can’t compare to them, she hasn’t even reached some of these peoples level. I’m not saying that beyonce isn’t a good entertainer, she is, but she isn’t 52 on the top 100 good.

  785. rbrown64 says:

    Here is my opinion on who should be the top 10
    1. The Beatles
    there were and will always be the greatest band of all time.
    2. Bob Dylan
    3. Led Zepplin
    4. The Rolling Stones
    5. AC/DC
    6. Lynard Skynard
    7. Queen
    8. Motley Crue
    9. Journey
    10. Aerosmith