Fantasia Performs “Free Yourself” Live At VH1


Everyone knows that it’s been a difficult couple of weeks for Fantasia. But, as anyone who has ever followed showbiz understands, “The show must go on!” Fantasia, the trouper that she is, popped by our offices here in the heart of Times Square on Monday and performed a few dazzling numbers for us as part of our Live At VH1 series. And, being the good people that we are, we’d love to share them with you!

Today, we’ve got a great performance of the title track from her 2004 debut album, Free Yourself. We’ll have some more cuts for you from this intimate performance here at VH1 next week. Oh, and don’t forget that her new album, Back To Me, came out on Tuesday! Enjoy.

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  1. Greg says:


  2. jamie says:

    I love Fantasia and and wish unsupported people that don’t like her look and talk somewhere else cause true fans stick by you till forever. one thing we must learn we’re all human Fantasia god forgives that’s all that matters

  3. Demetrics says:

    Fantasia omg is all I can say girl you are the truth….Stop worrying about the nae sayers….no one is perfect…..

  4. Cathy says:

    Fantasia has “IT!” There’s not an artist out today that can match her vocally. She is a beautiful woman, and I would not allow self-loathing people to bring me down. People spend thousands of dollars for the very same features that are the true essence of African American women. It’s time for us to embrace those features, and love ourselves unconditionally.

  5. Demetrics says:

    She goes innnn @ the 5:40 mark…….incredible

  6. Carey says:

    Fantasia can blow!! This woman has a natural talent second only to Miss Patti LaBelle!!! I wish she’d sing Gospel too. She’s got that soul sound!!!

  7. danie says:


  8. Ruthie says:


  9. John says:

    If she wanted to commit suicide she would have. It was all fake ,just to get her career going again.Her career was stagnant and she needed publicity.You people are so gullible.

  10. Nit says:

    This girl got it, for those who so high to judge watch out now you will be judge. Fantasia has a beautiful talent and she can sang this song free yourself. I can’t wait for your show and to see more of you on the T.V. Keep your head up high and keep your love for God and your Daughter babygirl because a brighter day is coming.

  11. Lisa says:

    Fantasia you rock I loved this performance. Keep them coming.

  12. Ap says:

    We love you Fantasia and your music I am 22 years old and for you to be 26 years and have gone though a lot man I really proud of you for telling the truth, love your CD and waiting on your new show. Thank you for standing up. I would love for you to thank about going to college after your tour and focus on it. I am in my last year of collge getting my BS going to get my master.

  13. Demetrics says:

    @John what do you mean you ppl? Everyone is entitled to their opinion>>>>>>>>>>

  14. Lisa says:

    Hey John get a life. You don’t know Fantasia and have no idea what she was feeling. Be happy that she is well and alive. Practice compassion and I guarantee you, you will love yourself more. Don’t be mad that she did not succeed with trying to leave this earth. There are other people who make attmepts on their lives and fail on a daily basis. She was hurting and was crying out for help. Thank God he decided it was not time for her to go. Fantasia is the bomb if that were not true you would not have wasted your time coming here to comment. Keep hating it only propels her higher. Thanks!

  15. Porsha says:

    I LOVE this girl. SING TASIA!!

  16. Amanda says:

    What an amazing voice! Everyone goes thru things but its wonderful to see that she bounced back so quickly. Keep the faith girl.

  17. shakita says:

    Fantasia I love your music. In every performance you give it all you have… its so emotional and I love that… your music is so real and a lot of people can identify with it… Keep your head up. God still heals!

  18. Felecia says:

    Will someone please have Fantasia to do a live album and a gospel album. I want to hear her sing her R&B and some Gospel live. This girl sang Bittersweet live and it sounded as good as it does on the CD. The CD by the way is great! I am very proud of her comeback. I just hope people would get pass the negative press about her, pray for her healing & then listen to the soul in her voice. What an incredible vocalist! She’s one of the best SINGERS around today. Kudos! VH1 Bring more of the live stuff from Fantasia and for the love of God, sell in CD!!

  19. hazel rice says:

    i like dis song beus it remind me of me n my boyfriend

  20. Tracy says:

    Hey fantasia girl through all things your still standing I love you, me and everybody that I know dont worry about people and their thoughts GOD made you you for a reason if you ever do that again i’ll kill you myself you are just starting life no matter what we are doing its always the start to new things and girl when you doing it big the rite way the devil gets mad, you have more power than you know life gets hards but the purpose is to go through it and stay on top even if they think your falling next time you feel alone just think about those who have never met you and feel like we know you as family. you are a great singer with swagg style and a voice that only FANTASIA has you are a gift from God to us,Baltimore loves you baby WE GOT YOUR BACK !!