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  1. Victoria says:

    Dont stress, i am glad you let tara go,,, escucha tu corazon pero no ingnores a tu mente

  2. Monique says:


  3. wonders says:

    Thank you for getting rid of Tara! I couldn’t stand her! She liked herself way too much!!!

  4. Ki says:

    This dude sucks at football. It’s a wonder why he resorted to a crappy reality show with a bunch of wanna be actresses

  5. Malvena says:

    Thanks for getting rid of Tara. Why did it take you so long? It was obvious that Tara did not have any interest. Best of luck to you in selecting the ultimate catch.

  6. Sassy says:

    @Ochocinco – Im soooooooooooo glad tht Tara is gone!! I dont think tht u wud find true love on TV, tho.. If u wait, love wud find u..

  7. Tenesha says:

    I am so glade that chad had finally got the balls 2 get rid of Tara, the final 3 other girls was not the least bit jealous of Tara being able 2 spend more alone time with chad bcuz Chad did it that way 2 see if Tara can really b serious for that 1 last time. Is everybody happy that Chad finally gave us wat we wanted by eliminating Tara? I know that i am…

  8. DONNA GLOVER says:

    that proposal is part of his acting class he’s not ready to marry anyone. If he does it’s not going to work make connection with your kids first and interact everyone to feel the vibe. STOP CAUSING YOUR KIDS THE SAME PAIN YOU EXPERIENCED STOP THE CYCLE!! YOU APPEAR TO HAVE A GREAT SPIRIT!! KEEP GROWING IT’S NOT TO LATE!! STAY BLESSED

  9. Sassy says:

    Terrell, do u really believe that Felicia is the woman for you?

  10. ohno not again says:

    im mad that i have been watching this show and as usual they never keep any of the black girls tiphani was far better than brittany and ruby old a$$ so i think i am now done with watch these washed up celebs make money off these shows knowing they dont want to be with anyone anyway. im so upset

  11. toogie says:

    Tara is very overrated she is a bag of bones and not that cute in the face, and very very arrogant/superficial. Tiphani made the others look sick she’s really pretty. Rosie is upfront sneaky, trying to get baby number 5 for $ I guess.

  12. fouqua says:

    Chad tried to get Tara to be someone shes not,he should have been gotten rid off her. I think hes gonna be with Ruby,cause she’s beautiful and shes gonna have is other kids to make a team of 11….lol

  13. MizzPeachez says:

    I dont think he should choose Rubi all they have is a physical connection and never talk to each other.

  14. sofia says:

    i think you made a crappy pick u let the sick one stay when tara has been real with you the whole time so what shes funny and doesnt want to be a drama drag it better the having a baby daddy and drama that comes with it and not even saying anything about it s u pick liars vs fun and true to her own reguardless of who you are and ruby that god she stopped singing at the end of the day this is all a joke and all of them will say what they need to

  15. Tiffany Hill says:

    I am so glad that you let Tara go, she was so wrong and would have never gotten serious. She was you just a female. Actually, you should have kept Jasmine over Tara and Tiphaney. I actually think Britney is the one for you, not Ruby. Britney is settled and has a son already so she knows about the children aspect of your life, Rubi only thinks she does. I do believe though, when all is said and done, you will not be with either woman because the show is one thing, real life is another. Season II is coming and I can not wait to see.

  16. Tiffany Hill says:

    Tara wants a spin off show. Trust, she can not be that playful all the time. I give it 6 months and VH1 will give her a show. What it will be is anyone’s guess. She made blondes look bad.

  17. NeNe says:

    Chad should not have let Tiffani go – she is independent and has depth to her character. Rubi has the physical and that’s it – she is empty. Rubi talks a good game but has no substance. Brittany is not the one. So it appears that there will be a Season II. Stay tuned.

  18. New Orleans says:

    Chad….. Dont think of it as baggage! The “bag lady” will take care of you, TRUST!

  19. New Orleans says:

    Rubi crack under pressure!