The T.O. Show 2 – Season 2, Episode 9


This week’s episode of The T.O. Show focuses on more change for Terrell Owens. First there’s the shift he’s making from professional athlete to professional something else. He tried out some modeling, and this week he works on his acting career, going on an audition that Monique Jackson and Kita Williams fought hard for. He does a reading for the part of a professional athlete opposite Tatyana Ali, who Terrell remembers from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. She’s also a Harvard graduate and a singer, so it’s surprising that Kita doesn’t set them up, on her everlasting quest to get Terrell into a relationship with a strong black woman.

While Terrell works on his callback audition and acting skills, Mo and Kita work on reconnecting Terrell with his children. We’ve seen him hang out with his two daughters, but he also has a son that he’s never met. Though Mo and Kita debate bringing it up with Terrell, it turns out it’s always been on his mind. He talks about his son with his therapist, and his fears over repeating the same relationship he had with his father.

But both his acting career and his relationships with his children get put on hold when Mo goes into labor. Terrell and Kita show up at the hospital, as does Terrell’s ex-fiance Felisha Terrell. They haven’t seen each other in over a year, but Kita — who stayed friends with Felisha — keeps hoping they’ll get back together, and a hospital room’s as good a place as any to rekindle a relationship.

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s T.O. Show 2 at its video page, and screen shots from this week’s episode below.

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  1. Malvena says:

    Enjoyed the show! I hope that Felisha and you can reconcile. She is very mature and the two of you compliment each other. God Bless and…..Beat the Colts on Thursday!!!

  2. RITA says:

    I really enjoy the T.O. show, Hope I get to meet him one day. Best wishes

  3. NeNe says:

    Hope he gets some sense and reconciles with Felicia or takes a serious look at Kita. Either one will be good for him – they already know the warts and all.

  4. Lamblover says:

    Where is Felisha from? She is really pretty,My daughter in law once told me that he dated her cousin when he lived in Denver,I’m wondering if its her.

  5. Nella says:

    The very fact that Terrell Owens has a son that he has never even bother to meet is another reason why I have NO respect for him. I like how he mentions his daughters, but I doubt he spends much time with them as well.

    Dear Terrell –

    The only reason why these non-black women want you is for your money. It’s not because you’re bright or have integrity. I guess you better get what you can while you still have a few dollars, because we all know that when your football career ends (which is very very soon), and those enormous child support duns continue to roll in, and your bank account begins to dwindle month by month – then you’ll have a reason to cry.

    Now how many baby’s mommas do you have? You set a very poor example! I would be ashamed to televise and expose the result of my behavior if I were you. You really don’t need to be worried about “getting with a woman”. What you need to do is go and get your son, raise and teach him how to be a man. If you do not, he will grow up and perpetuate the same behavior as you and your father. It’s not too late for you bro – do the right thing!

    Shout out to Mo! You’re my favorite person on the show! Bokita – calm down, you’re trying way to hard dear, and it comes across rather phoney.

  6. Ann Williams says:

    I love it and I am so proud of the way you speak and carry yourself. Your show is very interesting and I hope all work out with you and all of your children. Fight for your son to be a part of your life or you’ll never truly be happy, as you already know.

    I’ve tried not to say anything about your relationship with whatever her name is. I hope it’s not too late, because she is so wrong for you and if you do marry her you’ll make it for a while, but not happily. She is playing games and is playing you to get you to marry her. She’s too young and jealous to with you. Please don’t ask anyone right now, and never her! Don’t do it!!! I wish the best for you and she is not it. Don’t do it!!!

    T.O., as I told you last year during Bills camp you have a million dollar smile. I was saddened Saturday when you and your teammates wouldn’t sign any autographs at the Bills stadium. Loved seeing you play again, I’m hoping you and Ocho have the best year of your careers! My family and I will be watching!

  7. Shirlyn says:

    I’m tired of watching this show and Terrell has the perfect girl right under his nose and he doesn’t even know it, I want him and Kita engaged by the finale. I know she loves him to death, I can see it and neither of their relationships with other people will ever work out because they belong together, I want to see some lite Terkita’s and Kiterrell’s on the way within the next five years. They are perfect for one another now stop playing I love them both and Mo too. All beautiful people. Bring them to my house, I need to have a talk with them to get this thing going. There will be no getting back with any of the ex’s, especially not the last one, eeeeew, no. I see love between Terrell and Kita and not friendship love, real love. Now I’m getting tireed of this looking for the one, when she’s right under your nose. Jeez!

  8. Shirlyn says:

    @Nella, you get a life, you don’t know what the reason is the Terrell hasn’t seen his son and who are you to judge, maybe he and his child’s mother agreed that it would be best for the child for now, you don’t know anymore about his life than I do and I’m pretty sure you have plenty of your own issues to deal with as I can surely read between your lines, get a therapist and get some help and leave Terrell alone. I’m sick and tired of people misunderstaning him and yes I said misunderstand and meant it, he’s a great guy who has been through a lot in life and everything he does there is a reason for it, no one wakes up and wants to be perceived the way the media has portrayed him, he has many reasons to be angry and he’s working on what he perceives to be his fault, everyone needs to just leave him the hell alone!

  9. Levenia says:

    I love the relationship between Kita and Terrell but not as an item. They are too much like brother and sister. I also love his new assistant. She is just what he needs. I agree Terrell needs to have a relationship and be the best father he can be to all FOUR of his children. He should not have anymore children until he his married. It’s not fair the the children. Yes, it is outrageous that he has not seen his youngest son. Terrell please man up and take responsibility. All your beautiful children need you in your lives. It’s good to have a psychiatrist but you need spiritual counseling too. I’m praying for you. May God bless you with continued success.

  10. Nikki~K says:

    I LOVE the T.O. Show! On the surface, it’s just frivolity, but they do cover some relatively deep and important topics. I didn’t know a lot about T.O. before the show, but I always had a soft spot for him, even when my family members who are into sports would talk him down. I hope the show continues for another season. And KITA is fabulous! Make sure she stays in front of the camera and not just in the back as an executive producer.

  11. Nella says:

    @Shirlyn -

    I have every right to “call out” destructive behavior. If you want to continue to applaud men who make babies all of the country without excepting full parental responsibility, that’s your right.


  12. Donna says:

    I think it is sad that he can think about what woman he wants to be with but he can’t think about building a relationship with his son whom he has never met. That is really sorry and I actually like T.O. What real man would not want to get to know his own flesh and blood? Why does he have to keep thinking about it? He should have been taking care of that. His children should come before any relationship. His son might really need him in his life. His son might be a football player like his dad following in his footsteps and never get to know or even meet his father.

  13. DaDon says:

    I love the show but before he gets into any relationship, he should take care of all his other problems. Any woman who would be with him right now would have to deal with a lot of baggage and unresolved issues. In order to be a real and good man, he has to take care of his responsibilities. I don’t see how he can have a successful relationship with any woman when he doesn’t have one with all his children. I’m actually shocked because he felt the same way about his father, I figured he would make sure not to do the same thing. He should worry about that first and then worry about the right woman.

  14. redd says:

    Terrell I am so disappointed when you proposed to K . very disappointed your relationship with your son you never meet and how you were done when you were a kid.. r u serious…. I hope all works out for the best and you don’t fumble the ball on these decisions.. good luck.. a fan

  15. Zach says:

    Does anyone know where i can get the peace love and football shirt he was wearing?!

  16. D-nasty says:

    What is that song called that is played between 16:15-16:21? Please if someone knows the song let me know I can’t find it anywhere

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